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I want to know what redressal I have as a citizen against lousy customer service by HDFC Bank. I am so tired of dealing with their Noida Branch. What redressal do I have against lousy customer service. What redressal do I have against incompetence of bank officials.

They dont keep their promises. They don't reply to mails. They tell lies.!

When I go to their site I find nothing on customer service. So where is an ordinary citizen supposed to go.??

Please help me get to some senior folks in HDFC bank to complaint against the Noida branch.

Suffering customer!

Deepak Dhawan
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Aug 14, 2020
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I have taken a home loan from hgdfc kerala, I had similar experience. So i think thats there policy.
Dear sir,
pelase send weekly my statements of accounts for NRI accounts I.D 1408687 AND saving accounts I.D nbr.842384.
thanking you
Joseph k Kannth
Dear Sir/Madam,

We have a current account vide No.[protected] at your Udaipur Branch since 2004 and we have surrendered Debit/Credit machine installed at our shop on 10th of December, 2008 since they have starting monthly rent of machine for Rs.495/- every month.

Today we have received a account statement showing that the Banker is still deducting for Rs.495/- arbitrarily.

You are requested to kindly instruct to the branch authority to credit for Rs.1485/- on our account.
In this connection, we have tried hard to the Bank authority various time but there was not result has been initiated so far.

Kindly look into the matter at the earliest.

Thanking you,

I have a salary a/c in your sector: 10, panchkula (haryana) branch. I had opted for a SIP for Rs. 2000 per month (Rs. 1000 for HDFC Equity and Rs. 1000 for HDFC Growth) in the month of Jun 2008. I was briefed that the instalment would be debted by 5th of june, but it was debted on 15 JUN 2008. I went to the branch again after a few days and the staff assured me that the next instalment onwards it will be debted on 5th of every month. But it was not done even after visiting the branch thrice. I was highly dissatisfied by this. I decided to stop it and went to the branch on 27 Jan 2009. They asked me to approach their office in Chandigarh. I asked them if there would be any penalty. They assured me that there won't be any charges even if there is no balance in my account. It was a surprise for me to see my a/c statement debted by Rs. 1000 for the reason of ECS return. I was never told by the branch staff about the ECS. The fault lies at the end of your branch. Therefore, the amount (Rs. 1000) may be credited to my account. Before this episode, I used to be proud of having my a/c with HDFC bank, But this has almost vanished my faith and belief in the bank. Presently, I am not maintaining balance in my a/c due to sudden debts for anything which a normal person like me is not aware of.

Thanking you,

Yours faithdfully,

Anita Saini
A/C No. [protected]

Savings + Loan - Customer Service — Frustrating Customer Service

It's quite embarassing to be a customer of ICICI bank, still, after all the frustrating, unpleasant and irritating customer service I am getting from ICICI since last 2 months. I dont know what happened to the ppl in ICICI. If you continue behaving like this to your customers, you would surely lose all your business in no time.

I had been a customer of ICICI since 2004 and I own accounts too. gain, I had a car loan since 2005. I was very satisfied with ICICI until 2008.

Now I feel very much frustrated with the beavior of your people at different branches. Especially Bangalore Bommanahlli branch when I went there twice - one for closing a car loan and second taking a new one. Both tme, I got really very rude service (new loan- Mr. Rajesh, [protected]- pathetic service).

Again today I had trouble in crediting money into my account at a branch in Kerala. They didn't allow me to put more than Rs.49500/- saying I havent updated PAN number. I am damn sure that I had given my PAN card copy when I took the account in 2005. Now they tell, its not yet updated !!! And they havent informed me till now. Dont the bank have any responsibility to intimate on the same? What else is your job other than Banking? I put my rest of the money Rs. 2 lacs to my HDFC account. Who is losing Customers?

And the most thing that Really Embarassed me was the behavior of the Manager in Changanacherry branch when I talked to him - Mr. RamaChandran Reghuvaran, Branch Operations. VERY RUDE and Impolite guy


APPLICATION NO:[protected]
want to know what redressal I have as a citizen against lousy customer service by HDFC Bank. I am so tired of dealing with their Rajori garden Branch Delhi. What redressal do I have against lousy customer service. What redressal do I have against incompetence of bank officials.

They dont keep their promises. They don't reply to mails. They tell lies.!

When I go to their site I find nothing on customer service. So where is an ordinary citizen supposed to go.??

Please help me get to some senior folks in HDFC bank to complaint against the Rajori garden branch Delhi.

Suffering customer!

jitender singh

ph no - [protected]
I think HDFC Bank should colse there net banking service because there are so many problems and it shut down 2wice or 3trice in a month and all problems comes on our head .
My A/C no-[protected], last statement recd with balance Rs 5815.23(As on 05/05/2009.)
Further no statement has yet been received.It is understood that some amount has been deducted from my A/C. I am quite ignorent of any policy changes and do not have also any transection during the Last one year period. As such deductions if any may please be withdrawn for my ignorance and please arrange to send an up to date statement of A/Cs with your valuable advices. Savings are done to secure and deduction if any without customer's knowledge will be injustice. However in future i assure to abide.
HDFC unfortunately the preferred bank for home loans in India.

Customer service does not exist, so pls. do nto be disappointed. The Share holders, and the executive management prefers to get hefty pay cheques and give a about there customers, the effect trickles down to management and the employees of HDFC. That is pretty clear form the employee attitude of HDFC.

To all the NRI’s and people of Indian origin, remember u pay a premium interest rate plus processing fee for home loan application i[censored] apply for the loan from outside India. All though u might expect a level of service for premium price, there is none. Infact its worst than wat u receive in India.

In India, at least an HDFC bank representative will visit your house and collect the documents; this facility is also not available overseas. U pay a premium processing fee, just ‘caz of perception of HDFC bank, being an NRI u have adequate cash and u need to pass it on to the share holders of HDFC.

Now wat I have written is an experience that I am currently sharing with HDFC. Infact they have gone one step further, they have misplaced my post dated cheques, never informed me, till I have written over 5 emails and few phone calls.

So, my sincere humble request to all you people out there, is make a wise decision when u r out shopping for home loan.

Vishal Verma
Extremely frustrated Customer of HDFC
dear sir my SAV. AC no [protected] open the demat AC farm submit 20jully2009 but not open the demat AC only for SAV. AC not reply this resion And coustmear dealing bad
dear sir my sav AC no is [protected] i submit demet AC FORM on 20july2009 but don't open my demat Acc.

please open my SAV.Acc.[protected] ID NO 33182052



FOR pritpalsingh Mobile :[protected]
Dear Sir
I am not get my welcome kit yet,
so plz do for need full

thanks with kind regards
Naveen Kumar Gupta
ph - [protected]
This is the worst customer service from any bank I have seen till date. When called the customer service over the phone we have to go round and round on the IVR and once we get an agent they either cut the line saying "Thank you for calling HDFC bank". Or put back saying have re-enter the customer id and the T-pin number. Only on being harsh the complaint is lodged. I was told I would be delivered a Gold debit card instead, which was delivered to the wrong address, to update the address as informed i had to submitt a form in the bank and it would take 4 working days for it to be updated, this is ridiculous why is there no online facility to do this, its a pain in XXX to go to the branch and then it take 4 days for this to be update and change the address. I am facing a lot of problem as i use my debit card regularly and cant keep going to bank encash my money. This has to be taken care off. Is there any higher authority who is looking into this or is the higher authority same as their customer representatives. The best thing is there is no complaints option to log on the HDFC site when i searched. If there is any do let me know. This is pathetic service offered by HDFC.

I have applied for a personal loan, i am a bachelor and shifted my room recently. But when i gave the docs the address was different, but all other docs where true. And as a bachelor i can never give a permanent temporary address, thats impossible anyone human being can say that. They have rejected my loan. thats ridiculous. The branch manager who was dealing with this is Sriram.c.subramaniam from bangalore can u please look after the issue or even this is a show off. and please recruit some good english speaking executives, the employees over there can neither talk nor understand. These are small things which make someone or something great going, no customer satisfaction at all. And moreover when i was explaining the branch manager this issue, he was threating me he will put a case against him. he thought i was some criminal and i ll get scared, i dont care a hell i asked him to do whatever he can. Please if any human being over there can solve my problem...
hi i am gautham i would like to say one thing about the Hdfc i think this is not the bank to give preference for customers they are the worst servicers ore the in sum branches like Sahakarnagar Branch in this branch for DD they use to take 4 to 5 and for cash sum times they use to take 2 to 3 hrs ore ls they use to say server down. specially in this branch nobody can work properly they are the lasiest people ore there in this branch please take the action againest this Branch People i am having 8 accounts in this branch if you people wish not to close the accounts na the do somthing againest this Branch

and the adress is HDFC Bank
Sahakara Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka
dear sir

I have opened a current account in your bank on 16th dec. But i have not received my account no or any document regarding my current account. cheque of 10000/- also deduct from my account. I[censored] are not give me the documents, I will go to the court against your Bank. I am not satisfied with your Bank services at Mnadi, Himachal pradesh. i have also submitted my complaint at your Chandigarh Office under complaint no. MONO19555.


Sonika Gupta
Amass Education pvt. Ltd
national street
Opp PNB Bank
Mandi (Himachal Pradesh)

Ph. No.[protected],[protected]

Let me introduce my self, I am one of the Customer of HDFC bank. Mostly i used the Netbanking to reconcile my account and i had dropped a filled TPT form (to enable my third party Transfer ) on 01/01/2010 in the Gurgaon Branch drop box. But i don' t know why, after delay of 8 days my TPT service is not enabled yet now.I had tried to drop a mail to HDFC bank team but there is no feedback from their side,

My Customer ID is 242**97

Looking forward for your kind & urgent help!!

Amrish Sharma
yes i same thing from BANGALORE indranagar branch, a perosn called Mr. gajendra singh know as sales manager but unfit to be for atleast a helper or a runner for this things also he is unfit. this is my third compliant l wrote a mail ther senoirs officail but no one took action r nothing was done on this they all are robbers, cheaters, docaites etcccccccc,
Ihai My i had applied for a personal loan in HDFC ther representaive came & collected all the neccsary docs from me on 23 april saying that i takes 3 - 4 dys to process & approval . after all verifiaction i got a message from AD-HDFCBANK Saying that my loan got approved with REF no: 16537512 after that next day hdfc representative called MR sachin[protected] called & asked me summit 8 post dated cheque of Rs.16269/- and mr RAVI( [protected]) from hdfc came and collected the cheques with signatures on the other docs for ECS clearing from ABN AMRO FROM MY SLARY. Staing that with 24 hrs the laon amount will be credited to my account, but for 2 days i waiting i dint got amount in my account, when i called the bank people mr SACHIN & RAVI BOTH WERE rude to me and was not giving proper infrornation and GAVE there SALES manger mr GAJENDER SINGH NO ( [protected] ) AND SAID ME to contact him when i contaced mr singh he said that ther was some verification for my address proff & and 2 of the representative went to my home verified the address, aftr thet when i apporached mr asingh he said that he wanted to see my VOTER ID once for all when i showed all my ORIGINAl DOCS SUBMIITED TO THEM, THEY SAID WITH IN A DAY IT GET SANCTIONED BUT NOW MR singh Is not respondin to my call keepin my cheque he iis playing a fun, really speaking he is very unfit to be a sales manager, i think HDFC bank is taking unfit persons as therw Bms
i am thinking to file a complaint against them & bank for my loss for these days please suggest this issue, he was threating me . Please if any human being over there can solve my problem

I am from Mumbai, believe me looking at all these reviews i also know that this is not only me but now every one with HDFC is having an issue... I had applied for a loan and you know that the hassles that i to go through... i used follow with every one that was related to so called HDFC bank personnels.. instead of Bank callin me and let me know the status i use to call them... everytime i had a different answer... sometime they say that it will be done in two days all the formalities are done and some day.. they say that they are still saying that some verfication needed... and BIGGEST STUFF HDFC SENDS GUYS WHO DONT KNOW ENGLISH FOR VERIFICATION.. IMAGINE I GOT NEGATIVE BECAUSE THE GUY COULD NOT SPELL MY BUILDING NAME... I GUESS HDFC HAS ITS DAYS DONE.. SINCE I AM A MANAGER OF A REPUTED COMPANY .. I HAVE INFORMED MY MANAGEMENT TO CHANGE OUR SAVINGS ACCOUNTS FROM THESE FRAUDS.. ATLEAST THEY SHOULD REALIZE THAT WE WERE THEIR CUSTOMERS

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