[Resolved]  Citibank Credit Card — Change Of Mailing Address

Kindly tell me how to change mine mailing address. I asked to ur executives he is saying i have to send them fax for changing the address. is there any other way to change mine mailling address because i dont have any time to fax.please help me out.
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Aug 14, 2020
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Citibank Loan — Offering loan services

Received phone call from [protected]
Offering CITIBANK LOAN received phone call on my mobile no. when asked where did you get my mobile no. said as you have Citibank account we got the details from Citibank

Citibank Credit Card / Loan — claiming illegal money

I hold a citibank credit card. Citibank offered me a loan on phone.
And for that I had to pay EMI for 36 months.
After taking that loan, I have paid EMI regularly.
After around 1 year I got letter whcih asked me to return all the rest amount.
When I asked them , they told that they issued one link card .
And there was due for that card. So they have blocked the original card and claimimg.

1. The address they sent the link card , was not my current address.

2. After giving loan, how a bank claim to return all the amount. They took interest for 1 year.
3. I am not a defaulter , I have paid all the EMIs.

4. If they issued any link, why they didn't tell me that for any discrepency of the link card they can calim the loan amount.

5. e.g If I take a loan of Rs. 2500000.00 and after certain years bank offered me to open an account . After opening the account, if bank finds any discrepency in my account, how the bank can calim that huge amount to return ?, which is not possible to any one. ( Note: EMIs are regular).

Citibank Credit Card — claiming illegal money

I hold a Citibank credit card. For that card, Citibank offered me a loan of Rs.58000.00.

For that I had to pay 36 EMI.

But after paying EMI regularly for one year, I got message that Citibank is claiming the rest amount.

When I asked them about this, they say that they issued one link card and I have some dues on that card. So they have

Blocked my original card and claiming the amount.

When I asked them where they have send that link card, they told that they sent that card to my previous office address.

But I left that office before that. I informed them that I have not received that card).

Even, they have not sent any statement for that link card.

After giving loan, how the bank can ask to return the entire amount, if I pay EMI regularly.

(If one has money to refund then why he will take loan?)

E.g. If I take loan of Rs . 2500000.00 From any bank for purchasing a flat or medical purpose.

After giving EMIs for one or two year (Note: Bank deducts very less amount of principal), bank suddenly asks me to return that huge amount

And for that they are giving one reason ( either the account I have in their bank, the minimum amount is not there or any other reason).

Then how it is possible to return that huge amount?

Note: EMIs are regular. (not defaulter)

I have paid EMI regularly.

Please suggest me.

Citibank Indian Oil Card — Payment paid still getting harrsed

Dear Sir/Mam, My name is naved khan and i was the user of Citibank Indian Oil Card ending with 6014 for approx 4 years. During this tenure there were various instances where in they have added wrong charges and when questioned thay have reversed the same. ( have all e mails of the same).

Now in month of July'07 i requested to close my account as again thay have added some false charges and when questioned they said we will be reversing in next bill cycle. THis was the high time i insisited to let me knwo the amount which needs to be paid and dont want to continue the services. They said okay your entire amount pedning is Rs 31,963 i deposited the entire amount thru cheque no 192466. on 11th '07 July to them. Now this cheque was been lost at there end as confirmed by the mail which i received on 14th july '07. After receiveing the intimation i requested them so send someone to collect the payment as i again dont want my cheque to be lost. They said they cant send someone, i said but previous your guys used to come and collect from me they said okay i will check and do the need full. Mean while there bill was again printed and they added late payment charges and interest charges and this amount agained got increased.

I was shocked to see that as cheque was lost from them not by me . From August '07 onwards my time of harrsament started i recieved a call from citibank and they asked to to deposit at least 4,000 as your cheque has been stoped i requested him to take the entire amount of Rs 31,963 tommrow as ATM limit is Rs 15,000 daily only he said no pleas depsit only 4,000 rest you can pay later but pay today. Even then i sumbitted Rs 20,000 to the agent that day only ( cash receipt i had it ). Now the remaing amount of Rs 11,963 which i was supposed to pay . The collection call came and i said that i have deposited more then 50% now reaming maount is 11,963 but in new bill cycle they have added approx Rs 4000 more as a late payment & interest charges . The collection agent said sir you dont worry please pay the amount and rest charges will be waiaved off so i paid the entire amount of Rs 11963. Now the real fun begins now i m receiving call saying pay the remaining amount of approx Rs 4,500 i told them repeatedly that this is late payment charges not the any transaction amount but again & again they i am receivng inflated bill with added interest charges and late payment . I have written various mails but it has entered into deaf ears.

Now even a threatining call came to pay the amount now tell me where i am at fault i have paid all the amount which i was liable to pay i.e Rs 31963. Still they are harrasing me again & again i told them if any transction amount is pending them i m liable to pay but not for late payment & interst charges as cheque was lost by citibank not by me.

With most keeneness i have applied to consumer cell please help me out before they use any unfair means to me .
I have all the mails which i have interacted with them and all the proof in written from day one which i can present to you.

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Citibank Credit Card — no information

i have applied for a citibank credit card last 7 days back .But till now i did,t get any message what the proccess .i didn,t get any refrence pls tell me the solution.

name wasil khan new delhi 110025

mobile [protected]


Citibank Loan On Credit Card — Did not Accept Loan but need make EMI Payment

On 20th Dec 2007 I have received a call from Citi Bank stating that basing on my credit card transactions i have been offered a loan of Rs.190000/- I have enquired for few details regarding emi and interest and said initially yes and next morning I have called up the no. which i have received call from and no body is attending the call again on 22nd I have received a call from the executive confirming the same i have conveyed him I will not be able to make up with the new commitment so please dont issue me loan, he said he will get back to me and I have received a Cheque/DD on 26th Dec, which I did not accept and sent back the same to the consignor.

I have received loan repayment schedule and credit card statement asking me to make a payment of emi as well as processing charges and service tax.

I have called up citi bank customer care raised a complaint for the same after receiving the statement from then to 21st Feb 2007 I have made several calls about this issue, every time they are conveying me the message we have sent your complaint to concerned department we will be receiving the feed back give us a call after 3 to 4 days, when i called up on 21st Feb 2007 I have been said by customer care executive that i will be receiving a call before 25th Feb 2007 and also i have been said i need not make any payment as i did not avail the loan, in the mean while i have not received any phone call or credit card statement from citi bank confirming something about my complaint.

Finally when I called up today i.e. on 15th March 2008 I have been conveyed by the citi bank customer care executive I need to make a payment of approximately Rs.18000/- after cancellation of loan, I was shocked to hear the same.

Please help me to come out of this issue, I am having a very good credit record, because of this issue it might get spoiled.

Citi Bank Cash Back Gold Card — payment to third party without my concern and approval

this is to complain that my credit card has been miss used by a third party without my conscious and approval my card no & name XXXX XXXX XXXX 0001 srinivasan.g citi CASH BACK GOLD CARD which was issued based on my transaction with citi bank auto card the transaction stated below
12/[protected] PERSONAL ACCIDENT TC PREMIA 898.00
12/[protected] INSURANCE FEE 195.00
12/[protected] PERSONAL ACCIDENT TC PREMIA 898.00
12/[protected] INSURANCE FEE 195.00
12/[protected] PERSONAL ACCIDENT TC PREMIA 898.00
12/[protected] INSURANCE FEE 195.00
12/[protected] PERSONAL ACCIDENT TC PREMIA 898.00
12/[protected] INSURANCE FEE 195.00
12/[protected] HEALTH FOREVER 2568.00
12/[protected] INSURANCE FEE 195.00
17/02 SERVICE TAX @ 12.36% 142.76
which came to my knowledge and have reported to your citi bank customer service and was promised to rectify and refund my amount but which dose not have and put me in a situation to consider about further using of citi bank credit card and cancellation of the same, if my report was not solved in a proper manner within 48 hours or the earliest possible, I ill be forced to take legal action through proper channel in this regard since i have not given any voice confirmation or any written approval from me, and the citi bank which is my service provider did not even inform me neither by phone nor email or post about this transaction but only reflecting in the statement what legal rights do they deserve to pay a third party without my confirmation and approval, if so please give me a copy of the same
expecting my mail will fetch your attention and prevent further complication in this regard,
yours truly,


Sun, 6 Apr 2008 23:02:44 +0100 (BST)
From: "ashok kumar" <[protected]>
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Subject: complaint to citi customer forum 0n 07.04.2008
To: [protected]
Personal loan
Posted:[protected] by ASHOK KUMAR FOR SUJATA KUMAR
[send email]
Dear Sir / Madam,
we are greatly thankful for providing personal loan
for Rupee 40000 /- in october 2007 from citi finance
kolkata to my wife Mrs. Sujata Kumar resident of lower east, s.e.railway officers colony,
11-garden reach road, kolkata-700043.
i have asked my voluntary retirement from railways and
same was to materialised by december 2007. but
unfortunately it has tahen time to finalise and
release of my settlement dues that could clear the
loan repayment it may take some more time in release
of my dues and currently i am without any salary
my wife is also with no earning salary after leaving
job for some reasons in call center.
so due to break in salary income and no other source
to pay the monthly EMI for the second time, your
collection is threatening for illigal action to
conduct with us to extract emi and in different tone
for lady. although last month when person approached
at my residence and created voice and other nuisance
and asked for letter in writing for non-payment was
given to him. but on[protected] some Mr. Sen Gupta
Manager collection department kolkata threaten with
above words on phone.
i shall request your kindself to please change penalty
for delay and non payment period till i get my money
from the railways, government of india and may kindly
inform the concerning collection department and branch
managers not to react in illicit way and should not
approach at home. i shall pay back the loan amount or
its emi on receipt on my money from the government.
i shall be thankful and obliged for bear with delay
and act decently and in decorum please.
ashok kumar
for sujata kumar
email: [protected]
Wed, 16 Apr 2008 09:34:09 +0100 (BST)
From: "ashok kumar" <[protected]> Add to Address Book
Subject: RE:'Citibank=[protected]' THREATS ON PL/EMI PAYMENT DELUALT
To: "India Service" <[protected]>
dear sir,
thanks for contact. i was not away from my residence
for a few days. after i land up on date, one person
stating he is from citifinance arrived in the morning
on date ans then some MR. IKBAL on phone created vocal
nuisance and vocal dirt with me. it is extreme they
are reacting. no doubt we are defaulter for non
payment but it does not mean the citifinance
management will exceed the limits and speak all short
of dirt on phone, threatening on phone. we are
already squze and under immense pressure due to
discontinuity in our regular income, a source of
running kitchen and payment of emi with interest.
government is to release my VR dues unfortunately
delayed since december. however likey to be finalized
and release payment & pension. i shall pay with
panelties. the bank officials need not to approach
physically and not to contact on phone, bank can
comminicate through email and postal mean for which i
shall make the payment while making debts clear on
receipt of my money in two months.
particulars are
1) Name as mentioned in the application form:
2) Date of Birth: 12TH, OCTOBER-1959
3) Mailing address as mentioned in the application
4) Location of your account: LOAN PROCESSED AT

I hope it shall help you to locate loan account.

kindly consider the prevailing circumtances email the
amount i need to pay after 2 months on debit of paid
through emi and to with penalties.
ashok kumar
--- India Service <[protected]> wrote:
> Dear Mr. Kumar,
> This is with reference to your email dated April 10,
> 2008.
> We regret the delay in our response.
> We are concerned to note the dissatisfaction
> expressed in your mail.
> We are unable to act on your request since your
> query does not state the loan number. Hence, we
> request you to provide us the following details for
> us to do the needful.
> 1) Name as mentioned in the application form
> 2) Date of Birth
> 3) Mailing address as mentioned in the application
> form
> 4) Location of your account
> 5) Loan Type
> We regret the inconvenience caused to you in this
> regard.
> We assure you of our best attention at all times.
> Sincerely,
> Officer - Customer Care
False cash withdrawal on my Credit Card on 08.04.08 & 09.04.08, I have not drawan any cash withdrawal on these days. The card is with me, nobody knows my pin code except myself and your bank. It is hundred percent sure and also I promising to state that I have not at all drawn any cash as stated in your statement, if any withdrawal is happen ed as per your statement and that is only due to either your technical mistake or any fraud happened at your end. I want justice at the earliest without fail with evidence and proof.

Finally I am once again hereby stating that I have never drawn any cash on the said dates of your statement and even till today and I will not pay the amount shown in our statement for which I am not at all drawn
Even though if any injustice happened at your side, even after all the explanation given by me as said above then I will go for legal steps

Citi Bank Indian Oil Credit Card — Forcefully Sticking the Unnecessary Insurance

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that I, Panna Lal has been offered by Citi Bank for the free Indian-oil credit card which i really was not interested to make but they made my card without any paper documentation and send it to my home.

After sending the card they started to make a call for different different offer but every time my answer was NO.Then one day they offered me for some Insurance plan for all family, again i was not interested for the plan as i had already an insurance plan from my organisation.But they did their own and they sent all the insurance card and documents to my home without any paper documentation and after one month they started to send me a statement that i have to pay around Rs.8000/-.Now it was something ridiculous and completely unexpectable because i had never used my card anywhere, not even a single transaction.And i have been charged this much of Amount.Even i had send a letter for the discontinue of my policy after a call from Citi Bank. But again and again they started to torture me through a cell phone even getting a threaten from them so many times.

This is really a some kind o[censored]nethically and dishonorably from this kind of reputated Organisation.Even i really don't understand why they are doing this kind of thing ? Is it so easy to earn money from anywhere that they can charge anything and people will pay that easily as currencies are lying in road..?

Kindly do something for me as its becoming so untolerable day by day.

Card No.:-[protected]
Cell Phone No.:-[protected]

Citibank — everyday harassment over fake transaction not payable by me

fake amount charged bu citi bank due to fake transactions
dear sir/ m/m

my name is sanjay agarwal

i was earlier holding a citi bank credit card no [protected]

as on 02nd may 2007, i had an outstanding on total -- 20247 /=

unfortunately there has been two time fake trasanction/misuse on 15th may for rs. 22797 x2 = 45594/-

i recd a call from citi bank mumbai office reagarding this transaction, and thereafter my card were blocked due to this misuse.

after this, citi bank investigating officer visited my office and i give my confirmation of misuse of rs. 45594/= as the misuse shows some out of country transactions where as i was in india .

after receipt of further outstanding of 65 thousands, i started follow up with citi bank and later after following uo with citi bank only 22797/ were waived off.

i have paid 7500 /= on dtd.14/08/07 and 12500 /= on dtd. 19.11.08 /= which were my actual outstanding befor misuse of card.

since then i m receiving outstanding everymonth for this 22797 along with interst and penalty which is not applicable.

i am also receiving calls everyday for the payment .

i have requested citi bank coustmer care for removing this outstanding as i have no pending amount in my favour .
but i have not received any favourable response.

please do me your favour and arrange to solve this issue as i m getting calls from citi bank recovery agents everyday and i have been scared of anu unfortunate happening with me.

please help.

Citibank MTV Credit Card — repeated harassment for payment of invalid dues

hi ! got mtv credit card made which was supposed to be free with no rental. even though we have never used it, we keep getting repeated phone calls for payment recovery where the amount keeps increasing with every call. when we get into unpleasant argument and demand a statement as to how this amount has come up that they are requesting payemnt for ... it is never done and call is finished with the statemnet that "we willg etback to yoiu" which ofcouse never happens ! then after few days again we get a threatening call that the payment of a certain amount is due and if not payed then there will be consquences of legal suits and so on...
Don't worry... Tell them to File Legal Suit against... If you have not used the Card then why worry. If it gets intolerable give a Polica Complaint and teach them a Lesson...

Citibank Credit Card, No - (4550 3877 1976 9009) — Statement is not on time, Bank is charging extra money as late payment

I did not get my credit card No-([protected]) cricket)statement since six months including june 2008. So please send my statement at my e-mail address or mailing address as mentioned below -
Flat no - 9, 3rd floor, Building-Nalanda, K.V.S.Complex, N.C.H. Collony, Kanjur Marg (w)

City Bank Credit Card — To get your statement through email

I want to get my City Bank Credit Card Statement through e-mail regularly.

My CC No. is [protected].

Citibank Platinum Credit Card — Fraud on my Citibank Credit Card

I want to lodge a complaint as my Citibank credit card, an add – on credit card on my husband credit card has been misused to commit fraud by an unknown person in Delhi while I have been in Mumbai. The card has been issued in my name.

I have been in Mumbai and the credit card is in our safety vault, also I have not shared my card details with anyone on phone or online and don’t understand how someone could have used my card. Needless to say, I suspect that it may be someone who has access to confidential information from the bank.

My husband received a sms on night of July 15, on his way home from work at 8:57 pm which said “You had a high value charge approved on your card. Please call the local citiphone no., if you do not confirm the purchase on your card no. ending – XXXX.”

My husband reached home and confirmed my card no and realising that something is wrong as we had not made any purchases, immediately called the local citiphone no. and spoke with Kunal Sagar at 9:34 pm.

When Kunal Sagar confirmed that my card has been used to make five purchase transactions of high value, we were shocked, refuted the claim and immediately blocked the card and asked him how to proceed further. He said we can’t do much but assured us that the Citibank Fraud Department will call us the next morning.

Thereafter, we visited the local Police Station, the same night and were asked to submit a written complaint by the officer on duty which we did.

We are very worried and are panicking as we have read in newspapers all sorts of stories about these frauds and couldn’t sleep so we kept trying to call our local citiphone no. in a bid to get addresses of the establishments but could not get through.

Next morning, we tried again as no one from the Citibank Fraud Department had got in touch with us yet and infact still haven’t and managed to speak with Ashley, Kanchan and their senior Pravina P at 8:55 am.

There have been 8 such transactions’ worth INR 2, 82, 600 from 3 stores in a span of 8 days that we have been able to gather so far and we are refuting.

We asked Citibank for the addresses of the stores where purchases have been made, details of the purchases such as home delivery or filling of warranty cards but they didn’t have the details but revealed that it was in Delhi and not Mumbai and that there were more than the five transactions that Kunal told us about the previous night. Kunal had failed to give us details of the first three transactions.
Also, contrary to what Kunal said, Pravina and Kanchan said the Fraud Department would not get into the act until after the bill is generated or atleast till they receive the transaction slips from member establishment for payment.

In addition no one could explain the sms as to who called Citbank for the approval of the high value charge and how Citibank approved it and why did they not inform us before that day’s transactions as the high value transactions had started since 8th July, 2008.
Incidentally we had just finished repaying last of the INR 3.5 lacs that we had used on the card a day earlier on July 7.

Our fears are not assuaged by Citibank’s behaviour as they have without conducting a fair enquiry made us scapegoats and said we had to pay up as they were swipe transactions although I have more than enough alibi that I have been in Mumbai all the time.
Also, what about the credit card transaction slips… why don’t they show them to us despite repeated requests.

We are unable to get on with our work as we are in a shock and feel violated.

My credit card data has been compromised and my card has been skymed.

We want the culprit to be caught, by looking for him if he goes to make another purchase the next day, by checking the CCTV cameras if installed, checking record and details in the above establishments and hope Citibank has made a note of our plea and does not bill us for these fraudulent charges as we have informed the bank before the bill has been generated and within an hour of receiving the sms.

We would also request the bank to follow the system that is offered by other banks where we receive a sms within minutes after every transaction so this could have been avoided.

Also, we would be grateful if anyone from Citibank could keep in touch with us to inform us of the developments which they haven't bothered t do so far.

Citibank Credit Card — not receive credit card statement

Dear sir/madam
my citi bank credit card no. is [protected]. and i am not receive statement.

Citibank Cash Back Card — Transaction made without my consent

I was issued a citibank cash card in 2005, which is never used.
At the time of filling the form they took my residencial phone number. And without any written information or anything Citibank started paying my phone bills. For this i made them request not to do the same and payed all the dues . But to my shock I came to know that they have made more transactions from my card without my consent . Citibank bought a medical policy also from my name n charging me 15000 for the same. I requested them a lot many times to revert back the charges and close the account . Its been two years now, I have talked to hundreds of their representative explained my case hundred times .. but every one shouted at me. And behaved inhumanly.
Also without settling the case or talking to me my name is given in CIBIL and because of this I am not able to apply for new credit cards.
Please help me and let me know how can i procedd further.
Surinder Kaur

Citibank Credit Card — Fake payment charge

Dear Sir

Please note i had lost my c card on dated 23 August' 08 that day i have blocked my card at the same time i given request for reissueing for card and i got the same but i did not any transction from my card so why i pay Rs. 27800.00 please investigate who miss use my card i will not pay any single amount
card no: [protected]

Please check your end

N N Pandey
91 [protected]
Dear Sir

Iam not access my Reliance broadband from Day 1, i had many time complient i coustomer care but till date i am not getting any responce and company sending bill to me regerulry now presently i am very dissappointed with relaince services therefore i will go in consumer court

P. N Pandey
91 [protected]
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