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[Resolved]  ABN AMRO Bank Credit Card — Unnecessary Charges

I am holding an ABN AMRO freedom card from the past two years and currently I had got a call from tthe bank for one of their promos of Holidaying for which I ha drefused but still got a charge of Rs. 4500/- on my card. Later after I had made a complaint I got a call as an apology from the bank personnel and a reversal statement verbally. Just today after 10 days I get a call from the local bank for the collection of the dues and that the pending amount is still 7000/ - plus which includes the promo charges. It at times is so difficult when you get such calls when you are amidst a meeting and at the same time when you explain you still get a reply that they are not aware of the reversal and would only reflect in the next statement. Does that mean that a customer would be bullied till the next statement is made or is there any system of stopping this.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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Dear Sir,

I am received your Credit card (ABM AMRO ONE)
Card No [protected]
But not pin no sent me Pl. tell us status

Amit Jadhav
Tata Auto comp Sys. Ltd



Dear Sir,

I am your new (credit Card One) customer, CC No [protected]
Your cards received from last 20 days but you not sent Pin number how to activated my card

Pl. do the need full & tell us status for the problem

Thanking you

Amit Jadhav
Tata Auto Comp Sys. Ltd

M. [protected]
Dear sir,

Kindly note that my change of address :[protected]/12, Khadrichaman Road
Falaknuma, Hyderabad[protected]A.P

and send alerts on my cell # [protected]


Kindly note that my change of address :[protected]/12, Khadrichaman Road
Falaknuma, Hyderabad[protected]A.P

and send alerts on my cell # [protected] and also send PIN no pl to this addess



ABN AMRO Bank Credit Card — Charging Late Fee for not fault of mine

Dear sir,

I, number of times, humbly requested to reverse an amount of Rs.583.77 charged in the bill of my ABN Amro Bank Credit Card for the month of May, 2008. I had talked many time with their executives over their phonebanking service but in vain. My story goes like this...

I was availing EMI facility for my ABN Amro Bank Credit Card no.[protected] to be expired in January, 2010. Since I was on my personal tour in the middle of February, 2008 in Muzaffarpur (Bihar State) where no branch / ATMs of their bank were located and in the same time my one EMI was due to be paid to his bank, I purchased a State Bank of India Demand Draft bearing no.308884 dated[protected] for Rs.1656.65 and sent the same through ordinary post to the bank at their New Delhi office. Unfortunately the captioned DD was received by them in early April, 2008; late by 1 & half months. This shows claearly carelessness of the postal department and not of mine because the amount was already paid in cash by me for the bank DD well in time. My EMI was to be due for payment on 27th of every month and I sent my instalment well in advance in February, 2008. I therefore request you to get my late fee of Rs.583.77 waived at the earliest.

I hope that you will consider my submission sympathetically.

Yours faithfully,

Achal Kumar Rashmi

Dated :[protected]

My personal e-mail ID : [protected]

abnamro credit card — Collection agents are disturbing

I am using the credit card of ABN AMRO since 2005.I always paid in time. whenever I fail to pay before due date by any mistake their collection agents behaves very rudely and even in the last occassion they started calling 15 days before the due date with a rude and abusing manner. today the call came from the no. [protected] at 12 noon and said he (Mr. Ajay as he said) is calling from the headqtr of ABNAMRO asking for the dues as per the statement date 15th May though the due date is 04-june. I said I already paid the last due on[protected] and I can pay only once in a month. And he started doing mental hazards so that this time I pay immedately.
My card no is - [protected]. And the call was for the Easy-Pay Loan where due amount is not much. Please look into the matter otherwise my mental condition is very much depressed by the humiliation.
kindly note my change of address
and send alerts on my cell # [protected] and also send PIN no pl to this addess



I think the best way to get these guys are by complain to Police and then police will take care of those guys but, remember that you must have full proof of payment made.
Mention to Police that I am mentally torchared by these guys.
and dont worry, talk to them confidently and politely bcoz from your side there must not be any rude words.
and you must also try to minimise the use of Credit cards and for you want to clear all your depth of credit card just go to bank and bargen for low interest rate and time to clear your request.

ABN AMRO Bank Credit Card — Wrong information by ABN AMRO on Satyam

I am really surprised when i got the information that ABN AMRO BANK has put my name in Satyam Defaulter List, I wish to go consumet court to take action against these people.
I was gold card member(paid), also paid life time membership fees.
Someone misused my card and booked Air tickets on line, ABN has all details of those people still they have taken lot of time to sort out the matter.I was regularly sending Fax msgs/emil to them providing all details still these people keep on charging late payment fees and interest on those outstanding which was a fraud.This also i mentioned several times.Spoken to their executives also but nothing happened.One fine day, one of their rep called me for full and final settlement of payment, i made the payment immediately.I have been informed that my card would be operative in day or two.
It is a simple case of fraud by ABN, they have not refunded Gold card & Life time membership fees and put my name on Satyam Defaulter List.This is spoiling my image.I am highly quilified person, working with MNC at very senior poisition.
I seek everybody 's opinion to take action against ABN.
The Manager
Card Service
ABN Amro Bank,
N.V.P.O. Box 418
G.P.O, New Delhi – 110 001.


Sub : - Change of Address – reg
Ref :- Credit Card No. [protected] S.V.R. Visweswara Rao.

* * * *

I, S.V.R. Visweswara Rao, S/o. S.V. Subba Rao having Credit Card in your bank as referred above . As I have shifted to a new house, there is a change in my Address. I request you to kindly note the following new address in your records.

S.V.R. Visweswara Rao
“SRI” Plot No. 512 A1
Road No. 31
Jubilee Hills
Hyderabad – 500 033

I am herewith enclosing a copy of recent telephone bill for address proof.

Thanking You,

(S.V.R. Visweswara Rao)
Dear Sir/ Mam,

I am holding your credit card number is [protected]. I have been charged for some facility by you which is not required to me . so that i am not paid for the same but in my next satement also it reflecting with late fee charge. if your system will work in this way i am not going to use futher your credit card. i am not going to pay for this charges.
Dear sir,

i want a new cridit card

my old credit card date is closd

so please reopen my card

abnamro credit card — Charging interst not sending billing statement

this is very unique way of froad being taken plaace by bank of abnamro india where in they will not place the bill for initial months then (if you are concern then also u will pay it )
they have not sent me any bill then also i have made a payment in their dedicated drop box . then after one months they ask ur that your check has not been came... where it gone ! i dont know .. then u have to satop that .. then again u will ask them for satement they will give you a ref number of our complaint.. by that time 2 months has been over then u will recive a number of call for paying interest on the amonut then also they will not told u the real amonut they will tell u that u have 1000 balance although its two months bill has been genereted then abously u will ask the staementthen they will say that its all ready has been sent ok no issue can i raise a issue and give u the reference number again refrence number when u will be asking about ur earlier ref number then they will be saying that there has no complaint has been made... so now u have to pay withinh this date whole all amount with interst and u cannot cancel the account as they will ask u to clear the payment. and we know that we cant make all the paymennt in one shot... so give interst o n the account.

please have a clear look on the content u will able to understand this..
Dear sir,

i m from ahmedabad

i did my application for the credit card before 25days.

yet i hv not received the agency people has taken all my document from us

can u please know the status urgently


awaiting for your reply


Subject: False promises from ABN Amro associates and No proper response

I am having a ABN Amro Gold Master card No [protected] and have been regularly been paying all my dues inspite of not receiving any statements from the bank on account of my dues. The last payment made by me was for Rs 25300/- on 21/4/2008 after which I have not used my card.
I received a statement from 15/3/08 to 14/4/08 in which a late fee opening balance of Rs 5303 had been charged. I spoke to a customer care executive who ensured me that he will get the late charges reversed and so I paid the remaining dues of Rs 25300.

Then again I received a statement for period 15/5/08 to 14/6/08 with a late fee accumulated from maybe Jan 2008 totalling to a due of now Rs 8225.97.

I have had talks with innumerable customer care executives and also managers who every time since the last 3 months April, May 08 and June 08 have promised me that they will get the whole charges reversed to please pay the minimum due as they have to close the account. Since then nothing of that sort has happened and no charges have been reversed.

I received a letter from you yesterday saying that you have debited my bank account with my minimum due.
Detalis of my ABN Amro Gold Master card No [protected] and valid from 08/06 to 08/08.
I am very much disgusted with the service given by ABN Amro credit cards divison and would want to have my card cancelled. Kindly revert back to me.
In addition I have a corporate salary account under my Company Kumon India Education Pvt Ltd which is a VGPB customer with your bank.

Thanking you,

With kind regards,

Shilpa Verdia

ABN AMRO Bank Credit Card — Fees charged for Worlds IS Yours

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have a credit card issued from ABN AMRO bank. One day i received a call from the bank telling that your credit limit is going to enhaced along with a free hotel stay offer. And after that instead of enhancing limit a fee + service tax (Total amounting to Rs. 5056.20/-) towards world is yours fees are charged to my account. I requested to reversed the said amt. but still is pending.

ABN AMRO Bank Credit Cards — unnecessary Charges on Credit Card Statement

I am a Credit Card Holder of your Bank . You are Deducting un necessary Charges from my card . My Mobile NO. [protected]
how to apply for a credit card..

ABN AMRO Bank — Unnecessary Changes from ABN AMRO

If have taken Personal loan from ABN Amro Bank on 2007. For that i am paying every month Rs. 14, 810 towards EMI through ECS. Last month i travelled to my village for 10 days, for that reason i could not made the paymnet ontime. On 20th Aug 2005, ABN AMRO debited RS.506 with narration ECS DR ABN AMRO BANK - COPS-[protected] . When i try to withdraw from my village RS. 500. There was no money. I faced lot of problems with out having my bus charges. Without intimating to me they have debited from my account. They are not giving the explanation when asking the customer care.Please help me. And revert the charges.

Debit card — Is that fault of ABN AMRO or SBI...?

My name is Rakesh Kumar with A/c No. is 1475685 & on 12/10/2008, I was having 1000 Rs.+ in my Salary A/c & I was using my DEBIT CARD for making a transaction, (Withdrawing Money) at ATM of SBI, (Id. S1AN[protected], which is located at Vikas Marg, DELHI.

Before withdrawing, I have checked my balance & it was showing 1000+ & then I entered cash to be withdrawn as 900 Rs, when a message flashed that there is INSUFFICIENT CASH IN ATM. Later on, when I was not able to withdraw amount due to the message, I just tried to check my balance.

To my surprise I found that there was just 100+ Rs, left in my A/c. Means the transaction went right across & got processed. The amount got deducted from my A/c, but the money was not dispensed because of insufficient amount. Can you please, see to the matter about what exactly had happened with those 900 Rs which now is not shown in my Left out Balance? Also, when there was not sufficient amount in ATM, then I have gone another ATM & there also the amount shown was just 100+ in my A/c. So, I am not able to make out, what exactly had happened. So I am addressing my problem here with you. Please let me know about what and how it had happened.

I have discussed the same while enquiring the same with an Executive @ ABN AMRO, on No.[protected]’ @ DELHI near 03:20 PM, today from where I got this Email Id. & I am addressing my problem. It is good on part of ABN AMRO to have tie-ups with SBI and many other bank’s ATM’s, but if and all this kind of things happens with valued customers, then will it not hit the moral of customers. So I do request you to personally look into the matter at earliest.

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