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Bajaj Finance Customer Care

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4th Floor, Bajaj Finserv Corporate Office, Viman Nagar
Pune District
India - 411014
Landmarks:Off Pune-Ahmednagar Road

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Use your registered mobile number to access your loan account details and source instant answers to your queries.

SMS to 92275 64444

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GETEMAIL To know your current email address
UPDEMAIL To update your email address
GETADD To know your current mailing address
CUSTID To know your customer ID
LAN To know your loan account number (LAN)
EXPERIA To know your Portal Experia username and password
EMI LAN To know your loan / EMI details
PIN To know your 4 digit EMI Card PIN number
FEEDBACK To give your valuable feedback
SAT Y To give a positive feedback
SAT N To give a negative feedback
SOA To get Statement of account
NOC To get No Objection Certificate on loan closure
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Customer satisfaction rating
Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Mon12:00 am - 12:00 am
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Bajaj Finance Complaints & Reviews

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Bajaj Finance — loan due charges

 vasanth lobo on Dec 18, 2017

I informed them i am not able to pay the emi amount on time and i will be paying it on 10th of every month they agreed and i cleared all the emi but suddenly i got a call from delhi that case has been registered on me that i need to come to delhi court for making emi's late payments and threatening me and started harassing me, that they will give a complaint in the police station if i do not pay the late payment charges by evening. I am already facing a situation, i request bajaj finance to check and do the need full

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Bajaj Finance — worst response from staff

 suri_k on Dec 18, 2017
I'm customer of gold loan in ur company. When i came to release my gold loan it almost takes 2 hours for now still no response from the staff and saying that we just gone outside coming in 15 minutes like that. I'm here from 2 hours this is not the first time this is second time this is not the way to behave with the customers totally negative response from the staff...
Worst worst worst...
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Bajaj Finance — noc of 2 wheeler

 CRO,Lucknow on Dec 17, 2017
Sir i had purchased a motorcycle splender plus from bright motors, mausam bagh, sitapur road, lucknow and its financer was bajaj finance in the name of afsar hussain s/o mustafa hussain. Address — type-2/112, akansha parisar, jankipuram, lucknow-226021. Now pease give noc of that loan.
Registration no. Up32cd1360 date 6 july 2007.
Chassis no.07f16c42175
Engine no. 07f15m44551
Sr. No. Rc-a 0639202...
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Bajaj Finance — continuous calls from bajaj finance about loans

 Kanthi S on Dec 17, 2017
I have been getting nonstop calls from [protected] (Bajaj finance) regarding personal loans. This week alone i have got over 12 calls from them. I am put on hold for about 2 mins and then a call center agent starts bugging me about taking personal loans. On asking for supervisor details and if they are actually from bajaj finance, they cut the call immediately. They have become nuisance and would like to report them for constant violations. I have never taken a loan from bajaj finance and do not ever remember giving them my phone number....
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Bajaj Finance — change of mobile no from 9503317049 to 9665660937

 Jeet Lalwani on Dec 17, 2017

Respected sir/mam plz change my old mobile no which is [protected] and my new no is [protected].

As if i have my mobile number registerd with bajaj fin serv len my mobile number is [protected] which is now not in use so boc of this i cant track any of my acc details so its my request to plz change my number with new one details which i need to be update metion below.

Experia id no :[protected], num to update is [protected].

Thanking you regards

Jitendra. L. Lalwani...
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Bajaj Finance — executives asks relevant questions over phone

 anjana Ahuja on Dec 16, 2017

Your executive called me for asking someone's contact details and i told them that i am not in contact of that person, then they started asking contact details of my father who is not alive. Is this your query department behavior, without having knowledge of the person's background ask whatever they think appropriate.

This is how your tag line works, we care!!!

Here is the contact details of your executive who called me: [protected].

​request you to take the proper action....
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Bajaj Finance — fraud with me against marksheet loan

 karan72@12 on Dec 16, 2017
They have charged me 4500 but didnt get my loan sanctioned. After repeated request of refund they have talked to me in a very discusting manner name of the person is manish and ashish sharma they have asked me to transfer the account in ramesh kumar singh account no[protected]
Mobile no of person who fraud with me
Please help me to get the reembursmant the email id given was
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Bajaj Finance — payment pending after clearing all the the dues

 pankajjangir on Dec 15, 2017

I have paid all the emis on time for my 2 accounts (Screenshot attached of last 2 statements for which i am getting the mail from bajaj).

I am received emails for not paying the emi but i have already paid all the emis, axis bank screenshot attached in the thread.

First they charged rs. 500 for no reason (I paid 1 advance emi and they refunded that for that they charged 500, is paying advance emi is crime?) then they are showing i have not paid last august month emi. If i have not paid the emi do axis bank will stamp on it for no reason?
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Bajaj Finance — receiving too many unnecessary spam calls everyday regarding personal loans

 SayanSaha911 on Dec 15, 2017
I have been receiving too many unnecessary spam calls 2 to 3 times everyday regarding personal loans, overdraft account and all other sorts of offers and promotions.. I have made it clear to the representative, who is calling, on many occasions that i am not interested in any offers or their product and specially i don't need their personal loan. However i still keep getting their calls repeatedly for the last few months. This is extremely frustrating and annoying to get same calls everyday 2 to 3 times and more so when i am expecting some important calls i get a call offering me a personal loan.
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Bajaj Finance — emi get deducted 2 times in the same month 4010cd38626513

 Gaurav0809 on Dec 15, 2017

Bajaj finserv is fraud company check out below mentioned case and you can understand what they can do with you personal saving account. So my advice to all please think 200 times to go for bajaj for any kind of loan.

I had one loan from bajaj finserv by the 4010cd38626513 for which 2500 will be deducted every month from my pnb bank account and in december month my emi got deducted 2 times from my bank account one emi is on 7th december with and another is on 8th december with the same loan number. When i have called up on their customer care or marked them an email...
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Bajaj Finance — annoying phone calls from bajaj finance

 dhaval0011 on Dec 15, 2017
Dear sir,

I don't know how bajaj finance got my number but they are continuously annoying with marketing of new loans/schemes from them. I am not at all interested in any loan/finance scheme.
Is it possible to stop the calls? 50% calls are automated and 50% are human operated. I want to close them all.
My number is: [protected]

Best regards,...
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Bajaj Finance — after loan completed cut rupees from my account direct

 Kaumil Patel on Dec 15, 2017
Dear respected sir,

I am satisfied your service or your loan... After loan complited cut rupees from my account direct without my permission... But this is not satisfied my loan are closed and after 99rs / 350rs / 117rs are cut from my account... What is this can you explain me please... Call back from my contact number is [protected] / [protected]

Dear sir my customer id is [protected] plese dont call this number only call upper two numbers... Please.

Sent from my iphone

After loan rupees cut from monthly... Last 3 months....
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Bajaj Finance — mobile emi

 Rajavel Legend on Dec 14, 2017
I paid mobile emi on day 4. Because 2, 3days are govt leave. They called after ten days and informed 450 charge. But without my knowledge they take rs 118 twice in my account and then they put charge.
I don't want your emi card. I want to return that. Very worst service.
Service woman said that charge will not put. And118 amount also return. But nothing happened....
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Bajaj Finance — flexi loan false charges

 shiburavi on Dec 14, 2017
I get a call from marketing team telling me the benefits of flexi loan and the payment options which are good. The process is after approval they will add the funds based on your eligibility (In my case 5lakhs) to their portal and i can downdraw whenever i require and pay interest for only the fund i have used.

The actual process was different. They just transferred the fund after the processing charges to my bank account directly. I had to transfer the money back to bajaj portal as i did not want to use it immediately. Now for the actual problem - they approved for a total of 5.1...
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Bajaj Finance — unsolicited calls on Dec 13, 2017
Hi bajaj finance,

I am getting daily 4-5 calls from bajaj finance and it is very disturbing. Either it is bajaj finance or your channel partners.

This has become very irritating.

Please do not call me. Please ask your channel partners not to call case, you are not right person, please direct me to the correct legal entity in india and i will complain there

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Bajaj Finance — not able to login on customer portal experia

 JaydeepJoshi on Dec 13, 2017
I am not able to login with given credentials, i am not able to repay the loan amount which is not required for me. My requirement of loan is 2l and amount credited to my bank account is 4l, so i am trying to repay 2l amount using the given credentials.

I am trying to repay the 2l amount from the loan disbursement date 08/12/2017 at the same day i got the login credentials.

I am waiting and trying to contact you from last 5-6 days but no one has replied. I have mailed you many times, but every time my request get closed by you without a solution.

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Bajaj Finance — no objection certificate required

 Krish Uttappa on Dec 12, 2017
Hi team,

Please be informed that i took my two wheeler bike through bajaj finance in march 2013 however my loan with bajaj finance got completed but did not receive the no objection certificate for that.

I am applying for a loan in different bank for which their require no objection certificate from bajaj finance.

Bike # ka53eb2756
Mob # [protected]/[protected]...
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Bajaj Finance — scammers and liars

 beingsarci on Dec 12, 2017
I'm really disappointed with the way bajaj finance's customer service team works.
I got a written confirmation from bajaj's team that my emi card is unblocked & ready to be used (After rigorous follow up on twitter & email). For the third time when i went to the local shop to book my phone, & yet the card was blocked. Finally i had to use my cc to buy the phone. Why have they mentioned that it's unblocked? If you don't want customers to buy product under your finance company, you can say that upfront! You kept on lying. That moment was embarrassing for me & it will be humiliating...
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Bajaj Finance — emi paid and still showing overdue and charging penalty

 pooja11sharma on Dec 11, 2017
For loan account i had applied for change in bank details with all necessary documents on 25/11/17, and as informed bank detail updation will take another 15-20 days officer at bhopal branch told me to deposit upcoming emi in advance.

On 4/12/17 i had paid online emi by portal for which transaction was successfull, reciept is attached here with.

But after due date i recieved message that my emi is overdue. And i need to pay penalty along with emi....
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Bajaj Finance — do not disturb, don't need any loans

 cherry3s on Dec 11, 2017
Hello, everyday am receiving atleast one call from bajaj finance in which it's very disturbing, probably i was a past customer with bajaj finance but not now and never want to be because of higher roi, average service quality etc., request you to kindly remove my name and number from your records in regards to the loans and lendings promotions, marketing, etc. I don't need any lendings further.
Thanks and appreciate your assistance in anticipation....
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