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MCent — mcent browser is not opening.

 Anil Dewari on Aug 13, 2019
Hello, this is mcent browser user. Yesterday i download the mcent browser app when i m registering my contact number there, its showing error. Its like unable to process ur request at this time. Een i tried so many times n also i have reinstalled it again n again even i m fact up with again n again the same msg. Please rectify my problem as soon as possible...
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MCent — points not receiving.

 Rishabh Kumar 7007 on Jun 23, 2019
I am not receiving any more points on mcent browser from last five months. I am using mcent browser for searching the internet, watching videos, using facebook and all that stuffs but i am not getting points. Kindly resolve this problem also my one recharge was failed and i have not received that points back.
Hope to have some helphelp from mcent desk.
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MCent — I am not receiving coins daily

 Sohaibali on Jun 2, 2019
Sir, from long time i am using mcent browser. Now only option come "refresh", i am not getting daily bonus, how can i resolve this problem. I have tried by refreshing many times but i didn't resolve my problem, i request you how can i get daily coins and my coins earned must not loose. Please guide on this regard, so that i resolve this problem as early as possible....
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MCent — increasing points

 Suresh79kenthala on Jun 1, 2019
Past 5 days whatever website i'm opening my mcent points are not increasing. Even after 6hrs browsing in a day there is not even a single point is increasing in mcent browser point. I have tried again and again but there is no change in my points. I don't know why. What should i do to increase the points. Also there is no everyday welcome bonus points. Kindly do the needful...
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MCent — remove all mobile number

 Mrutyunjaya Meher on May 2, 2019
Please remove mobile number so i add a new number in before i add my number in a old mobile phone so recently i bought a new mobile phone so i want to add in this mobile number in new mobile so i request to please remove my mobile number so l add my mobile number in my new mobile device in this mobile number so i want to request to remove my mobile number...
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MCent — my coins are not increasing fast please increase my coins 20000 per day please

 Tinku112334 on Apr 11, 2019
Please increase my coins 20000 per day this
Is my only request please do it as quickly as possible. Please increase my coins daily as fastly as possible. Atleast you increase 20000 points per day i will be very happy if you solve this issue as quickly as possible. So please increase my coins i am using this app daily but not increasing any points daily. So please increase my points a huge amount daily as quickly as possible. Now i am having only 21000 points so please increase my points 20000 per day please this is my only request...
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MCent — my points are not increasing after they cross 2000 per day

 Manoj K. M on Mar 5, 2019
I am using mcent browser regularly without using other browser like uc and chrome but my points are not increasing after they cross 2000 points per day so i am not able unlock any of the recharge packs as iam getting only 2000 coins per day i am not able complete the coins required to unnlock the recharge pack my friends are enjoying the packs while i am not getting the benefit please resolve my problem...
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MCent — regarding points issue in recharge

 Shaik sana Sana on Mar 5, 2019
Good evening sir,
I am using mcent since 6 months i have 403886 points in my account still it not showing the recharge option why it is happen i just want recharge for my mobile plz help me why that is happen tell the reason. And not only me for all my friends it is happen and automatically it is updating is there any technical problem. So many people are using this browser if you do like this then no one use this and there may be chance of you losing your customer indirectly your technical issue.
I don't need any thing but i just wanna recharge my mobile for this please clear the...
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MCent — I could not able to use my points to do recharges

 rlgopi on Mar 3, 2019
Dear team,

I could not able to do any recharges through my registered mobile and my points are not getting added.

At present i am having 452638 points in my registered mobile but still i could not able to proceed further to do any recharge.

And also there is no any available options to reach mcent browser regarding this issue. If i send mail to mcent, while clicking on send option. I could see there is popup getting your mail is not posted.

Please do the needful and help to use mcent browser easily.


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MCent — remove my number, 9267923492

 vishwesh mishra on Mar 2, 2019
Please sir remove my number [protected] from my mcent account
Because i want this number use in other phone but unable to use my no in other phone
Please sir help me please remove my
I want use this number in different mobile phone
Because i bought new phone i am very sad to use this number in other phone because it says always this number is added in other account...
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MCent — I'm not getting point of

 Boby Srivastava on Feb 28, 2019
I have referred my 3-4 friends through my refer id... They installed it first time and created accounts with my referred id and they are new users... Yet i haven't got my refer points... Please help me in this matter... Otherwise i have to lose 25000 points for each friends who joined with my refer id... I haven't think that mcent can do this type of inconveniences to me.. I'm unhappy with mcent...
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MCent — mcent points on browsing

 shreya ghoshal on Feb 27, 2019
Mcent app is not giving me any point for my browsing even if i am reading any news article or searching the url. It sometimes gives points, but it's only one point. Please solve this issue. The points are not increasing even if i search any url. Sometimes it gives points, but it gives only one point. The points are still without any increase in them. I downloaded the app yesterday dated 26 february 2019, and it gave much points in the starting but now they do not increase. I also set mcent as the default browser but this also doesn't earned me any point. I search many times but this does not earned...
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MCent — my points of mcent browser were restarted

 Meet1qq on Feb 23, 2019
My 3000000+ points were reduced to 10000.
I didn't redeemed them nor did anything to it.
I was really saving them from a long time and i just lose them.
Please look into the matter as soon as possible.
I was planning to redeem it on the day and i checked it that my points were reduced.
I tried to use the points on a bigger plan and it was just a few hundred points away from redeem but the next day i saw the balance of the points were reduced and i even sent a mail and didn't got any response.
Please help me get back my points so i can redeem them and get...
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MCent — points related and offer related

 Virajuno2 on Feb 17, 2019
I am using this app since 9 to 11 months, when i install this app it was showing 50% offer 199 of 399 when i achieved the target now it is showing 9 lag something point to reacharge, but still showing 50% offer they are mentally harassing me
I am using mcent with no. [protected], [protected]
Please do something dear mcent, and help us dear consumer forem...
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MCent — suddenly increase recharge points

 Roshan Kadam on Feb 14, 2019
I want to recharge my number 398 plan, my coins are 4, 62, 253, also 10% off shows but it required 19, 95000 points. I think it is wrost app, please help me. I have recharged a number before it was successful but now shows to many points increases. This app attract people towards as they give free recharge service, but now this app makes ful to people. Please help me and decrease points before they shows....
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MCent — mcent browser is a cheaper

 Gazishaikh7 on Feb 13, 2019
Hey mcent browser team i am complaining because when i was join the mcent browser and registration complete mcent browser said complete the 99, 000 coin for 199 recharge when i complete the target mcent browser said complete the 148, 000 for recharge now days i already completed but mcent browser said complete the 742, 501 why i m not fool ok please do change in the target low...
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MCent — points redeem

 Shubham18mba on Feb 12, 2019
Dear sir
I am unable to recharge my number even after i have 549472 point's in my account. Sir, i earned this points from my very hard work of refer & surfing please sir help me if you blocked my account then kindly request from you sir, please sir unblock
My account. I earned this from very hard work sir, please sir unblock my accounts and help me please sir. Thanks...
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MCent — mcent balance

 Neeraj chauham on Feb 8, 2019
Mera mcent point pahale 149000 pe tha jab hamara pura ho gaya to use bdhakar 700000 kar diya gaya plese mera pahale vala recharg kar dijiye mobile number [protected] mai socha ki mai 70 din vala karege lekin tb tk point bdha diya gaya pleas... Meri presani ko samajhe aur isaka samadhan kijiye bade mehant se point bnaya tha lekin aplog merere mehanat par pani pleas meri presani ko dur kijiye...
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MCent — referred coins not added

 Sahitya p on Feb 12, 2019
Sir I referred my friends through the link some of them registered and used for 5 days though they have used I am not getting points. One of them have used and I got bonus points but those are not added to my initial points. Even though they are using for more than 5 days I am not getting any coins. Even after 5 days o[censored]sage I am not getting points. I got bonus but not credited .Please respond......
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MCent — trying to use another device to install mcent browse but it is not happening.

 Sumit Kumar 7 on Feb 6, 2019
This is sumit Chaudhary. My registered mobile number with mcent is [protected]. I lost my old mobile and now I have installed mcent in my new device. Now as I am trying to verify my mobile number I am not getting verification code via message. I have tried to do so many times but I am getting code.
Kindly check and do let me know as soon as possible.
Sumit Chaudhary...
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