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I made a great blunder by purchasing a Geyser of so called reputed Brand /make –RACOLD ETERNO Which I purchased due to a relative of mine had been employed with RACOLD COMPANY and he managed to make supply from its manufacturing unit from Pune. The supply had been collected from M/S. Om Parkash & Sons, Jalandhar whereas we are residing at Phagwara with no concession and the trouble to get the consignment from Jalandhar. Our relative Mr. Sudhir Kakkar, an Engineer and employed with the company had arranged the supply, in the mean time he left the job and migrated to United States. The reward and concession I got was to go to Jalandhar and get delivery with no benefit at all. My ordeals and hardships does not end here.

As we had purchased the Geyser from Jalandhar so our family friend M/S. Babla Sales Corporation, Railway Road, Phagwara was helpless to provide service to us as it was our own fault to get the purchase from 22 kms to get the certificate of fool.

Within about 12 to 15 months, The Geyser ceased functioning. I made the complaint to my friend he said what solution can be made at this stage. Finally one day Geyser ceased functioning. I contacted my friend that the hot water oulet has not making supply of water. He made call to company’s Service Centre. In about a week two electrician inspected the Geyser and told me that the fault will be removed. I said o.k. The electrician said that we shall charge Rs. 250/-, I said O.K. if the charges as you say that you had visited our place and Rs. 250/- is genuine then the fault should be removed. One of them said rudely that if you are agreed to pay Rs. 250/- then only we shall touch your geyser. I had no other alternate as they had been misbehaving and talking rudely.

I agreed. One of them said me bring thread (the thread being used in pipe fitting to tighten the thread). When I handed over the thread to them within second they rectified the fault. The fault was that the Carbon (White material) had blocked the outlet pipe. The electrician opened the screw the blocked carbon came out and he again tightened the screw.

My ordeals does not end here. On getting the oulet pipe unscrew. He made another fault. The hair type leakage started from the outlet joint. I again contacted M/S. Babla Sales Corporation, my friend and complained him that previously the outlet pipe was blocked now there is leakage problem. He again made call to them. After a week or so the persons again came.

The Electricians inspected and gave their verdict that this is not Geyser’s fault and now call plumber to rectify the fault. Inspite of my several reminders to the service engineers but is of no vain. In spite of my several reminder the service centers and their casual promises and the drama to befool the customers started. Even after so many reminders my fault has not been set right till date.

Kindly intervene in the matter. The sum and substance of the sordid tale is that at this peak winter days we have to go without hot water for days in spite of purchasing a so called reputed and advertised Geyser.

The local Jalandhar made Geyser Bliss brand I had been using from the last twenty years. After twenty years full working the geyser gave me trouble of getting the carbon around its element. Which I had to get replaced nothing more than it.

All hype advertisements and tall talks about the subject product is absolutely meaningless and can be called an efficient After Sales hassles rather than what is preached as After Sales Service to the extreme dissatisfaction of the customers and consumers.

May I request you to kindly initiate a prompt action to exhibit some after Sales Service to the customers and kindly leave a single door as it is heard that devil also leave a single house.

I request you all to forward this message to the higher ups in the company to enable them to get apprised of the ground realities of the sales, marketing and services of their products in Punjab and other parts of the country.

Yours truly,

Rajneesh Madhok,

Registered Member CORE (Consumer Online Resource & Empowerment Centre) & Anti-courrption Bureau,



PHAGWARA-144401 (PB)

PH: 01824-262569 (O), 268210 ®, 094173-06415

TELE-FAX: 01824-262569, E-MAIL: rajneesh_madhok@yahoo.com
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In yr. 2009, I got installed Cromopton's water geyser and (touch wood) it has proven itself. I'll not go for Racold.
I am not agree with you. I am staying at south delhi and using services of racold and I am extremely happy with their services. You just call them and they send their technician(s) immediatly at your place. There must be somthing wrong with you, otherwise I am totally disagree.
for good geyser check http://waterheater.weebly.com
i requist you kindly give solution last one year back i replaced the element(Heater coil) because of leaking water from tank to coil and thermostate also gon bad again same broblem occurred Heating lelement as well as thermostate also gon, water is leaking throught haeting lelement to thermostat from tank please give me the permanent solution...

From Bangalore
Service is very bad fast 2day no proper answer I don, t know when it will reddy.future I will not buy this message I will circulate my friends circle.

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