[Resolved]  Airtel Broadband — Connection not provided

I applied for a broadband connection in the month of November. The form was filled and the cheque of Rs. 850 favouring Airtel taken which was leter debited from my account. I was not given any recept for the same and the guy told me that he will give me the receipt later. After 10 days the guy went untraceble and his mobile is not valid. Called up Airtel customer service and they ask for the receipt number that was not given to me. I later heard that other people too faced similar problem from Airtel. This is nothing but cheating. Untrustworthy brand. Or rather thieves in white collar. Now I am going for some other service provider and want my money back.
My name is Vipin and number is [protected].
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Aug 13, 2020
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Broadband — recharge not updated in the server

i am a tata indi com custmer i ahve purchased 1 month 128 kbps prepaid vochser . i am calling daily to custmer care but they are not responding

as well as they are not soloving this issue from past 15 days onwords. service is very bad.

Broadband — Broadband Connection is not provided

Dear Sir,

I applied for braodband connection (500C) 1 month ago, but I didn't receive modem until now. BSNL agent told me that my request has been approved. I'm still waiting for the connection.

Can you please let me know how long will it take to get the connection?

Please take the necessary action asap.

Best Regards,
Bimal Chandra Majumdar
BSNL Land Line: 25905586
Address: 50/5, Shyam Nagar Road,
Santosh Vihar, 1st Floor, Flat-B
Kolkata -55
I have applied for broadband connection 499/- plan on 25 May 2008 in Agra at my residence F-1038 Kamla Nagar agra.Connection is booked by executive Subhashish but now neither they are providing connectoin nor refunding money
afterthat there is possibility of connection.I have also talked to Mr. Suprit, he told me several time I will come but he didnot come.I have last option to go to consumer court.
My no. is [protected].
One day I got an sms requesting me to contact Agarwal Info, Chennai if in case I need Airtel broadband connection. Guess it is a franchise of Airtel. The following were the nos mentioned in the sms:
[protected], [protected]. I called one of these no. as I was in need of Braodband connection. One guy named Harish picked the call. He asked for my address to check the feasiblity in my area as I resided in sholinganalur, Chennai. After an hour I got a call back from him stating me that it is possible for Airtel broadband connection at my home. He requested me to pay a sum of 500Rs to the marketing guy named Magesh. His mobile no. is [protected]. He got my photograph, 570 Rs from me and promised i will get the connection in 4 days time. Then 5th day I called him. He told me to talk with a guy named Krishnakumar who is also an employee of Agarwal info. His mobile no. is [protected]. He didnt respond properly. Every day I used to call him. He was jeep on dragging day by day. Then after 3 weeks time he told me to talk with his manager named Baskar. His mobile no. is [protected]. This guy checked with other team and told me that my house is 95M away from the dp box and it is not possible for them to give connection.
I asked him why the hell they checked for the feasiblity and got 570 Rs from me. He apologised and told that i can be moved to cancelation and I will be getting my money back in 10 days. Yesterday, suddenly Airtel people came to my home for installation. I called baskar why he told that it was not possible previiously. He again apologised and told that his team has achieved the target for the previous month. So, moved my application to next month. So, whatever these people said was not true. They are very big frauds. If you want to get a Airtel broadband connection please go to Airtel showroom direcly rather than going to franshise like Agarwal Info. Because of Agarwal Info., Airtel's name is getting spoiled though they provide good service. Now I go with TATA INDICOM.
Those people are not ready to cancel my connection too. Now my moeny is in vain. Could you please help me in getting the money back. In this world of recession 570 bugs is really a big money for me.

Airtel Team,
Please ensure that your franshise are providing a good service by inspecting then and there. I can provide other details if required. My mobile no. is [protected]. Whoever address this message can call me for any clarification.

AirTel — Need a Broadband Connection

Hello Sir,

I want a Airtel Broadband connection.but Airtel employee always told me.sir we are trying to connect but they did'nt
so sir plz help me i need a connection and they are not give a response.

Airtel Broadband — Services not provided

Dear Sirs,

I have been running to AIRTEL offices since the last six months but no result is forthcoming.

Please consider as to why would a subscriber pay Rs.7990/- and lose it. Airtel unexperienced

staff has created a mess resulting in my loss of my money.

Please helpme to either get the service or refund of my money.

Please advise action taken.

Narinder Kumar Garg




From: Narinder Kumar Garg Phones: 4007669, 2651609

Properietor Beam Engineers Mobile:[protected]

55-B Raja Park,

Ambala Cantt-13301.

30th January, 2009

Bharti Airtel Limited,

224 Okhla Industrial Area, Phase III,

New Delhi- 110020

Dear Sirs,

Sub: Regarding misappropriation of Rs.7990/- paid to you vide our Cheque No. 658493 dated 23.11.2008 drawn on State Bank of India, Ambala Cantt.

I paid you the above mentioned cheque for Rs.7990/- for buying 24 months internet connection against purchase of new COMPAQ Pressario PC 3550IL. The connection was provided by providing new connection 4008669 but was disconnected by you without any reason. I have lost this money without any fault of mine. All me efforts and frequent visits to your office at Rattan Chowk, Ambala Cantt failed to bear any results.

Please provide me the connection for which the money has been provided in advance immediately

without any penalty and oblige. I am not responsible for wrong actions and misunderstanding of your staff

If I fail to get satisfactory reply in writing, I shall be forced to seek remedies available under the law, along with compensation for the business lost and harassment.


Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Narinder Kumar Garg
AIRTEL broadband agent RAJESH YADAV whose phone no. is [protected] has cheated me by not providing a connection and not returning the amount of rs.850. My written complaint to AIRTEL has been of no use. AIRTEL hires agents who are cheats this reflects the organizations standards.

Airtel Broadband — Not doing any thing on my request

On 1st of Aug 2009, I put a request to shift my broadband connection from Dwarka (New Delhi) to Gurgaon. Since then I have made numerous call to get the status of the request. Every time I call, they say that we need another 24 hrs to find the status. When I was putting request, they said status will be conveyed to me within two days and shifting will be done within 7 days. I have spent close to Rs 500 while making calls to AirTel customer care. I want to know from any one on this forum who can give me contact details of the right person. Or where can I approach to get this resolved. Ticket # was 252220.
i hav problem regarding my internet...
tell me whom is shuld i contact

Airtel Broadband — not giving connection in time

dear sir i had applied for airtel broadband connection on 4th aug 2010. your executive has taken Rs 1000/- as booking amount and assure me that within 5 working days it will activate but till 20th aug my connection has not started, even when i talk to customer care they are giving me dates. one of the line man came to me and provided the land line number [protected]. but now they are saying that they cant provide me connection.let me infom shall igo to consumer forum for providing me false commitment.
manoj kumar

Airtel Broadband — Not giving the connection


We requested for broad band connection. A guy came at our door took the documents, PAN card photo copy, house rental agreement and took three months bill in advance. He assured to get connection by 4-7 working days. He collected it 3 weeks back. After a week we didn't hear anything, then...I called him but he is not even picking the call.
Please help me regarding this.



I enrolled on 27th Sep 2010 for Airtel broadband connection throug Airtel Marketing Executive. My enrollment No. is 2405292. I given Rs 500 to executive. When document procedure completed, then one airtel technical team person came to my house to provide the connection & told me that as all ports are chocked, so he can't give me connection.
I discussed with there marketing manager Mr. Arvind Pal regarding there promise to provide connection in two days. He promised me to give him two more days to fix the issue.
After a week I call him up, he again ask for two more days. Then aften two days I called him he didn't pick my phone.
I called to customer care, but they also told that on my concern they are working.
Now after two weeks itself conncection is not provided & even no body tried to contact me.
I am feeling cheated with airtel by both money as well as time.

Airtel Broadband — Being cheated by AirTel executives

I am using AirTel Broadband since July 2009. My AirTel Land-line number is [protected] .I had a false image about AirTel that when its comes to customer services ,they are the best. But now I have realized their true color.

For the past more than one month,I am being tortured by AirTel like anything.I don't know who is going to pay for the losses caused by non-availability of internet at my premises due to false promises made by AirTel every-time.

This is how my story goes.....


· I raised a shifting request of my Broadband connection with a reference number #189019 to my new premises in the same locality.

· I was told that maximum time taken for shifting will be 6 days.


· I didn’t receive any call from anyone in this regard till this date.

· I lodged a complaint with a reference number: #45337284 to customers care.

· As promised by customer care, I got a call within 4 hours of complaint.

· I was told by the executive that in my area, junction box is full and hence I need to wait for 2 more weeks.

· I was not ready to wait more than 3 days due to some personal constraints.

· I got a reply that before two weeks, this is not possible at all.

· I raised a request for the cancellation with a reference number: # 592114 and was told that my request will be entertained in 7 working days.


· I got a call from an executive, and to my surprise he was asking me to wait for 1 month.

· I told him everything and also made it clear that it has become really impossible for me to wait even for a week.

· He told me, he cannot help me in this regard.

· I applied for a BSNL broadband connection.

· BSNL people surveyed my house and promised me to give the connection in 4 working days.


· I got a call from another AirTel executive; he paid a visit to my premises, fixed the cables and promised me to give the connection by 24-Mar-2011.

· I called to BSNL, and cancelled my request for the new connection.


· I didn’t get any call from anyone.


· I lodged a complaint with reference number: #45637500.

· I was shocked to know that, it is written in the record: “Customer is agreed to wait for one month”.


· I got a call from AirTel and was asked whether I have spoken to any executive regarding the waiting for one month. I told yes but I was not ready to wait even for 3 days then how can I be agree to wait for 1 month. After this, he said: “OK” sir and disconnected the call.


I got a call from AirTel saying that I will get my connection within one week.I told them clearly that I can not wait for even 2 days.

They requested me like anything for the same. I asked them to give an exact date before which I can get my connection.

They said,my connection will be given at any cost by 04-May-2011.


No one called me till date.

I can say only one thing now : Enough is Enough!!!!!!

I can't wait even for a day .. Going to get a Tata Photon +.

I request you to please CANCEL MY CONNCETION.
I have had raised 3 cancellation request in the past,and every time I got a reply that it will be entertained within 7 working dates.

This time,please no 7 days....Please I don't want anything....Just cancel my connection.

Brij Kishore Pandey
I sent a mail also...but even after 24 hours I haven't receive any call.I had also spoken to the customer care at the same time I sent this mail, and I got a reply.They Give me a ticket number # 596470 and told that I will get a call before 24 hours. I haven't got any call..its going to be 25 hours.

from [protected]
to bkp.[protected]
date Wed, May 4, 2011 at 6:16 PM
subject Acknowledgement Mail.
Important mainly because of the words in the message.

hide details 6:16 PM (1 day ago)

Dear airtel customer,

Thank you for writing to airtel. Your mail has been received by us, we
shall get back to you within 24 hours.

Warm Regards,
airtel customer service

Note: Please mention your fixedline number with proper STD code in the
subject of the email whenever you write to us for a quicker response. Do
not include any space or any special characters or space between the

This is an auto-generated response. Kindly do not reply on this mail.

[protected]-Original Message[protected]------
Subject: [protected]
Date: 04/05/2011 06:09:52 PM
From: bkp.[protected]
To: [protected]


Again I called to Customer care.As usual they gave a request reference number
# 46026142 and asked to wait for 48 hours...

This is AirTel how behaves with customers...

Brij Kishore
Let me see how long it takes to resolve the issue.

Anyway, Thanks for your kind attention.

Brij Kishore
May I know, How long it will take to resolve the issue.It would be of great help if you can give me a date.

Brij koshore

Airtel Broadband — Incorrect information provided by Airtel guy and now he is not responding

Hi Team,

We always had out broadband connection from airtel since almost 5 years and recently we moved house.
ON submitting request for house change, Vinay contacted me who said he works in Sec12 Airtel office - Faridabad.
Since he was good friend of one of my known person he visited me home and advised that shifting the plan might take month and if i want he can get me new connection on cheaper rate and fairly quickly.
I was obviously happy about it and he updated me that i will have to only pay 899 for my existing plan for which i was paying 999 up till previously.
So i got my number changed which had just once digit adjusted in landline number but he said in order to change the plan changed to 899 i will have to contact him after 2 days and when i called him 2 days later he has been disconnecting my call.
Obviously he got his sale for the day by giving me new number but i really don't understand that how can airtel hire such cheap guys who in order to achieve their sales projection make fools out of honest customer.
I want some actions to be taken against this guy for his actions and for this i have even mentioned his name and mobile number.

Vinay- [protected]

And if possible get my plan shifted to what he promised .
First of all let me correct you Rakesh that complaint has been made by Gaurav (me) against your representative Vinay.

Second, lets start it fresh and this time gimme your response as responses are meant to be(after understanding the issue), not some auto generated emails.

My contact information is given below and its works perfectly since ever.

Gaurav Purohit

Airtel — Cheated executive and not getting connection


I have applied for Wi Fi Broad Band connection on 07/03/2012. I paid
650+100. That guy who come for collect the money get 100 extra, for address
proof. He promised me to give back the Lawyer signed address proof. But still
no one give it back. His name is Anand. His mobile no. is [protected]. He never
picked his mobile once i called to him.

Question here is How do you retain the cheated fellow in your good brand name

I called to customer care executive, his name is Ramesh he also promised me to
get connection with in today or tomorrow, but no use still no response.
(Interaction id[protected].

There is no response from your end. I am pained write that till date I have
not provided with the said connection.

You are requested to either instal the connection, as applied by immediately,
or refund the money deposited by me.

My mobile no is [protected].

Sent the above mail to appelate officers, but he called and said again he needs 7 days to process the request, if you want to cancel it will take 45 days to process.


Even appelate office also not good for response our queries.

Yours faithfully,

Airtel Broadband — Broadband connection not working since last one month

I have registered complaint regarding my broadband connection is not working on 15 march 2012 and after that I have registered 4 to 5 times same complaint. Still my broadband is not working and there are no followup from Airtel on this.

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