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dear sir,this is praveen rao,i used to play in online rummy,when i won 12000 rupees they are saying i made fraud ,when i called them they are not giving proper information,i said i will come their office then they r not giving any information about their address.please help to get back my money and try to close these cheating sites in india..

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Yes guys, I agree. I have been playing here for an year or so and have lost more than 2L. I have the following points.
- Only people from Andhra or players registered their address in Andrha will only win.
- If you redeem more than twice a month, your account will be automatically deactivated in the name of 'Collison'. There is no collison pattern that they have. The only thing is if you make money and try to withdraw, then you are screwed. Later, they will seize the amount and teel you that you are fraud.
- On the whole, you can never make money more than your investment.

I have tried so many things (cannot be disclosed at this stage) and can prove that these people are complete fraud. When time comes, I will prove it.
Right now, they have seized 22813 from my account saying multiple collisons. I asked for details, no response for the lats one month.

Everone should post their complaints here and lets us all together take them to consumer court.
Yes, I completely agree that ACE2THREE is fraud. The following are some of the main points which I noticed/observed after playing for more than a year and lost 2L.
- Only players registered with Andhra will always win.
- If you make or redeem more than twice consecutively in a month, your account will be deactivated in the name of collison. Money will therefore seized and they will never give you details of said collison.
- You can never win or redeem more than the amount invested in playing.
- Raise a complaint about their own players and they will respond saying that there is no collison. I once gave the details of cheating by two players with game id and cards shared, they came back saying that those two players did not play together. Those two players were from Andhra and am sure were company players.

I have much more details to prove that their dealing of cards is manupulated and collison pattern does exist only based on your winning and redeem (not on discards or playing pattern),

We all need to collectively file a case against them and help others from being trapped. I have never come accross any person saying that he made money here. Then, where is all the money going. Answer: Into pockets of ace2three web people.

I sincerely urge people to stop playing here as you can never recover the losses whatsoever.

-crazylazy27 (same id used while playing) is the biggest fraud site online... they r not satisfied WITH THE 12% commission they login is kiran15in... i earned about 5000 rs... i tried to redeem the money but i once i have transferred the money to my account i have never won a game and have lost all my 5000 rs...i was never allowed to win a single np until i cancelled to redeem my 5000rs and lost all money. so please guys if you are atleast a bit intelligent dont ever play in ace2three else you will loose all your money and will never earn a single penny i promise... i wish i find them and kill them to death... fools can play IN THIS SITE but people who r intelligent enough dont ever even try this site...they r frauds...FRAUDS BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE BEWAREBEWAREBEWARE BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE
one 100% fraud site it iis because on the site there was free game also for time pass if i win continue-sly they will doing my user name and password is invalid becuase they clearly under stand that ill never brought real chips
yes this ace2three is a fraud site.they cheat people and grab money from them by monitoring our game their own company people will only play, and always they only will win and cheat others. Don't play in that and loose your money simply.This government will won't take any action regarding this
yes this ace2three is a fraud site.they cheat people and grab money from them by monitoring our game their own company people will only play, and always they only will win and cheat others. Don't play in that and loose your money simply.This government will won't take any action regarding this.

((( ace2three, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh ))) Point to be noted. Guys Hyderabadi peoples makes other folish... Even hyderabad meterial are total waste. caution : dont buy any product from hyderabad cos no life. same effect... Remember, they made this program " ACE2THREE " they know what to do?(( MEANS THEY CHEAT US IN MANY WAYS )) and they just search winner, keep eye on them and they send there men to play and set the target to win him soon, so we lost. and lost every thing. i am playing online rummy since from 1. 1/2 years. i am perfect in rummy i am a big gamler of rummy. i use to play real rummy in big culb. i won lot of money. I played in international i won in 3rd place. i really dont know whats the hell is going on in this online ace2three rummy. totally 1000% fraud.

1. I lost around Rs.3000 since from 1.1/2 years and made some profit too.

2. Please guys dont play ace2three cos they drag you IN very badly.

3. Point to be remember if u play this game, play only Rs.25, 50, 100 only bet point Best of 3, 6player 201 only.

4. dont invest more than Rs.500.

5. Remember if u loose one game and won next game, again loose one game and won next game... its really normal. if u continuslly loose then remember they keep a eye on u.

6. Keep 3 ID with different pan card details. and dont mention ur place, means give other address and place to... ex: 1st Id Pune, 2nd ID Chennai, 3rd ID mumbai. and status of sex: 1ID should Female another Male.

7. Remember on think i am in to the software development team. i know single bit of ACE2THREE. When we login ace2three flash play game. its connected to there static IP of theres. every record of us they can see and edit us. when we play.

DONT PLAY GUYS... U WILL LOSE... If u stilll like to play... plz follow my above said.

All the best
pls stop this website, my 1000 lose.
I play for fun not with money. Do not blame any one or any place just because of one person. Before you go for any investment program you should be careful.
Easy money will go easily . .!!!
please friends i am also having the same experiance, , , , , , , , , , , , , , dont waste money, , if u see that u having lot of money while trasaction, , the used to win the small split amount, and the will collect whole money while playing in the big amount, , , i am seeing that any person did not told that i have won the money in that game, , , plese friends give voice to close this site, , in india rhis site will spoil the yougers...thankyou
bosssalem is my id not open wat is resen
you can write a mail to ace2three and they will credit 300 chips to your account. please try i faced the same issue ad got the chips after mail
hi guys i agree to what all others have said, i am ready to fight the case against them if anybody else is interested may be we can all pitch in some money and fight against these bladdy .. the problem starts once u start redeeming.. also note that there are people who play side by side i have seen it lot many times and complain they tell no collusion.. did u notice u can give anyones pan they will simply accept becoz that money is not going to the govt but to them!!! holy if u win 20 k u give them 6k id come on guys lets unite and screw them!!
yes.I am also agree.ace2three site very cheeting site. i am lose Rs.50000/- in last 1 year.once you have won some have countines lose your total money. So, plz no paly in this site.thank you your'Raja kumar.
yes, My name is b.raja kumar. I am also lose rs 50000/, plz no play any online sites.
Hi Friends,

I am naveen, I was lost 6lacs in ace2three site with in 18 months.don't believe this site

Others, please do not play at Or else you too will loose your hard earned money!
I have lost more than 5 lacs. I am also ready to file a case againist this site.
yes these are very big cheaters beacause iwas refferd one of my friend then told when the refferl purchse real chips .after he purachase real chips they are saying is in comon deatils in refree and refferfal .that y iam saying dont play ace2three.
Hi I am a student from Hyderabad. I started playing in by depositing 200 Rs last month. I lost that money and again invested some money like this I lost over 5000 Rs. 5000 Rs is a great sum for me who only gets his pocket money. i found that thee people allow us to win only 1 game every 5 or 6 games we play, Like these we fall in a pit of loss gradually as we try to recover our losses which these people never allow to happen. These people ( rummy site owners ) are nicely and freely cheating people and robbing their money and the Government is not taking any action, May be the government gets some bribe from them. Its better to make playing rummy legal every whee rather than on sites like this in which few people enrich themselves. At least in face to face rummy we can ensure that nothing fraud takes place. Beware guys and dont indulge in cash games in these sites and let these cheater prosper as its not easy to accept losses and stop playing after incurring losses and often its too late till we stop playing at these sites cash games. So please dont start playing cash games in these rummy sites is the top cheater then is only a little bit less and is comparatively better of the three, though they are also cheaters cheating a bit less. At least we win 1 game every 3 games at classic rummy, so it increases the time we lose the same money that we would lose at ace2three or games24x7 in a very short period and continuously

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