NA Manpower Services — Cheating and Fraud

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 tanusri8 on Sep 15, 2011
On 1st of July 2011, I had paid these people Rs1500 for providing me housemaid. They said within 7 days they will provide me maids.Till date they have not sent me any and yesterday they were calling me for registering myself with them for maid. When I told them I am already registered and when are they going to send me maids for interview, they said will call me back but with no result. After repeated calls since the month of July, there has been no effect. Every time I call they say they are sending the maid the same day or the next but with no rsult. The contact person is Varsha (phone number:022-22938029). When I wanted to speak to the supervisor Jyothi, they gave me a phone number which is always switched off and when I call their office to speak to the supervisor or Owner, they are never available. Please help, I want my money back.
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Hi All,

I had also got cheated with N.A Manpower but i played smart and got my Rs. 1500 Back.

I called just dial for maid services again and then N.A Manpower gave me a call for maid service as i had called from another contact no. and with a different, i called their executive to my office. He was the same guy who had come to take my earlier payment. He got scared. I made him sit in my office, locked my office and told my staff not to open the door then i told that guy to call his office and let me talk to the girl who had approached me for maid service.
I told that girl i want my money back otherwise i am taking your office boy to the police station. They got scared, they were pleading me, we will give the money back. I did not leave their office boy and i got my money back.

You people also do the same thing...It will help, call from another identity and keep their office boy in an unknown place and then they will get scared and give your money and if they do not give take that person to the police station.

n/a — $49.99, Oct. 10th?

I have a kindal DX so all of my purchases should have been through wisper net. I have some other charges on my debt card that I can't account for so I canseld the card. I would be greatful for your help to find out who or where this purchase came from.


sir, We have submitting the PAN Application Vide Ack.No. 050610300610682 Dated : 04.06.2010 in the Status We have filling As Association of Persons instead of Firm, Hence request you to kindly change our status as Firm in Your network data,
Sorry of inconvenience,
yours faithfully,

Chitra Man Power Agency

Man power supply service — Non payment of agreed service charges.

Hello, Facts of My case are as follows:
1) We have provided a manpower supply service to a contractor engaged in the business of Event Management.
2) We were agreed on a price per day per person of service rendered, payable at the end of the activity to be carried on for a month.
3) There was no documentary contract between us but the proof that we have provided the desired service is that I have photos which are required by the original contractor.
4) Now its been 6 months to this but the payment is not been released.
5) Up to 2 months the reason given was that even he has not received any payment from the original contractor.
6) But now his intentions are quite clear that he will not release our payment even though he has received the amount from the original contractor.
7) We have approached his office many a times but he didn't get any success.
8) Once he gave the crossed cheque which bounced twise. and we have the same in our custody.
Please let me know whether any way is there to get the blocked amount released?
Please help...
Thanks.. :)
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hi i have been through the same thing i spoke to prachi and jyoti but they are not entertaining my calls. i am going to file a complain against them. and will take help from shiv sena i am a member of shiv sena. i willl get my money back.
Hi, It will be really good if you can take them to task. I do not have any contacts like yours or else I would have done the same. Do keep posted.Hope I also get my money back
We have been to throught the same situation as above with the NA Manpower service. We have Paid them Rs. 1000 to provide with a Maid to take care of the Household. However till date, we havent recieved any even after repeted call.

We regested on 11th of July, and till then we use to get call to do the regesteration. Post payments, we didnt get a call not have recieved a maid. On calling prachi or Riya, and they provide number of Jyothi, and this number is always switched off. They always mention, that maid has been send after taking interview, however we never have any person meeting us from the NA Manpower services.

I am logging a Police complaint against the NA Manpower agency for Cheating / Fraud case (420). If we go legal with this agency, then only such criminals will be restricted, else people like us will be cheated on and on..
Even I face the same problem from them. I registered on 27 june after paying Rs. 1000/- to them. Kindly give me details how to lodge complaint against them.
guys i think we all should go together at their office and do some hungama if anyone intrested then let me know we will take our money bk
Hi...this forum is very useful as i had decided to get a maid and agreed to pay Rs. 1, 500. Varsha attended the call. However, by God's grace, i went through the above comments and immediately told Varsha that i don't need any maid. This website is very useful. Keep up the good work. Sharash (92235 00369)
Hi, even i paid them Rs 2000 on 22nd of Feb and till day they are not responding, i have been calling them reguarly on 02222938029 but they always say that we are arranging, asked them to give us money back as mentioned in contract they said speak to supervisor, and supervisor is not available till day in their office, pls suggest wat to do, did anyone of u got any response
On 13 june2011, I had paid them Rs1500 for providing me housemaid. They said within 7 days they will provide me maids. After repeated calls since June, there has been no effect. Varsha and Jyoti keep cutting the call.(phone number:022-22938029). When I wanted to speak to the owner Mhatre, they gave me a phone number which is always switched off and when I call their office to speak to the supervisor or Owner, they are never available.
Same thing happen to me as well... Please don't go with this manpower services, they don't have any resources available just making fool to all...
I am also facing the same problem...i hv paid them rs.3000/-...till nw they havnt sent me the maid...we all should complain against them...the person to whom i hv spoken is varsha...they r big cheaters...
I am also faced the same problem. At the time of collecting service charges from us, they are talking very sweet. But once we pay then no one gives us the reply. I also need my money back.
They are taking advantages of our need. I paid the money to them in 2010 as my baby was so small hardly 3 months. Now he will be 3 years. It means they are still making a person full.
Pls let me know if anybody is making a complaint against them. I will join you.
I have also faced the same problem in 2010 when my baby was 3 months old. They assured me that they will give me a maid within 7 days after making a payment. No single maid is visited after making a payment. I tried they contact nos more than six months but they won't be bothered about this.
After Paying Rs. 1500/- they haven't give me a single call about the maid.
They are a big Cheaters and fraud. Let me know if anybody is comapalining against they, i will join them. As they are still making fool to the people.
Dear all,

I gone through you reviews kindly forward me copy your receipt or agreement and your contact numbers . Its time to screw their for such cheating, we will fight against it and the people who have complained about them if they have any prrof of complaiont please send it to me ASAP.

My number is 9819099880
EMail ID

Hi All,

On 3rd December'12, I paid NA Manpower Rs. 2000 as a registration fees but no maid was sent to me for next 15 days and finally I told them that I dont need your service hence return the money, so it took them another 1 month to send a cheque of Rs. 1500 and I deposited the chequue without checking the date, cheque came back to me because the date is mentioned as 20th March'13.

So the money which I paid on 3rd Dec'12 will be refunded on the 20th March'13, with a deduction of Rs. 500 for what, god knows.

Since then I am calling them but like you all said, their supervisors are always busy and now they hang up me after know my name.

Pls suggest what needs to be done, because I am not sure whether my cheque will be materialize on 20th March'13
hi my name is satyapal singh, i am cheated by man who belong to my village he take from me, my original school certificate for free distance course or degree, till now he did not get done any degree or course, he was continued pretending, after one year latter now he is parenting that my all certificate has been lost by mistake

now what should we now do

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