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State Bank of India [SBI] Customer Care
State Bank of India
Customer satisfaction rating: 30%
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State Bank of India [SBI] Customer Care

State Bank of India

No.65, St Marks Road
Bangalore District
India - 560001
Landmarks:Near India Garage

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SBI Toll Free Numbers
Bangalore: 1800 425 8002
Bhopal: 1800 425 7551 (BSNL), 1800 102 7551 (Airtel)
Bhubaneswar: 1800 345 6741
Chandigarh: 1800 180 1723, 1800 180 1724
Chennai: 1800 425 4424
Delhi: 1800 114 545
Mumbai: 1600 228 866
Kolkata: 1800 345 3455
Pune: 1800 112 211, 1800 425 3800
Thiruvananthapuram: 1800 425 4722, 1800 425 4844
Patna: 1800 345 6100, +91 61 2223 8388
Lucknow: 1800 180 5201
Guwahati: 1800 345 3631
Ahmedabad: 1800 233 7933
Hyderabad: 1800 425 3888

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Customer satisfaction rating
So far so good - The company responded to our notifications and is working on resolving complaints.

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State Bank of India [SBI] Complaints & Reviews

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 Arindam Dasgupta
Respected Sir,
I, Sri Arindam Dasgupta, Account holder in State Bank Of INDIA, Branch - Bansberia Branch Code - 5919, visited the above mentioned bank for a bank DRAFT, which would be used my me for my college fees.Unfortunately i faced the following situations: -
1. Bank transaction starting late, since officials arriving late or some unknown reasons.
2. No body cares about customer problems.
3. i had a cash amount of 14,500/- with me and a cheque of amount 10,000/ buy a DRAFT of 24,500/-.
4. officer sitting in MISC. counter sent me to cash counter as because she said it is not possible for her to take cash and the cheque simultaneously for issuang a single draft.
5. cash official said there is a problem in computer so it is not possible for him to issue the draft.he suggested me that deposit the 14500 in my account and then give the check by making some corrections. in the MISC. counter.
6. so i did so but the officer in MISC. counter and an officer started to misbehave with me they said that i am a fool and i must known how the work goes in the bank.I asked them not to shout at me but they crossed their limit.
6. the bank manager never bothered to come and look what my problem was and other officers was laughing at me.
Sir i am a student its not possible for me to know every thing.i also make mistakes in my daily life but the bank officialls have crossed their limit. please come as a customer and investigate what exactly is the situation during the rush hour in this bank. also there are unavailability of forms in bank, specialy withdrawl,deposit and drafts.
for your convinience i am giving you my mobile number - [protected].
[day of visit=18/12/07
time = 10 a.m.]
Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 23:36:18
sir, i make the following complainys for poper investiagtion and action
1. i hold a/c no [protected] with SBI Bijnor which was transferred from SBI fort william kolkata wih a/c noC/8278. while doing so i was entitle to six monthly interest which was not given here by saying kolkata bank must have done. i want to know when and how much. no visits or letters has affect.
2. i requested for cheque book at par on 21 jan and an application was personally kept by the managerwho said you will recieve it with in 21 days. been to bank a number of times after cheque was told to wait. now the manager says application was not sent as shown on the computer. who is responsible. i am to make a heafty payment to AWHO for my flat and wanted to save money on draft.
3. irrespective of having submitted live certificate my pension is held up by saying it is not there. now again having given and santion recieved person tells i shall credit amount held for four month with pension of 5th month. why and who will pay interest . does bank hold any obligation.
4 i had requested to put my account in double benefit, a scheme introduced by you. i wonder any action taken on appication submitted over two month ago. officers must understand that hey are being paid salarries beacuse of we consumers. hence service amd loyalities o service should be unquestionable. LT COL Tejinder Singh bakshi, 6 Holy Lane Bijnor Mob no. [protected] tele No. 01342/263741
I was having a credit card of SBI and I used to pay the dues in time. On two occasions my cheque was sent for collection by the bank 15 days late and I refused to pay the late charges as the delay in realising the cheque was due to the negligence of the bank staff. I refused to pay the late charges and wrote to the bank may times to the bank write off the late charges as it has occured due the negligence of the bank staff. After two years or so, they agreed to write off the charges, but not the interest charges on the late charges. Frustrated I cancelled the card and now I am getting calls from the bank. If the calls are continuing, I will be constrained to seek legal remedy for harassment. I have paid all the bills, excepting the late charges which I am not bound to pay as the delay is due to the mistake of the bank.
I am an advocate, R/o 108/1, D, Jarib Chauki, Kanpur (U.P.),
anfortunately i want to open a saving account in your Kalpi Road Kanpur(U.P.) branch, which is situated at Jarib Chauki, in this regard I sent my office boy to take form but he treated very badly by one of the clerck, he call me and i told him to go to the manager and talk to me in reply Mr. respected Manager told me on phone what shoudl he do if they are not giving form go and come on next week. I intentiomn is only that this is only first india's largest bank, with very good and larg no.s of services but all the employees are very rude.

Thanks n regards.





state bank — bad service

just a question to SBI, why customer care or office staff seating in office? to help the peoples right? on any query. but these people cant even litsen what the problem is, forget about sorting the problem. we just request sbi instead of spending too much amount on big star to get their brand ambassador please spend on employees to teach them how to talk to customers, what is customer relationship? their brand automatically will come in demand. no need to make big tv ads to get highlight their product. these peoples dosnt have sense of talking, they even dont want to litsen what ur query. the fact is they are seating for us to help but they feel they make favor on us to litsen. that is really disgusting.... my request to sbi please litsen to customer.....


State Bank of India — Doesn't responds for requested service

My name is hitesh gupta .I have a joint saving account in State bank of india khargone M.P. branch. I requested online banking facility to the bank approx 1 and half year ago.
I filled up the form they gave me. but they didn't provide me transcation rights. i tried 4 to 5 times in previous one year but every time they say that write one application then within 24 hours transaction rights will be enable. but nothing happens.

I live in indore. and my account in khargone branch.I can't come to that sbi branch
everyday and request the same.
what should i do please tell me.

I want to complaint against the attitude of the employees of State Bank of India, Johannesburg.
When you call the bank, no one actually takes the call, you just keep waiting and the reception just puts the phone down and says that everyone's line is busy. How many ever times you call them, this is the response.

There is a lady there called VILKIS, her attitude is just intolerable, they talk in such an insulting manner. This is not accepted.

Why cant they just respond to customer questions and help them.

Dear Sir,
I deem to state that i Anindita Sarkar Roy,a SBI credit card holder,which no. is [protected]. I just hospitalised for last 2 months,when your marketing department send me a privillage kit,which was received by my family member.but i don't know about that think. i am not interested about this kit. so i want to cancel it. but your helpline no. is always busy, and i get bills in every month including the adjustment amount of this privillage facilities.when i talk with customer care no. they said that they informed the marketing department and they will call me to solve my problem. but they don't. my complain no.[protected].
i put my complain here for get good and i wait for the result.

Anindita Sarkar Roy
card no. [protected]

I have always faced the same problem as stated by the person above.
The guys from SBI, Johannesburg are callous and irresponsible; they don't respond to the emails and to make matters worse, they don't respond to the phone calls either!
The girl at the reception will not bother to answer the call and eventually when she does, she'll simply route the call to the concerned department without bothering to hold on to the line and re-route the call to another available person if the concerned person is unavailable/dozing off/chit-chatting with his fellow colleagues. Sometimes it feels like everybody is sleeping in SBI, Johannesburg!

These guys are having the easiest of jobs and yet they fail to take or respond to calls/emails. What is the girl at the reception meant for- to read newspapers?? I am sorry but that's the only thing I have seen her doing and that's probably why she doesn't respond! You make 20 calls and if you are lucky you might get answered once.

On a second thought, I feel it's not entirely the receptionist's fault. There is an old saying- Birds of a feather flock together. Maybe she is so used to seeing the callousness and laidback attitude of the SBI staff that she herself is set out to make a point!

Request you to please address this issue. Believe me, there are plenty of people (you search for one and you'll find one hundred) who are fuming at the SBI staff's behavior as i write this complaint.
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    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


     Amit Joshi
    My Sbi card no. [protected]Fpls stop all the Insurance policy and Royal Sundaram Policy I don’t require this type of policy which is non-usable or fake
    Because I had taken the Royal Sundaram Policy and I was claim the Insurance but they denied for approval of the claim no body was informing which injurys are not coming in policy after the claim of insurance they denied on the time of policy given no any inform that this is limited claim policy.

    Why you people give this type of policy to customers ?
    You are loosing your customer due to this.
    This is totally drastic for you. If you have some care concern of the customers then pls stop this type of mediclaims

    Hope you take some actions

    My policy detail as per below pls remove it from my account
    1. 22/11/2007 ROYAL SUNDARAM ALLIANC CHENNAI Rs.4,310.00
    2. 12/12/2007 SBI CARDS HOS CASH ADMIN FEE Rs. 841.80
    Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 23:35:13
    Dear sir,
    Ref :MQ[protected] Dated[protected]
    I shocked to learn SBI CARDS settlement cancel letter, I think this SBI cards find this way to earning money like that.
    When I recd your settlement letter in march 2007 I was sure that SBI card is never ever think for his clients, but I trust yours Local executive officer and zonal officers meeting and talks, after Sbi cards got money 50,000 from me and cheating with me.
    Till July to Jan 2007 I request many and many times to reverse I got only assurance and reverse promise letter from you instant of reversal.
    Settlement letter of dated[protected] I received from SBI this letter on[protected].by hand,
    I don’t now you terms and conditions, when I call on help line for this reply,you only look your payment there is no problem will face you.
    because I am reputed and fair person I choose your settlement instant of legal fight
    I am giving you details of settlement payment for your justice
    7. Cheque of date[protected] Rs 13,000 clearing on same month
    A. Chaque of date[protected] Rs 05,000 clearing on same month
    B. Chaque of date[protected] Rs 08,000 clearing on same month
    C. Chaque of date[protected] Rs 08,000 clearing on same month
    D. Chaque of date[protected] Rs 04,000 clearing on same month
    E. Chaque of date[protected] Rs 12,000 clearing on[protected] disowner
    F. Re chaque on[protected] Rs 12,000 clearing on[protected] clear

    You see I am paying by the time I can’t understand why I am fail in settlement if there is problem in point F, so I got notice from SBI cards representatives now we have local Accounts for clearing of your cheque. so your cheque will clear within one or two days. I maintain sufficient fund and I prove that. but some cheque on[protected] will clear before your cheque. unfortunate.
    I request SBI cards just look my account all cheque are clear within one or two days the last cheque will present after long time.
    Sir, payment systems SBI Cards is always not fair, many times calls from sbi cards that our server is down so give us post dated cheque and some times yours local agency failed, some time there local representative will change. time by times, there are many confusion in your call center.after I registerd do not call i recd Daily 8.30Am many and many re confirmation calls from sbi cards calls centers. many time misbehaving calls from sbi cards calls centers, there is no communication between there agencies. I am the person who punished from them systems. I have all the letters and records to prove you lots of mistake in my SBI account.
    I think the SBI Cards finds short cut of Income,they are not interseted in thinking costumers faver.
    In my meter I request you to kindly look after my account and guide what i do. still i am not recd N.O.C. of zero balance statement as per they promise.
    If I not find justice from SBI Cards I will go for legal.
    Thanking you,
    Pramod verma
    settlement tr no: raj[protected]
    SBI Ac No :[protected]
    i would like to know my account balance .my account no is [protected]
    i want to no my accout balance.. when i called to your bank..the ffedback i got is very sence of responsbility.. and job respect.. if anybody can help me..then solve my query pls...

    My Account no..[protected]

    SBI Cards is a cheater. Cheated me with ROYAL SUNDARAM insurance. Guys dont go for these two, you will definitely land in trouble. I have taken oath to prevent atleast 50 of my friends from falling into this trap.
    my card no is [protected] where in 2006-07 i have agreed for health insurance for me and my wife.2007-08 I HAVE NOT RENEWED THE SAME, BUT you are debiting my account with premium why?I have written one letter on 2-5-08 for which you have not replied.please drop the insurance policy07-08 and waive the penalities imposed against premiums.vrkrao card holder.
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       anita bhardwaj
      My name is anita n m having one credit card from SBI no. [protected]. These customer care executive use to call me everday without fail about payments which i already settled. I had settled down my account with them one year back still m paying there installments. Every time after three four installments they says that yor settlement is invalid. We will give you another letter for settlement for your account. M really shocked to see their behaviour with the customer. they abuse customer like anything specially -with the girls they are very bad. One person from SBI named YASHPAL BHATTI N TARUN BHATIA called me in the month of september 2006 on regular basis...he abused me very badly. he told me that he will [censored] me mother everybody and so on. that time i was admitted in the hospital for delivery. Really with SBICREDIT CARD PERSONS IT IS VERY DIFFICULT TO TALK OR I WILL SUGGEST EVERYBODY PLEASE TAKE ANY CREDIT CARD USE ANY CREDIT CARD BUT PLS NEVER USE SBI CREDIT CARD. I HAVE STILL PENDING MY DUES AFTER PAYING 75 THOUSAND RUPEES AND I HAD USED ONLY 28 THOUSAND RUPEES OF SBI CREDIT CARD.
      Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 23:34:35
      My name is Ramesh N.Ramkrishnan and i do not have an SBI Credit Card.
      I received an sms last week asking for payment of Rs.18647,from the 12th of May 2010 i am receiving calls from an Collection Agency of SBI demanding Payment.even now i recd a call from a Gurgaon number [protected] asking for my details,why is sbi harassing people who do not have their Credit Card
      My name is Ajit kumar Bizoara & Sudha Bizoara having two credit card from SBI no. [protected] &[protected]. These customer care executive use to call me everday without fail about payments which i alreadyrequested to be amount i will be pay I want settled down my account with them three month back still m payingWe will give you another telephonic for settlement for your account. M really shocked to see statement unnessary chargase which carried out Rs 6700.00t. Really with SBICREDIT CARD PERSONS IT IS VERY DIFFICULT TO TALK OR I WILL SUGGEST EVERYBODY PLEASE TAKE ANY CREDIT CARD USE ANY CREDIT CARD BUT PLS NEVER USE SBI CREDIT CARD. I HAVE STILL PENDING MY DUES without purchase any thing
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        State Bank of India — SBI Credit Card payments has become a big headache! [Resolved]

         Vasanthraj Kumar
        Worst Credit card is SBI only . nw im feeling lot for taking that card , i deposited the cheque 5 days before the due date...
        Complaint comments  Comments  (23)

        State Bank of India — Lost ATM card! [Resolved]

         J.V.S.N.Koteswara Rao
        my a/c number is [protected], in SPBB Branch, Guntur, A.P, i applied for ATM card and i received it. Then i went to bank to...
        Complaint comments  Comments  (124)


        I Have redeemed 2100 points for gift in nov 06 since then only I am making followup in this regard every time one or other excuse was given by the people who were attending the phone .
        Now when I strictly asked the executive to transfer the call to some of his supervisor for proper reply the final word from the supervisor was told to me is that it is almost one year case and we can not do any thing in this regard, i tried to get the document and courier no through which the gift was despatched reply was sorry we have talked to concern dept and they dont provide any detail after three months . plz suggest what should i do now in this regard.
        Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 23:33:19
        I have also facing the similar problem with SBI credi card reedumption gift.

        SBI has given me docet no. also but its also wrong and no body wants to reply soon.
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          I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


           Sudesh parmanand Rao
          As against their bill of Nov, i had issued cheque with the necessary details, but, this months statement is showing cheque not been honoured and i was charged for unbankable invalid fee and payment not recieved by due date. On enquiring with the issuing bank, they confirmed that cheque had not come to them for clearance and they have not dishonoured the cheque. On enquiring with the executive of the card company they said, their is some overwriting and they have cancelled the cheque themselve without sending it to the issuing bank, and i was not informed regarding the cancellation. On talking to another executive she said cheque has been dishonoured by your bank and we do not have any right to cancell the cheque, so their is some kind of conspiracy going on to extort money from the cosumer, though my amount is not much but still this kind of cheating to extract money must be going on with many cosumer unaware about the intention of the credit card company. I demanded to put me through their supervisor but they did not, and disconnected the line and on again speaking to another executive, she said they will adjust the bill, but cld not give me any convincing answer regarding the cancellation of the cheque on their own. I feel this must be going on for many years.
          Kindly look into this matter urgently and expose their doing.
          S P Rao
          Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 23:33:15
          I completely agree with Mr.Rao.
          The credit card comapnie have taken the consumers for granted.While the card is issued by the bank the backend operations for them in terms of collection of dues, closing the bank card account are outsourced.These outsourced companies resort to these tactics.
          i strongly feel that these companies should be exposed and RBI should intervene & implement strict regulations.
          My card No.[protected].C.Raja Reddy.last year that is 07in june I have got some bill with annual maintenece charge.
          we asked your call center person on phone about maintenece fee,
          which we got the card on the promise of free maintenence and got deduction then paid the amount.But again this year too I got
          your statement asking maintenence fee in this sep 08.dispite of
          my single time use since last year june.
          How it is to bear your feeses without using cards.even after it is
          free maintainance promised.
          we are using debit card with a minimum fee of 60Rs per anum.
          but yours is horrible to bare if you are not reduced these feeses I can ready to cancel my card that you can do.and entimate me.
          C.Raja Reddy.
          this is the worst card i have erver used
          my name is Neil Khamkar I live in serwi Mumbai. in the year[protected] I had applied for a credit card with SBI, as I was working with Zenta a black listed call center.I was advised that my credit card request has been rejected however after some months I got a demand draft for 10, 000 which I destroyed as I did not want any money. A few months latter I satrted getting colllection calls which after explaining the situation stopped.

          I am have started getting letter for the same now claiming that I have a bill of 53, 236.61. I do not know what to do or whom to approach. this is mental harassment if there is any one that can help me with this issue I will be great full
          this is the credit card #[protected]
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            State Bank of India — non-receipt of statement + harassment on phone [Resolved]

             Sachin Velayudhan
            This is with reference to my sbi credit card statement.i have not received my statement on time any of the month,even after...
            Complaint comments  Comments  (17)


             Shailesh Kumar Gupta
            i am not getting the password 4 internet banking from the B.T.road branch of the bank in kolkata. the branch manager is telling that he is not able to provide it as he is busy with other work. The concerned manager does not behave in a proper way with their client. He takes time 2 fulfill any kind of responsibility..

            thanking you
            Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 23:32:48
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              I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

              OnlineSBI — Forgot Username [Resolved]

               Rajesh Bharadia
              Dear Sir,
              I just got the Net-Banking for my SBI account activated and changed the username & password. But my mistake...
              Complaint comments  Comments  (107)

              State Bank of India, Zonal Office, Madurai — problem in login site for effecting payment [Resolved]

               H. Thiagarajan
              My card No. [protected] is valid up to December 2007. I have not so far received the renewed card. Please arrange...


               Chandraprakash Jain
              Hi, This is Chandraprakash Jain and my card no is [protected]. I would like to draw your attention to strange reply given by two of coustomer executives viz. "Vaibhav" and "Komal" and SBI's stretagy to make money from innocent customers.
              SBI simply put charges in your bill and every time will ensure that their collection department gives a call to you and they promise to reverse the charges and ask you to pay the rest of amount (net of charges) and that is exactly what you do. And now think why do they on their own give a call to you.
              My dear friends, it is because the fact that promises made by their collection department has no legal value instead of fact it is recorded or not. And when you will contact Customer care what they will say "Collection is a separate department and their call records are not shown in our log and you must have called Customer care".
              Now realize what mistake you have made by trusting them on their collection department and trick of SBI Card in refusing any of the responsibilty of their collection department.
              This is the best example to show how to make your coustomer fool and make money by harrassing them.
              I would be greatful if you could help me out in it. Although I have instructed them to cancelled my card from right now and I request all of you people to do the same. Do not ever believe SBI CARD by thinking that it is a nationalized bank's enterprise.
              Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 23:32:05

              SBI Cards — Card Payment and Undue Charges

              The persons calls up from Delhi and Gurgaon requesting not to deposit cheque and they will get collected and the reprsentative does not turn up after taking time for weeks and we land up in paying late charges for no fault.
              I am not user of SBI CARD but still i am receiving sms from you "TM-SBI CARD" of due payments. My mobile no is [protected].

              Kindly deactive the same and do the needful.

              Farooq shaikh.
              I am also not an user of SBI CARD. In fact I have neither used nor applied for any credit card. I am receiving SMS from your TM-SBI CARD informing that statement has been dispatched and amount is due from me.I had submitted a compliant last month to you informing the above position. Unfortunately I have received a similar message this month also. Kindly deactive the same and do the needful.

              N .Parameswara Kumar
              I am also not an user of SBI CARD. In fact I have neither used nor applied for any credit card. I have recieved an SMS from your TM-SBI CARD informing that statement has been dispatched and amount is due from me. Kindly deactive the same and do the needful.

              Cyril Mathew George
              I am not user of SBI CARD but still i am receiving sms from you "TM-SBI CARD" of due payments. My mobile no is [protected].

              Kindly deactive the same and do the needful.
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                I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


                 Mahendra Singh
                i have already writter a mail to SBI credit CC manager on , 16-Aug-07,But matter still pendig please do the needful.


                SBI Credit Card

                This is with reference to "ROYAL SUNDARAM ALLIANC CHENNAI IN" dated 30.04.07 amounting Rs. 5093/-. This was renewed without any information/confirmation to me and deducted from card account. I came to know this when I received the statement for the month of May '07. Then I talked to your call center about this and they further suggested me to talk to Sundaram. After talking to Sundaram, they confirmed that they will cancel the policy and same amount would be revert back to my account.

                The amount Rs. 4584/- was reverted on 31.05.07. Still the balance amount Rs. 509/- is not adjusted and Rs. 272/- was further debited on account of "Finance Charges". Then I called many times to SBI Call Center and everytime they assured that whole amount would be waived off next month statement.

                Everytime they are debiting some amount in the name of "Finance Charges" and Rs. 509/- is also not waived off.

                Now my concerns are :

                1) "Why this payment of Rs. 5093/- was made to Sundaram without my confirmation.
                2) When amount of Rs. 509/- would be adjusted.
                3) Why this Finance Charges are adding everytime.

                Please look into this and arrange to resolve the problem at the earliest. I am coordinating SBI since long.

                If it is not resolved, then I would have to go for cancellation of SBI card and would have no option except referring the matter to Consumer Forum / RBI.

                With Regards
                Mahendra Singh

                Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 23:31:45
                I am not using my SBI Credit card from day one. Then also I received the bill .
                Name : Sanjay L Kurkute From : Pune, Mob: [protected] Pl. reply me on my cell / Mob: [protected]
                Mail ID: [protected]
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                  I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


                  See iam reciving a call from SBI card division past from 8 months.. they are asking one mis namya krishna iam continuesly telling ur prople which is wrong no pls ignore the no & i have sent a mail to SBI customer care also from there also i got fedback they told sorry for the inconviniyence we are deleting ur no from the database after two day again they started calling is there any way to stop the calling????
                  the no are
                  Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 23:31:37
                  has this issue resolved? otherwise do the police complaint
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                    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


                     N K SHARMA
                    I have booked two watches as per sbi statement offer to me with M/s Compact International Mumbai and paid vide my SBI card It was debited to my SBI card on dated 06.11.2007 which is shown in my SBI card statement of Nov.2007. I want to contact the company and customer care centre of SBI but no one answered me satisfactorily. Now I decide to go Consumer Court/Forum for the delivery the product or return my money to me as early as possible. If you help me or suggest me to how I react the same.
                    Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 23:31:16
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                      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


                       chandravadan Goritiyal
                      Sub: Complaint about SBI credit card
                      Dear Sir,
                      This is to inform you I am holding SBI credit card since last 1.5 yrs. Keeping faith on their billing , I continued using card and making regular payments. In July2007 I took loan so its EMI also I started paying regularly from Aug2007 billing. As I was knowing my billing and EMI amount so in 1Sep2007 I made payment before billing date of Sep2007.So that excess amount of my payments can be adjusted in sep2007 bill. But SBI customer service call center asked me to make again EMI payment stating “early payment of EMI not accepted and excess payment of customer can be adjusted against purchases only and suggested me to do purchasing so excess credit amount of approx.Rs.3600/- can be adjusted”. So in Sep2007 and October 2007 billing also I paid EMI amount again even though extra credit balance was existing on my credit card account. So in Oct2007 I made intentional credit card purchases expecting SBI will adjust my excess payment but again they sent bill without adjusting my extra excess credit balance Of apprx. Rs.3600/-
                      This cause me a serious mental trauma as I had to borrow money from my friends to make SBI payment of Sep2007 and Oct2007 eventhough excess credit existing on my credit card account.Their costomer cares assured me many times in last 3months that they will adjust excess credit for purcheses but till today they have not sorted out the matter and finally they given me complaint no only in Nov2007.(in Nov2007 bill they shown balance credit adjustment but again shown balance debit adjustment whereas in actual this debit should not be existed)
                      Complaint No:MQ[protected] dt 14/11/2007 sub: Rectification of bill
                      Complaint No:MQ[protected] dt 17/11/2007
                      Complaint No:MQ[protected] dt 20/11/2007
                      Complaint No:MQ[protected] dt 24/11/2007
                      Moreover SBI costomer care keeps caller on hold and disconnects without answering after some time.
                      So SBI credit card punished me for making early payment i.e.before due date.
                      Expecting early sorting of this matter without any interst burdon on me as excess payment already i made, and hoping for proper reply from sbi or gesbi without any surprises.
                      Chandravadan S Goritiyal
                      Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 23:31:14
                      Dear Sir
                      This is to infom you thae I am holding the SBI credit card, it is for more then 5 years , but from one and half year i am not getting any statements bcoz of that i am unable to make the payment on time, your collection people are very harsh, now i request you to send me the statements on time so that i could make the payments , for past one year ia m paying uncessarily late fee and other interest charges for no reason , it is all because of your system , even from past one year my card has been expired and the new card is not yet been sent to me, pl doo the needful in this regard
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                        State Bank of India — request for e-statement [Resolved]

                          tapan ghosh
                        no complain,.,.,.,.only a request for sending of my card statement in my e-mail........
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                         Syed Raheel Hussain Hashmi
                        Credit Card
                        SBI Bank Credit Card
                        Pune, MH 411027

                        This is Shailesh Jain. I am software professional working in Pune and my native place in Jabalpur (M.P.)

                        2 and half years back I have applied for a SBI credit card & I have filled some details such as native place phone no., company name & no.(at that time I was in IBM Pune) etc.

                        But after some time I got the regret letter from SBI bank saying that I do not fit into their criteria for Credit Card and the matter was closed at that time only.

                        And I didn't receive any Card from SBI bank and suddenly on 16th-Nov.-07 after 2 and half year later somebody (says I am the DSP from Delhi- Samar Pratap Singh) called (thrice) on my native place phone no. and threaten to my mother saying that your son has done fraud and we will send ladies police within 8 hours & you and your son will get arrested.

                        And he did not tell any thing about him and in 2nd call he has given one advocate cell no. to call a guy named -Sumit (advocate in Delhi high court, cell no. [protected]).

                        And when I had talked with this guy (Sumit) he has told me that SBI bank has put some charges (such as fraud case against me-420,306 etc.) because I have purchased some-thing from SBI Credit Card and did not paid the amount.

                        Then I told him that I do not hold any SBI Credit Card & recently 15 days back I have applied for it from Pune and still I did not received it. Then he has given me other cell no. to talk says he is banker you have to talk with Kiran (Cell no. [protected]).

                        After talking with kiran I have told him the same stuff I don't hold any Credit card from SBI and then he has also given me another number to talk.

                        SBI banker name Sandip (Cell no.[protected]); after that I had talk with him also; I have told the same stuff I don't have any credit , debit and not even account in SBI.

                        Then how come I can purchase some thing from it?

                        And I had told him that please provide me details about Credit card acceptance if I have received it.

                        I need information

                        on which date you have issued Card ?

                        on which address you have delivered Card?

                        on which date you have send it?

                        at what time somebody have received it?

                        by which courier you have send it and what was the AWB no. or Dispatch no. etc?

                        who has signed on courier receipt?

                        which identity receiver has show while accepting card and did courier guy has checked out?

                        after use of card, did SBI bank has send any bill statement.

                        -- If Yes - then same question on which address, on which date, at what time, by which courier service.

                        - and if amount was not paid did SBI bank send any reminder

                        If yes-- then same question on which address, on which date, at what time, by which courier service.

                        And after such kind of talk he says he will get back to me. And in the evening at 6:12PM on same day he has called but he told me only one thing like- he says 'if that is the issue then I will do something.'

                        And now I am seeking justice & complete information;

                        Now I would like to file a case against SBI Credit Card department and all the guys who has involved in complete scenario.

                        Please help me out in this situation.

                        With regards,

                        Shailesh Jain
                        Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 23:16:43
                        please send your ahmedabad agents & office Phone numbers.
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                           VIVEK AGARWAL
                          Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 23:30:42
                          Respected Sir/ Mam,

                          Myself Mukesh Kumar Singh, My A/c -[protected], Swathya Vihar Branch (Delhi), My Internet Banking Kit No-[protected], Packet No-46075, Circle code-04, Serial No-10.

                          Sir, Whenever got Internet Banking ktit . The manager told it will be activate within 24 hrs, but till date it is not activated. i complained many time in branch but no one can understand my problem so humbly request to u activate my Internet banking user and password.

                          Mukesh Kumar Singh
                          i myself AKANKSHA RANI my account no is [protected], PATNA SECRATARIAT, branch my Internet Banking kit no -[protected], packet no-46569, circle code-09, serial no-41.

                          sir when i login with user name and password, given by bank on internet banking kit, then it shows invalid username and password. now suggest me what should i do.
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                            State Bank of India — IMPROPER SERVICE [Resolved]

                             A.MOHAMED BASHEER
                            Sir,I have received my bill for a value of Rs.1969 due date on 8.11.07. I have put my cheque of Bank of India,R.N.puram branch,Coimbatore...
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