[Resolved]  Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card — not giving no-dues and showing me as a defaulter

I had a dispute between standard chartered bank.i droped a cheque in drop box. but bank could not collect and overcharged at me.even bank threatened me and continue to thretened me. at phone calls they said for the goons and muscle man. and threatened me to give my name to the cibil as defaulter list.after receiving so many calls of threatening i compliant to the after all they offered me to pay an amount.on condition that they will not show me as a defaulter. i paid the amount but they give my name as a defaulter.and this act of bank given me so many stress. as a business man i had very good relations with other banks but bank spoil my image. i am suffering lots of probs because of bank.even if happens anything to me or my business the scb bank will be responsible. i even wrote the banking ombudsman and cibil for this. they advised me to go the bank and update my record. but there is no one to listen. even manager too do not behave well.i want a letter of zero balance or noc. but they are not giving.i even asked a question to the rediff question and answer they all advised me to to go consumer court.
manoj dubey
ex card holder standard chartered bank
bhopal (m.p)
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Aug 13, 2020
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I am very unhappy with PHONEBANKING SERVICES of "standard chartered bank gold credit card". Actually I have lost my card on 24/11/07 and then tried so hard to reach the phone banking to block my card and finally when on 26/11/07 anyhow I contacted the phone banking they told me that there have been three transactions of retail on 24/11/07 worth Rs. 38000 approx. They were not able to tell me that where these transaction has been made and on this ground as per them even I cannot raise the Complain or dispute.
Finally on 27/11/07 again after struggling for 2 hours they told me that one transaction of Rs. 24769 has been made in Reebok, Delhi but they were not able to share the store name with me. Also they disclosed that one transaction of Rs. 10000 and one for Rs. 4096 has been made..... but Where? No answer.

Then they sent me the dispute form and told me to fax it back but only for the Reebok transaction. I faxed it back. Again on 28/11/07 I called they told me that your request for dispute has been forwarded, but when today on 29/11/07 I called them to know the status they are telling me that they have not received the fax but most strange thing is that I have the delivery receipt with me... secondly Today they are saying that there were only one transaction of Rs. 14096,and the most strange thing is after 6 and half day of transaction they are not able to tell me the name of the merchant. How one can trust their investigation Team?
ravi10121989's reply, May 6, 2017
Same thing happened with me i think we should complaint against SCB to RBI.
I had procured a Standard Chartered Credit Card number : [protected] in November 2003 and was promised the card would be free for the first three years and no annual fees would apply on it for this period. However, at the end of first year an annual charge was levied on this card. I therefore requested a cancellation of this card in early 2005 after paying for all purchases and spendings that I had made on this card from my end.

I was informed by the Standard Chartered call centre that request for cancellation of my card has been taken and would be acted upon soon. Post this, I received no communication from Standard Chartered for a long time. In early 2006 I received a letter from Standard Chartered informing me of some payments due from my end. I called the number provided in the letter and the officer who answered my call, verified and assured that that this was a routine exercise and the details would be reconciled and matters closed by around Sep - Oct 2006.

However, in Oct 2007, I again received a call supposedly from Standard Chartered legal dept in Delhi informing me of having payments due of around 6,000 Rs and I was asked to pay up 2000 Rs to settle and close matters. I was informed that that my account was not closed inspite of my request as I had not obtained NOC from the bank. This was the first time that I was being informed of this procedure. I was threatened 'legal implications' on refusing to pay up this amount.

In first week of Dec 2007 I again received a call from Standard Chartered Bangalore asking me to pay up Rs 8000 towards my account.

I had cleared all purchases made from my end and therefore I believe it is unethical on part of Standard Chartered to demand such payments from me and place me on their 'defaulters list'.
I am totally surprised as to why am i in defaulters list, in fact all credit cards of mine are live. Means i have no due, in turn sales people are calling from the stanchart bank to have a new card which is specially launched and only for selected customers. O.K, i agreed after lots of calls, i provided all the documents required for the application. Week later i got a letter from bank : "We regret to inform you that currently as per bank norms we are unable to extend you the credit facility" - the letter states. Top of that i again receiv call, i clearly told the lady on other side about it. she asked me provide some details and assured taht she will herself check the case and again an appointment for the credit card. The same regret letter again. To date i had received three regret letters from this bank.
Would like to inform the bank that i am not all interested in your credit service. And stop giving fake assurances. Is there some process in the company, do you mantain any standard. And why are you people unneccessary harras people for no reason. Nothing to say to the bank as the one who cannot understand should not be blamed.
Hi whom ever it may consern

This is regarding my issue , ie I placed a request for my new debit card and I have received the debit card 30 days back and yet I have not received my pin

Note:- I have placed request for debit pin twice than to there are no response from your side

It is very redicilious that you guys have our money and don’t provide good service or either normal

Shame to have an account in standard chartered bank.

Please reply back to my mail.
No hopes on you guys simply useless
I dont have any words to describe the way these guys behave.
After dealing with these SCB credit card for some time,its very clear to me that the bank is here with a good plan,ie not to do a fair trade but to loot a person in one way or other.All there banking officers are well informed about the plan.The plan is currently under execution.In my experience of having a dozen cards SCB is the worst and unexplainable.
In the month of Dec. 2007, I had received call from the SCB's DSA they convinced me that they will provide me with a credit card and a smart credit facility account. I explained that, I live in a grey area as per the Private Banks List. This girl after discussing with her senior assured me my eligibility and filled the forms. On 05 Jan08, I received a SMS with the application ref. No. after 4 days I received another SMS saying "We regret to inform you that currently as per bank norms we are unable to extend you the credit facility". I am up on my arms not to leave these people this way who the hell are they to deny me with a credit. currently I am enjoying a very healthy and pleasant Credit facility with CITI BANK for last 1yr. can any one tell me the ways "How to complain with the RBI? or any consumer court etc... After reading the above complains I must admit that I was rescued with this denial.
my monthly NHS pension from england is always delayed for one reason or the other from england it is sent on a regular basis to the dehli banlk in india but the bank in india always says it hasnt arrived i am loosin loads of interest on my british pension i worked as a doctor in enland for 15 years my telphone no is[protected]


The Manager
Standard Charted (Credit card division)
JMD Regent Square,
12A, First Floor,
Gurgaon Mehrauli Road
Gurgaon 122 001,

Sub: Lifetime prepaid Credit Card.

Dear Sir,

This is in regard to my Credit cards no.xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-4454 andxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-7274, I have given one time lifetime charges for my both Credit Card as promised by your executive there will be no further annual charges of any sort but I am charged Rs._______ towards the annual charges of the card. Kindly nullify the charges and make a correction for your future correspondence.

Kindly do the needful

Thanking you

Yours truly,

Vivek Subhash Arora
standard charted bank is one of the bank running on threatend never care for RBI rules we have had a credit card of same bank had paid setteled amount & GOT A LETTER NO DUE but bank is not ready to report cibil as settled & no defaulter as he is also reported supplementry card as defaulter also, as RBI this is illegal but as contact with bank answer not care of RBI beware of such banks have no any standard.

anil babbar

standard charted bank is one of the bank running on threatened never care for RBI rules we have had a credit card of same bank had paid settled amount & GOT A LETTER NO DUE but bank is not ready to report cibil as settled & no defaulter as he is also reported supplementary card as defaulter also, as RBI this is illegal but as contact with bank answer not care of RBI rules. SO BEWARE OF SUCH BANKS HAVE NO ANY STANDARD

This is Ravichandra Kodali from chennai , Actually i lost my Debit card on starting of the month Jan 2008 , i called to customer care and requested for the new debit card , Its already 7 working days completed ,and today (19 th Jan) i got the ATM pin number but i didnt recived my Card not yet ,.Kindly check my case and revert back ASAP

Ref No:- ANLR010889
Contact No:- [protected]

Thanks and Regards
Ravichandra Kodali
Am a standard chartered customer tried to take Rs 300 from HSBC ATM using my debit card. But i got a response as "Transaction failed please contact branch". But from my account Rs300 was debited. I made a complaint to customercare and they told me to wait for 5 working days after 5 days i make a call to know about the status. They told me to wait for 15 days. Again after 15days i made a call to customercare to know the status of the complaint but they told to wait upto 45 days bcoz of its a interbank transaction. And they asked a writtern complaint about that so i made it through courier. like this it was continued for 5 time. Finally now they told the amount will credited in january2008 but the transaction was made last october 2007
For every call it will take some 2 to 3 minutes to reach the customer assistance. 3 times i asked them to connect to the manager but every time they told manager was not availabel now.
As a result i wasted Rs100 more for courier and phone calls.
I dont know its the SCB side problem or HSBC problem or Both. Its good if they say the how much days exactly it takes than telling 5,15,45 etc...but yet now they didnt credit the amount now i asked the status for my complaint.but they didnt have this complaint number now.
Hi,I had a credit card of Manhattan (SCB). i have closed this card on May 2007 with no outstanding balance. However my name is there in the defaulter list and due to which am facing problems in loans and other stuff. i have lodged a complaint also to the respective department however of no use. When i called up again to the CCare, they were not ready to listened to me and they were saying that the name will not be removed from the list. Why the name is still there?? i have made all the payment and there is fno due amount on my card and the card has been closed. So once i have made the payment and cleared eveything from the card the should get removed from the defaulters list. i an suffering a lot because of this. if i have nothing to do with the SCB bank then why my name is still there. thereby i request you to please remove my name from the list. This is very urgent.
I am Shailender jain i beg tk say that is Complaint Your Bank Service I not Satifiet Your Bank Service I am applyed Your Bank Credit Card not recived credit card for me sir maine kai baar aapke bank ka credit card ke liye apply kiya aur aapne document bhi sumbit kara diye mujhe aapke bank ki aur se call bhi aya mujhe inform kiya gaya ki mera credit card applicition approved ho gayi hai lekin mujhe abhi tak credit card nahi mila hai sir agar aapka bank mujhe credit nahi provied kar sakta hai to mere do baar document kyo liye gaye? i am good customer all bank i am hold 9 (nine) credit card other Bank i reqvest you pls chek the status pls inform me my contact no [protected],25053127,20460009,24623364,24655161

DATE OF BIRTH: 30/11/1983
Mother Name : TARA BAI JAIN
Mob : [protected]
Residense Address: RZ-49C Block-B Street No.8 Kailash Puri Palam Colony New Delhi-110045
Ph : 25053127,20460009

Office Name : CHINOO CHAPPAL STORE (Footwear Sworoom)
Office Address: Shop No.2&3 Plot No.30/33 Sewa Nagar Chowk Kotla Mubarak Pur Near South Ex. New Delhi-110003
Ph: 24623364,24655161
Credit Card Complaint - Titanium

I am using Credit Cards from other banks, but it has been worst experience when it came to Standard Chartered.

A representative came to our office and confirmed that we can get a Standard Chartered - Titanium card free for lifeline no hidden charges. They took a copy of our Company ID, PAN and Salary Slip.

After few days I got verification calls and I was informed that I will not be able to get the card since the detail in form were not correctly filled in. How, can this happen when all these detail were filled in by your representative. Anyways, I asked the verifier that not to process my application further I don't need the card. I received SMS and written mail from you bank that I will not get your Card.

Immediately after 2 days I got a mail with Credit Card with details of charges (The Phone PIN and Internet PIN were not there). I called up the help line number[protected] and they said that it's not a free card. I informed them that it should be life time free no cost attached. Then they said that I will receive a call today itself in this regard if my card if free for lifetime. I asked for my ticket number but I was told that I will not get this problem ticket / reference number - just wait for phone call.

But I received no phone call and I myself called after a week if things are resolved and this card if free for lifetime. Also, I have not Phone PIN and Internet PIN. I was informed by representative that no this is not a free card and all charges will be charged. I have now finally asked them to close the card as I have not used this card.

Truly it's the worst banking experience I had with Standard Chartered.

I had same problem with Standard Chartered Credit Card.
I got only two card statements in one and half years. I did only one transaction small transaction in July 07 and got a statement directly in Nov. 07. In which they had charged me heavy amount with lots of late fee and all. I called the customer care and got a reply that the card is temporarily blocked. I paid the amount and then called to confirm the receipt of cehque. The custoemr care then said that the card is permanently blocked much before that. Its absolutely unprofessional behavior. Suggest me the ways i can escalate this issue.
till date i hadn't get fresh credit card statement .. my credit card number is.. [protected]
i am ex card user of standard chatered credit card. my card no. was [protected].i got a settlement letter from u
ref no.ND INHOUSE/60/CORE/18356.I paid the full amoun as it was shown in settlement letter.
please issue me no dues certificate.
hope i will get a soon reply from u
rajesh jain
Pl issue new pin for card
my card no [protected]


Avi Bhasin

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