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Yesterday[protected] we went to buy some stuff from big bazaar , and checked out a promotion at juice corner BUY ONE GET ONE FREE . I asked the attended there whts the promotion he told me if you buy this pack of tropical juices that is for Rs 45 you will get another free( the packet contained 6 small packets of orange juice) , I purchased 8 packets (according to me and that attended I had to pay just for 4 packs). When I went to the counter to pay the money , the casher (who was dam rude , disgusting man I am sorry using these words but the person was so bad that I don’t have any other word for him) charged me ( 8X Rs 50 ) Rs 400 then charged (8*45) Rs 360, whn I told him that the attended over the juice counter told me its buy 1 and get one free how can you charge me for 8 packs , you need to charge me for 4 packs. The casher was dam rude and just gave me the change and my bill in a rude manner and told me to talk to sum1 in the customer care department , as he will not entertain us.

When I told the same to customer care ( a lady ) he was helpful and she checked everything and told me that she will refund the money . But again he had a word with another person and gave me another story that in 1 pack there are 6 juices , now you buy 1 juice of 200ml you will get another free. Can any one just let me know what the hell you think of the customers, You always give a new story. Why your workers are not trained properly , they don’t know their jobs. They are rude , no patience, no manners how to deal with customer. I use to buy my grocery from your store but I am sorry now I wont buy anything from our store and will also inform everyone in my circle not to buy anything from Big Bazaar

There were 5-6 people standing at the customer care center and they even had the same problem that the attendant miss guided us, you are charging wrongly, your representatives are rude, they don’t know how to deal with customers.
I have taken my money back and returned all the things to your so call customer care dept. and also written a note on the refund receipt. You can ck the same , I have also mention my contact number. If in case you are decent enough then call me.

I even think you have trained your workers how to cheat and not respond to customer’s complain. That really nice on your part.

I think Biz Bazaar is only for those people who belong to villages , they have money and don’t know their value, don’t have any class, just want to spend money, cant purchase stuff from good bands like lee, Lewis, UCB etc.

Its not the matter of money but of service , you guys cheat us. You have untrained , manner less, disgusting workers.
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Aug 13, 2020
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Swetha it's really a bitter experience and you have done a good job in posting the issue on web. However at the same time, I feel, you must keep your emotions under control. You have every right to express your greif against BigBazaar, but cannot humiliate the customres of BigBazaar. Please go through the blog again, i'm quite sure, lateral part of the Blog is not reflecting what you intended.
Dear Indian Citizens

Sub: Non-delivery of 29” LG Slim Magic Television even after 15 days of receipt of payment.

We visited Big Bazaar at Tonk Road, Jaipur store on 13th Aug 08 with the purpose of purchasing the 29” television. We decided to buy a LG 29” TV Slim Magic Model No. LG 29FD7AGE (this correct Model No. we came to know on 25th Aug itself). It was lying at the display with the tag price of Rs.11, 790/- carrying the model No. LG 29 FG2AG-TG. The next day we went again and told them that we need the fresh piece instead of displayed one. He told us that fresh piece is not available. Mr. Sanjay Gehlot (Team Leader of Electronics Dept.) told us that this low price scheme is available for 2 more days so if you want then you have to pay full amount right now. Then we gave the full payment to him and he didn’t gave us the Invoice mentioning that Invoice will be given along with the delivery only, we trusted him and we didn’t took even the Photo copy of the Invoice. He gave us the Delivery Challan bearing S No. 286 where model No. was not mentioned. He then told us that your opted model will come from Gurgaon office on 18th Aug and will be delivered by either 18th or 19th Aug. We called him on 19th and was told that due to Transportation strike, there will be further delay of 2 more days i.e. 21st Aug 08. We called him again on 21st and were told that it has already been dispatched and going to come on Saturday, 23rd Aug. On Saturday we called him at 12:30 PM and were told by him that your TV has arrived, you can come in the evening to take the delivery. In the evening before going to Big Bazaar we called him up once again and was then told that your model no. didn’t came yet, some confusion happened so it will take another 2 or 3 days to come. We went there and spoke to some Mr. Kapil Joshi, he told us that he will let us know the correct position by tomorrow i.e. on Sunday, 24th Aug 08. On 24th Aug, we got a call from Mr. Amit Joshi (Department Head-Electronics) saying that some great confusion is there between Mr. Sanjay and us. The model No. for which we paid is lying with us so please come and collect your TV. When we went there, he showed us some other model lying at the display with the model .No LG 29 FG2AG-TG. We told them that we didn’t pay for this model. We told him that we paid them for model no. LG 29 FD7AGE/RGE (after seeing the brochure as no brochure was available on 14th), he told us there is some confusion, that the tag might got exchanged. Then we told him that we didn’t opt to buy the TV after seeing the tag, we re-confirmed this price twice on 13th & 14th with Mr. Om Prakash (Executive-Electronics) and with Mr.Sanjay Gehlot, team leader of Electronics Department and they told us the same price which was mentioned on the tag too. We accept that tag might get exchanged but how it could be possible for 2 continuous days the same tag has been displayed. Both executive and team leader told us the same price and after waiting for 11 days they told us that the price is higher, you have to pay Rs. 3000/- additional for that model which has been selected by you(on 14th Aug) We managed to take the Original Invoice from Mr. Amit Joshi on 24th Aug 08. Till 28th Aug 08, the payment was lying with them, we didn’t received any television from them they told that you have to take the model No. LG 29 FG2AG-TG. Now you tell us why we should take that television that we didn’t selected. We have paid for another model and they are giving us some another model. The mistake has been done by Big Bazaar staff, why should customer suffer for that. Finally on 28th Aug we collected our payment of Rs. 11, 800/- by giving the Original Invoiceto Mr. Amit Joshi.

This is the clear case of cheating and mental harassment with the customer from Big Bazaar.

Mamta Nanda
Nirman Nagar
Swetha i also have same experience with bigBazaar e.g. attender misguided me, and i got a long argu while billing my goods, but customer care finally satisfied me. Here you done a good job in posting the issue on web. However at the same time, I feel, you must keep your emotions under control. You have every right to express your greif against BigBazaar, but cannot humiliate the customres of BigBazaar. Please go through the blog again, i'm quite sure, lateral part of the Blog is not reflecting what you intended.
Dear Sir,

I have Requvest to you I want to person name for this Invoice no ( #T13/40060 Date : 14.12.2008)

well ma'am... i think u shud hav first checked on the pack coz if there was any scheme it shud hav been there printed... n secondly... i[censored] think that u belong to a SO CALLED CITY n hav class and are WELL CULTURED then perhaps u shud go for an IQ and EQ test... that surely will help u out
Compaq Laptop Complaints - ragarding scheme

dear sir,

my name is parveen kumar, i purchase a laptop make compaq model cq40-144, (cash memo no 17707) on 21st feb 2009 from sahara mall gurgaon (big bazar). on the date of purchase your employ mr. kashosik([protected]) tell me that on this laptop one scheme of 5.1philips home theater by cheque of 1500/- send to company. so i send document & cheque of that amount on 27feb. but after that whan i discuss in company, they tell me this scheme valid upto 7 feb.
so what i can do, plz give some solution for this problum.

parveen kumar
Offer Letter for space on rent/lease opening new Branch in karnal city haryana

Sub: - Offer of commercial site/ space on rent / lease basis for opening new branch at Karnal (Haryana).


I have come to know from reliable sources that you have need space for office. I offer my commercial site/space for rent measuring 3000 sq.feet approx. each in (Basement, ground floor & 1st floor) duly constructed near Subzi Mandi & Main Market.

This site is situated in the heart of city near Subzi Mandi on main road from main city chowk to National Highway, Sector 13-14 & 6 -7 etc.

The site can be inspected on any convenient date with prior information to me.

An early response from your end will be highly appreciated.

With best regards

Sincerely yours

(Ramesh Singh)
M/s Ramesh Auto Electric Works
Thakral Building, Near New Subzi Mandi
Karnal (Haryana) 132001
Dear Sir,
I always had a high regard for Big Bazaar and its quality of products but on 25th Jan 2010 we purchased plastic vacuum containers and the following is the purchase made by us at your Kandivali East Grovel branch AND I FELT AS IF I WAS A FOOL ALL THIS WHILE, AS I TRUSTED THE BIG BAZAAR BRAND
1.Plastic Vacuum containers (rectangle) - 4 Nos @ INR 400 each with a scheme of buy 1 get 1 free.
2.Plastic Containers (round) - 2 Nos @ INR 600 each with a scheme of buy 1 get 1 free
I have the following complaints:
1.We were cheated of INR 200 on our above purchase.
In the billing your team had charged INR 400 less for the rectangle containers and had charged INR 600 more for the round containers which means a NET LOSS OF INR 200 for us.
2.The containers were defective AND WERE NOT EVEN GETTING PROPERLY SEALED.

I feel your billing system is QUITE COMPLICATED and you have kept it purposely to CHEAT CUSTOMERS.
On and average if you charge INR 200 per customer then you save lacs of rupees.
I request all the SHOPPERS at BIG BAZAAR to check their bills thoroughly before tearing their bills.
Please do something to provide us our INR 200 and also return the defective materials given to us.

Hitesh Soni
Dear Customer Support,

I bought a packet pasta from your Infinity mall branch, around a month back.

Today when I tried to open the packet to cook pasta I found it was full of wood-worm (Ghun in Hindi). This is not the first time I have faced this problem, last time even after reporting the matter in store where I left my phone number also, did not receive any call or reaction from the Customer support.

Please find the details of the Pasta and let me know what action is taken by you:

Pasta: Fusilli no 56
Brand: San Remo
Packing: 500 gms
Imported on: July 09
Lot no: SRPAS 06
Expiry: 06.05.2011

Awaiting for a reply...


Kishor Joshi
Suppose you are appointed as an assistant manager for a branch of Big Bazaar, whose target customer segment is the high middle income group. Delay of billing, poor parking space, no children’s play area are some of the problems faced by the retail branch. How will you overcome these issues?
that time, what will u do this situation.
Mr. P and Mr. Q are retailers dealing in a variety of fast moving consumer products. Although Mr. P has his outlet in the centre of the city, due to competition he has just enough sales throughout the year. Mr. Q’s outlet is located on the newly developed highway, but still he manages to earn a fair amount of annual profits. Mr. P and Mr. Q have both decided to adopt an assortment planning strategy, in order to improve their position as well as sales. Is it a good decision for both of them? Why?
Dear Customer Suport,
My name is Devender Kumar, I have puchased a microwavw owan from your Koushanbi brach which is modal no MC-8080 PRR and bill no T-21/4122 on dated 11/08/10.But the your rep. cheated me because as per LG, that product should be delivered with bowle kit.Your rep. Mr. Koushik is not given to me any kit with ovan. Plz. get arrange the same as early as possible.

Devender Kumar
I also had very bad experience to Indore centre. Customer care head –not present, since 6.00PM. And reaming staff not at all able to handle load of customer, if you talk to them you will find they are worst then street vendor.
Yesterday I visited with my son, he picked one toy, I saw price tag was not there so request one BB fellow to find it. He try & told I am not getting it at billing counter you will get. On billing counter he asked me you should go & find responsible person for finding price tag. I can’t help in this.
Then I came to customer care. Mr. rajendra was there he listen my complaints and told me billing counter person tell you right words go & find it. Then I replied how I can?
He simply told me don’t purchase this item, leave it

In my counter bag 10 item was there I left all these & decide will not come in future bazzar. Further out of 10 billing counter only 3 was working at 7.30PM. All customers were angry to stand in big queue.
i too have had a lot of such cases to report. every time some item was added to my bill which i have not picked. since they pack the bags quickly, i could check my purchase only after coming home. that is when i realise that i have been billed extra for around rs. 299/- for an item i have not picked.
when i try to phone them or try calling their customer care no. no one picks or repondes. very frustrating! definately feel cheated.

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