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[Resolved]  Maruti Suzuki — MARUTI SERVICE

I had purchased a Maruti 800 car in June 2007 through Amar Cars Pvt. Ltd, Vadodara. My first free service was due after one month and my second free service was due after six months. Both these services were attended by the dealer in the appropriate months. My third free service was due after 12 months or 10000 kms whichever was earlier.. Since I had just completed only 6000 kms but had aleady completed one year, my service was due in June 2008. I had received a no. of calls and a SMS from the dealer to give the car for servicing .
I booked my car for Sunday 15th June, and went in the morning today to give the car for servicing .I got the job card done and gave the car with the assurance that I will get the car by evening. As soon I came back home, I got a call from the dealer stating that as per computer records available with them, my third service was already over and it was done at Eternal Motors, Bhavnagar in January 2008 with a Km reading of 9000 Kms.. The dealer informed that if I want service to be done it will be a paid service. I informed the dealer that it is a mistake since I have never taken my car to Bhavnagar.
Since I suspected a major scandal, I went back to the dealer and collected the car without undergoing the service. This is a clear case of fraud and cheating, since the counterfoil of my third free service is still existing in my book and has not been detatched.
I would like the following to be investigated.
How are the computer records showing that I have done my third service when the counterfoil is still with me.?
The computer records shows that the service was done at 9000 Kns in January 2008, whereas in reality I had completed only 6000 Kms in June 2008
How is it that the dealer in Bhavnagar had my entire personal details to fill up the job card in January 2008 including chassis no and engine no ?
4 Why is the dealer at Baroda insisting on a paid service inspite of the fact that all the details were explained to him ?
This obviously shows that some other car has been given the advantage of free service using my personal details. This will be a part of a much bigger racket which will have to be investigated thoroughly.

I am taking up the matter with the consumer forums and also with the M.D of Maruti Suzuki.


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Aug 13, 2020
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Maruti Udyog Limited — Front Wipers

I bought a new Alto LXi on 04.01.2008 and find that the wipers provided in the new vehicle do not clean the glass during the rains. This complaint was recorded when the vehicle was sent for services at the due intervals. The workshop people say they have attended to the same but the complaint persits. May I request Maruti Udyog Limited's Service Engineer to please get in touch with me on my mobile No. [protected] and sort out the problem being faced by me in this regard. For your ready reference I furnish herebelow my car's engine number & chassis number.

Engine No. F8DN3485558
Chassis No. MA3EYD81S01093483

with regrads,

Naizi Lamba
Charging for free servicing

I purchaised a maruti Wagon R car in thre month of Dec 2007
then i was told by the dealer that First three servicing are totaly free. But in the month of november I went for my third Servicing to Popular servicing Kollam Kerala, the staff there told that for cleaning of fuel injuction some liquid is required that is coasting Rs 500/- that I have to pay in addition to the oil changing charges.
Oil changing charges is ok but the fuel injuction cleaning charges is a cheeting because whiole purchaising they toil that during free servicing only oil change charges is payable.
I have just carried out 2nd servicing of my Wagon R at Shaan cars, Nashik. I have given a complaint that my vehicles fuel efficiency is reduced suddenly also it is not running smoothly. It runs like fuel is near to end.The problem was not solved just telling me non technical reasons which are not understandable. Very unsatisfactory service from shaan cars ( Nashik)

Maruti Suzuki Service centre — Unsatisfactory Service

Customer I.D.: [protected]
Car no Hr01 M 0883 Maruti 800 Dlx was given for paid service to MODERN AUTOMOBILES AMBALA CITY vide job card no.11487 dated 08/06/09.& demanded the following repairs over and above normal service

-Missing self check & repair
-A/c check for gas top up etc.

The car was delivered at 1430 hrs (vehicle given at 0930 hrs) vide cash memo no. BC0901473 charging me Rs.1119/-
Regarding missing self, I was told to go to vender LUCAS at another place.
Regarding A/C check, I was told that since the A/C gas is not available in the stock hence top up cannot be done at present.

I went to the vender for self check who could not open the self even after trying for about an hour with the result the job could not be done and the problem remained as it was earlier.
For A/C charging I had to go to another workshop

My Contention is that if the service centre was not equipped with the required tools and material, they should not have accepted the vehicle till they are ready with the material etc.thereby saving my time and harassment of running from one place to another for different jobs. Recently I have seen Maruti Suzuki advertisement on various TV channels advocating for repairs of MARUTI at company<s service centre boasting of getting all the jobs done under one roof . In the light of above incidence, I donot know how to comment.
Dear Team,
i have a family member of maruti for last 3year.but in my last service at akansha automobiles Moradabad U.P.the service department not proper check my car .they not check my car baterry the water was nil and my car baterry demag.Very unsatisfactory service from akansha automobile Moradabad
i am ramakrishnan. i have bought new car last year june month. it has starting trouble from the begining.i have given to service for 5 times for this particular complaints but still not yet cured. please help me soon.

maruti 800 Lpg
tn 22 bb 7862
indus motors

my contact number:
Date : 01/08/2009
The General manger
Maruti Suzuki ltd
Plot No. 1 Nelson Mandela Road
New Delhi-110070
Tel :[protected]

Sub : - Major complaint from day of purchase of SWIFT LXI Model
CAR No. MH-02-BJ-9926
Dear Sir,
With reference to the above we inform you that we purchased the above vehicle from SAI SERVICE STATION, Lower Parel, Mumbai and got the delivery on 19/06/2009.

Having got recommendation from few other users and also as per general reports. We preferred to choose a SWIFT Car in comparison to some other models in the Market.

However from ‘Day one’ of Purchase to Date we have faced repeated problems as described below.
a) On the first day of purchase (19/06/2009- Saturday) we heard some noise, each time we applied the brake.
b) On 21/06/2009(Monday) we complained to SAI SERVICE who advised us to send the vehicle for a checkup.
c) On 3rd day 22nd Jun 2009. They informed us that there was a defect in the brake pad which they replaced (receipt attached)
d) After 02 more days on 24/06/2009 the problem recurred, this time the noise was louder.
e) We contacted Mr. Nagesh Beerla at Maruti, Mumbai office
f) Mr. Beerla assured us that he would again have the brake pad / mechanism replaced & check the car in his presence
g) This 2nd replacement was again carried out within 02 days -24/06/2009 (receipt of replacement attached )
h) We were assured that this problem would not arise again (letter attached)
i) However within a fortnight we faced the same problem again
j) We contacted Mr. Beerla at Muruti Suzuki, Mumbai yet another time.
k) Now, we were informed that the brake pad mechanism in our car had been found to be from a defective lot & the new lot would arrive soon .
l) Once again, on 29/07/2009 the New Set BRAKE PAD Mechanism was replaced & car returned to us with full guarantee .

To our Great Surprise & Anguish, the very nest day on 30/07/2009, we found that the brake operation is emitting harsh screeching sound.

This has been checked & verified by Mr. Beerla (Maruti) & Mr. Subhash ( Sr. Works Manager – SAI SERVICE, Mumbai)

We are totally disillusioned, dissatisfied & unhappy with the whole situation.

As is obvious, we made the first mistake in accepting the replacement of an essential spare parts in a brand new Car on the first day itself.

But this was prompted by total faith in product & quality of MARUTI SUZUKI

We now finally believe that this is an inherent problem in the Motor Car itself & we are no longer prepared to accept ‘Experimentation & Research’ on a brand New Car that was bought by us just 3-4 Weeks ago.

We have sought legal advice & have been advised by our solicitors that NOW after providing 4 separate opportunities to your company ( as Explained above) we have now every right to seek complete Replacement of the vehicle.

We hope that MARUTI SUZUKI would wish to have one more happy customer & would provide us immediate replacement of the vehicle to provide us relief from our month long anguish.

We await your favourable response within 7 days of receipt of this letter, as at this stage we are holding a brand new SWIFT vehicle which we are not even using regularly for fear of a sudden breakdown

With Best wishes

Thanking You
Yours truly,

Mrs. Ami. V. Shipuri
when i gave my car to indus motors vatagara for its 45000 service.they were given with out the horn .my uncle was make an accident now that guy in serious my complaint is that i given my car again in the indus in 0382009jc no:jc09002378:its not yet redy .they were told me the delivery 1282009 now 3pm .still am waiting in the cabin .and they were not redy to finish my work .they were so rude to me.pls do somthing on this .i thing they were the fuul responsbility for that accidrnt .my phone:[protected]
Dear sir
i am owner of maruti swift number BR1AB-8494, which has meet an accident on 16 the july.i have given the car to karlo automoblile (digha) in patna, for repair of the body and there was some wheel problem.
toady 20th of augest i have not received the car.earlier when i gave my car for servicing, my air condition was not working, they have charged 3500 hundred for that and the problem was again started.
kindly see the matter
meena sinha
I have given my maruti wagonR for first free service.The service center was send adriver to me and collect my car from my residence. In the mean time they told me that the car will be delivered to you on the day after tommorow after thorough check up. At present Iam having stering hard, noisy door, touch up is not proper. I am not at all satisfied with the service. Thwe maruti company is misleading the peoples.
Consultant Physician Supreme cpurt
I have been using a Maruti Alto(Celebration Model) car for last six years.I have no complaint against the design and/or the make of the car. In fact I always consider myself as a proud owner of the model.
But recently the sort of disservice I received from the local Service Provider at Bhubaneswar(Orissa)i.e.Jyote Motors, I have started cursing myself and am seriously thinking about changing the brand.I had taken my car for service for a small work of denting of the front side bumper .I have observed the following serious flaws in the standard of service.
1) My car was not received for the service for first three days and was received only on my fourth visit to the centre.
2)The front line advisers were rude non cooperative and argumentative.One of them even shouted at me.
3)The vehecle was kept for four days for the job and was delivered only on the fifth day.
4)My request for polishing the vehicle(paid service) was not accepted.
5)When I received the vehicle I saw that it was not washed .
Dear Sir,
I have serviced my Maruti 800 (CG07 ZG 5167)car in your authorized service station M/s Ganapati Motors Bhilai Chhatiisgarh on 08.08.2009 and lot of spares has been replaced including clutch plate and pressure plate etc and raised a bill of BCB9002916 dtd 08.08.2009 for which Rs. 11745.00 cash payment was done by me. The car halted while in city drive immediately within 10 days of servicing . the same was took back to garage and approx 3 days were consumed to identify the problem. But nothing was found and car was returned stating about no problem. The gear shifting problem was also shown during delivery but no one shown any interest in it Instead advised to use for some time and the problem shall solve after some run. But this has grown more. The vehicle has done only 1100 km after service.
Now when the problem further aggravated I took the vehicle by to same service station. Now they are demanding again for replacement of entire clutch and pressure plates system. It clearly indicates anything between the faulty workmanship or use of extremely poor quality spares or both. I request to intervene into matter to save the name of MARUTI – SUZUKI who are worldwide known for quality works.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully
186/C, St – 18 Smriti Nagar,
Bhilai, Chhattisgarh
i am not satisfy the alL work of car car no-HR51P3109.
I have bought a Maruti 800 in Jan 2009. Two days back I was called from the service centre that my vehicle is due for third free service. I put the vehicle at the service centre on the day they asked to give. I had some complaints about the rattling in the door and seat. I was told that the vehicle will be ready by 4pm and it was done so. When I picked the vehicle I noticed that not even a proper water service was done. A dry grass that was hanging underneath the car, on the rear shock absorber was still hanging in the same place. When I asked the service engineer who attended my vehicle, he said they wash underneath too!!!.
The third Free service was only in the booklet. I had to pay Rs.1300/- for various jobs. I paid for the oil, oil filter, wheel balancing and so on. So what comes free in the third free service?
When i checked other parts of the car, I could see dust and sand spread on the floor and the interiors.
So I felt like looting in the day light.
Dear sir,
i having alto number is TN49AC8775
there is a poor services in my car.. I compliant 3 times for this but there is no proper response… here after I will no suggest maruthi company to my friends…….
my services center is in thanjavur (pillai&sons)...This is the first time i feel poor of your company...
I own a Mahindra Logan Car. It was purchased in the month of July 2009. Ever since then there has been a continous problem in that particular vehicle. And the service center is not able to provide me proper service. I am fed up of such pathetic service standards from a reputed company like Mahindra.

last month i went to anand motars ( Chinhat lucknow ), for servise my type 1 maruti 800 car ( UP 78 Q 2851 ), service engineer Mr. Bhanu and Mr. sengar did service my car. in first service they serviced car, in which break service and alignment was main, 0n the second day of delivery car break failed and i was suffered in life threatning condition. again i went to service centre and they repair it but this time i don.t know happen but sudden car front excel failed, i submitted 3rd time this car in service centre in only one month but again they not repair excel but changed steering machinory without took any confirmation from me. jst bcoz of there poor way of working i suffered again wid my family in rakshabandhan night when i came back from my village..
so my sinsere request from upper management to take action against those people who are responsible for these type of stuff which jst not only break confidence of customer but also destroy emage of maruti and maruti sales after service..

In anticipation o[censored]r rply
thanks & Regards from - Keshav Dev Singh
[protected], [protected]
Mahanagar, Lucknow
Dear sir,
My car no. is DL2CH-1446 and I went to Rana motors (Okhla) on 12/10/2010 for servicing. My SA was Subodh Mihra. I deposited my servicing money app. Rs. 3500 at about 1555 but car was not delivered to me before 1700 hrs. Mr. Mishra was not even bothered to check whethere the servicing has been done properly or not and car has been delevired or not. Even I personally told him three times. I informed Mr. Mishra so many complaints but now I checked that the flow of water with wiper is not working properly and I don't know about the other complaints has been done properly or not because I don't know about the car's instruments. The car was not washed properly and the dust was lying on their mats. Senior officers of Maruti Udyog are requested kindly look into the matter and take the necessary action against the concerned service center.
It is also requested kindly convey the action to me on my mobile [protected], [protected] and on my mail [protected]

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