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Haldiram Bhujiawala Customer Care

Haldiram Bhujiawala Ltd.

P-420 Kaji Nazrul Islam Avenue VIP Main Road
Kolkata District
West Bengal
India - 700052

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VIP Road
P-420 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Kolkata 700 052
+91 98 3001 1120
+91 98 3001 1127

Brabourne Road
10A, Jackson Lane, Kolkata 700 001
Mob: +91 98 3001 1139

Burra Bazar
7 & 9, Jagmohan Mullick Lane, Kolkata 700 007
+91 98 3001 1135
+91 98 3001 1136

E M Bypass
C5, E M Bypass, Ruby Connector, Kolkata 700 078
Mob: +91 98 3001 1134

51A, S P Mukherjee Road, Kolkata 700 026
Mob: +91 98 3001 1137

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Customer satisfaction rating
Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Haldiram — haldiram classic indian dry fruit patisa

 Pearl_singla on Oct 14, 2019
I have purchased haldiram's dry fruit patisa (400gm) from easyday. There were offer of buy one get one free. I purchased one and got 2 box of patisa.
When i opened 1st box there were a few as it is sugar pieces in it and when i opened 2nd box i was very surprised, one piece of patisa was taken out of the box and box was again sealed. When i purchased it box was completely sealed but after opening i realized it was used box.
This was very disappointing on the part of haldiram's sweets....
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Haldiram Bhujiawala — haldiram salted peanut

 Sudhanshu ji on Sep 26, 2019
I have purchased a product of haldiram namkeen it was salted penut of 20gm. When i opened it got insect into penut so i request you to please take a legal action against the company because it's our faithful brand that's why we purchase. Suppose if i used that penut it could be harmful for me even could be food poison. So please do something asap i have heard about consumer forum that they help us when we suffer from any company or product so it's my humble request to you guys help me otherwise these companies will do whatever they want even not serve us better. As a consumer we are helpless....
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Haldiram Bhujiawala — harsh behaviour of manager and unpalatable food

 Akanksha yadav3 on Sep 4, 2019
It is particulary about the haldiram outlet which is in civil lines allahabad. I ordered fried dhokla, and the dish i received was totally disastrous it was a normal dhokla covered all around with tomato sauce which was'nt even fried. And when i went to counter to say about it, response of manager was "we served it like this i[censored] dont like then dont eat" that too in harsh way then a small qurel took place. It was altogether an unmannerd and discourteous thing with bad food as a compliment.#worse experience...
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Haldiram Bhujiawala — cashier shouting on me so badly.

 AbhiU12 on Jun 26, 2019
Incident at omax mall sohna road haldiram

One fatty guy on haldiram.. Standing up stairs.

The behaviour of cashier is not acceptable, he shouted on me and told me "wo tumse pahle se khade hai". I don't about the queue.

But while he is taken one of the order in between first person order.

Wo bahut chilla kar bol raha tha.

I suggest you please take necessary steps towards him.

And teach well you employees so that they will treat customer well.

I feel like a beggar. : (: (
Respond me a soon...
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Haldiram Bhujiawala — complaint regarding haldiram's gunjia quality (since march`19)

 rkjindal on Jun 1, 2019
Dear sir/ ma'am,

I had received multiple smss on my phone in the month of march urging me to buy one box of haldiram's gunjia from reliance fresh and get one box free. I finally found the product on march 16 at reliance fresh store no.2635 and bought it (Bill copy attached). I sent one box to a relative in the us and kept the other one at home to offer it to the guests coming over on occasion of holi.

However, i am utterly dismayed to inform you that i haven't consumed such a bad quality product ever before from a big brand like haldiram's. The gunjia i bought is nothing...
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Haldiram Bhujiawala — found dead lizard in moong dal packet.

 Diwakumar on May 27, 2019
Today i purchased moongdal of prabhuji's. Which known for its best taste in namkeen. But i found a dead lizard in that packet, and it was inside that packet from which taken moong 3-4 times, when i feel taste some bad, than shake it and i found a dead lizard there. What happen if taken it in my mouth with confident. What action you are going to take on this i don't know but after seeing this with my own than the of prabhuji's is me is lost.

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Haldiram Bhujiawala — burning smoke in kankarbag restaurant

 Bharat Purbey on May 21, 2019
Two days before we were in restaurant in evening. Restaurent was full of burning smoke. I contacted to your restaurant management. They said this is the smoke due to pizza preparation. I couldn't do anything. You can complain to higher authority. His response was not good. I have seen many times such type of situation. Your local management does not response properly....
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Haldiram Bhujiawala — regarding misbehaviour of your staff in siliguri on 26-4-2019

 laurelsaurabh on Apr 26, 2019
I came in morning at 10.35 am and ordered for breakfast as displayed at food counter and availability told by your staff and at the billing counter the item was not there so i bought another one after that i gave that receipt at the food counter and i asked them to change my order as i changed my mind so at the counter they told the order cannot be changed and i said there was displayed an item which i wished to eat but i compromised so i just gave u the token and u havnt ordered in the kitchen suddenly a women staff aggressively react and told it cannot be chaneged do wht u want... Is this way...
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Haldiram Bhujiawala — breakfast order on 23 april 2019

 seema [email protected] on Apr 24, 2019
I bought papdi bhala special dahi bhala grilled sandwich at breakfast menu in discounted rates. The breakfast was delivered at my residence in new delhi.. Order was placed at 10.30 am on the number [protected] on tuesday 24 april 2019. But both the dahi bhala plates costing rs 80 per plate was not at all tasty. There was neither red chutney nor green pudina chutney. It was horrible and we could not eat it at all. Please raise your standards. We are your regular customers but this experience has been very distasteful. Sb...
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Haldiram Bhujiawala — I am complaining about lesser things given in packed executive thali.

 Pradeep Bhattacharya on Apr 21, 2019
Today evening of date 21/04/2019 i ordered for take away of executive thali at dilshad garden, delhi opening wide receipt no.507/1920/11910, token no.302, time-19:35:29 amntrs252.00. On opening the pack at home i found that papad was not given and in salad only two pieces of tomato and cucumber were given which were totally inadequate compared to the price of the thali. This gives a very bad name to haldirams....
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Haldiram Bhujiawala — product defect

 saptar on Apr 21, 2019
Within one day we show this defect by our customers. We are very disappointed. Please verify this picture which i send you. I have also a solid evidence and bill. We don't know how many customers were face this issue from haldiram bhujiwala ltd. Please return this product or do something. As soon as do something. This is totally unexpected from haldiram...
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Haldiram Bhujiawala — worm in bhujia packet

 Zubein Khan on Apr 16, 2019
When i open the packet i found a worm in this. This is ridiculous. How much irresponsible is this. I bought this packet yesterday. The manufacturing date is 28.01.2019 and expiry is 28.06.2019. I feel pain in my stomach after having this. Who's responsible for my health issue. Please check the video properly and take the legal action against them. Thanks...
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Haldiram Bhujiawala — quality issue

 Poonammehta7 on Apr 3, 2019
This is to inform you that i have bought your takatak snacks. I have found one hair on one of the snacks. Pictures are enclosed for your reference. What happened to your qulaity checks. Do you really follow any fda guidelines for your products. You people are just playing with our health. Such a big company you are & finding a hair in your products really disgusting. It was not expected from your company!! I really do not know whether you will address my complaint or not.. But it was my moral duty to do so!!...
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Haldiram Bhujiawala — haldiram salted peanuts

 Mehta_R on Mar 30, 2019
I have purchased a packet of salted peanuts packet and phalhari chiwda from a dmart store, jp nagar in bangalore and am really disappointed with the product quality for both the packets. I have also raised a complaint to their customer care but no response. When i opened the packet of salted peanuts i found some different nuts inside the packet which was smelling bad also lots of peanuts in the packet are burnt and were black. I am attaching the photo for the same, request you to please look into this asap. Same quality issues i faced with phalhari chiwda their peanuts were burnt, attached are the...
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Haldiram Bhujiawala — complaint against balaji distributor

 deepaklamba1987 on Mar 26, 2019
Sir my name is deepak. My shop name is sukhmani karyana store. Today i m going to bala ji distibuter to purchase namkeen in cash payment. He said that wait one hour. But i hv no time for wait. So pls solution for this problem and no do again that behaviour with me. My mobile no is [protected] and sales man of haldiram is not taken order from shop in long time...
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Haldiram Bhujiawala — tandoori platter incomplete

 Meenu Kaura on Mar 12, 2019
Today i. E. On 12th march a tandoori platter has been purchased by me along with some other items in packing from sarojini nagar haldiram outlet.

When reached home i found that two things i. E. Daal and chatni missing. Only roti, salad and tandoori items found in this packing. One cannot eat roti without daal. It was ambarrasing. And at night we cannot go again to collect daal.

It upsets me.

It shows careless attitude of workers.

They should pay for this negligence.

Meenu kaura...
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Haldiram Bhujiawala — blueberry pastry

 Sumity Singh on Mar 11, 2019
I bought three blueberry pastry from haldiram kankarbagh main road patna bihar. At home, when we started to eat then we noticed that all blueberry pastry were loaded with fungus from it's side. One of our child get ill after eating that before we noticed. Bread was also hard. Very risky negligence by such brand. We go there only due to name of haldiram thinking that they provide the best. But one of the worst experience.
Not only this the provider didn't have name entered in computer. They sold this on the name of black forest pastry. Means black money assembly.
Memo no. 190309/71...
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Haldiram Bhujiawala — got a expired product

 Achal Vikram NS on Jan 26, 2019
#68, 5th main, 1st cross, sri krishna nagar

Jp nagar 8th phase

Bangalore:- 560076

I am writing this to complain about the low quality of products provided by the "haldiram's nagpur" which caused health issue to my son and moral damage to me.

While eating the product wasnt tasting good, so i checked the details of the food product... It had been expired many days ago... This caused food poisoning to my son..

I purchased haldiram's nagpur chips.. Manufactured on 15/09/2018 expiry of 15/01/19. The whole packet has a bad smell...
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Haldiram Bhujiawala — prabhuji khatta meetha/bad smelling oil is used

 Meenarizwan on Dec 27, 2018
I purchased prabhuji khatta meetha batch number i 22 manufactured on september 2018 expiry of march 19. The whole packet has a bad smell of stale oil. Even the taste is also spoiled due to that smell. When the product is new how that bad oil smell is coming out of it. Kindly repkace my product. Brand like haldiram is not expected to manufacture sucl foul smelli g product. Do the needful at the earliest....
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Haldiram Bhujiawala — not serving pani puri water

 Manoj Agarwal on Dec 25, 2018
On 24 dec. Monday we 4 persons went for dinner at ur kamaspur sonepat shop.. We ordered many items.. With paani poori... Water was tasty.. We demanded one more cup of jaljira water from counter.. But rudely ur counter boy refused us for one cup water of paani poori..
We complainted at sales counter.. But no response given... This was very bad behaviour by ur staff...
Plz take proper action.. Against that person... My bill no. Was 134213 token no. 378...
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