[Resolved]  HDFC Bank Bank Credit Card — OUTSTANDING CREDIT CARD PAYMENT OF Rs.[protected]

this mail is regarding the call from hdfc bank, aundh branch, pune, from phone number[protected] around 12.30 pm on 19/05/2008 regarding outstanding payment of credit card bill.

i have got my salary saving account with the same branch above said branch.

according to the call from you, it was told to my father that my credit card has an outstanding payment of Rs.28, 000-30, 000.

this claim is absolutely meaningless on your side.

i admit that i must be having an outstanding payment of around Rs. 5000, which i am ready to pay.

i have not used my credit card for almost past 4 months.

moreover, as i am out of station now, my father picked up the call and the person who talked with my father used EXTREMELY RUDE LAUNGUAGE CONTAINING UNPARLIAMENTARY WORDS.

as per the call, the said person told my father that the hdfc person has talked with me for 6 times. this is a PLAIN LIE. i had a call from hdfc bank in march end regarding payment of outstanding bill, which i had paid immediately. after that I DID NOT RECIEVE ANY CALL FROM HDFC BANK.

i want a complete written record of my credit card transactions for past months.

even my net banking account has been locked and my previous password is not working as a result i am unable to view anything about my debit and credit account.

i want all transactions from my debit and credit accounts to be put on hold from immediate effect.

if i will not get any explaination of the above said matter immediately and to my complete satisfaction, i shall:

1) lodge a complaint against hdfc bank in the banking greviances forum.
2) move to consumer court.
3) lodge a police complaint against the related employees and hdfc bank, stating verbal and mental abuse.

i believe i am a victim of fradualant credit card transactions and i know this is a very serious matter.

xitij dixit
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Aug 14, 2020
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HDFC Bank Credit Card — Unparliamentary threatening calls!

I am not receiving the statements in time. I receive them after the stipulated due date. Even though I drop the cheques in the designated drop boxes the bank has lost cheque and are charged me interest for belated payment. One Gopinath has been using foul, abusive language. I wonder whether a bank can tolerate such an attitude from theier staff who behave like goondas

Y.G.Narayana Murthy
respected sir

my name is kuldeep singh. i am emplyee of indiabull securities ltd. i have my salary account in bank my account no is[protected].

last time i have applied for credit card facility, but i have not recived any positive result

when i asked about this to our city branch of HDFC bank, concernd person name was munish, he said that u r not elageble,
but the same time my two co employee in my branch in which one has same salary that i have and same designation and onther one has less salary the me has offerd by bank. when i asked to mr munish about this thing he said that bank select randomly his means here was not a logical answer.

sir i am a income tex paid person,

kindly do need full and help full

kuldeep singh
kindly provide payment centres in pune
ME using HDFC BANK Creadit Crad so me suffering so many problems on that card they will charging more more rate of int and other charges and they are disappointing me on sending balance sheets of every month and they are not change my address if i say then about my new address and sending old address only
Previn Vincent
Chennai – 600028

On 13-Mar-08 morning I found that a sum of Rs.38000.00 was unauthorizly transferred from my HDFC a/c to another HDFC a/c #[protected] who’s a/c name was given as Manuram Basumatari through third party transfer facility using my netbanking. Immediately I call HDFC Bank and filed phone complaint and the complaint number is[protected]. During my complaint the bank people said that the amount was not yet credited into the his a/c, but they did not take action to stop the transaction rather they asked me to come in person and give written complaint. Next moment I went to bank and given them written complaint and I asked them whether they have stopped the transaction or not but there reply was that guy has already withdrawn the money from his account which is absolutely bank’s lack of service.I was so tensed and shocked to hear that.

Next day myself and my wifewent and spoke with the branch manager MR.VENKATESWARAN for nearly 45min. He called that guy and asked him to deposit the amount within an hour for what that guys said he will do it, but till today I did not get the amount. Then the branch manager said there are only 2 possible was for this to happen either I should have accessed some phising emails or I would have given my username and password to someone. I strongly disagree with the above 2 options because I am also a software engineer working in software field for more than 9 yrs so I know the importance o[censored]sername and password and I am 200% sure I did not access any phising emails because I know what phising emails are.

What ever I was telling the manger was not at all bothered to take to his ears rather he harassed me asking me to accept that I accessed phising emails, he asked to to accept so that I will get back my money, since I don’t want o fight with him I stayed calm, in the meantime my wife became very dizzy and she was about to faint and was crying, on seeing this the branch manager wanted to somehow get us out of the bank so he said ‘Don’t worry sir you will SURELY get back your money and I gaurentee for that. He insisted me that he can claim insurance and get back my money with a week or 10days. So on hearing that myself and my wife was much relieved and came out of the bank. Only today I came to know that only because he wanted us both to get out of the bank he was giving all false information.

Next day we went and filed a CSR complaint at J5 Police station, Shastri Nagar, Adyar for the lost money. Station Inspector immediately called the branch manager and enquired for which the manager replied that he will take care and will return the money through insurance with a week or 10days, so 2nd time he gave assurance that through insurance he will get back my money. So I stayed calm for next 10days and after that I started to followup again.

During followup I came to know that banks risk department will take of these fraud cases so we both went to HDFC Bank, Nelson Manickam Road and met Mr.Gururajan Sampathkumar who was handling my case and discussed with him. He strongly said there is no such insurance for net banking and he don’t know why the branch manager told like that, he said we will get our money only if the guy is caught, on hearing this me and my wife were so (no words to say…..). After that we understood that the manager purposely gave false information about the bank inorder to get us out of the bank. After that we came back home.

Next day from my office I called one Mrs. Kavitha Krishnamachari working in HDFC headoffice located at ITC building in Mount Road and told her my story and that the HDFC besant branch manager told me about getting my money through insurance and I wanted to confirm that, she asked me to call after 30min, when I called her after 30min she said she spoke with the branch manager Mr.Venkateswaran and that told me that he never used the word Insurance to the customer. This again aggrevated our confidence about the branch manager who hold such a responsible position. After that we clearly understood that the manager is not a reliable person. I think he should not be in that position if he is that type of a guy who give false information to his customers in order to protect himself, he does nto know that he is spoiling banks reputation.

On 04-APR-08 the inspector of police called the branch manager and asked him the status for which the manager does not give him any responsible or proper reply and inspector told me that the branch manager is not even trying to initiate any anything from his side, he blindly trying to save his bank and he says that the customer lost his money because he leaked out his password, inspector also said the manager does not take any steps to solve this problem and he is not ready to do anything for you.

Myself, my country manager, my finance manager used to sending emails after emails to the manager to get the status but he never replied even once, my finance manager also said the manager has never replied even official emails because he don’t want to keep any email records.

Tommorrow 15-APR-08 I am filing FIR with Adyar Police station based on the complaint I gave at the commissioner office, I don’t who else can help me in this regard.

I am a ordinary salaried person so this is very high amount for me I cannot afford to keep calm so I am trying my best to retrive my money.

After this most of my office colleague have already disabled third party account, infact they are afraid of continuing with the bank. I think my company is thinking whether to continue the salary accounts with this bank or change to someother bank which again is a big black mark for the bank.

Yesterday I came to know about the RBI Ombudsman so immediately I called[protected] and spoke, they asked me to send mails to [protected], based on this I am sending you all the details .I think this is the last hope for an ordinary citizen like myself. I hope you will do the needful for me .

Thanking you,

Yours truly,
Previn Vincent

I Have HDFC Credit Card with number [protected].

Yesterday I got a call to pay the dues and penalty (In total Rs. 15525/- ), Immediately I went for clarification, they showed me some partial statement which was not clear to me, I asked for a detailed statement but the recovery team told me that their system shows only this much and they cannot provide me a detailed one, The way the spoke to me was very harsh and they were reffering me most of the time as a fraud which hurts me a lot. If I was a fraud I wouldn't have gone to their branch yesterday, but they said that you will be made to come to the branch.

Today due to the pressure and threathening from them I have given a Cheque of Rs. 15525/- (Citi Bank. Cheque Number: 472961) to the recovery team (Bangalore –Airport Road).
The due date of the Cheque is 21st Aug. 2008.

I need to verify this due amount which HDFC is claiming that I have to pay, before paying to HDFC. As I had changed my company during November 2004
But I could not change the address of this credit card account. This was done with the assumption that I have closed all my dues with HDFC credit card.

As now you are asking for the dues, hence please send me the statement details during this period so that I can verify the charges. I will keep this Cheque payment on hold unless I verify these penalty details through the statement.

Please send electronic copy of statements from Nov 2004 till date. This shall help me in clarifying my doubts.

If I don’t receive the statement in electronic form before 21/08/2008, I will hold the payment and the payment will not happen.

Dear Sir,

This is in regard to the lost of credit card card of my father Shri Chinta Mani Pandey, I lost my father on 26/oct/2009 in pune due to his ciever brain hameriage.
He was staying in Pune all alone because of his service with infodynimic company.
Me and my family was not aware that he is being issud any credit card with HDFC bank, When we I got he news of his hospitlisation I went to Pune, at that point of time my father was in coma.
After two months of his death we have shifted his bagages from Pune to Pratapgarh my native place, My mother is a patient of Thiroid and depression, Hence I have to take her along with me for treatment to Delhi as I am woking here in Delhi.
Mid of December I was taking my mother to delhi and the bag of my father's documents was stolen in the train. All the documents have got lost and I was also not aware about the Credit Card Number of my father to complain about it.
4-5 days back I recieved a notic from BSNL on behalf of HDFC bank claiming for 3700 Rs. towards my father's head and there was no contact details on the letter nither the contact number nor the credit card number of my father.
Today the bankers have called up on the lanline number, wherein my elder sister has given them the contact number my mother, brother and mine.
The banker have called us and were using the very abusive language and scaring us by Police.
Sir my mother is not educated and also she is a patient.
We are not aware of the fact that where this card is being used.
Sir, Request you to help me and my family as we are unnessary getting penalised by the bankers.

I have lost my father, and that's a big loss of my family . And I do not have any body except my mother and I want to take care of my mother.

Please Help for the same.

Looking forward for your support.

Dear Sir,

I am the Credit Card holder of your Bank which no is [protected]. I have made the final card settlement on August 2009. I had informed on telephone that your settlement is finalized on Rs. 21, 500/-. And also confirm and pay to minimum and activate it. Then I stated to pay against it which details are mention below.

Dated Rs.

27/08/2009 1250/-

08/09/2009 1500/-

*08/10/2009 1700/-

18/11/2009 1450/-

07/12/2009 5600/-

04/01/2010 7500/-

01/02/2010 2500/-


*08/10/2009 I am paying that amount that time I had informed that you have to pay all amount before the closing of this fiscal. On month of April I have again informed that you are not paying your due amount. I told them I had paid my all amount of settlement. Why are you asking for a payment me again? He had called me that your settlement is void. I was socked. I visit the bank and know about the details related with settlement November 2009 is the last month to pay. In the month april 2010 outstanding due amount is approx Rs. 20, 000/- As matter are discussion with Mr. Nishant . He advised me that just you pay only Rs. 1000/- to close your settlement. Then I paid Rs. 1000/- on dated 21/04/2010. After that whenever I contact with Mr. Nishant, he always confirmed me that immediately you will receive the call for final settlement but still I am waiting for that. During that period I was also called by Bank for the payment of due amount, then I informed to Mr. Nishant about that. He always call me don’t worry you will not receive any call now. But still it is happening. When I came to Bank to know about my settlement. That time I was confirmed me that no such type of action was taken in this matter. And total outstanding due amount is approx. Rs. 28, 000/-. I think that HDFC Bank is a very cosumer friendly and supportive Bank. But what is doing with me ? Now the Executive of Bank told me to pay minimum Rs. 15000/- to make a settlement again. Then how is possible for me.

Pls help me. I am totally afrid and disappointed. What have to do? I have no income due to jobless now. Pls suggest me ??????????????


Amit Kumar Jha

Ph. [protected]


Dear Sir / Maam,

this is in regard to my credit card no.[protected], which has been now suspended. I had paid all the dues as per the settelment amount. But I am still recieving Card Statements showing Rs.45,900/- due which is so disturbing as i have already made the payment.

Please look into the matter & stop sending these statements.

Best Regards,
Dear customer,

Please rest assured our team is investigating this matter and will be in touch with you shortly. We would also like to caution you against posting sensitive information such as your credit card number on a public forum such as this, as it may lead to your account being compromised. Should you wish to contact the bank on this particular matter, you may write to us directly at [protected] with your contact details and the reference id TTU[protected].

Regards, Customer Assistance, HDFC Bank

H.D.F.C. Bank credit card loans — unparliamentary language use

Mr.Niranjan is Posted in sakchi H.D.F.C. Branch in credit card recovery department.His Mobile no is:-[protected]. He is use me unparliament language against Credit Card Dues PaymentHe is countiniosnaly told me sala...........,
Why i am not going to legal process way pls tell me in hdfc bank site.
this is sameer arya, my credit card has locked due to delay in bill clear, after that i cleared my dues, and ERGO plan was actived for the year 2010 to 2011, which i canceled, didn' continue it to 2011 to 2012, and i paid the last amount which was due ie., Amont 4132 rupees, still every month slip comes to my home regarding late fee, and some amont is due, for what the amont and late fee is coming to me, as dont have any plan activated on credit card, and cleared the whole due amount,

pls do the needful
sameer arya
Credit card no :[protected]
[protected] / [protected]

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