Act Broadband — Fraud, No connection after payment

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 aniket_anand84 on Aug 5, 2011
I applied for new connection of ACT broadband on 9th july'11,For that i called ACT salesman.They gave 1 form,i filled,gave Rs 500 for installation.They told,it will be connected within 5 working days. I called that sales person on 5th working day,he told they are sending the person for installation.5th day went ,6th day went,but no one came.I called their customer care many times,each one told,it will be installed today.2 weeks i called customer care,but they told same thing.And after that,those shameless and fraud people stopped receiving my call,they use to see my no,then disconnecting.Now its exactly 1 month over,not a single person came for installing.Now tell me what is this called? ACT has shown its real face.For Rs.500 from maximum of customer,how ACT is earning money.ACT is a FRAUD company,just cheating the customers.
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No complaints just need information — need broadband connection

Dear Sir/Madam,

With due respect,

I live in Kishanpura PO Gurumajra, Teh Nalagarh, Distt. Solan. I am with BSNL since i can say last 15 years at my home phone and now i need broadband connection or internet connection. Could you please send me detail how to get same. I shall be highly thankful to you.

Many Thanks
Surender S. Saini

Airtel Broadband — not providing broadband connection after taking money in advance

I applied for broadband connectivity 1.5 month back, at the airtel office . (Shoprrix mall, sec 61 Noida).The Person name Sanjeev has entertained my request.I asked him to check for connection slots in my society
Varun apartments, Sector 62 Noida.he tol dme 38 slots are available.after this I paid him 500 rupees cash as installation charges. till now they havent issued any connection.when ever i asked about connection they always told me, we are not allowed to enter in your society.I have checked this thing with the secretory of society.There is no such problems even we have some existing airtel connections in our society.
the most ugly customer support is air tel cs

1 & 1 Broadband Internet — unwilling to provide after sale service

It' s been seven days since i have taken an internet connection from 1 & 1 broadband internet. In the said time i have complaint thrice that the service was not working. Yesterday (03/06/2009) again as the service was not working i called to complaint upon which i was told i would be called back. After 45 minutes i had to call back. I was then informed that an engineer would be coming to my place. This was at 8:45 pm. Again at 9:45 I call back to inquire. I'm told that the engineer is in my complex and would come once he finishes his work. I told the person over the phone that to tell me an exact time as it was getting late. He tells me it could take 15mins or 2hours. After an argument he tells me this is the service he can provided and if i don't like to stop using the service. As the standard of service was not acceptable I told him to give me a refund for the remain days as i have a 3 months per paid package. The gentleman over the phone tells me he will not give me a refund and i should do whatever i want to do.

My services have to been restored. This is the most pathetic service i have ever received.
I applied for broadband connectivity 1.5 month back, through an Aitel person .The Person name Pateel (No:[protected]) has entertained my request.I asked him to check for connection slots in my place Thimahaih garden, R T nager .he tol dme slots are not available.after this I paid him 500 rupees cash as installation charges. till now they havent issued any connection.when ever i asked about connection they always told me, your money will be reembressed and they will give the check.Then I called the an Airet employ (He told me he is working in Airtel) he is also telling the same.His name is Vikas and his mob number [protected].last week I called him lot times but he is not taking the call and no reply from his side .So im writing this to Airtel So please do the needful.

Airtel Broadband — Besides payment Broadband not Installed for 4 months

Dear Sir,

I want to bring into your Kind notice the Harassment which I faced from AirTel.

AirTel call centre called me from Mohali more then 200 times and requested me to buy a Land line and Broadband @ of 850/-. Since they had made my life miserable I decided to buy one and paid money on on 23/04/2009 under Recpt No 610198 SEF NO 535732 Rcpt issued by Plot No -159, Phase -1 Ind Area, Chandigarh . I was promised that the Broad band will be installed with in 2 days. After 3-4 days I was told that due to some problem it will take some time, I gave them one week and in the mean time I bought a Computer worth 40, 000/-. After a week again they requested for some more time, Nothing happened since then, After almost ten days some one came to my Residence who called his boss from my residence and handed over the phone to me, I was shocked to hear when he asked me that Aortal was unable to process my request and that he will think to refund my money.
I feel this is clear a case of harassment and Iam not going to let this issue die.
First Iam forced to buy a connection and then they made me buy a PC, I cannot expect this service from Airtel.
I hold a Vodafone Connection, Believe me Iam very satisfied that don’t Cheat people the way AirTel does.
My concern is that AirTel should be stopped to collect their wealth like this,
Four Months and no one is bothered to pay attention to my problem.
Why this type of Bias towards me by this company???????
KIndly investigate the matter,
Also I should be paid compensation of 100, 000 for the harassment which I have been through all these days.

I hope I will get justice from your End.

Best Regards

Abid Hussain
House No 1162/7
Panchkula Haryana India

Broadband — NO network after 1 week of Installation

like to register a complaint against MTNL Delhi.

My phone no. is 27556295, i am not satisfied with their service and their Internet broadband connection, which they installed to my place on 5th Sep. '09 (Saturday). My Internet Connection has not even started. Every time i call customer care, they give a different no. to call.I have opted for unlimited plan.I have also made several complaint to MTNL TOll free no's 1500, 1504 and 198, and i also informed that the connection has not been activated yet.They gave me no. for Rohini Sec-9 sanchar Haat to contact Mr. Jain. However, Mr. Jain is never available. Irrespective of the no. of complaints, this has npt been rectified yet.
I am suffering a lot from this irresponsible behavior of MTNL Broadband department. I am requesting MTNL Department to please do the needful, otherwise i'll move towards the Consumer Court regarding this matter .My Name is Gunjan Chawla Phone No[protected]

Airtel Broadband — Not installing broadband connection after taking 3 months advance payment

My form number for Airtel broadband connection is CH 947595.I had completed all the formalities regarding the former approximately 15 days back and had paid 3 months advance of Rs 5100. In spite of all this the company has not installed the connection on the time promised by them i.e 2 days and the people related are not picking up any calls made by me.When I asked them to refund the money they are are saying that this will take 20 days more.As I am in urgent need of internet connection i would like you to help me in getting the money back and as well as in seeking compensation from the airtel service provider.For any further detail please contact on [protected],[protected]

Thanks and regards
Mukul Bindal

Airtel Broadband — Money not refunded - 3 months(approx)


We have applied broadband for our room in my friends name (Kather Meeran) on 28th August 2009. Executive named mr. Arun kumar took Rs.1000/- (Cash) from us on the same day. In the mid of September they said there is no peacbility in our area. We requested to raise for a refund. From the mid of September, we did not get a refund till now. We raised many compaints with customer care, they are calling me and asking about the issue and tell us we will revert to conecerned deaprtment but nobody gives a clear idea. I proived cash to the sales executive but customer care exective told me there is a cheque provided with application. We are not sure where is the problem lies. But till now I did not get my money back. Executive never attend any of my calls. When I contacted the office Telephone number in his visting card, it says "Number not found"

Application No:- TBLR - 004740
Name:- Kather Meeran.
Complaint No:[protected] many complaints logged but i dont have remaining number)

Executive Name:- Arun Kumar (Lead Officer - Sales)
Office Address:-

Bharti Airtel Services Limited
"Arden Fair", 2 & 3 rd Floor,
Next to Corporation Bank, Pai Layout,
Old Madras Road, Bangalore - 560016.
Tel:- +[protected]


I wrote a email to the mail address ( but no reply.

Please close this ASAP.

Karthikeyan M
i strongly agree to this issue.We are also facing the same problem from july 2009, we paid the money for router but then they said they can't provide the connection.From then onwards we are waiting for our money.This is the worst customer service we have ever seen.

Broadband — Bad Customer Service - They are actually fraud. They will always misguide you

I had applied for a reliance connection and I got the connection after 20 days.( where as in airtel and any other service provider you will get a connection on the same day).
and secondly the last date for my billing was 1st feb 2010 and on 20th jan they have have disconnect my connection. The reason was payment was not made for the last bill the due date for which was 1st feb 2010.

I called up customer care , every time they are misguiding me.

I thought it's ok... so I paid the money of my last bill and it has been 3 days I still have not got the connection back..

Never go for a Reliance broadband connection. They will make you fool.
I am also facing similar issue: My application number is CH1035568 given on 5th July, 2010 and till this time i am not given a connection. I was given a promise that it will be given within 2 days time. As the sales person Malathi - [protected] was not responding had raised for cancellation with the Customer care on 8th July. They were not ready to take up a cancellation request saying the TAT is till 16th July. Had taken this up with Appeallate Authority - Aravind[protected] for taking up cancellation vide complaint no.34822932. Instead of taking up cancellation ethey sent somebody to my house at 8.00pm and that guy installed the phone made few lot of calls from the number and left the house with the instrument.Every morning I get a call from airtel around 10.00am saying they will send some one to install within an hours time but no one turns up. On 13th some one showed up at 9.00pm in the night to discuss. Now appellate authority also does not give any reply. They do neither give connection or cancel the application. This is cheating and fraud as they have taken money affront and is manipulating the same without giving connection or refund.


No network all the time. In a week net is available for 2 or 3 days. Worst connection.
Thank god…I didn’t believe in all these posts. had suffered a lot with Airtel broadband…worse service…always wrong bills..was tired of fighting with them..

got ACT broadband 3 months surprise was the sales guy committed 4 days for installation but I got my connection very next day after payment…using 5 Mbps rs. 999 plan…great speed..happy with ACT's cheapest and fastest
My Name Dinakar, Dec 23rd i got connected ACT Broad band service, before taking the connection i told to sales person as well as to the technical peoples, you have to connect the ACT broad band to my Server 2003 operating system, around 20 times i called in five minutes and 10 minutes when u are available to connect like stuppid questions they are asking, how these peoples are calculating the download in dont know, in 15 days i got a mail from ACT that u have reached FUP(fair usage policy) of 20GB, after that you speed is limited to 256 kb, but my speed showing 0.026kbps.

My dear friends dont preper this stuppid broad band service.
Hi Friends,

I live in H M Green Oak Appartment, Marappa Garden and I am Totally happy with ACT Broadband service.

Usually people come here to complain, however i have come here to appreciate someones effort.
I had been Airtel broadband costomer from past 5 years and recently i noticed that they have been taking the customers for granted. So i dicided to switch over and tried many options like tata docomo which was a nightmare.
After considering many broadband companies, i heard about ACT. I went to many reference sites from which i got a
negative response about ACT mentioning the delays in installation.
So finally i called there executive to check there plans and luckily that gentleman told me that there software has been updated and the services have been improved, but it was still hard to trust.
He took me outside my Appartment and showed a box fitted and also said he has installed a connection in a near by primeses.
That was my chance, i visited the neighbour and asked how is the connection and the answer was not the one i was expecting. He said the connection is awesome, but i wanted to check myself and i ran speedcheck on his computer!!! and that was hard to believe
A complete 10MBPS download speed. I was thinking at least it should get 2 to 3 MBPS but here the speed was lightning fast.
Here is another thing which makes me happy, I subscibed on 30 jan 2012 for 3 Months package where installation is free. Now the point is Some people came to my place the same day, on the day i issued them a cheque and fixed the box on terrace. later the cheque was realised after two days that same evening one engineer came and connected the wire and i was connected.
Since that evening i had no problems.

Few advantages i have noticed
ACT used optic Fibre Technology
Modem is not connected to computer, its connected on the roof top along with a battery backup of 4 hours.
Every time you reconnect the ethernet cable you have to login to and enter your password.
Bill amount is fixed, no variations

Thankyou ACT and all the very best to you.
Syed Moen
Airtel is extremely bad on their billing, they will harass you by sending collection agents to your house, don't be scared take down the agents name, they will try to call you and say that a case has been lodged against you in Delhi High Court, section 420p, don't be scared, a case can be lodged only in you home location, 1st it has to go to session court and then high court, they will call your friends and relatives, that is when you need to make a complaint in the Consumer court, you can sue Airtel in the consumer court, for people in Bangalore, you can go to 8th floor of Cauvery Bhawan, Majestic, you will find Consumer Redressal Forum, the officials are very helpful, you need to take a DD for Rs.100/- take all your documents like bills and paid receipts if you have, write down a detailed complaint and submit it in 8th floor Cauvery Bhawan, Majestic. You need to followup for the date of the hearing, you need to go to the court, the case will be closed in 2-3 hearings.

Yes ACT broadband is good in their billing, but they do have connectivity issues, your Internet can get disconnected often, monthly once or twice for 2 - 3 days. They still have to establish, it would be good to give them some time to establish.
Agree with Syed Moen, its been long time with ACT and we are enjoying ACT wow speed in very good price. I haven't find any issue till date.

Thank you for good work,

Ameet Acharya

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