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Federal Bank — home loan account 16807300000916.

 Alok K Srivastava on Sep 19, 2017

I am going to sale my house for which repayment will be done directly to federal bank by the buyer's bank pnb for closure of the home loan account 16807300000916. I need fore closure and lod to submit to pnb home loan.

I have been following up for more than 20 days with mr srijit and mahak sharma for this through email and phone but documents are not given to me. I visited federal bank at shalimar bag today to collect the documents but still it is not provided as required.

Federal bank is legally bound to provide me these documents. If these documents...
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Federal Bank — fedmobile app

 Abhinav KA on Sep 14, 2017
I'm having oppo f1s mobile.
I have updated my os to marshmallow after that the fedmobile app is not working on my mobile...
Please tell me the reason...
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Federal Bank — minimum balance charge

 Dhanush14 on Sep 13, 2017
Sir i give a writen letter to our bank on dated 23/8/16 for keep and block thousand rs to my account because from 11/1/16 they start to from my account minbal chrg amount with out phone messege. So frm that letter date i am keeping thousand in my account. But unfortunately system or who one start to cut from the balance 1285 on date 28/10/16 with out massage now the balance is 57 rupees. So kindly help me to continue or disclose thi a/c.

Thanks & best regards
Thanuja, m
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Federal Bank — management irresponsible

 Saji raveendran on Sep 13, 2017
Dear sir,
My name is saji raveendran. Iam an nre account holder. My account in fedaral bank kallara. Thiruvananthapuram kerala india ifsc code fdrl0001735. Actully my compliant is
I started my account 5 years ago. Most of the time my wife use my atm card for cash widrawals. Some times using check. When she going for widrawals they said the sign is different. Last month i send my renewed pasport copy, my visa copy everything. Until now they didn't give any reply for my email. Also they didn't take any action. So i don't want to continue my account anymore. At least they receive the...
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Federal Bank — renewal debit card

 afadhu on Aug 25, 2017
I received the sms from federal bank, stating that debit card is expiring on 31st july 2017 and as a replacement of your existing card, a new emv chip debit card with the same card number had already been sent to you. Please find the attachment for reference.
Please note that i haven't received the card yet, kindly send it to my home country address.

Afadhu v s
Mampara po
Ranni perunad
Pin 689711

I send the mail to customer service on aug 13th till now i haven't receive any updates from the bank.
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Federal Bank — change my registered mobile number

 manaspp9102 on Aug 25, 2017
Hi team,
Iam a fedralbank customer now iam in abudhabi (Uae) now i have not get any balance information because my indian registered sim not working hear pls change my number to this number
Old registered number:9048372489
New number 9562858110 account number 20270100005300
Name manas pp
Don 31-5-1993
This is my registered email id:manaspp007@gmail.com
Kindly check and need report...
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Federal Bank — atm fault and waiting for refund 10 days over.

 Midhun1990 on Aug 24, 2017
Through atm (Fba0624) i tried to withdraw cash rs1000 on 12/8/2017. After few secs of processing its shows 'collect cash' but it doesn't give money and they took cash from my a/c too. I register a complaint through customer support and they told within 7days they will credit my a/c. I didn't get so, today on 24/8/2017 again i contact them, now they asking another 4 days. Is this the way a bank, behave the customers?. Bad very bad. Small scale employers we are,.
Complaint id:88882241763454...
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Federal Bank — personal

 Manikandan Ghandhi on Jul 28, 2017
My name ismanikandan ghandhi
My nri accounts in easamthinangalam branch, kanyakumari dist, and i was requested to the bank to change my mobile number, still there is no response,
And the bank manager is no responsible when ever we have help needed and all ways he is not available in bank, when ever we go bank the bank staff saying he is in out and not able to attain our request.
And also i have put fedaral child insurance but i gave my documents correctly but your bank staff fraudly put my signature in my original documents and also they wrongly put my daughter and my son...
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Federal Bank — complaint

 Sachin Nelladan on Jul 27, 2017
What is charg/atmtxn? 60rupees gone from my account... What is that? Why amount gone for the charg/atmtxn? I want to know what is charg/atmtxn... Because my amount gone from bank account... I dont know what is charg/atmtxn... Yesterday and today 24+24+12=60 rupees gone... You charging atm usage? Please give me the details of this... I am using federal bank account.....
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Federal Bank — Refund not processed

 Jojo T M on Jun 20, 2017
Dear sir,
Amazon has processed refund against nondelivery of items and it took long delay in reflecting my account. On checking the customer relationship officer says that it will take another 45-55 days yo process. I cant bear the amount of money pending unreasonably. Kindly help to get it fast. Please find the mail and details below.

On mon, jun 19, 2017 at 6:40 pm, contact wrote:
Dear sir/madam,

Thank you for writing to federal bank.

We have taken up your case with the authority concerned. Complaint id : 88881701753182, 88881701753183...
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Federal Bank — New account open

 Nitheen Chandra on Jun 5, 2017
We are 10 person try to open a new account in federal bank kattanam, kayamkulam. Last 5 days all of us are trying for this but the staff members told its too difficult to open a new account in our bank.. If we can't to get new account still 06/06/17 we will contact other banks to open new account.. Very very bad service providing your esteemed bank branck. Thank you...
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Federal Bank — Very bad customer services [Resolved]

 shebina on May 19, 2017
I opened an account in Federal Bank on Feb 2017. I filled the form and gave. They entered my mail id and mobile number wrong. I submitted a complaint through mail and phone. My Complaint ID is 265915. It became more than one month. But no response. When I am calling they are telling me to wait for 2 days( every time). But it became more than one month.
Very very irresponsible People are there in bank as well as customer service center.
My account is in Chembumuk, Kochi, Kerala...
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Federal Bank — Funds transfer [Resolved]

 Stephane on May 6, 2017
Date: 05-may-2017
Particulars: mbimps/ifo/712508408643/indb0000213/
Savings (14710100076353)
Debit: rs. 15, 000.00
I have transferred funds from my accno to
Bank account details

Crescom soft private limited

Indusind bank

Bommasandra branch

Acc no: - 201000503456

Ifsc code - indb0000213 but the person didnt received the money what is wrong?...
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Federal Bank — About refund

 nimidha on May 3, 2017
I had booked product from filpkart and paid online through federal bank debit card no and this order was cancelled due to some reason and refund was generated by filpkart on 24.04.2017. At that time i received a message from flipkart they said that the amount will be refunded within 1may2017. But still i haven't received my refund.
The refund details are:
Refund reference # 74332747112711119904701
Till today my account has not been credit with refund amount.
I had placed complaint wide ref no :in1705031849533307638]
When contacted flipkart they said refund has...
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Federal Bank — I need to wait for my money because of your damn policy

 kiran krishna on May 1, 2017
88881041739707 - ₹123
88881041739704 - ₹599
When amazon initiated my refund through online they gave me refer. No and this number only get when the transaction is done but i didn't get my money because of the bank and the bank told me it will take f&#_& 45-55 days maximum... Hell. I choose online for fast transaction but now its came to worse. Pls return my money...
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Federal Bank — CDM machine

 Madan Padmajan on Apr 30, 2017
Third rate machines are installed and at nada, irinjalakuda branch machine gobbles money no receipt no sms alert and no credit into account. I suspect some high officials are involved in buying low quality cdm machines which only function intermittently, within a month of installation. Bank must investigate into which officials are behind buying these low quality machines and reply for causing inconvenience to its customers.

Please do not use cdm machines from this bank....
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Federal Bank — Soiled notes from atm

 Prodyut Bhadury on Apr 30, 2017
Received soiled four soiled notes of rs 100 each from atm cw162401 on 300417 (30/4/2017) while withdrawing rs 4000 seven times (Txn# 712005007009 to 7120050070014 &rs 2000 txn # 7120050070015) at 5.19 am to 5.23 am, please help me to replace the notes from the bank nearest to that atm., i am a customer of sbi, dhanbad branch - the atm is located at bank more, dhanbad next to the sbi atm, as the sbi atm had no money so money was withdrawn from federal bank atm. My sbi savings bank account no is 10976697835 at dhanbad branch (Code no 66)...
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Federal Bank — Ghaziabad branch not using ecs proper for emi ac no 16147400000577 mailed many times at all levels but no solution

 anitasurendrapalmalik on Apr 10, 2017
Ac no 16147400000577, emi car loan at gzd branch, to withdraw not doing. If bank not withdraw regular emi, this is their fault we will not responsible. I had given all bank details, ecs in yr bank. For what i pay extra to emi. For jan, feb 2017, when gzb branch not withdrawn by ecs from sbi, i have to compail to deposit jan, feb emi with extra charge by same bank chec, to deposit i made that. But ownward i said to bank use my ecs given earlier in bank, i will not give any further checq. But bank not withdrawn march emi by ecs. Please look into seriously. For bank we have to suffer. I mailed about...
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Federal Bank — Recharge not done, but amount debited from account

 Mjnas on Mar 30, 2017
Recharged sun direct no:10236398854 using my debit card through citrus pay on 29/03/2017 at 7:45 pm.The amount was debited from account but recharge was not done.How can i get the recharge done or reimbursement?I contacted sun direct customer care and they told me to contact the citrus customer care.I called your customer care but not get any person.so please help me....
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Federal Bank — Loan against property [Resolved]

 swapnil9002 on Mar 22, 2017
We samata hospital private limited, chandlodiya, ahmedabad having loan account in

your fedral bank, ashram road branch, ahmedabad,

also we request you to plz revised our interest rate ratio, right now we dont want any top up amount or excess amount require.
I feel very bad that it is a not a big matter for u that taking that much time we r disappointed Fedral bank...
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