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 R Ramesh Babu
Dear Mr. Yoganand,

Reference: My Membership Number to Zest: 91005004 and Ref No: 064 – 406

This has reference to my membership with Zest and subsequent Cancellation requests made with your office.

I signed off for the Zest package in March 2009 after calls by your agents. During the signing off day, I was offered a 2-night/3 day package from Apr 16 – Apr 18 at your ooty Resort. This was confirmed by your DSA after checking with your corporate office. I signed off on the dotted line after confirmation of the availability.

With in a week of Signing off, I purchased a flat and informed my decision of pulling out due to financial constraints of servicing both the EMI’s.

I was informed by your DSA that he would provide a refund of 12, 000 by transferring the advance to a subsequent buyer that eventually did not happen.

Meanwhile officials from Club Mahindra rang up during April to inform me that my booked days were not available and could provide me days in May at another resort.( Ist breach of trust)

I was regularly following up with your DSA for refund or a vacation with a whole lot of promises and more promises. To top it all and to my surprise, I found out that a further 4000 was deducted by Mahindra using my credit card. This is when I realized that I have been duped by your DSA. (II breach of trust)

I subsequently got in touch with your Office and was told that they were not even aware of my cancellation request and will cancel only on receipt of a formal cancellation mail.

So far I have paid more than Rs, 16, 000 to Zest even after communicating my decision to cancel my membership with in 10 days of signing off.

I know a person who is not averse to unethical practices has duped me during the course of the last three months. I have been in touch with your office over the last months. If you need I can forward the details of the correspondence. It took me couple of emails and follow ups to just get your mail Id.I was also informed that I am not eligible for any vacation with out paying two EMI’s. (I was confirmed a vacation on the day of sign off!!!).

In my professional life, I am responsible for the entire Operations of large multi national corporations. I am used to dealing with large industrial houses with ethical practices. More than the money, Iam peeved at the way I have been treated in this entire episode.

I Consider Mahindras as one of the largest Industrial houses in India with ethical business practices. I would appreciate if you can look into the entire episode from customer’s perspective and provide a positive feedback.


R Ramesh Babu

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Club Mahindra Holidays Customer Care's response, Mar 01, 2010
Dear All,

May I request you to kindly send in your concerns to my email ID - indu.[protected]@mahindraholdiays.com. We will ensure to revert to address your concerns to your satisfaction as soon as possible.

Member Relations
Club Mahindra
Verified Support
Club Mahindra Holidays Customer Care's response, Mar 01, 2010
Dear Gaddigimath,

Thank you for writing in and voicing your concerns through this forum.

Iam certainly concerned on the experience that has left much to be desired hence would like to thank you for being patient.

May I request you to kindly send in your concerns to my email - indu.[protected]@mahindraholidays.com. I will ensure to revert to you as soon as possible.

Member Relations
Club Mahindra
Verified Support
Club Mahindra Holidays Customer Care's response, Mar 02, 2010
Dear All,

We are concerned that your experience with us has been a less than pleasant one

May I request you to kindly send in your concerns to my email - indu.[protected]@mahindraholidays.com. I will ensure address your concerns to as soon as possible.

Member Relations
Club Mahindra
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Club Mahindra Holidays Customer Care's response, Sep 30, 2013
Dear Sir,

Apologies for the inconvenience caused. Your details have been sent to the relevant team and they will get in touch with you at the earliest.

Warm Regards,
Club Mahindra Team
Verified Support
Club Mahindra Holidays Customer Care's response, Oct 04, 2013
Dear Sir,

We believe our team has got in touch with you and your concerns have been addressed. Do let us know if you require any further assistance.

Warm Regards,
Club Mahindra Team
Verified Support
Club Mahindra Holidays Customer Care's response, Oct 12, 2013
Dear Sir / Madam,

Apologies for the inconvenience caused and we would like to discuss the concerns you may have. Request you to please share your contact details at http://is.gd/CMListening for our team to progress matters further.

Warm Regards,
Club Mahindra Team
Verified Support
Club Mahindra Holidays Customer Care's response, Oct 30, 2013
Dear Sir,

Apologies for the inconvenience caused and we'd like to connect with you to discuss the concerns you've highlighted. Thank you for sharing your contact details and our team will get in touch with you at the earliest.

Warm Regards,
Club Mahindra Team
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club mahindra/membership issues — Responsibility

I had taken a membership with club mahindra in the month feb 2009.
The executive and the manager, that is Mr Chirag and Mr Imran were very polite while they wanted to dupe us.Now when i was thinking of not going ahead with the membership they are acting smart.
Mr Imran does not deserve to be in customer service or sales. I had spoke to him about canceling the membership and he had told that he revert with the procedure. I have forfieted the initial payment of Rs 25000, and didn't want the monthy EMI to be processed and stop the membership.
But on 7th of may 2009 i come to know that they had already debited my account on the 23rd of april 2009. Now when i m asking to reverse the amount they are telling that they can't do it.

I have seen many complaints against club mahindra, and i hope there is a way out.
I have opted for cancellation of my membership within 10 days of my application.According to the policy document of club mahindra, amount paid by me should be refunded in total within 31 days of cancellation.
My cancellation was registered on 15th of Jan, 2009 and still money is awaited. Despite of calling their customer care so many times, no certain date of refund is given.
This is the way they work. There is no professionalism, No business ethics. They themselves don't follow their own policies. They don't honor any commitment. This is a complete fraud company.
Dear Mr yoganand,

This is in continuation to my complaint on False promises made on 13/07/09. I wish to state that your team of personnel have taken this matter seriously and reolved the complaint to my satisfaction. I have been paid a refund of my EMI and am eligible for a 2N/3D stay at your resorts in lieu of the advance amount.

The inetractions with your team led me to believe that I was interacting with a set of professionals who are used to ethical business practices.The conduct was smooth and business like after it was taken over by your team of personnel.

I wish to reiterate that I consider the complaint as closed.


Ramesh Babu

Club Mahindra Resorts - Zest Membership Cancellation — Still not received Zest Membership Cancellation amount of INR 5000 after two month also


My self V G Gaddigimath Zest membership no:91006155.
I have cancelled my memership just after 5 days enroll and had paid INR 5000.
I have cancelled my membership on 14th Sep 2009,after several enquiries also I am not getting my
Money back.

Request concerned department to take care of this and help to get my money


V G Gaddigimath
I am facing thre same problems with both Club Mahindra & Zest.
I have been promised holidays 7 days a year and 6 months advance booking. But I dont get holidya even 2 years from today.
but if you can a non-member and say you are ready to pay, Then you get the requested holiday at the resort and date you want.
This shows that although you have paid the such huge membership, you are at the mercy Club Mahindra to get you so called dream holiday.
And when you talk of refund, it's just dosent happen.
Hoping that the situation will change and memebrs are prefered more that Non-members.
Sathya Prasad.
Club Mahindra Membership No - 262391
Zest Membership No[protected]

My membership number is 91003860.

This is regarding the double deduction of my EMI for the month of April. Last month I had cancelled the ECS mode of payment and had deposited Post dated cheques for the remaining EMIs. However, this month, Zest has deducted both the ECS and PDC from my account. This happened 11 days back. I have repeatedly called your customer care number but I have always got the same response "The accounts department is looking into it. They will contact you within a day". But till date no one has contacted me. On one ocassion, one of your agents even gave me the accounts department number, which when I dialled said the number doesnt exist. I dont understand how long can it take to identify an error and return the money back. This is extremely frustrating and disapppointing as a couple of cheques have bounced due to this goo[censored]p of yours. I have also written to your mail id [protected]@zestbreaks.com and I always get the same response - " we will get back to you in 7 days". This has happened today and even 7 days back. Suprisingly the response doesnt change.

Would really appreciate if you could look into the matter and release the payment as soon as possible.

Hoping for no further delays.

Anurag Sharma
my wife, Deepali Noor, is a member of Zest Holidays. Her membership number is 91005569. We are based out of Chennai.
We have stayed at your property in Pondicherry a few times. It was a wonderful experience. In lieu of which i have taken a membership with your organisation.
I am trying to make a booking in Zest Masinagudi and Ooty for the next week.
I have spoken to Shalini on 27th April 2010 reference #: 127197. The same day i have spoke to Sanjeev ref. # 127199.
On 28th April 2010 I have spoken to Sher ref # 127377
This after noon I have spoke to one very rude gentleman Mr Kalyan.
He gives me a reference to his senior Mr Sanjeev tel #:[protected]. There is nio answer on this line. CONTINUOUSLY!!!
I call back and Mr Kalyan gives me another #[protected]. This number is busy. CONTINUOUSLY!!!
What am i supposed to do??
Kindly help me.
Kind regards

Dr Sayadat Noor
Handy: [protected]
this is my day i thought of taking up the memb.ship in zestbreaks...
but after reading reviews and complaints in this block it doesnt give me an assurance to proceed with regards to the takin up a memb.ship...
can i beleive in mahi...????????/
help me put plz
hai guys,

I am Ganesh from madikeri, kodagu, karnataka. Even I am thinking of taking zest membership.
And after reading all these comments, I am not sure of that.
One thing is for sure the people who sell you something are always like angels
and the guys who are there to serve you after sales are just like demons

some on guide me please
Hi There:

This is Mr. Shah from Chennai, i knw its diifuclt to get reservations when you need it, i want o gift my sister zest memebrship, if any one planning to sell it, pls get in touch with me at the below number.
I am looking for Verbe or Buz.

1. My membership number with mahindra Zest is 91006242, Season : BUZZ & Membership period is from 01/05/2010 to 30/04/2020
2. I am dissatisfied with the services and hence wanted to terminate it with immediate effect. I have not availed any holidays/ services where as zest has deducted Rs 79740/- as EMI and another annual fee of Rs 4379 for the year.

Anyone who is interested to buy my membership can contact me at [protected].

Biju George
I am member of VERVE and took membership in 2008 for 1.5lac for 10yrs, 6 holidays every year - never told that of this 6 only 2 can be on weekend - cheating.

1. You will find booking on weekend is almost impossible and you never get it. It opens 3 months before and gets full in weeks time - especially for long weekends.

2. I have found out though rooms were not available after calling reservation the same was availble if booked outside through agents. It looks like Zest is not giving rooms to its member but sells it outside - especially in weekends

3. Though you have days and weekends left when you call for reservation you will be told - "you do not have weekends left". "you have only 6 days left no weekends", you end up speding more time in booking and sorting out issues, than going outside and booking some other good resort.

4. Inspite of not taking any holiday in the whole of year when I called up for booking I was told "I do not have any weekends left". When I asked for account balance details...there was 2 weekend left and 12 days available.

5. As you get 6 days in a year and only 2 weekend days...so out of 6 days you have to utilize 4 day vacation on weekday only - not possible for a working managers/executive.

Zest sucks.
I have been taking holidays outside Zest and not using it at all. It was sheer waste of money. I would have enjoyed 25 good days in another resort for 1.5lac I paid.
I m stalin from chennai. My membership id is 91010577, Buzz, validity from 2011 to 2111. I have not taken the bonus holidays . 60N/70D are still there. If anyone willing to buy please contact [protected]. as i m not satisfied with their attitude even before taking bonus holidays.
Unfortunately I am also member of Zest (Pep). I am member since 2008. I never got a room on the date i requested for. I too feel like Zest is not giving rooms to its member but sells it outside - especially in weekends.
Zest just sucks
-Ravi Shankar
Horrible experience, ZEST really SUCKS...

Kindly forward it to every possible person, so that the new members are not trapped in this membership.

Raghavendra A N
for mistake of one person in the bangalore office i was taken a ride and after much communication the issue is being resolved by appologies by the concerned person what really baffles me is lukewarm response from Mr.Reddy zonal manager who does not bother to reply leave alone calling despite of several reminders, it was the same case with the earlier manager of b'lore present manager at-least was of help, now i am fearing whether to send money or terminate my membership and take the refund as bonus holidays could not be claimed because of the mistake of the staff for which i needed written appology from the concerned staff who spoke rudely, why do the higher ups and mahindras the members of the board do not look into the matter, and if they don't reserve when required than what is the use of being member i am thinking in the same line of selling the membership any one interested please contact [protected] i have not availed any holidays till date will anybody from zest reply and assure of good service so that i may continue and also discourage others from joining
madan kulkarni
mem id 91010235
My member ID is 91015943.. Mr . abhijeet, mr. amit kumar and mr. chandan kunar sold the Zest holidays with 100000 of commitments., when I asked them that Now i want to go to pondicherry.. there all commitments failed. After listening I clear cut told them taht I want to cancel my membership and want my refund. Mr. amit kumar was ok with that. now after 1 week they all get away from his commitment. now these three people are harasing me like naything. daily I have to call them and daily these three are ready to fight like nayhting. Please stay away from Zest. specially in bangalore. Whenevr you see them selling their holidays.. just stay away,
HI. This is Srivats from Chennai. I have been a member of Zest since 2010. It has been a wonderful experience all through with most of the Zest resorts. I am totally satisfied and would recommend every one of my friends to go for a membership. However, I am moving out of the Country for good and would like to transfer my membership. Any interested buyers can contact me at [protected].
Hi this is Shoban from Chennai. I have been a member (PEP) of Zest since Jan 2012. I want to transfer my membership. Any interested buyers can contact me at [protected]
I heard that Zest is not operating anymore and taken over by Club... is it true??


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