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[Resolved]  nysa animation company,hyderabad — career

The outbreak of recession has found many companies spring up, not with the intention of making animation or anything of that sort but to take the opportunity to get-rich-quick.

I was a victim of one such company, which i don't wish to name because the wounds haven't healed yet. but for future reference as where we should not apply i am creating this thread.

The industry should take necessary steps to weed out the scamsters who squeeze the talented people to think twice before applying anywhere.

with this i want to ask the many experts over here the guidance about some companies.

first company which came to my mind when i was writing this was a website where many of my friends have applied to what it seems to me as a scam
the company is called

basically it doesn't look extra ordinary. but they have a list of "BUSINESS CONTACT (ANIMATION)" where they have put numerous names, if you google it, it goes no where including the "NYSA" returns zero results.


it says it has operation in europe and india, but the contact address has only india.


the section in careers says:

"Applicants wishing to apply for 3D DIVISION, COMPOSITING and EDITING DIVISIONS they are required to bare "ENTRANCE EXAM" Fee.This is our company rule and Condition."

"ENTRANCE EXAM Registration Fee are 45 euros only (INDIAN RUPEES 3150 INR. Inclusive of all taxes, All govt of india public examination rules are applicable)"

now my question is imagine 40 people are taking, then 40*3150 = 1,26,000

not every1 are selected so what happens to the money, do they show it to govt.??

are they giving a three year degree course where "ENTRANCE EXAM" is required?

they also have blocked list or rejected list who cannot apply for 5 years, why were they blocked or rejected??


there is no showreel of the work they have done.
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Aug 13, 2020
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Have you found out how many employees are working at NYSA or how many are selected recently/ Unless it is written in blogs like this many students will be a victim to their deceit. Locals of Hyderabad should take interest in complaining to proper bodies if the NYSA office is simply collecting money and not selecting anybody. Now-a-days 3150/- is not a big amount but one has to come from outstation and stay there for giving test only to know that he will not be selected. Let the selected people of NYSA write their comments for guidance to the future Indian students who are interested to apply to NYSA, Hyderabad. Let NYSA come out with the facts how many people have they selected so far and what are the salaries they are currently paying. In fact these ads will destroy one's valuable time and career.
Hello every body,
Please be aware from the nysa,

They are saying that it is an animation company. But the fact is that they took only one room in cyberpearl, hitech city. There is no employees, no project, only one lady is there she is non graduate, body language is different from other corporate girl and a great lier, continiously she is lying over telephone what ever you will asked.

i asked about company strength she said arround 300 to 400, our production house is in gachibowli, but this is a fraud statements...

and one security gaurd is there, whos duty is to collect the entrance fees of Rs 3150 from the candidates who came with Rs 3150 in front of cyberpearl gate. if anybody asked for have a look of the office they are straightly object it.

But i came to know from someone that one room is exists one lady and one security is there, Can you pls imagine the size of the nysa.

The entrance is fraud and useless tough so that no one should pass the entrance.

In this way they are surviving and profiting lakhs and lakhs money by making fool to every innocence...

Dont enroll your money in TheNysa

the url is
Hi Everybody. My Name is M sunil. It was funny conversation between u people about that company NYSA..

I totally disagree with u all. Bcoz recently on 05-04-10 i was attended Technical exam in NYSA. And i selected for the post of 3D Animator. And my salary is 8, 500 Rs Per month.

While i attend the exam i found that they are somply making huge Negitive publicity of their company Name in the Animation market. And finally they succeded in that Ms Taniya. In this animation field every one knw this company.

You can find my name on that comany website exam passed candidates list. site.
Hello Sunil ! Congrats . . ! My friends r awaiting t exams on 23rd of this month on 3Danimation . . We've no idea about this . Can you pls share yr experience abt t exam n its nature . . they r not asking t demoreel too . thanking you . .
Hi, Dear sir/medam.
i have attended 3d animation exam. My Specialization is 3d Animation. They have given me one scean to do animation, and they also given one model to do animation for that.. thats it.

They are watching us from CC Cameras guys. Be carefull.

Their examination is very very simple for me. Their main intention is they want only good atitude and talented employees, not like jumping fellows from one company to another company for every one or two years.

This is Secret about NYSA exam..Be carefull Guys.. Dn't forget to save your work for every minute. Bcoz they are checking our smartness and sharpness by switch off the Power before exam end..

Before finish the exam they simply switch off all the systems. Bcoz they need only good and inteligent fellows in their production..

As i knw they have not yet started their production..i think so..Bcoz their interior construction work is going on at the campus..

May be from 30th they are going to start full production. bcoz my appointment date is 30th of this month.

one more thing is while we are at exam All News channels in telugu has coverd our examination..
Hello Mr sunil.. Congrats yaar.
I am Shabbir shaik, and i attended Nysa Tech Exam on 15th of april and i am also selected for job.

Really i am very happy. My joining date also 30th of this month Mr Suil. Seee you there Mr sunil. We will meet on work spot..

That Power switch off concept is Their Examination part Mr sunil. Y you reveald that here. Now everyone get alerted.

Ok everybody have a goo day.
Hello Mr.Sunil and Shabbir shaik...
Iam vijay from hyderabad selected in NYSA as animator...and my joining date was also 30th..
but i got a call from NYSA and they said that the joining date was postponed for 1 month...
did u also got the same call or you are going to join this 30th..

please reply me..
Hai, Every Body.

Hi Mr Vijay, Today i joined in NYSA. Today is Great day in my Life.

Yeah today i also Heard that News Here in NYSA. NYSA Has Postponed 15 Candidates Joinings dates for 1 month.

May be you will join with that 20th to 28th exam Passed candidates.

But Never Miss NYSA my dear Bro..

where did the production unit located at NYSA...i came to know that there is only one small room furnished with sofa's in the cyberpearl block...
then where did the production going on...
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha very funny..

Hi vijay Still You are in that Negative thinking only...

Main Production is in Cyber Pearl itself.
Did any one joined in the was the production unit...
Still now no one has joined the NYSA...

whats wrong...

why all are lying?
On 30th April I joined in NYSA. I was selected through 15th April NYSA Exam.

My Name is Anil Krishna. I am a fresher. I feel very happy to be part of NYSA nw.

I am in Night Shift. My timings are 9 Pm to 7Am. that is only problm to me in NYSA. Bcoz i dn't have experience to work like this type of Night Shift.

And they havn't provide Cab Fecility. I knw in india non animation production company providing Cab facility to employees.

And employees are very good in NYSA. They are all very Co-Operative. I am getting Good experience. And their Rules are very Strict my dear Friends.

Till now very cool going friends..
hmm...till now confusion abt NYSA...not only mee...for every one...

but we have to trust the NYSA...
its really cool and good...

thanks to NYSA...
Yesterday I got a news from close area of N Y S A. They have so many workstations in Hyderabad Se z Campus. But they w n 't show it on their website. They are showing only Cy ber pearl campus only.

Y they are not showing their workplaces on their site. Still n w also Y they are concentrating on Bad Publicity..

Anyone Please answer to my question..

My one of my friend joined in N y s a and he selected on N y s a 15 April Exam.
He d n 't reveal his name b c o z n w he is doing job in N y s a.
What's the company website?... what kind of project is going there? it own production company?...
any pilot is going there?...anybody know NYSA..let me know about plzzzzzzz...
This Is NYSA Companies Website. NYSA is European Animation Production Company.
Mr Varshu,

First You Should Know that No one Will tell you all information about any company In any kind of Business. That is their Company confidential matter.

In Nysa Issue They having new recruitment Process which is already knew to indians as Indian Railway job Selections and Bank job Selections. (exam fee).

But In india Few people like you Raising This type of Doubts about that company. we have already received somany messages. And also we have verified all the details.

How can you ask one comapny's Confidential matter? Do you know which Project is going on in Rythm & Hues and Paprikaas? (indian companies).

You Dn't have answer for that. But you want all the details about this company because you are paying examination fee. Thats not smart thinking. First You should change your attitude then only you can achieve your goals

Nysa is giving employeement to Indian People by taking them into their Indian Production. As we know their Selection Style is different.

In india Somany Companies and People(job less) are making Bad Publicity against NYSA. And few Websites are entertaining Negative conversations about Nysa. Bcoz they will get Big Number o[censored]sers and Visitors for their Website and everybody will see their website for know about Nysa only. Bcause nysa is Hot topic in indian animation industry. Automatically their revenue will increase by entertaining this Negative conversations..Dn't get inspire by thease type of websites. BeAware of that.

You Should remeber that you are not going to buy that company you are just applying for a job in that company. First make yourself ready to attend any interview. First you Should know what is interview and How to face it.

Let us tell you one thing about nysa, Nysa is Going to have Worlds Biggest Production Terminal in india. Nearly 110 -200 Acres. It is bigger than Walt Disney Production Studio.
can we apply this for this job through consultancy.they where asking 50000/.
how to apply for this job

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