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Asian Paints — complaining about exterior paint ultima

 anand nakate on Jun 17, 2018
Within a year, the paint loss its colour from some part specially part over window .Its found that The paint peel off from
Its surface.We color the outer surface of our home in the last year in the month of may. In this year, after hot summer and rain is coming the paint loss is binding with the wall. So please send any official to look over the subject....
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Asian Paints — delay in completion of work

 Gaurav Chopra1 on Jun 15, 2018
This is pertaining to the services assured under bp[protected]. The contract was finalized post completion of site visit by asian paints executive and sales representative on 28th april. This includes paint work for complete house along with highlighting few walls using stencil & wallpapers. I was assured that work will be completed in 2 weeks starting 14th may 2018. Though, i am satisfied with the paint work however, till date have not received the wallpapers even after multiple reminders to your sale and supervisor taking care of the task.

I am really disheartened and surprised...
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Asian Paints — painting done at my home

 nutanzarapkar on Jun 11, 2018
Today's email to
'accm aphs'; 'hs0800009', cc'sumeet pandey',

Dear all

It is a challenging to work with asian paint. Promises made are not been delivered on. I had been following up on email and on calls with asian paints colleagues about the painting issues in my house since oct 2, 2017. I had shown the color issues of my house to mr, ram and sumit who had promised to come back to me immediately with a solution. There has been no action on it.

There was a warranty given by asian paint and the house started having color issues within 6 months...
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Asian Paints — colour quality is not as per our expectation

 Barun Bhattacharyya on Jun 8, 2018
We did an internal colour of my house using asian paints royale brand, before applying the colour we applied putty also from asian paint and then applied royale colour at around 5 months back, now we are seeing every wall is getting moisture and white marks are appearing on most of the walls, white patches are appearing in every wall, if we rub the wall with our hand it disappear temporarily but it appears again after some time. It looks really bad and truly we are really disappointed after using high quality asian paint colour. It is a new construction so there is no point of damp wall, so i would...
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Asian Paints — paint total complaint (ticket no: 2018050826)

 bala jha on Jun 7, 2018

To whom so ever concern this is against my complain (090518e869) registered,

I have attached few pictures of my wall after painting within 2-10 days the condition of my wall.

There are few points i want to address:

When i was discussing about quotations for painting the guys named mr. Chandra sekhar called himself as a direct employee of asian paint where as he is vendor to asian paint through autostriping india pvt ltd.
Secondly he did not made the clarity on warranty terms i. E they only provide product warranty not service....
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Asian Paints — poor execution of painting by engaging unprofessional painters

 Srinivasan Raghunathan on Jun 5, 2018
I engaged asian paints home solutions for painting my apartment. With a lot of struggle after making the full payment in 1 shot, i got the colour suggestions from them just for the sake. I confirmed my schedule of start 10 days in advance.
Asian paints engaged unprofessional applicators and painters have completely spoiled the whole look and feel of the flat. It is pathetic execution. No proper monitoring and oversight in place. Multiple escalations have fallen in vain. I feel it's a waste of money and time. I would like to claim my complete money back with the damage made to my flat corrected....
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Asian Paints — negligence to provide assured service in spite of receiving full payment

 abhisheksaha on May 31, 2018
Inspite of receiving full payment on[protected] m/s asian paints denied to do the assured service in written format even after repeated alarm by me. After several phone calls my work is still pending and denied to do the proposed wall stencil work written on the customer copy given at the time of receiving full payment.
Hope for early resolve
Customer bp no. 15435880...
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Asian Paints — asian exterior damp proof primer

 Abhishek25391 on May 23, 2018
I have purchased 2 bucket of asian exterior damp proof primer... And when the painter started applying primer on the exterior wall, some cotton type material is emerging on the painted wall everywhere... It is like cotton blots. I have consulted the store from where i have purchased the primer. But they are not solving my problem... Please consider my request... My mobile no is [protected]...
Add-gaya, bihar, 823001....
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Asian Paints — product not delivered on time because we refused their applicator [Resolved]

 Sharad57 on May 12, 2018
I have ordered and paid for a large amount of waterproofing material from asian paints. I was promised the materials on the same day as the payment, which was not fulfilled. Then i was promised it next day, then agin the next day. Finally on the third day, they told me the materials had left from three mulund depot which is only 40 mins from house. Even after 5 hours the material hasn’t reached my house and the depot manager is so rude and unprofessional. I had to incurr 3 days extra charges for the workers waiting for the material.
Their such behaviour is suspected because we have not...
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Asian Paints — poor workmanship poor inspection and supervision [Resolved]

 arun182 on May 7, 2018
We had engaged asian paints for our house and work started on 14 april after making full payment. The painting work was divided in to repaint and fresh paint which was not explained properly and charged according to their own will inspite of our explaining our past experience with asian paints
The workmanship is not only very poor but workers not sticking to punctuality, not knowing their job, and bluffing by making wrong statements in r/o applying material like putty and applying paint coats. Cleaning part after work was disgraceful
All in all we are not satisfied with the work and...
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Asian Paints — resentment regarding poor workmanship [Resolved]

 Ani26 on May 4, 2018

With great disappointment we want to inform you that it is been four days that we hired asian paints for painting our full house, but till now we neither saw the asian paint supervisor nor the contractor coming at the site.
But as per the terms n conditions asian paint supervisor and the contractor should be visiting every alternate day and every day respectively.

Moreover every time we visit the place, the painters working at the site are sitting n chatting, the moment we enter they will start working.
They go for 2hour lunch.
They seem to...
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Asian Paints — low labour quality / labour change/ wrong color applied [Resolved]

 VishalSKedare on May 3, 2018
Date of incident : 28 april - 2 may 2018
1. Labour quality is very poor.
2. Contractor used wrong color code & project site manager (Sanjay) didn't even bothered to check by themselves. I have informed him & he is still in the argument. Just visiting the residence, filing the papers,.. That's it.
3. Labour is not ready to clear any undulation of pop false ceiling & even wall as well.
4. Good labours are moved to private site of the contractor & poor labours are being placed at the site handled by asian paints.
5. I asked for the contractors agreement with asian...
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Asian Paints — painting services [Resolved]

 Preeti Datta on Apr 28, 2018
I git my house painted last July... The work of repeated few times because the wall paint was feeling off, walls was getting fungus and turning yellowish. Despite many complaints they problem remains unresolved. More than 2 walls are having same faults repeatedly.

I have paid 70, 000 for this paints assuming the brand name and now I regret my decision. I could have done this is half of the price...
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Asian Paints — dealer paint house vikas jain koparkhairane [Resolved]

 Aaradhya M on Apr 28, 2018
Hello asian paints...

Your dealer named vikas jain..
Paint house providing wrong localite unprofessional painters.
Recently in march month i approached him and did a enquiry about thorough professional asian contractor to work at my place.
He provided me with one localite unprofessional painter named as aryan ghansoli instead of professional asian contractor.
He wasn't skillful atall.
I have purchased 15+ k aspira material from him.
And after continuous follow ups also he is not giving me the professional painter.
I want asian...
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Asian Paints — asian paints aphs [Resolved]

 Yogesh Kamath on Apr 27, 2018
I have been chasing asian paints for waterproofing and painting of my flat in mulund since last 3 weeks. First they gave an appointment and did not turn up. Second time they came but the person visited said he will have to send the waterproofing expert and said he would do so asap but did not bother to call or send the next person. Call center goes into voice recording, says all executives are busy and they have noted the number and would call back. But nobody calls back. Twice i got to speak after many attempts, they said they will call back after talking about my problem internally, but never...
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Asian Paints — asian paints regular aphs [Resolved]

 Yogesh Kamath on Apr 27, 2018
Asian paints representative visited on[protected] with regards to home painting. He said the house also needs to be seen by his waterproofing counterpart as my house is having some leakage problem too. He said he will pass the message and the waterproofing person would visit my house. One week has passed and i have not got any call from him or his colleague. Calls made to call center also is not getting responded. Recorded message says all the executives are busy and they have noted my number and would call me back, however no one calls back.

It was surprising to know asian paints...
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Asian Paints — waterproofing [Resolved]

 Jaanakinihon on Apr 20, 2018
Biggest frauds!! Never take their services!!
Had hired them to fix seepage in my house. After charging enormous amount the quality was so poor within 3 months seepage started coming again. Have been calling them since 20th feb 2018 to get it fixed as it is still under warranty. Today it's been 2 months and all i have got is my complaint being transferred from 1 guy to another with no solution. Every week i am told it will be fixed this week but that week is yet to come. Horrible fraudsters! Should be booked for fraud!...
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Asian Paints — paint work not yet completed [Resolved]

 RajivJain2 on Apr 18, 2018
Respected sir,

With reference to my customer bp no. 14624334, kindly note that:
• work is not being done properly.
• they started the work 3 months ago.
• till date, peoples not completed the work and windup their setups.
• technical person of asian ezy colour was called a month ago, he inspected and said the pending work will be done within a day or two.
• your person quoted for extra work and received cheque. Before starting the work, denied to do work and instructed me to stop payment the issued cheque.
• no response since...
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Asian Paints — poor quality painting and waterproofing service provided [Resolved]

 Ismail Dabhoya on Apr 17, 2018
I had got my house painted through asian paints. They provided the complete solution for home painting, water proofing and color consultancy. This was done in last april 2017. Now within a year when there are bubbles on the wall painted by them they are not rectifying the problem but saying that its due to external water seepage. Its an extremely unprofessional behaviour from asian paints and inspite of my numerous calls to the service personnel they do not pick up the calls or call you back. If i had asked for a complete package of painting and waterproofing then it was the responsibility of asian...
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Asian Paints — royal shyne colour [Resolved]

 RajnishRangari on Apr 12, 2018
I have been purchasing certain asian paint - colours from a couple of different vendors. The vendors are refusing to give the tax invoice with gst nos. However, they agree after threatening them. Moreover, they are issuing tax invoice as follows:

Cost - inr 100/-
Discount - 20%
Sale price - inr 80/-
Gst @28% - inr 22.40
Total sale price - inr 102.40

Whereas, the mrp is inr 100/-

This is absolute cheating. Please advise / comment....
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