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State Bank of India [SBI] Customer Care
State Bank of India
Customer satisfaction rating: 5%
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State Bank of India [SBI] Customer Care

State Bank of India

No.65, St Marks Road
Bangalore District
India - 560001
Landmarks:Near India Garage

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SBI Toll Free Numbers
Bangalore: 1800 425 8002
Bhopal: 1800 425 7551 (BSNL), 1800 102 7551 (Airtel)
Bhubaneswar: 1800 345 6741
Chandigarh: 1800 180 1723, 1800 180 1724
Chennai: 1800 425 4424
Delhi: 1800 114 545
Mumbai: 1600 228 866
Kolkata: 1800 345 3455
Pune: 1800 112 211, 1800 425 3800
Thiruvananthapuram: 1800 425 4722, 1800 425 4844
Patna: 1800 345 6100, +91 61 2223 8388
Lucknow: 1800 180 5201
Guwahati: 1800 345 3631
Ahmedabad: 1800 233 7933
Hyderabad: 1800 425 3888

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Customer satisfaction rating
Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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State Bank of India [SBI] Complaints & Reviews

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State Bank of India — Renewal of SBI Credit Card [Resolved]

 Suggu Sankara Reddy
Following are the details of my SBI Credit Card :
Card No. - [protected]
Valid Upto - Jan 07
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State Bank of India — Can i transfer my money from paypal to my SBI account?

Can i transfer my money from paypal to my SBI account?.. Paypal say that they will tansfer money to any indian bank which...
Complaint comments  Comments  (23)

State Bank of India, Spb Branch, 65 St Marks Road, Bangalores, Branch Codes - 06866 — Regarding ATMtansaction problems

Hi sir,
I am wipro Emplyee, my account is being maintained at Bangaloes but I am at Gurgaon. On 29/08/2008, while...
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State Bank of India — Credit Card not Issued

 Abhishek Khurana
This is Abhishek Khurana from New Delhi, i have submitted all my necessary documents for CC but i neither received by credit...
Complaint comments  Comments  (13)

State Bank of India — Non-receipt of ATM Card

 Rajinder Kumar
I have applied for ATM Card of SBI on 3-11-08 in SBI, Delhi University Branch but till date I have not received...
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I have received a call from SBI about Premium Circle. They informed me that the Fee is one thousand plus ( i think it is 1050/-) and told about the guaranted gift of a wrist watch. I informed them to send a detailed mail. They said that it can be sent after accepting the proposal. They explained me about the offers around 10 minutes where nothing went into my brain.
After 4 days i have received a call from SBI about transaction of 6000 plus. I replied as i am not accepting about the 6000 plus. I will accept for 1000plus if it is single time. Later i recieved a call from SBI as if i cancel the premium offer i should pay the 1000plus. The 6000plus is already debited to my account.
My doubts are
1. SBI card people are cheating by making a proposal by phone. (No one can remeber all the details what they explain)
2. When they asked about the Confirmation of Payment (6000plus) I Rejected. But How it was Debited to my account?
Please any one can guide me about it.

Dear All,
Today, I received an email from Heritage Group/Plat5 Consultancy in relation to my Ticket Bookings. I had already paid Rs. 6055 on 30th January, 2010 by debit of my credit card amount. At that time, I was promised to give a watch worth INR 4000/-, a two nights three days stay in some resorts which I choose from the list and to and fro air ticket to certain destination. At that time, I was not told any extra payments required to be done. However, when I got a reply for ticket booking Hyderabad-Delhi and Delhi-Hyderabad, I was told to email an authorization to Heritage Holidays to bill Rs 5, 640/- ( Rs 5, 640/- towards Airport Tax/Surcharges ) on my HSBC credit card.
I not only got a shock but almost fainted by looking at such a massive fraud.
I have replied them saying that I will not authorize them to debit my credit card account and not to proceed with the ticket booking. I am also contemplating to initiate legal actions against HSBC Bank, and Heritage Group.
I agree with the Complainant. The service is pathetic. The paltinum5 Premium offer of HSBC Bank Credit card offer is a fraudulent offer. They make so many tall promises when they call you up but when you get to know details, it will be too late as the options are very limited. In fact, regarding hotels and resorts, they say that it is 4 stars and 5 star but they are not. For example, recently, I stayed in a Resort called Logoa Azul in Goa on self expense which is one of the resorts selected under this programme of Premium offer. This resort is NOT a 4 star one. Rather, this is not a resort which deserves any star. Similarly, there are many conditions and terms and very stupid policies they have which makes the offer useless most of the time. Like, there are restrictions on utilization offer like some months depending on places are excluded during which you cannot utilize your voucher. Another funniest thing for example is you can fly Kolkata to Hyderabad and from Hyderabad to Kolkata, but you cannot fly Hyderabad to Kolkata and Kolkata to Hyderabad on which point I am still fighting with them.
The whole scheme looks like a scam orchestrated by HSBC Bank in connivance with some private company. I am soon lodging a complaint on this with HSBC Bank or its banking ombudsman and if no satisfactory reply is received, I am thinking to complain it to RBI. I am not sure and do not know if there will be anything positive, but I think we must try not to let this scam happen.
Another irritating aspect is their call center heritage. Most of the time, they do not receive the calls despite phone ringing, and ask in typical Hindi accent and in a very monotonous sound and frequently say 'Haan ji' in Hindi without anything caring about whether the person calling knows Hindi. While customer will be talking in English, they start immediately talking in Hindi, sometimes leaving the customers wondering what she is saying.
Another absolutely disgusting thing about them is that it looks they are shortage of men power or have been crowded with cheap labour in the markets who do not have enough energy to respond calls. Even when phones are ringing, no one picks up the phone and bothers to respond. It happens 9 out of 10 times and this will make a really frustrating experience to you.
We must protest against this corporate scam.
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    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

    Sbi Credit Card - Privilege Circle Offer — SBI Credit Card - Privilege Circle offer cheating

     Shiva Kumar
    Dear Friends,

    I have got a call in September from a company referring themselves from SBI and they told me...
    Complaint comments  Comments  (15)

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I have been told that i will be getting cash back card i.e. gold card during my phone conversation and the card which i finally got is an employee card.

    I am very disappointed with the treatment given. I don't know why sbi is fooling people. This is the case which happened to one of my friend also. He discontinued it. I have not started using it and will never going to use it anyway.

    Thanks for your stupid unwanted card,


    Dear Sir,

    I beg to state that I am a SBI card([protected]) holder at least for last 10 years.I am using my cards regularly and
    there has never been a default in my payment.You are giving me credit and I am paying interest at the
    rate you charge it.
    In the first week of August I received several calls from your Delhi office informing that I have been selected as your Privileged customer and you offered me some lucrative holiday packages and some
    costly gifts.Unfortunately your representatives were able to convince me, rather victimised me and I accepted the offer.At the same time I was told that ,I may cancel the offer after getting and reading the materials I would receive in due course.
    As per your information all our discussions were recorded in your voice recorder.
    On your final call in this matter I was informed that I would be debited a sum of Rs,6067/-in my card account and within 15 days of this debit,and the date is 11.08.2009 as per my credit card statement
    dated 23.08.2009.Surprising to, say till date I have not received any materials from your end and not
    even a single phone call .
    First I called within 15 days and was informed that I will receive the materials within a week.
    Second I called on 22nd or 23rd of Sep 2009 and I was directed by your representative to call after
    24 hours without stating any specific information on this matter.
    I am working in a reputed institution in an executive post,I forgot to call after 24 hours and later I got busy with Puja Festival in my state.
    Third I called on your help line on 08.09.2009 and I was informed that my kit has been returned on 11.09.2009 by Blue Dart Courier and I was offered a re dispatch of my kit,very obviously I was annoyed and requested to cancel the offer and to reverse
    the amount debited for this purpose.
    But your representative said that this cannot be cancelled as the period of 30 days for cancellation is over as per the Rules and Regulations stipulated, which made me spell bound.
    Now I want to ask you few questions:
    1.When at the time of offering your representatives can call me several times then why there was not a single phone call after the kit got returned.
    2.When the communication system is so easy then a courier company like Blue Dart has not made a single phone call when they
    were unable to find the location of my house.(though my mother was there all the time and she only accepts the monthly statements regularly),ridiculously your representative stated that the courier company could not contact me due to network problem.
    3.If your rules desist you to reverse the amount then where was your rule when I did not receive the Kit within 15 days of debiting my account (the date of return is enough to prove that) and where is your rule when you are charging me interest on the amount but I am not enjoying the benefit out of that as per your commitment.
    When after the discussion I told your representative that I will complain to your Grievance Redressal he replied that it would not
    help me in any way as the reply would be the same.Then my question is :
    4.Is your Customer Grievance Redressal is a mockery.
    So I request you to Cancel the deal and reverse my amount with interest within 24 hours or I will stop making my monthly payments next month onwards.I have consulted my lawyer,and I am ready to face any consequences coming out of this as
    a genuine customer.
    Your early action will be solicited.

    With regards,

    Bhaskar Maitra
    the sbi cars should not cheat us like this
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      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

      SBI Debit Card — Block lost ATM card

       Ankit Gupta
      i have lost my atm card i want to block it....
      Complaint comments  Comments  (16)

       m durgamba
      my credit card number [protected] i paid more than the desired amount for 2500/- on[protected]. Despite my payment before the due date that is[protected] i am receiving mistirious and humiliating calls from sbi credit card division chennia for every 2 or 3 mins. some times i am receving calls even with out a gap of 5 secs between two calls from different phone nos from chennia from different people annoying very much and giving suspecion for the amounts already paid in their branch at vijayawada(this is advised by the sbi credit card division chennia). i am repeatedly furnishing the reciept numbers for the payment made.(reciept number 12572859 /256765). inspite of giving full information to the staff of sbi creidt card division chennia the staff members are pressing us for making payment with humiliating addressing and giving annoyence. this is most regretable to inform you this. the staff of credit card division are not taking any kind of responsibility but the payments made by the customers but torcharing the customers mentally with their repeated questions, giving calls even with out a gap of 2 mins and disturbing us all the time during the day and night. this torcher starts from morning 7.30am and till 11 o clock night. we have no other go to explain this torcher to you. we wait wheather you take action against them or not. more over i wish to inform u that the payments made on[protected] were not taken into consideration in the statement generated on[protected] but the interests they have computed on[protected] were brought into account. this is most mischevious. even during october 2008 i received calls till[protected] inspite of information that is receipt nos furnished repeatedly. i wish to inform u i am not receving the statements properly with the payments made on the dates actually made. will u please inform me the current status. The local branch at vijayawada is also not functioning promtly. this is for your information.
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        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

         Jagannathan B
        Sub: My Card No 4006xxxxxxxxxx443

        I have been using the above SBI card for a few years. In the month of July 2008 I realized I will be charged annual fee in case of renewal & requested for cancellation of the card. Since I had made some extra payment, I requested for a refund of the same & was informed withing 30 days the same will be sent to my billing address.
        In the month of Sept I realized I have not received the payment & again logged a call & was informed that there was some problem with the system & the same will be processed in the next 10 days. However, even after this nothing happened & I received a call in the month of Oct 08 requesting me to continue with my card & a new card will be issued without any annual fee & the entire amount will be reflected as a credit in my statement. SBI being a very reputed bank, I fell trap for this ploy & accepted the offer. I received the card with No 4006xxxxxxxxx110 & tried to register the card as per the instruction given in the kit, with a confirmation that within 48 hrs this card will be activated. I tried to use this card for some payment & was declined, this was the most em brassing moment for me !. I called up SBI again and lodged a complain & was informed that this will be activated shortly. Even after this nothing happened & last week again I tried to register the new card & again got a confirmation message that this card will be activated in 48 hrs.
        So far this card has not been activated & when I called up the help desk today & requested for the status, he tried telling me some story starting from oct 08. I immediately requested him to cancel the card, he gladly accepted the offer ( looks like SBI does not want good customers who pay on time) with a reference No[protected].
        I hope I will receive my overdue amount without further delay. If I delay the payment, SBI charges 36% interest, now the payment is overdue by 3 months & I wonder how you will compensate !
        It is a pity that such a reputed bank like SBI, has handled a customer so carelessly without any concern.
        I only hope such a situation does not repeat to some other customer !!
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          I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

          State Bank of India — Unable to Get Mobile alerts

           Akhilesh kumar
          Sir i am netbanking user in state bank of india.Sir i have already registered my mobile number online still i have not getting...
          Complaint comments  Comments  (20)

           Kalva Sreedevi
          14 Nov 08

          Kalva Sreedevi

          Sub:- GRIVENCES SBI CARD BILLS: [protected]

          Dear Sir/Madam,

          This is with reference to your letter dated 06 Oct 08 received few days back regarding outstanding dues of Rs.872.13 in my SBI Card.

          I would like bring few facts to your knowledge which are as follows:

          1. Reference to my previous E-Mails dated 22 Aug 08 (Response Case ID=[protected], 28 Aug 08 (Response Case ID=[protected] requesting you for final settlement of my SBI Card dues.

          2. After having a discussion with customer care executive about the outstanding balance as on the day, I have made the Payment of Rs.11, 064/- vide State Bank of India Cheque No.006790 dated 31 Aug 08 and same was cleared from my account on 04 Sep 08. At the same time I have also destroyed my Credit Card as per the directions provided by the customer care representative for terminating my account. Request for final settlement was already made through E-Mail dated 22 Aug 08.

          3. There after I have only received two statements on 23 Sep 08 and 09 Oct 08. In both statements there was no information about Payments made. Above that Late Payment Charges were only mentioned.

          4. Recently a letter received dated 06 Oct 08 about outstanding dues of Rs.872.13 in my SBI Card which made me surprise and when I spoke to SBI Credit Card Customer Care executive she answered “We have received your payment after due date and we have not received any request for closing your Account”.

          5. Once, I have cleared all my dues as on 31 Aug 08 including all late pay charges and destroyed my card How I am being charged without making any transaction?

          6. I would like to tell one more experience during the year 2006 for a Cheque Rs.600/-from Kotak Mahendra Bank was cleared by SBI Credit Card and not mentioned in any of the statements. For that also, I have repaid the amount of Rs.600 along with late pay charges. I am having the proof for the same and several requests were also made to Customer Care to resolve this issue went in vain.

          7. During my entire period since day one, I have been paying each and every Rupee correctly to SBI Credit Cards. But still these kind of Issues occurs which would spoil the image of the Organisation as well Customer’s Mental Peace.

          8. Now I don’t have any other option other than approaching legal authority to resolve these issues.

          9. Kindly help me out in this regard and get me relief from SBI Credit Card.

          Yours faithfully,

          With Sincere Thanks

          Kalva Sreedevi
          Contact No:[protected]

          Enclosures :E-Mail dated 22 Aug 08
          Sub:SBI Card Issue
          Friday, 22 August, 2008 11:37 AM
          "kalva sreedevi" <[protected]>
          22 Aug 08

          Kalva Sreedevi
          P-144/3, NP AREA
          Sub:-FINAL SETTLEMENT OF SBI CARD :[protected]

          Dear Sir/Madam,

          I am Kalva Sreedevi holding SBI Credit Card since 3 years. For the last three months i have not received any statements from SBI Cards. Recently i have received a letter from your organization regarding the outstanding payment clearance immediately. Till the month of May 2008 i had been paying the minimum amount Rs.500 / per month before due date 26 of every month.

          Now i would like to request you to inform one of your representative to contact me at my mobile [protected]. Further I would like to go for final settlement from SBI Cards and i am ready to clear the entire amount immediately with respect to your representative contacts me. As i have also noticed in the letter received from SBI, Late Payment Charges are being added every month. Excluding this 03 months late payment charges, i am ready to pay all my previous dues with interest immediately.

          Due to personnel problems i am unable to contact you on telephone.

          Kindly Contact me at the earliest to do the needful from your end.

          With Regards
          Kalva Sreedevi
          <AUTO> 'CaseID=[protected]' SBI Card Issue
          Friday, 22 August, 2008 12:03 PM
          "feedback.gesbi" <feedback.[protected]>
          Add sender to Contacts
          "[protected]" <[protected]>
          Dear Sir / Madam,
          Thank you for writing to SBI cards.
          We acknowledge the receipt of your email and we shall revert to you through call or email within 7 working days.
          We hope that you have mentioned the card / account number along with contact number/s in your communication, incase you have not, we would request you to please resend your correspondence on the same e-mail ID, without altering the subject line.
          Assuring you of our best services at all times.
          Warm Regards,
          SBI Cards Team
          Sub: Reminder for Payment Collection: E-Mail dated 28 Aug 08
          Flag this message
          <AUTO> 'CaseID=[protected]' Reminder for Payment Collection:
          Thursday, 28 August, 2008 5:02 PM
          "feedback.gesbi" <feedback.[protected]>
          Add sender to Contacts
          "[protected]" <[protected]>

          Dear Sir / Madam,
          Thank you for writing to SBI cards.
          We acknowledge the receipt of your email and we shall revert to you through call or email within 7 working days.
          We hope that you have mentioned the card / account number along with contact number/s in your communication, incase you have not, we would request you to please resend your correspondence on the same e-mail ID, without altering the subject line.
          Assuring you of our best services at all times.
          Warm Regards,
          SBI Cards Team
          -----Original Message-----
          From: kalva sreedevi [[protected]]
          Sent: Thursday, Aug 28 2008 4:49PM
          To: feedback.gesbi [feedback.[protected]]
          Subject: Reminder for Payment Collection:
          Dear Sir / Madam,

          This is with reference to my previous e-mail dated 22 Aug 08 and your auto-response dated 22 Aug 08. Till today no representative from your side either contacted me or visited our house for payment collection. So, i once again remind you people to contact me at the earliest and collect my due payment.
          Thank You,

          With Regards
          K Sreedevi
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            I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

            State Bank of India — Misuse of SBI Brand Name against Common man by SBI Card

             Chandan Kakoti.
            In the month August 2007, I was approached by one Sri Pranjal Deka, Team Leader, SBI Cards, Guwahati (Mobile no:[protected]...
            Complaint comments  Comments  (1)

            State Bank of India — sbi card not received

             govind kumar
            i applied for sbi credit card in the m/o sept.2008. my application no. is[protected]. but till now i have not received...
            Complaint comments  Comments  (6)

            OnlineSBI — Internet Banking not activated

             Sadhik Ali g
            I got my internet banking Kit on 08 oct 2008 but still not working.
            The support provided in the page of
            Complaint comments  Comments  (18)

             KOMAL KHARE
            Dear Sir,

            Iam Komal Khare, on 11november 08 evening arround 3.45 p.m. i was booking My online E-Ticket from website:, from Surat to Bandra Terminus from Train Dehradun Express (Train NO. 9020), i've gone through all the formalities while booking my E-Ticket I've chosen SBI ATM Cum Debit Card for making Payment of the Ticket, After filling all the entries in the particular payment page i.e. ATM Cards no., Validity Period, Card holders name & Pin No., I've clicked the PAY option and suddenly the next page was ERRORED.

            So, i was unabled to get my ticket & to know the PNR no. And the amount of that E-Ticket which i've payed through my SBI ATM i.e. 160 Rs. is also debited from my SBI Account.

            Kindly check on this matter and send me the scan copy or screen shot of the bank statement to pursue the matter.

            Or Credit the full E-Ticket amuont i.e. Rs. 160 to my a/c at the earliest.

            my A/C no. is[protected] & ATM Card holders name is Komal Khare.

            Appreciate your kind assistance.
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              I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

              SBI Debit Card — Please block sbi debit card

               Ravi Kumar Singh
              Please block my brother SBI Debit card
              Name:Ravi Kumar Singh
              a/c no.[protected]...
              Complaint comments  Comments  (22)

               Rajendra D. Rautkar
              The Manager
              SBI card
              Sub :- Regarding remaining amount

              R/ Sir

              It is submitted to you that, I am the holder of SBI card number [protected] . I had purchased of Rs. 999/- and paid Rs 1100/- against that purchasing. But your message on my mobile shows remaining amount is Rs 1317.39.
              Sir, it is brought into your notice that. I have not received your bill, E –mail message or SMS for minimum installment to paid in time. Hence I have paid Rs 1100/- in two installment ( Rs 600/- & Rs 500/-) within three months. After all your message dated 13/11/2008 shows the remaining amount is Rs 1317/-, I think, this is the high level cheating. Private money lenders also take the 2% interest monthly.(Flatly Rs 60/- for three month on Rs 1000/-) In such situation your SBI card is not affordable for low budget salary holder.
              It is request to you that please look into this matter and give me the justice as I will continue to use the SBI card. Otherwise it is request to you that please discontinue my SBI card.
              Yours obedient

              Rajendra D. Rautkar
              (SBI Card no. [protected])
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                I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


                 LUCKY GOGOI
                dear customer care dept

                with due respect, I ms.lucky gogoi, account holder in SBI, GMC branch, guwahati-781005,...
                Complaint comments  Comments  (16)

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