SBI Debit Card — Fraud and Misuse of ATM/Debit Card

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 Aviroop Chandra on Apr 16, 2011
Sub: Fraud and Misuse of ATM/Debit Card no: 6220180404100563901 of
The account number 30827823863.SBI branch Sansad Marg, Delhi

Dear Sir,

On the 3rd of April 2011, while shopping at Food Bazaar outlet at Shipra Mall Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh; I found my debit was declining while making payment. On checking my account immediately through net banking I discovered that my entire balance of Rs.67270 has been withdrawn in the form of
a) Cash Withdrawal of Rs.40,000 from State bank of dated 1st of April 2011 and
b) Purchases of 2 mobile phone through 2 different stores worth Rs.27, 270 dated 1st of April 2011.

All the transaction/ purchases have happened at Noida Sec- 18, U.P.

During this time I made a complaint at on the 3rd April 2011 and the ticket number is 662200.

The most important point to be noted here is that my ATM/Debit card was very much with me on the 1st of April 2011

On the 4th of April 2011, I visited my branch of SBI at Sansad Marg, New Delhi. On explaining the entire detail and blocking my ATM pin number; the following details were given to me for follow up:-

A) Cash withdrawal at SBBJ branch Noida - Transaction time 16.04 hrs to16.07 hrs at the ATM number S10A100811001 with 4 transactions ID ( 8194,8195,8196 and 8198)
B) Swipe at 2 mobile stores:-
1. The Mobile store Limited, swipe at 17.06 hrs
2. Spice retail Limited ,swipe at 17.19 hrs

Immediately I reached the given stores with the help of Noida Sector -18 police constable Mr.Rai and accompanied by a friend of mine Mr.Vinit Alok.
The following details given below were my findings:-

1. The Mobile store Limited - a Nokia C7 was purchased worth Rs.17, 200/- by a lady called Shweta Sood.Mobile number-9999100895. The Invoice No: 12821/2506079. She had also attached a Driving License copy as an Identity proof. This purchase as per the transaction slip happened at 16:05:39.
2. Spice retail Limited – a Nokia E5-00 C.Black was purchased worth Rs.10.070/- by the same lady Shweta Sood. The invoice no: 196540821.Here she did not submit her ID proof but had written the Same Driving License number as ID proof. This purchase as per the transaction slip happened at 16:19:27 hrs.

Both details attached for your reference.

After both these stores 3 of us went to the SBBJ branch and met the branch manager who obliged to show us the CCTV footage of the ATM as per the details I had given to me by SBI.
As per the footage a man entered the ATM at 16:07. There were 2 ATMs. The Man first used ATM 2, which did not work. Then he used the ATM 1 detail of which was given by SBI. But to my surprise the man had covered his face with a handkerchief and was wearing Black sunglasses and was found talking on his Bluetooth.
Therefore we could not find the Identity of this man. (Request you to please ask for footage from SBBJ Noida, Sec -18)

Few points to prove that the card was not stolen but was cloned. Not one card but 2 cards were made:

1. On the 1st of April 2011 I was at a store of mine called Food Bazaar at V3S Mall doing an audit with my store member called Meena Soraya ( 9899749900).This can be confirmed by the entire staff present on that day at the store and also through CCTV attached at the store.
2. As per my account statement ( attached ) and Retail store transactions ( attached ) and the CCTV footage at SBBJ.( Video copy can only be got by Police or RBI for reference).The following can be understood:

A) The first transaction happened at Mobile Store Limited by Shweta Sood at 16:05:39.for an amount of Rs.17, 200/-
B) The masked man entered the ATM at 16:07 and withdrew Rs.40, 000/- which was the maximum limit.
C) The man spend 10 mins at the ATM and was seen speaking to someone on the Bluetooth.
D) The girl Shweta Sood made the rest of the balance amount of Rs.10, 000/- at Spice Retail Limited at 16:19:27 hrs.
With above point it seems, it may be a case of cloning, because different transaction happened at the same time.

In spite of this, I was enrolled with Mobile alerts also, which I have not received for all these fraud transactions.

I followed up with SBI with these details and a letter of complaint. But no one entertained. I met the AGM too but he said that maximum the bank would do is block the ATM pin number but I need to call up customer care to block card and ask for a new one.

On understanding the above points my concerns increased and I was perturbed by the thought that if the retailers and SBBJ wanted my month’s salary could have been saved.

1. By the 2 Retail stores, if they had compiled to proper signature and Identification processes, instead swayed away by only sales.
2. By SBBJ branch, if the guard had stopped the masked man, he could not have entered the ATM and even if the Man had entered the ATM without his mask we could have identified him.
3. No Mobile alerts of these transactions.

If these RBI norms would have been followed by the concerned my money would have been saved and I would not have been going through this mental and physical pain and strain.

With due respect, I just request you to please intervene actively being an apex body for hearing and resolving consumer complaints. I request for cash back from all the above private institutions through the Bank and also cash back from SBBJ.
I have lost all the money for no fault of mine and being the custodian of my hard earned money I request you to please act on this case with priority.

I would request you to please return my lost money. I would be very grateful to you if this could be done at the earliest, considering I am a salaried employee.

I can submit all proofs of both the mobile stores. Not able to attach in this form.

Thanking you

Yours truly,

Name – Avirup Chandra
Mobile- 09310690611
Address- E-209, Gaur Green Avenue,
Abhay Khand 2,
Ghaziabad -201010.
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Since your debit card has been cloned you have been victim of fraud. Have u given your card to some friend few days or few weeks back for some time ? If not then have you used your debit card to shop on some website which was not secure ? Since money is withdrawn from atm card and while withdrawing money pin is required, it is clear that the person knew your pin. In 1 day if a person gives 3 wrong pin while withdrawing money then his atm is blocked. Most likely senerio is ur debit card have been cloned quite early and u were not aware.


My S.B.I Debit card was misused my someone but i have my card with myself. He withdraw an amount of 16,000 from my account without my knowledge. Incident was 27th Dec 2010 but till now there was no update for my money refund.
Can you please help me on this?

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