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Chevrolet India Customer Care
Chevrolet Sales India Pvt. Ltd.
Customer satisfaction rating: 1%
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Chevrolet India Customer Care

Chevrolet Sales India Pvt. Ltd.

Block B, Chandrapura Industrial Estate, District Panchmahals
Panchmahal District
India - 389351

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts



+91 12 4421 3334  
+91 26 7622 0666  

Additional info
Chevrolet Marketing Office
Chevrolet Sales India Pvt. Ltd., 1st Floor, Plot Number 15, Sector-32, Gurgaon-122001, Haryana, India

Regional Customer Care
Pune: +91 20 3030 8080
Delhi: +91 11 3030 8080
Kolkata: +91 33 3030 8080
Gurgaon: +91 24 3030 8080
Mumbai: +91 22 3030 8080
Jaipur: +91 41 3030 8080

Customer satisfaction rating
Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Chevrolet India Complaints & Reviews

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Recently we purchased a Chevrolet Spark LS car at KLN Motors Agencies Pvt Ltd KILPAUK, Chennai. The Sales representative Mr.Pritiviraj[protected] of this company promised me to provide a roof rail at free of cost as his sales offer. It has been 7.5 months form the date of purchase there is no response either from the sales person or from the KLN motors.
I have given the complaint several times over phone but no response. Now my car is in service center. I asked the sales representative to offer this facility to me now. He is not showing any interest on it. Then I called the sales manager Mr.Krishnasamy[protected] and explained my problem. And He says that it was not reached to his knowledge. Now Mr.Pritiviraj is not all picking up the phone.
Mr.R.Nazeer, Service Advisor taking care of my vehicle service at Ambatuur service station. I asked Mr.R.Nazeer to call Mr.Pritiviraj to get the approval of providing this roof rail. But He fixed up the roof rail and keep on making calls to Mr.Pritiviraj, as usuals he is not picking up the phone .
Now these service personals asking me to pay the roof rail amount to get back my vehicle from service station No control over it. I do not want to pay any amount.

Yes 100% KLN Motor's guys's are very worst sales guys, last week i bought spark lt model now i have raise one complaint for insurance, you do one thing, directly go and met some higher officers and explain the offer other wise you won't get the offer.
KLN motor for Chevrolet cars are one of the worst service center I have ever seen.
Sibbari Road, Malugram.

Silchar 788002. Assam.
Radiant Motors Pvt.Ltd.
NH37, Sarusazai, Gwuahati.7810028
I have purchased a Chevrolet Spark LS on 16.01.09 vide which was running nicely but found trouble in shifting of 1st2nd gear, it always jerks in gear shifting, sometimes it stops in a traffic.I have shown the car to your service centre at Gwuahati on 10.04.09., but they failed to satisfy me. I have been driving since 30 years, but never found such kind of troubles.
I request you to suggestadvise me and arrange to make necessary service.
Awating your immediate action.
Thanking you
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     Vijay Venkatesh
    I brought a new car only 2 days from KLN motors, Kilpauk, Chennai, chevrolet, spark LS model, number BA 1831, I was shocked to finfd MP3 player fitted upside, no fuse points etc.To top the car was taken to a local workshop on first day of purchase itself.After two days i was with my family and kids AC fused and we were standing 3 hours in the sun till 2 mecanics came who told me there was no fuse points filled.Utter disgust we came back from the trip 8 hours earlier than planned.Where do I go and complain now?
    Recently i too purcase Spark LT, On delivery date i noticed that the car has little scratches on the door side so i denied the delivery of the vehicle but the Sales executive bala Krishnan promoised that he will do some polish and puping on the scratches, finally i asked for a driver to ride the new car to my home the driver hit the car on the fishcart vehicle and again big scratches also happen in the front of the vehicle i called the executive and inform about the damage, He assured that he will take care, but till now i am trying to reach, no response and avoiding my call . The KLN providing worst service.

    Chevrolet Cruze

    The car has a severe clutch issue. Within two year the clutch plate goes for a toss. Avoid buying the car for this very reason.

    non refunding Rs.15000=

    since last 4 months not refunding Rs.15000 for assured Exchange Bonus, Farmer Incentive, Exciting Car Owner
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      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

      Chevrolet Spark (P.s) — The pathetic service by General Motors

       Shailesh Kumar
      I would like to bring to the notice, the quality of service being provided by your dealers and the misery of one of the customer....
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      Dear Sir,

      This to draw your kind attention to the fact that I became the owner of a Chevrolet UVA-LS vehicle on 10th February 2008 by virtue of which became a part of the GM customer family. However, I would like to lay down the following facts for your information which have affected me adversely and for which I am suffering considerable stress :

      I purchased the above-mentioned vehicle from M/s Pashupati Traders, your Dealer in Dibrugarh, Assam and went to the said Dealership on 10th February ’08 to collect delivery of the vehicle. I had made part payment of Rs.370000/- (including Rs.50000/ as initial booking amount) for the vehicle by 9th February’08 and the remainder including registration charges at the time of taking delivery on 10th February’08. I also obtained insurance for the vehicle through the tie-up arrangement that your Dealer has, on that very day itself.

      After clearing all necessary paper work and getting the accessories fitted for which I paid there and then itself, I took delivery of the vehicle and left the Dealership at around 4: 30 PM. On leaving, I fuelled the car with 10 litres of fuel (Petrol) and left for my residence which is at a separate town called Tinsukia, 50 Kms away. I was driving by myself and was traveling with my two young children, aged 8 and 3 years, and a maid. It was getting dark as I left Dibrugarh as we stopped to buy some sweets on the way to celebrate our new purchase. The weather was also gloomy as it has been raining incessantly in these parts since the last few days. As I entered Tinsukia, the car seemed to be losing pick-up although I was moving at a relatively slow pace considering traffic on the road. The car stalled and when I stopped and changed gear to 1st, the car again moved forward only to stall once again a few yards ahead. This continued till I reached home by when, the Check light on the instruments panel flashed on. I was terribly worried as the engine also seemed to heat up and as it was dark and I was with two young children I did not want to be held up anywhere. My only thought was to reach home safely. In the meantime, the check light was still on and I knew something was wrong as I was told while taking delivery that this was an indication of some problem. As soon as I reached home somehow and put the car away in the garage, I called up one of the sales persons of the Dealership, Mr.Ujjwal Borthakur, and informed him about the problem. He told me that he would inform the service people and advised me to start the engine again in the morning and drive, as it may have been a temporary problem initially.

      This morning, i.e.11th February’08, I turned on the ignition and started the engine once again and found the check light still on. I opened the bonnet and found the engine very hot. Being worried I called up Mr.Borthakur once again and was told that a mechanic would be sent or else I would have to take the vehicle to Dibrugarh. I told him that I would not be able to drive the car to Dibrugarh as the problem of stalling of the vehicle may occur again and it would be too risky to drive 50 Kms to the Dealership. Instead, as we have another vehicle at home, I sent my Driver with the same and asked the Dealership personnel to send the mechanic in my vehicle to Tinsukia to have a look at the problem. The mechanic arrived, had a look and told me that the problem could be that of a sensor not working and that he would take the car to Dibrugarh. I handed over the keys and let him take the car although I asked him if there would be any problems enroute like the previous evening. He said that it would be OK. Around 12 noon the car was taken to Dibrugarh by the said mechanic. I called up the Dealership again at around 4:30 PM to check if the vehicle had reached and was told that it had. I was also informed during one of my various calls to the Dealership that a
      Service Engineer from the Company would be coming to Dibrugarh the following day i.e.12th February’08 and he would have a look at the problem. I told them that I would like to meet the Engineer, as I was very worried about the new vehicle being problematic.

      You would appreciate that I, as a new customer of your valued Company, am extremely worried about the vehicle that I have purchased. At the moment I am alone out here as my husband is out of the country and will be away for a year or so. Therefore, I have had to organize the procurement of the new vehicle by myself and having had to make arrangements all on my own. I am a working woman and extremely busy at work and with two young children to take care of, am already under considerable stress. To add to my share of worries and problems, the procurement of this new car has further compounded my problems, as I am very worried. You can well imagine my tension since last evening when I drove the new car and it started giving problems before even reaching my residence. Although I am not aware of the nature of the problem and that maybe it could be resolved easily, I am really worried and also feeling upset that a new car which was bought with so much excitement could throw up a problem on the very day of delivery itself. I have even started wondering if I made a right choice of opting for a Chevrolet vehicle. In the past between my husband and me, we have been the owners of vehicles of various makes like Maruti Suzuki, Ford,
      Tata, etc. but have never faced any problems of any kind with engine or otherwise especially on the very day of purchasing a vehicle. To add to my concern is the fact that I travel extensively by road in my job and I am worried that now that this vehicle has given me a problem on the very day I have bought it, how can I be assured that it would not throw up problems during my tours when I am traveling and am on my own. I would be quite anxious all the time that there may be some defect in the vehicle and that it would let me down when I am traveling at work. Considering the nature of my work, I am quite dependent on a reliable vehicle and now I am not sure if this Chevrolet UVA would be dependable.

      I have expressed my concerns which I am sure you would understand and hope you would take due cognizance of the fact that I am very upset and worried. I hope to also receive some reply from you addressing my concern. Today when quality is paramount in any business, a defect/problem does raise doubts about quality as you would very well understand being in the business yourself.

      I hope, once again, my issue or complaint is redressed at the earliest and my genuine concerns about the quality and performance of this new vehicle are assuaged at the earliest satisfactorily.

      Thanking you,

      Chandrima Sarmah
      Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.
      (Assam Oil Division)
      Tinsukia - 786125
      Tel : [protected] (M)/[protected]O)



      Non refunding Rs.15000=00

      chevrolet Rajkor-Gujarat Dealer M/s.Gallops Motors is not Refunding the assured Loyalty amount, exchange Bonus, farmer incentive
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        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

        Chevrolet Spark — non delivery after even 9 weeks

        We were the first ones to book Spark - Lt - Platinum, immediately after the ad of General Motors offering a concession on...
        Complaint comments  Comments  (1)

         Hemant K. Sarnobat
        When I took my Chevrolet Tavera B2 for 1st servicing the responsible person at UDIT MOTORS,Thane, aasured me that my vehicle is properly serviced and a trial has been taken. And the car started giving me problems at 1500kms, in the brakes. Whenever the brakes were applied at the speed above 40km/hr the brake used to kick back and at the speed of 80-90 km/hr it is almost impossible to control the vehicle cause of faulty brakes and my vehicle got skidded from one lane to the other when I applied the brakes. When i gave the vehicle for 2nd free servicing at 5000kms i brought the brake problem to the notice of the responsible person (CLAUDE) at UDIT MOTORS,Thane,he misguided me that my 3rd free service is due at 15000kms and when i took the vehicle at the mentioned kms. the authorities said that the 3rd free service was due on 10000kms. and i'll have to pay for the service. After a lot of arguement with the supervisor he agreed to adjust my labour charges which were Rs.600/- and transfered it to INTERNAL CLEANING which will be done in my next servicing. I reported Brake problems at high speed and SERVICE ADVISOR named Mr.BHASKAR took a trial and said that all problems have been resolved.I want some action taken against UDIT MOTORS,RD Ashar Compound,Main Road,Wagle Industrial Estate,Thane (W).Tel.[protected] Fax[protected]. My mobile [protected].Hemant Sarnobat.

        After Buying this CHEVROLET TAVERA SS-D1 for Rs: 10, 22000 Vehicle all we got is HEDAKE, ANGER HUMAN BEHAVIOR, VIBRATION NOICE, BULLOCAT SMOOTHNESS, WORST PERFOMANCE & PICK UP, and DAINGEROUS DRIVING. The Dam Engine Noise & Vibration is so tourchér that It Sounds Grate Then DVD Player in the Vehicle *(u can feel that u sit on top of GENERAL MOTORS CHEVROLET ENGINE an driving the vehicle)
        GENERAL MOTORS CHEVROLET TAVERA SS-D1 2500 cc TURBO Can’t even See the BACK of Scorpio / Tata Safari / Innova. They just pass away TAVERA SS-D1 like Flash Light.
        1. The Engine Noise & Vibration: I promise u even a Gove’t Bus Driver Feel an Sees on his Right Side When we tried to OVER TAKE that bus at 90 K mph with AROUSING NOISE from Engine
        2. Worst Performance : CHEVROLET TAVERA SS-D1 2500 cc TURBO Engine has to Dye Hard to Reach its Top Speed 100 Kmph On A/C. Pick up is like Bullakat Fitted with 2500 cc Noise Engine( kindly Up Grade CHEVROLET TAVERA SS-D1 by Provide a Rope Tied With a Big Stone So it can be Placed Permanently on acceleratorPaddle )
        3. It’s very hard chase a MARUTHI 800cc Or TATA INDICA 1400 cc (Turbo) on Hi ways. We Can’t even See Their Back, I mean their Back.
        4. Worst Millage (7.5 to 9.5 Kmpl ) : for this mileage CHEVROLET TAVERA SS-D1 2500 cc TURBO CHARGED what we got is does not go above 100 Kmph / A Thunder Noise Engine / A Big Vibe rater = Rs. 10, 22, 000/-
        5. Hard Suspension & Noises : in 2nd & 3rd row we can feel like traveling in a lorry
        i Mailed to gmi.[protected] Several times but Gm thy say to contact the dealer and dealer says to contact GM. Thay both r playing Game with us for past 8 months. i want to Return this vehicle or Replace it what should i do?

        I Have TAVERA SSD1 (Top End) Model Worth Rs.10, 30, 000/- PLS Know that Tavera is not worth Rs.10, 30, 000/- { Pls buy Tavera Only you get it for Rs. 4, 00, 000/- Because Tavera is = to the standards of 1. Tata Sumo, 2. M&M Bolero, 3.M&M Jeep Model 4. A Share Auto With 4 Wheels, *** Pls think What is Use in Spending Rs. 10 lack & Loan INTREST & Hidn Cost for Tavera? When we get the same Or better for Rs.4, 00, 000/- then still u want to buy GM Vehicles iam Sorry My Dear Friend U will Be Fooled by GM’s Policy.
        Pls kindly Know that TAVERA is
        1.Power Less vehicle (Tavera Dos Not Have Power Full Engine)
        2.Tavera Should be Frequently Serviced for every 600 to 8oo km or you can’t drive it.
        3.Tavera is a Standards & Quality like a (Share Auto with 4 wheels)
        4.Tavera has High Vibrations & Noise will Kill your Driver an you (you cant drive it Even Normally)
        5.You will be Mentally, Psychologically, Economically affect by Tavera ++ Bonus is You Have to Pay Lone Interest + Insurance for For Useless . GM> TAVERA
        6.GM Says that Tavera Has 2500 CC Engine But Engine Pickup is not even like (Dsl Share Auto)
        7.Nothing is nice in Tavera ( i have driven Tavera for 1 stretch of 3800 k.m. a single trip to two States * let it be City or Hi-way you will not like to drive it after buying )

        *** My Experience With Tavera*** On Hi-Way NH
        In my Vehicle we ware 6 members with 2 Mid Bags of cloths was our league in Tavera an driving GM Tavera alone In Back of all Vehicles in NH road an i saw a Tata New Van Mode Worth Rs. 5, 00, 000/- With i think about 13 to 14 members in that van and on the top of the Van I found about 4 to 5 feet High & breih Laugeg Was tied in the laguge carrier Just past Away like a flite. I could not do any thing Still {1.) I Have RS. 10, 30, 000/- Tavera 2500 CC Engine, 2.) With Tank Full of Fuel, 3.) Clear High Way Road in front of me, 4.) I have 7 Years Driving Experience, 5.)My Vehicle’s Exelarator Pedal was Fully Floor Downed an Tavera Was STRUGLING In 98 to 105 Kmph IN Extreem Level With Huge Noice From Engine an My RS. 10, 30, 000/- TAVERA DID Not Go More then 110 Kmph that Van Just Flyed away i could not even see thear tail light, I thought My New Vehicle Should be Tuned UP For PICK UP. When i gave my Vehicle to Service In GM Authorized Service Center I had chance to meet fu Tavera Customers Who use Tavera for 1 year. we speck to each others an I was Shocked That Every One Was Felling the same what i felt.

        ********* When Buying Tavera Stops Then GM’s Economical Game Against Indian Consumers Will Stop**********
        Read This Links To Know Who is General Motor:
        Consumer Cases on GM



        Pls Bee Aware of General Motors Economical Game...

        Spent your Money in a Right Way

        Pls Know 1 Thing Clearly About GM

        1. No Consumer Safety In Gm
        2. No PROPER or Good Service Network
        3. The Product u buy from Gm Will Not have Value for Money
        4. GM Only R&D for Out Look
        5. After Buying A Product only You Can Feel The Worst Behavior of GM
        6. GM Is A Worst Consumer Satisfaction Company World Wide.

        7. Dont Get Traped In GM & American Capitalism Technique

        8. The Technology You Will Not like to Drive in Future for Paying GM Future Price at Present.

        Japanese Technology Can only Give A Vehicle Every One Like & Love to Drive Even After 7 to 9 Years in Future.

        GM Makes Many Economic Steeling Models to grab the capital from you because we r affected by Gm Vehicle We requested Gm to Replace a New Vehicle But No Action From GM

        Read This Links To Know Worst Consumer Behavior of General Motor:

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          I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

           SUKUMAR BOXY
          sir, i m had a dream of owning the car SPARK during dipawali. To my surprise they have still now not sure about the timing of delivery. i had given the full amount to the dealer VENUS AUTO BHUBANESWAR by taking a loan / so my intt is accruing since then. who will bear the loss. it seems as if the company is making the car out of my money . i want to lodge the complain to their customer grievance deptt. i[censored] collect the mail id of the company, do kindly inform me . thank q......
          regards boxy
          These things should be discussed before making payments
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