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 Amarendra kumar
Sir/Mam,I am Amarendra kumar. I have taken MTS internt broadband connection on 22/11/09 no is [protected].but it is not woring in my house due to poor connectivity .I request to MTS customer care that kindly send some one to rectify this problem ,and wrote a mail to on Thu, Nov 26, 2009 at 3:47 PM. then i got a mail that we will rectify this problem and i got a Complaint number NOV/9029.I got a call form Mr. Rajender mobile no [protected]. he assure that your problem will solve in 10 days but i didn't get solution.then i send 2nd mail on Wed, Dec 2, 2009 at 10:17 AM then i got call from Mr.Lalit Joshi mobile no [protected]. He assure that out network team will visit to your house then one person come to my house and chek the internet connection that its working or not and he told me that i have send the feeback to my senior but i didn't get any solution. I have made payment of 3100 rupees for this connection and monthly recharge is 799. I spoke to customer care and told him that internet is not working in my house and after one month you will disconnect this service if i will not recharge this connection then they told me that we can not do any thing. I want to lodge a complain against MTS. So please, kindly registered my complain and take proper action against MTS .Regards Amarendra kumar [protected], [protected]

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Internet Connection — connection need to be changed to another location

my customer id is 252203 and i am staying in Lakshmi sai womens hostel ,yellareddy guda in hyderabad.last 15 days back i hav been given internet connection to the system in previous room where i was staying.As i have shifted to another room i need to change the connection to the present room. i request you to change the connection by sending your representatives at the earliest possible.Thank you

broadband internet — broadband not work properly & other

i m living a small village near rewari distt. in haryana. my phone no is[protected] with broadband internet connection. but its not work properly. i have many call for correct this problums to the bsnl employes but there is nothing response.
I am having BSNL Broadband connection at my residence. There is no provision to track the broad-band usage. Incidentally, my usage was within the broadband rental (Rs.250/month). But for the month of Feb-08, I find broadband usage chargge of Rs.504/- which is highly unjustifiable as there much lesser usage compared to previous month. There is no proper response from BSNL and nobody is owning the responsibility.
plz tell me how can i solve this problum.

Birender Singh

Broadband Connection — hist data


Session History Details
For broadband connection no.27041566
MTNL A/C NO.[protected]
CONSUMER NO.[protected]

Sessions recorded between 22-Sep-2008 and 25-Sep-2008
S.No. User_Id Bytes Uploaded Bytes Down loaded Telephone No Logged In Time Logged out Time Duration (HH:MM:SS)
1 27041566 106 106 BRAS[protected] 9/22/08 11:53:35 AM 9/22/08 11:53:46 AM 0:0:11
2 27041566 728 1416 BRAS[protected] 9/22/08 11:55:12 AM 9/22/08 11:57:04 AM 0:1:52
3 27041566 72 72 BRAS[protected] 9/22/08 11:57:16 AM 9/22/08 11:57:23 AM 0:0:7
4 27041566 5580 10052 BRAS[protected] 9/22/08 12:00:26 PM 9/22/08 12:09:21 PM 0:8:55
5 27041566 51596 98489 BRAS[protected] 9/22/08 12:08:32 PM 9/22/08 2:30:02 PM 2:21:30
6 27041566 21203 51859 BRAS[protected] 9/22/08 2:31:09 PM 9/22/08 3:38:05 PM 1:6:56
7 27041566 34630 68454 BRAS[protected] 9/22/08 3:41:20 PM 9/22/08 5:52:04 PM 2:10:44
8 27041566 564555 4265318 BRAS[protected] 9/22/08 5:52:12 PM 9/22/08 6:03:25 PM 0:11:13
9 27041566 50948 870396 BRAS[protected] 9/22/08 6:03:34 PM 9/22/08 6:04:51 PM 0:1:17
10 27041566 4166604 40231174 BRAS[protected] 9/22/08 6:04:59 PM 9/22/08 8:14:15 PM 2:9:16
11 27041566 1424917 10587552 BRAS[protected] 9/22/08 8:14:16 PM 9/23/08 12:15:33 AM 4:1:17
12 27041566 11017 18236 BRAS[protected] 9/23/08 12:13:55 AM 9/23/08 12:57:03 AM 0:43:8
13 27041566 11198 18662 BRAS[protected] 9/23/08 6:05:20 AM 9/23/08 6:52:59 AM 0:47:39
14 27041566 18394 44990 BRAS[protected] 9/23/08 6:52:13 AM 9/23/08 8:29:02 AM 1:36:49
15 27041566 7422 14050 BRAS[protected] 9/23/08 8:47:48 AM 9/23/08 9:09:22 AM 0:21:34
16 27041566 4118143 24058500 BRAS[protected] 9/23/08 9:13:07 AM 9/23/08 12:53:51 PM 3:40:44
17 27041566 281958 1348094 BRAS[protected] 9/23/08 1:01:48 PM 9/23/08 4:29:53 PM 3:28:5
18 27041566 4424 8060 BRAS[protected] 9/23/08 4:30:19 PM 9/23/08 4:41:34 PM 0:11:15
19 27041566 8077083 8220404 BRAS[protected] 9/23/08 4:41:44 PM 9/23/08 6:58:56 PM 2:17:12
20 27041566 1982791 10692063 BRAS[protected] 9/23/08 6:58:51 PM 9/24/08 12:58:51 AM 6:0:0
21 27041566 426 1667 BRAS[protected] 9/24/08 12:58:54 AM 9/24/08 1:02:55 AM 0:4:1
22 27041566 1098170 6456169 BRAS[protected] 9/24/08 5:39:59 AM 9/24/08 11:39:59 AM 6:0:0
23 27041566 5977130 20206502 BRAS[protected] 9/24/08 11:40:20 AM 9/24/08 5:40:20 PM 6:0:0
24 27041566 2339120 14263963 BRAS[protected] 9/24/08 5:40:49 PM 9/24/08 6:59:15 PM 1:18:26
25 27041566 5660272 33328434 BRAS[protected] 9/24/08 6:59:28 PM 9/25/08 12:59:28 AM 6:0:0
26 27041566 3040 12478 BRAS[protected] 9/25/08 12:59:32 AM 9/25/08 1:30:08 AM 0:30:36
27 27041566 146 104 BRAS[protected] 9/25/08 9:36:38 AM 9/25/08 9:37:31 AM 0:0:53
28 27041566 52241 245324 BRAS[protected] 9/25/08 5:37:17 AM 9/25/08 9:38:05 AM 4:0:48
29 27041566 690 2205 BRAS[protected] 9/25/08 9:37:31 AM 9/25/08 9:48:36 AM 0:11:5
30 27041566 3237355 11408208 BRAS[protected] 9/25/08 9:48:37 AM 9/25/08 12:21:07 PM 2:32:30
31 27041566 72 72 BRAS[protected] 9/25/08 5:12:25 PM 9/25/08 5:12:32 PM 0:0:7
32 27041566 72 72 BRAS[protected] 9/25/08 5:14:33 PM 9/25/08 5:14:41 PM 0:0:8
33 27041566 4496378 24575843 BRAS[protected] 9/25/08 5:15:13 PM 9/25/08 6:33:11 PM 1:17:58
34 27041566 80597 301922 BRAS[protected] 9/25/08 6:36:22 PM 9/25/08 6:39:21 PM 0:2:59
35 27041566 51386 1345337 BRAS[protected] 9/25/08 6:41:56 PM 9/25/08 6:52:11 PM 0:10:15
36 27041566 175538 3558093 BRAS[protected] 9/25/08 6:55:20 PM 9/25/08 7:01:59 PM 0:6:39
37 27041566 20052 67760 BRAS[protected] 9/25/08 7:02:28 PM 9/25/08 7:09:45 PM 0:7:17
Total Bytes Uploaded = 41MB Total Bytes Downloaded = 206MB Total Usage = 59 : 43 : 26
Showing 37 of 37 Records

Total Bytes Uploaded = 41.0 MB Total Bytes Downloaded = 206.0 MB Total Usage = 59:43:26

internet connection problem — attachment to mail not accepted

Dear Sirs,
From 27/7/08 I am finding the problem. Normal mails are
sent and allowed. I am using BSNL Internet at home plan for Rs.250 p.m. My landline No.[protected]. While attaching
Resume for any vacancy that has not been attached. If I try 100 times one time it is OK. The system, modem etc. if brought to opposite house or any other area that attachment is being sent properly. While it is in my house I find this problem. I am contacting customer care at Thanjavur for the past 3 months.
But the problem not solved yet. I am using for my own use from 12/2006 and it was operating in good manner upto 7/08 and then only I find this problem. ATTACHMENT UNABLE TO SEND ALONE WITH LETER. KINDLY IDENTIFY THE PROBLEMS EARLY.
Thanks, Parthasarathy.B. 30/9/08

Internet Connection — not connected since 2 days

Customer code--370659/ New connection taken ( 4 days back) -- Internet not connected since 2 days. Customer care busy always

Internet Broadband connection — Connection missing , not running regularly

My internet connection not running continously. missing some time on the running properly . suddenly missing on the open any kind of page .

Want new connection — connection is alredy issue but i have no idea abt dis conection

hi sir my name is gourav gupta and i live in uttam nagar .My issue is i want take a new connection so sir i went to Sharma gas company .Milap nagar .Uttam nagar .so he told me that connection is alredy issue on my address but sir i have no idea regarding abt my connection n when i ask abt that connection so he did nt tell so what should i do sir i want a connection n connection is alredty issue on my name but i have no information so sir plz solve my issur asap
This is my all information
Gouran Gupta
add:-V-83.Sec C.Bhgwati Vihar .Uttam Nagar
New delhi -59

broadband internet connection — broadband is not recharge


Re: [INTERACTID:4360137

Reference number:7828181

i am sending to sify many email but i did not get any positive reply . i
> have already send you 1122 Rs. bank draft on 18.11.2008 by registred
> mail.
> but i did not get any information about it please recharge my sify
> broadband . of plan UN51
> my I.d: mahendra_ddn
> reciept Number: SPEE[protected]N

i am very dispponted because sify limited did not recharge my broadband internet connetion after take a bank draft of 1122 Rs. i was send a draft in favour of sify limited chennai

broad ban internet — disconnection

Dear Sir,

Please refer –SR 52532437 Dated 24-11-08 A/C No[protected] User ID-4236531

& Reference no-173160 Dated 27-11-08

Undersigned spoken at customer care around 9 pm on 24-11-08 regarding disconnection of Broad Band Internet at my residence & customer care executive given me above (SR[protected].

Subsequently visited Air Tel office at Sector -57 Noida on 27-11-08 to check & confirm the status of above SR 52532437.

I was surprised to know that SR 52532437 is not valid for disconnection.

The requisite form was filled & application was submitted once again for disconnection.

You are requested to look into the lapses in this case & disconnect of Broad Band Internet immediately as I am shifting to other city in a day or 2

Thanking you.

dushyant kumar

Broadband Connection — do not proper behave with me.

dear sir.
my telephone no. is[protected], said broadbank connection is not working last ten days.i have registered a compalint in vikas nagar bsnl barnch compalint no. is650236.

mr. katiyar do not respond properly and misbehave with me so please take action earlier.


House — regd broadband connection

Dear sir i have registered for broad band connection(regd no 92165971 dated[protected].).When i contacted pallikkaranai exchange they have told that the cable connection is fault.After that every day till date they were telling they will send lineman for give connection, Till date i did not get any person to give connection and no proper reply .Due to that my BP has got shooted up.I request you to forward this to conceren BSNL dept to take immediate action please.

Data1 Broad Band — Unable to connect

My telephone 26822894 at Pune had been down from 21st May till 3rd June 2009. The telephone line was restored on 3rd June 2009.But my broadband connection(500C Plus Plan ) is NOT FUNCTIONING.
I get the following messages:
1) CHAP authentication FAILED.
2) Page load error

It appears there is no one in BSNL Hadapsar who can solve this problem . Please send a technician who can attend to this problem. Almost for 3 weeks, the broadband service has been down - primarily due to Phone line disconnect & secondly due to Broadband errors.

Please act fast & restore my BB.

Rajagopalan Vishwanathan


Hi sir,
This is Ramnaresh shrivastav. my MTNL no is[protected] and I am using this number
from last 10 year and before 3 year i have taken Broadband Connection On this number
from starting 2 year broadband internet working on this number very good But From last few "Months" I'm having problem with my MTNL Broadband.

Everyday most of the time it just keep trying to connect to internet and i get "Authentication Failure" or Connection disonnect It works fine for some around 5 to 10 minutes it will disconnect after 10 minutes not workingcontibuisely. But whenever i start my computer most of time i never be sure that internet will work or not, and most of the time it take hours to connect to internet.

When i complaint to 1504, they register complain for problem in line/cable, but no lineman comes to correct anything when i call them they just say you phone is ok so your line is also. I ask lineman to replace the old cable (it has multiple joint in it), but they say that they don't have new cable to change.

There are too many complaints i made on 1504 but they allways put call on hold or disconnect the call or says that we will solve your complaint as soon as possible but no body will come to solve problem.and when i complaint agin most of the time lineman and area manager says please disconnect your broadband connection we will not able to help u.So I am requeating you to please resolve my problem as soon as possible because if problem will come continuisely then i have to take the decision for disconnecting your mtnl phone.If u help me in this problem i will realy very thankful to u.
if you can, please let me know how to resolve this issue.

Ram naresh shrivastav

DSL Router: T-KD 318-EUI
broadband not working last 25.6.9 to till ----31.7.9. many times complain 1504.
but not solve my problem my plan 599 unlimited phone no[protected]
my plan is 599 unlimited using last one year my broadband not working last two month my no- is[protected] kindly do the needful
my broadband not working last two month kindly do the needful my no[protected]

internet brodband — to transfer the connection

sir, i want to tranfer my airtel internet {4270639} which is on the name of Dr.U.M.Sharma conection to my 1st floor from my ground floor conection.please kindy transfer it as soon as possible.the residencial address is E-2 222 arera colony Bhopal.
thanking you!
mts mblach details
I am Mukesh kumar. I have taken 2 of MTS mobile connections on about one or one and half month before but the retailer had activated it same time with the submition of the documents which required then after three of the days both of my connections no. is [protected]/[protected] were disconnected from network. then after I go the the retailer, he advised me to submit the documents once again then also i was agree and submitted my documents once again then after three days, the connection will be in activation with out any address verification/confirmation .Then what i saw on my cell the sms was there that for your address verification pls contect customercare on [protected] with in next 24 hours. i contect there so many times on same days they assure me that your address verification is complete now you won't any problem in future .then after near one week what i saw the network have disconnect once again then i contect on customercare two times they assure me that with in two hours connect will again be activacted.but after four or five hour the connection is not working also . now pls tell me this that a new company which esteblished newly how can it grow in future.if the employees do so with every customers then who will purchase their connetion.

now the request is this if you see or find this complaint pls make complete the formalities completly and make my connection in working condition positively.

thanks ®ards
[protected] / [protected]
dear sir i have taken a MBlase in that it worked arrount 30 days now from last 15 days it is not working even i have give all DOX two time pls do the need full

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