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Address:New Delhi, Delhi, 110027

This is my worst experience with a Country Holiday Inn & Suites/CHIS (don’t confuse it with Country Inn). The sweetness and the gesture the sales team will show while selling their membership, you will be bound to fall into their trap and once your card is swipe, they will give you an agreement to sign stating that this is the written commitment of what we discussed showing the amount paid. They will not let you read the other conditions saying that you can read it later.
Following is the description of the incident that I have gone through with “Country Holidays Inn & Suites Pvt. Ltd, 2045/1, IInd Floor, Street No.6, Chuna Mandi, Paharganj, New Delhi-110055”.

I have filled one coupon at HP Petrol Pump, Subhash Nagar, New Delhi on 20th May 2018 where the person told me that ‘Country Inn’ has opened new hotels at few locations including Shimla, Jaipur, Goa etc. and they will provide you 2 nights/3 days stay at their new hotels if your names comes in lucky draw.
Immediately on next day I received a call from a girl informing that I won the lucky draw for free vacation along with bookmyshow. I was not willing to go as I don’t trust in these offers, so I denied. But she kept on convincing me that I just have to visit the TDI Mall with my wife for collecting the freebies. I finally said okay, I will come. They sent me a text message from mobile number – [protected]
(Welcome Country Holidays inn & Suites India Pvt. Ltd.
Today u and ur spouse invited from TDI Mall Rajouri Garden.
Congratulations, We Are Offering holiday Voucher For 2nights/3days In Country inn India Pvt. Ltd.
It's Free Accommodation Voucher.1 year validity.
2nd Voucher is PVR Movies ticket For Couples
Entry Code -Ad0091vs
(Entry restricted to couples only) 45 minutes time required for detailing.
Collect From
Shop No. 23, Ground floor,
TDI Mall, Vishal Cinema Besides, Rajouri Garden, New delhi.
Regards - Lavi sharma)

I did not go for collecting the same as I was not so interested in these types of offers. But, they kept calling me again and again to collect the gift. Then I said I would not be able to make it on weekdays. So they said, they can arrange it for weekend. I counter questioned them whether there are any terms and conditions to accept the offer which they denied. I then said okay, I will come (as I anyways need to visit Westside in the same mall for exchanging some stuff). They again sent me same message with a new entry code – DV23AL25VL from a new mobile number – [protected] (Rahul Sharma). I thought it’s the same person as surname of both the persons was ‘Sharma’.

I finally decided to go there on 26th May, 2018 at around 8:45 PM after exchanging my stuff from the Westside. As soon as I left from the store, I found that County Holiday Inn office is just adjacent to it. I reached there and enquired about Rahul. Then a person shared a form with me asking the entry code to collect the vouchers. I was then asked to attend a presentation about company’s promotion to get the free vouchers. There were few more couples sitting there, thus, out of curiosity, I also agreed for the presentation. A well-dressed person came to me and started introducing himself as “Zaib” from Model Town, New Delhi. He then asked that please introduce yourself so that we are comfortable with each other for next half an hour. He then asked you must be having some questions in your mind why any company is providing any free vouchers, which was right at that moment. He then said it’s for your time for promotion of company’s new app “CHIS”. He then started that you must have heard about Country Inn and I was also under the impression that it is related to Country Inn hotels as the name is similar to that only and the text message also mentioned the same. He then asked me about my last vacations and said that he will offer some plan only if it is relevant to you, else you will be provided the voucher without spending further time. He then said that offer would be valid for today only. He then said this is unlike other membership plans where they sell life time plans for 5-10 lakhs rupees. I started losing my interest and said that I am not interested in buying any plan. He then convinced that he is not at all selling any plan to me and started showing some five-star properties (hotels). He then said what if this hotel will be available to you at 2 star hotel price etc. I said yes it would be a great deal. He then said we have a 10 year membership plan for INR 1, 80, 000 lakhs. I straight away denied the offer since I cannot afford to pay it. Zaib then called his manager and the they started bargaining with the price. They asked me that they will provide some cashback if few digits are appearing on my credit card. (I think they wanted to check whether I am carrying a credit card or not) They brought it down to 1, 35, 000 for 10 years and talked about various EMIs with many further freebies including 2 weeks of extended nights. They said no company will provide such kind of offer costing less than Rs 2, 000 per night for such kind of hotel stay. I completely denied their offer and started leaving the office as it was around 9:45 pm. They then very politely said that please collect your free voucher before leaving the office. I will take only 5 minutes.

Then he casually started talking that what resists you to take the offer so that he can provide feedback to the company. I said it might be useful but it takes time to decide before spending such a huge amount for a middle class like me and I may opt for it if you will provide me one day’s time after exploring about the hotels. He then said it was already informed in the beginning that any offer would be valid for today only and he is not feeling great that we have wasted an hour. He then offered me another plan for 5 years stating that though it is for senior citizens only, but he will somehow manage for it. He additionally offered me one-night stay at Fortune Hotel with my mother along with free breakfast and dinner. He additionally offered me 2 nights with breakfast at either Jaipur or Shimla and 2 bonus weeks making a total night of 47 nights at INR 90, 000. I then also denied that I can’t pay such amount at once. I told that I can confirm it over the phone at the later part of day but they forced us into this by saying that this is an exclusive offer for few selected families which would expire the minute we step out from the room. He then said he will arrange EMI plan exclusively for me and I can take back entire amount refund in 30 days if I will not enjoy my stay at Fortune Hotel. He showed some of the membership bought recently and said people who bought membership plan 4-5 years ago came and thank them for making an asset. He then said I only have to pay Rs 7, 500 per month for such a stay for 5 years. He then showed on calculator that per night stay is costing less than Rs 2, 000. I and my wife also seems convincing as the offer was lucrative, then finally inquired about the cancellation part again where they told us that at any point of time we can cancel our membership. I finally fall into their trap and said them okay. He immediately swiped my card for INR 83, 500 stating that we have offered you discount of interest to be shared by credit card. I immediately got an email with tax invoice for the amount. The other mistake was we told them about our upcoming plan for a trip to Goa. So, they kept on holding me by one or other way and meanwhile negotiating on their offer. He then came with an agreement and while signing when I wanted to go through the agreement but they did not allow us to do so saying that “Sir, need not worry. It has all the information that we have discussed now and you can read it later showing the membership plan details and freebies only. You need not worry, Country Inn is not a small brand, you know”. I also relied on them as it was too late (10:30 PM) and we were feeling hungry as well. We were happy to get this deal and was waiting for membership details.

On 6th June, 2018, I got a confirmation call about the membership followed by an e-mail with login credentials. I then tried login on app to see how it works, but it was not successful. I then tried customer care number for several times but it was not serviceable. Then, I checked google about the company and it seems that it is a scam as the company was registered in December 2016 only. I then related that Country Inn and Country Holiday Inn & Suites are two different companies. There were many such scams mentioned on the internet. I was shocked to realize that a fraud has happened with me and that I have lost my hard-earned money.

I immediately made a request for refund of fee paid. They replied with some mail asking about the preferred locations. On which I again asked for refund. This happened few times and on 13th June, the reply was “We regret to inform you that the cancellation cannot be processed against the specified reason, the membership is non-refundable as per agreement which is mutually signed.”
I then immediately replied with “I was informed that I can cancel my membership if I am not satisfied. Also, website clearly mentions the same as below:
In case of any valid point of dissatisfaction, The member can cancel their membership within 7 days of availing their first holiday after deducting administration charges, ASF and GST.
Please help in getting refund.”

I, then, read the so-called agreement which mentioned things which were totally opposite to what they said. I am a Chartered Accountant and I have studied Indian laws, including Indian Contract Act, 1872. This is a void agreement which can’t be enforceable as it is one sided agreement which doesn’t gives me any right to cancel.

Further to add to this, in the consumer forum Ludhiana (Case No.553, Dt.05.07.2012) the Hon’ble Judge specifically addressed this issue of ‘non-refundability’ – “Further the plea taken by the OPs (Country Vacations) that as per the terms and conditions of the impugned contract, the membership fee once paid is non-refundable is also not sustainable, as the impugned contract is one sided standard form of contract (where the parties are not equal in the bargaining power) which the OPs got prepared according to serve their interest and the complainants were supposed to sign only on the dotted line. For such a view we are guided by the judgement by the Hon’ble Supreme Court reported in AIR1986 (SC) 1571.”

Now the app is also working but it always shows “Sold out” for all locations even in non-peak season. Thus, this is completely a fraud where you will not get booking of your choice. They don’t have their own hotel as mentioned at the time of booking. They have floated a company whose name is like Country Inn just to make people fall into their trap easily.

Please help me to get my money back since this a purely a fraud that has happened to me.

Thanking You,
Himanshu Gupta
(Spouse of Pratibha Gupta)
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Jul 31, 2018
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Refunded entite amount to me.
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Dear Sir

We would like to inform that company has already cancelled your membership & refunded the membership amount via cheque through HDFC Bank, cheque no. 001348 dated 27 June 2018.
Country Holidays Inn & Suites Customer Care's response, Aug 11, 2018
Verified Support
Thanks for Resolving the query with CHIS Mr. Himanshu as we assure with best service and amenities with us.
Complaint marked as Resolved
Jul 31, 2018
Refunded entite amount to me.
Today I received a call from Mr Rahul Arora (Sr Customer Relationship Manager), he was saying that we have more then 5000 hotels but only those(only 67 in India) hotels are listed on web site which have signed a contract with us and for rest of the hotels we will use third party service. And we can't provide you the list of 5000+ hotels because they regularly keep changes.

Secondly he was accepting that Club mahindra has customer in lakhs that's why they have large number of complaints and we just have 3000+ customer only all over India so we have less no of complaints.

Nobody tells me at the time of booking that they are using third party service for hotels booking.

Invoice no: chis-nd782949
Reg no: chisnd774048
Amount: 140000
Yes you all brothers.
You all absolutely right. I also received the same call from Mr. Zaib and Mr. Rahul Sharma the boss of all fraud.
First of all it started with the Pacific Mall, Subhash Nagar, New Delhi. I was standing at the billing counter of Spar Hypermarket of Pacific Mall, and a cute little girl came to and presented the survey form for the CHIS. country holidays inn and suits. And the very next day i received the call from the next cute and beautiful girl Neha. I was in talk for the same company CHIS and offered a holiday voucher of 2 nights and 3 days free of cost, plus beauty saloon voucher of rs. 10000 and free movie ticket. I was very happy to listen this very beautiful offer by beautiful girl and i went there to collect the same. At the reception i was received by Mr. Zaib and that beautiful girl now disappeared now as they were about to make this fraud happen. The handsome young man Mr. Zaib explained me the scheme and his boss Mr. Rahul made a offer of Rs. 190000 for 10 years. I started to move out but they wasted my 2 hours there and tried very hard to sell the scheme to me. They started their bargaining with my wife and she was convinced so i was in great trouble because they convinced my wife that this is a very lucrative offer of luxury. But one of my friend in Gurgaon got trapped in similar trap and lost his huge money Rs 50000. I was alerted by my that friend so i was very careful. One of my more friend has alerted me who is a girl and working in such a similar kind of fraud company named BAJAJ HIGHLAND HOLIDAYS PVT LTD and she clearly told that there is no rooms available for members if you book from their app or with reference to your membership id. But the same hotel and same rooms will be available if you check and book through big companies like MAKE MY TRIP or OYO, TRIVAGO. So please understand brother this is a new trick of con fraud that they new young man and young girls apply to make easy money. So never become a victim of prey. Judge their needy greeds if they are continuously insisting you to make big payment right now right away. I am a highly qualified person and dual certified Mind by top University, M.Tech Engineer so i have applied my mind and saved myself from this big fraud. I had fight with my wife over this on the spot but later on she realised all this the next day and thankful to me. So brother don't get carried away by the emotional mind and girls and ladies because it will lead you to suffer huge loss. Always apply your Master Mind and save yourself. There are a lot of scam rackets like this and member making schemes operating in India so be careful.
Praveen Verma
Hi Himanshu can you please share your mailid I want to know the process to get refund from CHIS, please let me know.

or you can mail on jitu.[protected]@gmail.com
Radhika1712's reply, Dec 20, 2022
Hi, I too need help desperately. A victim of these scammers. Please guide. They have robbed me of my hard earned money.
I am also the Victim of the Deal "CHISBOLAKP1006459".

The deal was 180000 for 10 years and 90 days with nil Annual maintenance charges

At the time of the deal we have discussed that I cannot give more than 5000 per month and will start from June 2022, that time Kyum and Abdul (sales Person) said that EMI will start from may 2022 we will request your Credit Card merchants to make 3 years EMI but they have not done anything and make 1 Year EMI of SBI and didn't request to AMEX, when I had made a call that time Abdul said, you request to AMEX and make the the EMI of 3 years and we whatever the charges will be apply we will return to you and I have done the same, now EMI charges are 36000 Extra they have made a payment of 8000 through GPAY after my 100+ calls and guaranteed you will get 2000 per month to nil the amount of 36000 (Extra amount of EMI) from us and now they are again not picking the phone.

But I received the EMI charges in the April statement and now they are saying that you need to pay 8000 Rs maintenance. Because management is denying that where was the management at the time of the deal ? At that time kyum was discussing and Abdul was the Approver, finally, I had borrowed the amount from my friend and made the payment using Credit Cards.

At the time of the verification call, Kyum said many times please speak for 170000 rest I will do here, but nothing has been done.

I said you can refund my money if you are not able to do anything, then they said money is non-refundable and you will have to pay. and Abdul said that 70000 will get a refund and the same will be started after 2 years, and now they are saying that you can complain anywhere we can not do anything.

Now nobody picks my phone and the Customer Care team is saying we can't help because we have not promised through any mail ID, please tell me who sends the mail at the time of the deal ? I have provided the Evidence of the chat of whatsapp but they are not considering that.

I am requesting please refund my money as It's a hard earned money and if you will not return it you will also lose your money in future or make a deal as we had finalised. better you return my money as I am reading the complaints I thought I will also face the same type of issues.

Can somebody tell me what should I do ? I am not able to eat, sleep and work properly, not even able to study. My exam is also scheduled in July 2022.
Vinay Jinie's reply, May 7, 2022
My name is Vinay Jain.
Evidences, I am having call recordings as well but not able to upload here.

Radhika1712's reply, Dec 20, 2022
Hi Vinay, is your issue resolved. I am too suffering from the same issue.
Now Country Holidays Inn & Suites Pvt name changed to Mariot Holidays Inn & Suites, same story getting repeated only they have changed the name, please verify both there website are also the same design.

Please don't trust this kind of holiday packages.I am fighting for my refund and have raised the dispute with Razor pay and SBI card.

Will provide all the details asap.

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