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Reebok India,
Customer Care

I bought a pair of Reebok Shoes for Rs.1800.00, from Authorised Reebok Outlet in GANPATI ENTERPRISES, CITY CENTER LOBBY, CIRCULAR ROAD, DHANBAD, JHAKHAND having TIN NO . [protected] but within 2 months the shoes developed crack and one get torn. I handed over the cracked shoes to them . They agreed & accepted the shoes and gave me the complaint no., saying that the shoes will be replaced after company's inspection, but they repaired the same shoe and give it to me. After repeteadely saying that i need a replaced one instead of this they refused to replace it and said if this will happen next time they will replace it . After two months again same problem occured and when i wnet there and asked for replaced one they refused and told they can only repaire it . The attitude of their staff towards the post sale problems is disgusting.

For a reputed brand like Reebok, this sort of post sale service has not been expected.

I hereby request the company to replace the shoes or refund my money .


Prabhat kumar
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Aug 14, 2020
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Reebok India — Complaint about shoes and reebok store

Two weeks ago I bought a pair of shoes from Reebok Showroom, Marathalli, Bangalore. After buying I saw that one of the show was to dirty in comparision to the other. All the whittish part has taken yellow colour and it was too dirty in comparision with the other. So I went to the showroom again to get it changed then they said that we wont change it today come on some other day. I went to their shop for the third time and at that time they said we dont have this pair in stocks, so I asked them to get a fresh piece from somewhere and I also told them that I can wait for a week or so. They said it can't be done and you have to take this pair only. Helpless, so I took the same pair and asked them to change the laces and clean the shoe if they can. They just change the lace and gave it to me.
Now when I went to other shops in Bangalore, I saw the same model with my size only. So the statement of the Reebok Store Manager that "We sont have it in stock and cant get it ofr you from somewhere also." was wrong.
The shoes was of Rs.5999 and after 40% discount it came to me for Rs.3600 approx. 3600 is not a small amount which I can allow to go in vain. The shoes are really looking very awkward after wearing. I have heard that Marathalli Showroom is a company showroom and not a retail showroom. So I am asking you: Is this the service Reebok is providing to its customers? The company showroom can't even get a new pair. I hope that company always gives these showrooms an extra pair for display, as it is very natural that a shoe being displayed for a month or 2 will become dirty.
Can anyone over here help for getting my shoes changed or get my money back?

Thanks and Regards,
Vipul Saxena

Reebok India — online registration

i am not able to register online for the redemption of holiday voucher. tom is the last day. pl suggest

Reebok / 24 - 171272 — Poor pasting

I bring to your notice the sequence of events which are self explanatory in eroding the confidence of a customer in reputed brand like Reebok:

I have been purchasing and using the Reebok Brand shoes including accessories for last few years with a confidence that it is the best availble brand in India. On the same pretext I purchased a shoe around one year back from one of your franchisee outlet in Lashkar, Gwalior (M.P.)on 9th of feb 2008. On using the shoe for the last four months one day I found that both the shoe have opened up from the pasting side.On visiting your franchisee in Gwalior and pointing out the defect I was bluntly told by your franchisee outlet that nothing could be done on sale items. I was bluntly told that the warrannty of sale item was already expired then only the company put these item in sale. but this thing they have not mentioned at the time of purchase. if this is the condition then you have to mentioned clearly this in your advertisement.

If this is this the situation I will not use Reebok Brand in any form nor would I recommend this Brand to others. If you really feel concerned about this mail I atleast expect a reply.

Reebok - On The Clock 11 — Defective Shoes

I purchased the Reebok - On the Clock 11 shoe for my husband back on May 17, 2008. After 3 months the upper part of the shoe separated from the soles. They also cracked on the upper part of the shoe.

Tried to contact their customer service department on the website, with no luck.

Would like to have someone from the company to respond and reemburse me for the product.

Thank you,

Patricia Iannessa

Reebok Shoes From Gift360 — Dely in delivery and false assurance

On 11th October, 2008, I've purchased a pair of Rebook Shoes Through Gift 360 ( using tele-booking facilities. But, to my surprise, I'm yet to receive my coupons/shoes from them. One month is already over and still they have not sent the products.

To my surprise, whenever I call them, they reply "we will send your coupons by this week end.. and they have been telling this for the last 3 weeks". I've spoken to Santosh and several other customer care officer there. They give false assurance, the stipulated time of 14 days delivery is not at all respected from their side.

1. They should be penalised for the delay and their false assurance.
2. They should pay back the entire amount which we have spent over phone and through other means with interest.
3. They should send the product at the earliest.

4. ICICI Bank also should be made a party in it (even though ICICI bank denied in the advertisement), or else ICICI bank should not advertise their products.



I purchased a pullover from Reebok India in its company show room at Ansal Plaza, New Delhi. On the first day that it was worn the woolen fibres from the pullover started coming out. I had paid Rs. 1700.00 for the pullover and now the shop keeper does not want to refund the money . Reebok garments are really of a very poor quality. We need to take them to the consumer forum for deliberately supplying defective and useless clothing and cheating the customer.


Dear Sir,
i had purchased a sandal for my one and a half year old son from Life Style Ventures Siligrui west bengal India in the month of July 2008. However in Novemebr the entire sole of the sandal came out and to my suprise is beyond repair.I approached the above tore and they refused to get it replaced. the bill no is 1481 purchased on[protected].I have no complaint against the shop from where i have purchased it but as a ploicy you should change the same. A kid of one yr old cannot tamper with the sandal and he hardly puts on the sandal for 2 hrs in a day. Pls request you to change the same and provide me the best of services as you always have been and assure.

Amit Dalmia

Reebok India — shoe is heaving leather from the sole

My reebok shoes upper portion have been tearing from the bottom/sole ansd thew local dealer is not responding for my request for rectification /replacement of the same . I am requesting you to provide the new shoes as it is the manufacturing defect.
RB 610 FLU4- 167353
8 -[protected]-6 (size is 10 - 1/2
Kindly do the needful to me
Yours valid patronage
Vijayakumar Chintala
The role of Countrywide in the whole scam appears commission oriented. I may persue the case with MRTPC in a couple of days.
Reebok India
Customer Care

I have reebok gift voucher nos 5 value Rs.500 each. I went to a reebok outlet in chennai to redeem but i could not do so because the reebok sale offer is going on. The validity for three vouchers is till Jan 15th 2009. When can i redeem the voucher & whether the validity period will be extended (since the sale offer is going on) or can i get the products on the MRP value. Please help me out.

Suresh MS

Reebok India,
Customer Care

I bought a pair of Reebok Shoes for Rs.2079, Group No. - RI05869, from Authorised Reebok Outlet in Shiv Shankar Plaza, Sector-6, Airoli, Navi Mumbai having VAT TIN NO . [protected] on 23/11/2008 but after 1.5 months when i washed my shoes with normal soap water then there was some black spot at the front side of the shoes ( having the identical spot on both the shoes) and at the side of the shoes there were some light brown spots. I had shown this problem to the shop keeper and accepted that its a defect and i handed over the shoes to him . I asked to give the complaint no then he said we dont give any complain no. and said that we will send the shoes to the company and will inform you within a week. I went to the shop after a week and asked for my shoes then he replied that he will have to send it to the Delhi office and they will give the decision and it will take another 15 days. But i found that he was not very serious about this matter and i am sure that he had not taken any action yet. Still for the repo of the company ( Reebok), i will keep patience and will wait for 15 days.

I would expect that the matter will be resolve as soon as possible and i will get the replaced shoes.

Because for a reputed brand like Reebok, the customer satisfaction and their trust are main concern.

I hereby request the company to replace the shoes or refund my money .


Kislay Jain
I am very much with the reebok complaints...Please let me know the email address/contact details of reebok india operations as I am not sure how to send my issue.

Reebok India — Poor quality and pathetic behavior of the showroom sales person


Reebok India,
Customer Care

I bought a pair of Reebok Shoes ( RI05842-US-11) for Rs.2, 599.00, from MODERN APPARELS Authorised Reebok Outlet in MG Road, Pune, on 31.08.2008, but within 3 months the sole of the left shoe got cracked.

I reported the problem to Reebok, MODERN APPARELS, Outlet in MG Road, Pune, in the first week of Jan 2009. That time the sales person with name Nazim (or Nizam) told me that now the sale is going on so we can not replace your shoes now, please come once the sale is over i will replace your shoes or you can choose any shoes of the same price. I went to the same person on 11th Feb 2009, he told me that they will repair it and can not replace it or they will send my cracked shoes to the reebok company and it will take 25 working days. If i wanted to use the shoes with stiches then why i would have spent 2, 599 RS. ?

When i asked sales person to give me all this in written then he refused to do that and his behavior was very rude. Then i went to the manager of the showroom Mr. Anil Sharma, but he was not interested in my compalint. At the time of purchasing shoes i had been told that if anything happens in 6 months from purchase date we will replace the shoes as we are offering 6 months warrenty.

But now it seems that the sales person and manager of the showroom is no way care about customer once the sales is happened. When i told him that i will complain about all this to reebok, he told me do whatever you want. Is this a way to behave with customer ? What about the words given to me while purchasing. The attitude of the staff towards the problems is pathetic.

For a reputed brand like Reebok, this sort of service is not acceptable .

I hereby request the company to look into the matter and replace the shoes or refund my money .


i purchased shoes from your company outlet which located at LAJPAT NAGAR in KANPUR dated on[protected] for rs - 3690.shopkeeper give me 3 months guarantee about sole & upper but after 2 months each upper had cracked without any accident & cut in same position.i asked about this to sales incharge but he refused me to any claim.he abused me, i told him its about your company reputation but he was not ready to hear any thing.i did not get any gift which was join with at that time.IF I DO NOT GET FAVOURABLE ANSWER IF I WILL TAKE HARD ACTION ABOUT OUTLET & COMPANY WITH COURT.I AM SENDING MAIL TO USA HEADQUATER.
TIN NO-[protected]
BILL NO-1844

India Today Book Club / Reebok Fitness Kit — detected amount twice from my credit card

With reference to the above subject, I have ordered for only one set of rebok fitness kit but i received 2 sets of rebok fitness kit and they detected money for the both from my credit card account. On inquiry with customer care, I had sent back the second rebok fitness kit to Living Media India Limited, New Delhi on february 5th 2009, for which I was told that I will be reimbursed with the money.

So far (March, 2009), I haven't received any payment.


The Appellate Authorities
of Reebok Product Dealers,


Respected Authorities of Reebok panel,

This to inform you that I have purchased one pair of Reebok shoes (Model - GOAL TRAINER LP BLACKBERR/[protected]bearing size - USA-11 & UK-10 at a total sum of Rs. 2094.00 (Rupees Two thousand ninety four only) after 40% discount from M/s West End Shop, 234/236, Lokmanya Tilak Marg, Opp. G.T. Hospital, Mumbai - 400 002, Phone No.[protected], Email - [protected] against their Bill No. B7-3775 dated 30 Jan 2009.

It is to intimate you that I have worn the shoes only for two days and thereafter I have cleaned the shoes with a damp cloth and kept under the ceiling fan for drying up. Three to four hours later I have found that the rubberised layer/material pasted at the bottom of the sole has been detached automatically at least 50% in one shoe and a bit of gap has been opened in the other one too. Since the shoe is under the warrnty period therefore I need assistance from your side in order to get the shoes either completely repaired by dismantling the whole rubberised layer located at the bottom of the sole of both the shoes and if it is not possible then kindly provide me authoristion to get a credit note bearing the same amount of purchase ie. Rs. 2094.00 (Rupees Two thousand ninety four only)by the nearest dealer to me probably available in Vadodara City of Gujarat, since I have now shifted in this city few days back. As a result it will be a great inconvenience to me to send the defective shoes in Mumbai at the above mentioned dealers address.

In addition to above facts I want to inform you that I have visited in various outlets of Reebok available in Vadodara City of Gujarat but every one denied to accept my defective shoes for further management quoting that some of them are only Franchisees of Reebok goods and few of them are Factory Outlets of Reebok shoes and their associated products and therefore these showrooms do not have any right to accept the goods of Reebok which has not been sold from their outlets.

In view of the above facts it requested that kindly consider my genuine case with sympathy and please mention about your authorised Reebok Company Based Retailer/Dealer with full postal address, telephone numbers and email address those are available either in Vadodara, or in Ahmadabad cities of Gujarat which will be quite nearer to my place of residence and I could reach on such places easily only after receiving your directives.

Thanking you in anticipation,

with regards,

Shiv Prasad Tiwari (34 Yrs.)
C/o Bhagwat Prasad Tiwari
Qtr. No. S&C/3/D,
Pratap Nagar Railway Colony,
Vadodara, Gujarat - 390 004
Dear Asifkhan,
I read your complaint and i would like to know that did you get any response from the Reebok HQ. Or anyone from their office ?

Your Well wisher.

Reebok Kit — Non-Delivery of Order even after 2 months

My Order Ref No. [protected] dated 6.2.09 to TODAY SHOP for Reebok Kit
has not been delivered inspite of my repeated reminder and fact that payment of Rs 3199/- has been collected through my Credit Card on the date of booking itself.

Im told that Invoice No ORA[protected] dated 10.02.09 has also been generated but still delivery is awaited after almost 2 months of order booking.

What is surprising that everytime I call the India Today Shop I get a mechanical reply that order will be despatched by blue dart mail within 7 days, which is yet to happen.

List of personnel in today's shop with whom I have spoken to..Iftehar, Chandan, Azim Khan, Jitendra, Wasim, Sadya, Ravinder, Kishore, Samrat, Anand, Bhupendra..

I really don't know whom to contact and where to go because Im afraid India Today Shop is NOT EQUIPPED to deliver this ORDER.

This subject must be taken with Consumer Forum

reebok summer kit — order booked but yet not received

dear sir/mam,
I mr.Girish Modi have booked an order for Reebok Summer kit includes reebok shoes, T-shirt, shorts, bag, 2 pairs of socks and towel and a bag. I have booked the above kit on 9 th march by seeing the advertisement in The Telegraph of 8th march, and i have received a mesage from bookclub that my order no. 0GA[protected] with total order value is Rs.2998. and pay on delivery.

but till today i have not received the above kit.

with regards
Girish Modi
DEAR SIR, today i received delivery of reebok shoes, bag, towel, track suit.But igot shes no is 7.But i orderd shoes no -9 there fore are you cheted me .please change this reebok shoes other wise this shoes will be wested for me

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