[Resolved]  Tata Indicom Broadband — Poor service tata broadband connection

Sir i am using tata indicom broadband connection past 5 month my login id [protected]@vsnl. Net
Past 45 days i am facing lot of problem in my broadband connection connection lost for 2 to 3 days continuesly. Even i recieved 26 days of downtime credit for my connection lost from tata broadband connection. And i paid the advance amount for 5 month. Still i am facing the same problem after meeting to the head mr sarvanna & area manager mr. Sarat in chetpet office.

Please suggest me what i have to do for this problem to be rectify even because of this connection lost i loss my many bussiness proposals income.

1 hour or 2 hour is sence but 2 days & 3 days connection lost is totally nonsense. Please help me.



Bkishore kumar
Choolai area
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Aug 14, 2020
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Broadband Connection — Connection

hi ,
Good Day!.

i ve net connection in my laptop but i ve some problem in my laptop.
so please configure and reinstall in my pc.

Thanks & Regards,
Leo Gift.
My Address:
C4, Bharath Flats,
R V Nagar, Annanagar.
Chennai 600102.

Tata Indicom (Broadband service) — Very poor customer service..

Iam facing this problem since last 72 hours that im not able to coneect to the internet and every time i call up the customer care i only get one respone that is the issue will be resolved in 2 working hours but its not close to 27 working hours gone but no response yet from their there are no managers at the customer care center to attend escaleted issues..

Sad customer service s__cking customer service..

Tata Indicom Broadband — neglegence

Complaint number 3785782 dated 07/10/2007 daily fighting with customer care executive sitting in hyderabad and attending chennai subscribers complaint. Today when I offered 1000/- to jagdish as reward around 7pm immediately 9pm one mr.sheik calls from[protected] saying sir check your internet started working. Customer number [protected],[protected] all dummy. jagdish from[protected]. What a customer should understand from this. the higher officer number are not at all provided by the customer care executive to subscriber. Sir please take necessary step.
Thanking you

I'm a Tata Indicom broadband customer for the last 8 Weeks. out of this the broadband connection has been down for 5 weeks. And the latest problem has been unresolved for the last 3 Weeks. I've spoken to the Cust-Care reps 7 times (Naresh, Joji, Praveen, Vijay etc.) and Shiva (Supervisor) in the last 3 weeks. Here are the issues:

1. Nobody is able to tell me what the problem. The timelines that I've been told have long passed by.
2. There is no commitment from either the tech support or the field service team. Nobody has got back to me with an update. Despite being told that I will have an update within 24 hours.
3. Nobody is willing to share the escalation path with the customer. Neither are they willing to let the customer speak to the managers. I had to wait for 1 Hour (yes, thats right.) on the phone to be connected to the suppervisor, who of course did not make a difference to the problem.

My recommendation: Make a radical change to the customer support. Its pathetic to say the least. Tata has a great name, don;t lose it.

I for one will stop giving any business to VSNL / Tata Indicom, disconnecting the broadband connection and going to the consumer court.

TATA Indicom — Complaint- PATHETIC SERVICE

I logged a complaint for non working of my Internet Tata Indicom[protected]on 12th October (Docket No:[protected] after logging the complaint I was assured that within 12 hours the matter will be taken up. But there was no response till 16th, so again I logged in a complaint on 16th October (Docket number[protected]. The same assurance of 12 hours was given to me, which again resulted in the same situation.
So as usual I called again on 17th (Docket No:[protected] where I was informed by the customer care officer that some one named Shiney had infact called me & had a talk with me. The funny part is that I was not aware of that some one from Tata called me.
End of the day the result is same, till date no person has come to rectify the issue. I do have received calls for asking the address but not from Shiney but I don’t know y they ask for the address if they don’t intend to come....

Tata Indicom Broad band Internet — More than 15 days still they have not been able to rectify

I have a Tata Indicom Broad Band service .. but my connection was disconnected on 8th.. on 9th October. i logged a complaint with Tata Indicom .My complaint no is 3812408 and till now even after daily follow ups there has been no response from technical side.

I have got several answers from the call center executives of Tata Indicom like there was a wire cut.. the cables are getting replaced, server was down, etc. But till now even after 18 days nothing has happened.

I rate it as one of the worst service providers when it comes to technical problems. Even perhaps BSNL gives a better service than this.

Either they are highly inefficient or incapable to solve even such minor problems.

Till date the technical team has never bothered to give a call or ask about the status of the complaint.

I prefer to disconnect Tata Indicom Broadband and advice everone with regard to the quality of service provided by this company.
I am also facing the same problem with tata indicom and in the past 3 months I called the customer care for 11 times, alsmost once a week.. pathetic service... please avoid it. and as i took the prepaid connection they don't want to return my money also..

Tata Indicom Broadband — Tata Indicom Broadband is awful!

Hi All,

With all regrets, I would want to go ahead and Declare that the Customer Service Skills in your Department is the worst in INDIA. Its disgusting to know that you guys service this company, the very same company which Jehangir Tata had set up. I'm one of his big fans and I respect all the TATA clan firms. However I was shocked to notice that the Customer Service Dept of the Tata Indicom Broadband department is cheating people and all the guys working in this firm are working for money and not for the customers. They have pathetic Business Knowledge , Poor English Command [for the matter of fact , I haven't found anyone from the Customer Service who can speak proper english]. All of them make up stories for each others fault.

My Torrid Experience:

I have been calling up since Monday [22nd Oct] for a transfer of my connection to a new address. I was told on Monday that it would be done in 24 hrs. No ticket no was given to me. [ No information was mentioned as to when this would be done]

I waited until Wednesday and when I called up to find the status the agent told me that I would need to raise a new request, I specifically told them him I would junk this connection if nothing was done before Friday [ 48 Hrs is the SLA for anything].

On friday[today] I called up to find out what happened to my complaint. Mr. Satish was the agent who I was speaking to. Instead of servicing our needs, he was teaching me the rules and regulations that they follow[Seriously, I care a Damn on what happens]. When i asked for a transfer to the Manager , he plainly refused to transfer me to a manager and was stubborn in it. I have never seen anyone as arrogant as Satish. He framed a new rule and told me that it would take 72 hrs further for me to transfer my line[First agent to tell me this, generally everyone tell me 48 hrs max]. I had to bang the phone finally, cause your service desk disgusted me.

I have now decided to go to the consumer court and even mail to people in the TRAI , for low standards and awful quality of service.

Things you can do:

1. Junk people spoiling Tata's reputation and name. People who work for money seldom care for the brand they service.

2. Please try restoring basic Customer Service Skills among agents. I must say that none of them know how to handle clients and their English speaking skills are awful. Please teach all the agents how to speak in English and than place them on the floor.

3. People like satish[agent who i was speaking to] increase frustration and do no good to Tata's name. Please train people like him and than get him onto the floor for answering customer queries.

For all Managers:

1. Please try making sure that you don't spoil Tata's reputation. All we expect from a Brand like Tata is excellent product[s] and awesome quality. However I don't see that happening off late.


Apologies, if I have mailed someone who is not a part of the TATA clan. Can someone please pass this to Ratan Tata, if he seriously wants to make a difference to the TATA Brand.
HI guys,

Watzzup just going through lot of blogs with ref to the matters related to the TATA indicom broadband consumers suffering and wanted to create a unified voice for all o[censored]s.
Hence you are requested to provide your vsnl/ tataindicom email id and user id complaint no.
Please drop me a mail at my email id [protected]

Tata Indicom / Wireless Internet — Pathetic service by Tata Indicom


I really agree that. I am using tata usb modem. They have barred me for exceeding the credit limit. In my USB modem, i cannot make calls so i need to call their customer care thro my airtel mobile. Everytime i called them, they are playing me as a ball. First i choose to speak with internet dept. The person who attend the call will transfer me to accounts dept. I need to repeat the same problem to that dept. He will make me wait for a minute time and he would transfer that line to billing dept . after a long wait tranfer, i will get to speak with billing dept. He will say that tranfer the line again to internet dept. Finally i would get anger and disconnet the call.
I have had the highest impression of TATA, one of our nation builders with their exemplary work over the years...! However it is totally unbelievable why or how a department of theirs could be so pathetic in service and so careless and irresponsible when dealing with customers.

It has now been one entire week since I have registered my initial complaint with Tata Indicom. My internet is still not working and I am having a pathetic time talking to the customer care officers. Awful service is what I would comment about Tata Indicom internet services!

I have made 7 telephone calls to the customer care centre, each time speaking to 7 different people and having to repeat my problems each time.

This is the worst experience I have had with any company... I bet that there are thousands of other frustrated people like me.. and totally helpless...

Is there some way in which we can seek legal recourse to this careless irresponsibility to customers?

TATA Indicom — worst service and cheat on road actually

MY NO IS [protected] .tata indicom is actually make is consumer fool by first chaging dm a huge sum and then barred their incomin and outgng nt only ds ,,,,, dy even dnt listen or help they js make consumer rung here n dr . my new connection has started for three dys and nw its barred they call it network pblm in my area. bt act is nt bcoz 121 no. performs well dr. i hav wasted loads of money arround 500 in only travlng and calling to make my no. js to stat up ,
nw th customer care exe says we will nt return ur advance pstpaid plan's rent ...................TATA INDICOM IS SIMPLY FROAD AND NOTHING — Broadband not working

I have recarge my mobile phone ([protected])on 23.12.2007 & i have extended vilidity for one year also but now my mobile sevice is disconnected.
kindly do the needfulas early as possible


Best Regards

Ramdas Bailmare
I have got a prepaid Tata indicom internet connection which is not functioning properly right from the date when the connection was provided.
I am very much frustrated about the poor service being offered.
I spend much time registering complaint and following after the service people, who do not respond properly.
At this point of time I am very sorry to say that I am not satisfied with your service and request that you may disconnect the connection and refund the amount paid to Tata indicom.

Our internet connction user id: [protected]

Tata Indicom Broadband — Pathetic services

Please note, Guys please don't take Internet broadband connection of (Tata Indicom).

Actually I have suffered a lot due to them and requested them to atleast dis-connect the Internet connection means to remove their compony's Router and cablewire from my house because connection is already removed from there end from 22nd December 2007.

I took this connection on 22/11/07 and till this date I am "Regreting" on my decision. This is because of the "Excellent" customer service provide to me by this company. Please refer the details below to have an idea of the 'excellence' in their service.

Total no of requests (No's and Dates of complains) I have made till date : -

[protected]th Nov 2007
[protected]th Dec 2007
[protected]th Dec 2007
[protected]th Dec 2007
[protected]th Dec 2007
[protected]nd Dec 2007

Type of service I have received: -

1) Customer care people has dissconnected me many times. Last Technical support person who attended my call put me on hold for 5 minutes and then disconnected the call.
2) I have got lot of assurance calls from their managers but never got any results.
3) They resolved the issue many times without doing any action on problem and when I called them they said issue is fixed and when I told them that my Internet connection is still not working, all they did is to reopen the request.
4) Whenever called we were told that the issue will be fixed within 72 hours but this never happened.

Major loses that I faced because of Tata Indicom services: -

1) I had registered myself for MBA course from Symboisis University, Pune and for that reason I bought laptop worth 40 thousand Rupees and total MBA fees I payed is 25 thousand.
2) I was supposed to submit my MBA Assignments in December 2007 which I was not able to do because of there worst services.
3) Me and my room-mate has called Tata Indicom for more than 100 times in our 37 days of connection.

In view the above I would like to further submit that this company in not in the position to give me (or any one else probably) Internet services and I am not in the position to get benefit out of this.

Kind Regards,

VSNL (Tata Indicom) — Complaints not being attended for more than a month

I am not able to upgrade my profile in my account since 21st December 2007. It shows error when I click on "update profile" link after I log in.
I have sent many many e mails to their [protected]
They give standard reply that "our technical team is working on your complaint and they will contact you." But nothing is done.

I have contacted them on phone 60607070. It is a call centre and everytime some new person answers and promises that your complaint is registered and will be attended soon.

But nothing is done.

The complaint is still not attended till today.

tata indicom wimax connection — Worst Service Support

I have taken the Tata indicomm Wimax connection and I guess I have made a worst ever decision in my life by taking this connection. I paid up for the new connection on 31st Dec. 07 with necessary formalities completed on the same day. I was promised that the connection will be provided in 3-4 days time by the sales person, but it took more than 15 days for them to install the equipment and 3 days from then to make to connection work.

The connection worked for 2-3 days and later stopped working. I have now been following-up with every possible person in Tata Indicomm to get it fixed and this is going on for the last 10 days now. The help desk is the worst to call. every time I call, I will be put on hold for not less than 15 min. and later I only hear "sorry for inconvenience" and nothing more.

I am tired and sick of this service provider.

TATA Indicom Broadband — TATA INDICOM Broadband swindled me out of my money

many months back, last year, my internet connection got blocked, suspended. when i called the tata indicom call center, they told me that the account has been suspended as i have not renewed it. which came as a surpurise to me as i had recently paid the rs 1800 fee and renewed it. i told them this, and they asked me for the receipt number. i had misplaced the receipt and so they told me that there’s nothing they can do about it if i have lost the receipt. they also told me that they have no ‘collections’ record, and a customer’s receipt is the only documentation there is to record and prove that a payment has been made. they also went ahead with telling me that it was wrong of me to have paid cash to the collectors who came to my place and that i should’ve made the payment with a cheque. i needed to connect urgently at the time so i ran to my office and renewed my account using a credit card.

my plan was a six-months one, and in about a month, or so, they suspend my account again. the plan i was using was a six months thing, i can’t remember the MBs or GBs. i do not download movies or songs or pics. i mostly just use mail, chat sometimes, and sometimes listen to songs online. but what’s baffling is that throughout the month of Dec, which is when their reports show that i used most of my MBs/GBs, i hadn’t even logged on. their reports have net-use dates on which i wasn’t even home, as a matter of fact i wasn’t even in the city on those dates. they insist that my password is not secure and that someone else might have been using it. like a A-hole i yet again “renew” my account. this time on the 9th, maybe the 7th of Jan.

tata indicom “renews” your account by selling you packages. x MBs for rs x, or unlimited amount of MBs for rs x for a limited no of days. earlier i had paid for their 6 monthly plan, that had a limited no of MBs/GBs, which in my case got over, only the network Gods know how.

this time i bought an unlimited plan/package for one month on Jan 9 (or 7?), as per which my account would get over by Feb 9 (or 7?). last Fri, that is the 1st Feb, i realize that my account has been suspended yet again and i am not able to access the net. they might have suspended it earlier, but i don’t know as i accessed the account only on Fri. they now claim that apparently there was some “reduction” made by the system in my new plan due to which some money went to that, due to which my account has money no more, due to which they have suspended my account, yet again. ** phew **

they had no answer when i asked them how is it possible for one to use up any extra as they sell pre-defined packages. so the moment the amount allotted to you gets over, the account freezes, or rather how they fondly call it, gets suspended. it’s not a gas pipeline with continous supply, they sell cylinders. besides, my account never showed a minus amount the last i checked and renewed my account (which like i mentioned should not be possible as they sell pre-defined packages). moreover, a monthly plan is a monthly plan, how can they cut that short without having informed me. they also could not tell me how much of ‘minus’ amount my account was in; apparently that data the system report did not provide.

when i requested that i wanted to speak to a superior, or supervisor or something, the lady on the phone informed me that she has “escalated” the issue and “someone” will get in touch with me and that the issue will get resolved in 24 hrs. my first complaint was made on Fri evening, the second one saturday afternoon. it’s monday afternoon now.

tata indicom has swindled about rs 4-5000 from me till now.

Tata Indicom Broadband — Dont take Tata Indicom Broad band

Hi All,

Please don't get Tata Indiocm broad band, service is very pethetic. I suffered lot

TATA Indicom — Hassles with getting new connection

I signed up for a new connection with TATA Indicom exactly 16 days ago - and that was after at least a week of delays on their side getting me the information I needed to be able to sign up for my account. In any case, I submitted my application form for 2 combo connections on Jan 22, 2008. They strongly discouraged me from paying cash (if I understood correctly, apparently their incentives don't kick in if I paid by cheque. I am an existing TATA Indicom subscriber and have at least 10 numbers (landline + mobile) on my account, and was trying to add 2 more numbers and was signing up for their combo (walky + mobile) plan. Because I had paid by cheque, the approval process took 14 days - they deposited my cheque on the 25th (god only knows why it took 3 days), which was then credited to their accounts on the 31st...and yet, I didnt see the instruments untill the 4th of Feb. I am just amazed that an organization in the TATA group, that stands for integrity, would actually punish our company for doing the right thing and not paying cash - deplorable!

That was problem #1 - Given my business needs, I had explicitly asked for 2 number patterns and they told me these numbers were available. I have written evidence of the 2 numbers that they promised me but when the technician finally showed up, one of the numbers was different, and they insisted that I had misunderstood (the written evidence notwithstanding). I refused to take this number and asked them to fix it before I would take the connections. The guy promptly went back and the diligent account manager that sold me the connections promised to address it in 10 mins, and 3 days later, I am yet to hear from him. Courtesy prevents me from taking names here, but maybe that's what I should do to prompt some action. I have since called him, but of course, he ignores my calls now. I am sure he is busy signing up more gullible customers - so much for the Tata brandname. And if that wasnt enough, the existing instrument I have has issues that I have reported to their customer care more than a month ago - and yes, you guessed right, they have ignored those complaints as well. When companies can't even serve their existing customers in an able fashion, the clamour for more customers seems downright silly.

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