Indane — Gas agency not supplying LPG cylinders

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 Rajneesh Madhok

Rajneesh Madhok, Phagwara

B-XXX/63, Nehru Nagar, Street No. 2,

Phagwara-144401 (Pb)

(Registered Member CORE-Consumer Online Resource

& Empowerment Centre)

A Central Govt Organization, Under Ministry of Consumer Affairs,

Deptt of Food & Public Distribution, represented for Connection No. 3502,

2556 & 14335………………………&he...


1.Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.,
Represented through Chairman,
Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.,
Regd. Office: ‘Indian Oil Bhavan’,
G-9, Ali Yavar Jung Marg, Bandra (East),
Mumbai – 400 051.

2. General Manager (LPG-MO)
‘Indian Oil Bhavan’,
G-9, Ali Yavar Jung Marg, Bandra (East),
Mumbai – 400 051.

3. Sr. Manager (LPG)
Punjab State Office,
Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (MD),
Plot No. 3 A, Sector 19 A, Madhya Marg,


4. Sri Jagdeep Rana,[protected]/[protected]
Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (Marketing Division),
Indane Area Officer,

Plot No. 3 A, Sector 19 A, Madhya Marg,


5.Mr. Rajesh Kumar Sharma,[protected]

Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (Marketing Division),
Indane Area Officer,

Plot No. 3 A, Sector 19 A, Madhya Marg,


6. Director
Legal Metrology, Govt. of India,
Deptt. of Consumer Affairs,
Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi

7. Dy. Director
Legal Metrology, Govt. of India
Deptt. of Consumer Affairs,
Regional Reference Standards Laboratory,

8. Addl. Secretary
Department of Consumer Affairs
Ministry of Consumer Affairs & Public Distribution,
Krishi Bhawan,
New Delhi

9.Govt. of Punjab, represented by
The Controller, Legal Metrology
Govt. of Punjab,
Food, Supplies & Consumer Welfare Department,


10. The Manager,

M/S. Phagwara Gas Service,

Industrial Area,

Phagwara-144401 (Pb)

11. Phagwara Gas Service (Indane) Distributor,

Industrial Area,

Phagwara-144401 (Pb) …………………………... Parties


Rajneesh Madhok, Registered Member, CORE, a Consumer Protection Organisation has filed this complaint against the Indian oil Corporation through its Chairman, General Manager (LPG-MO) and others.

The case is that the opposite party No. 1 to 11 are concerned with the distribution of the LPG Gas cylinders. Rajneesh Madhok had approached to the concerned officers and sent the Registerd Letter as well and requested the concerned authorities to deliver the LPG Gas cylinders to the above mentioned Connection Holders. But the said Gas agency has nothing to do with the requests of the consumers and do not reply to the requests of the Representative.

As the consumer is entitled to get the supply of a LPG cylinder of two cylinders in a month. But the said agency don’t make supply to them on various requests even. In this connection the SPEED POST LETTER No. EE[protected] IN DATED 02/02/2008 POSTED AT CHANDIGARH OFFICE FAILS TO SUPPLY THE LPG GAS CYLINDERS TO THE ABOVE MENTIONED CONNECTION HOLDERS.



2. CONNECTION No. 2556


The Ministry of Petroleum as well as the Ministry of Consumer Affairs shall ensure that all Marketing Companies do issue necessary instructions that the Distributors will provide to the consumers LPG Gas Cylinder within a stipulated time limit.

I pray to The Honourable Forum to direct the Indian Oil Corporation to pay a sum of Rs.50,000/- to the Complainant to meet the expenses incurred by it in protecting the interest of consumers and to continue to protect the interest of the consumers, within a period of four weeks.

(Rajneesh Madhok)
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lindane — too late of cylinder delivery

I am bearing the Indane Gas consumer no-2514. I had booked a refilling of cylinder on 23th December' 08. Till today i.e., 15th January' 09, it is not delivered. May I know the reason of such kind of negligence. The agency name : Narela Gas Service, Shop No. 4, First Floor, Sec-A/9, Pocket-4 Central Shop, Narela Delhi-40.I request to Indane gas authority to take necessary action against the said dealer.

Indane — regular delay ion supply

i mrs.phoolwati devi living at blk - c, 10/a tegore park, kolk - 39.
very frequently we facing problem with the gas agent. whenever we are making booking for gas, the agency take 2 to 3 weeks to delever the cylinder and by the time of delevery the delevery boy are always asking extra money from the bill. we have got connection from "Sonar Bangla Gas Agency, Netaji Nagar, kolk"

Indane — Improper service by Gas delivery personnel

I am holding Indane Gas Connection No.25015 held in Indane Gas Agency in Adyar, Chennai. Recently the gas delivery person behaved unreasonably when replacing the cylinder and taking the empty cylinder. I asked the person to check the tube for any leakages and to replace the tube if required. He didn't check the tube nor did he replace the tube but demanded Rs.50 to be paid for checking the tube. When asked to replace the tube he didn't render the service and didn't delivery the cylinder. He behaved harshly pushing the elderly people and taking the cylinder with him.

This type of rude behaviour should be condemned and the gas delivery service personnel should be taught as to how to behave to the customers especially to elderly people
please communicate with mein my mail.please communicate withme.
I want to take new Gas connection. How much time required for it? What is the procedure for that?

Indane — 2nd cylinder not given


we are using indane gas last 10 years we received 1st cylinder at the time when we purchase gas
but 2nd cylinder not received till date when we were want to that paalace (kamla karan gas service) he saying cylinder is not availeble .
that is not frist time any time we were going they saying same comments


request you sir please give me my 2nd cylinder at my home

Indane — leakage in gas cylinder

Today around 12.30 noon, we found a leakage in our gas cylinder. The complaint was immediate with the local gas agency. Since the indane customer service cell did not pick up the call, we were forced to contact the agency. Till this time, this issue is not resolved. As the leakage is visible, we could find out and protect us from the accident. The local agency person has informed to resolve this issue, within one hour...but its already 3hrs over and no one turned in.

Such type of serious issues needs to be resolved immeidately, but the pathetic service of the gas company has forced me to mark a copy of this mail to the media. This will be published in Monday's newspaper, if immediate reply and action is not taken for this complaint.

I booked the cyclinder on 18/12/08, and the old cyclinder is empty now, till now the new cyclinder is running. This happens every time, Im working in Ltd Company, i need to leave my work and go to the Agency to enquire, and their response is very poor and they start shouting.

Agency:- Sri Lalitha Agencies, Rajapalayam .
Consumer No:-.26306

Kindly take some action at the earliest,


Indane — extra charges by delivery man

Complaint booard,


This is to inform you that when a delivery is done for the gas the delivery boys asks for extra money terming it as a delivery charge.
If at all delivery charge is levied then why is it not printed on the receipt.

Thanking you,
Akhilesh Chokhani
I would like to know whether we can book gas online as it is very cumbersome process to get it booked by Phone its always busy and if someone goes and books it takes atleast an hour

I Ms. Sudesh Sehgal am a senior citizen residing at House No.-46, (Top Floor), Sector-15-A, Chandigarh.

I went to apply for a new Gas connection at M/S NUVDEEP MALA ENT, BOOTH NO-79, SECTOR-16-D, CHANDIGARH. TELEPHONE :[protected], 2544857. But he asked me to buy a new Gas Stove, Pipe, Lighter and a Regulator compulsorily or you are not allowed to book the same. After talking to the Indane Gas Toll Number, i could find that it is not compulsory to buy all these with the new connection. Above all i am already having an ISI Marked Gas Stove and i am not in a need for a new one. I would like to complaint about the mentioned Gas Agency and would request an early action against him for misleading me about the Policy of the connection.

Thanking you,

Ms. Sudesh Sehgal,
House No.-46, (Top Floor).
[protected] (Mobile)

lindane — Not receiving cylinder

I had booked a cylinder more than two week back with Jai Jawan Gas Service and are yet to deliver. My consumer number is 40075. The service of the dealer is poorest at best.

Indane — Regarding price cut

General manager,
Chennai division,

Respected sirs,

I am Padmavathi but the connection which i am using is in my cousin's name Surendar Rao, residing at No.4, 4th cross street, lakshmipuram, Thiruninravur, Chennai - 602024 as a consumer for IOC No.22409 till now from 02.05.2002.
I am your loyal customer from Thiruninravur collecting my cylinder from the dealers named Srinivasa Gas agency ( Thiruninravur). I booked my Refil on 13.01.2009 where as I received it on 29.01.2009. When the govt. has announced the price cut on 28.01.2009. How come they have collected the old price.i.e., 339.60 from me. Kindly see to that they refund the extra amount or please take immediate action.
Customer No. 17059
Dealer: Shekhawat Indan Gas Service
E-127, Chand Bagh Colony, Wazirabad Road, Delhi-110094

Dear Sir,
I Booked my gas on dated 07.02.2009 through 1260 vide Booking No.12 but the gas not reached to me till 14.02.2009 on request I booked again on 14.02.2009 through 1260 vide Booking No. 12, But I am sorry to explain the gas still not reached to me till 18.02.2009. Am I suppose that Indane gas is now only supply the gas to blackmarkets not to the customers. Iam also going to complain the issue further. Let me know the issue.

Indane — High scale bribery in allotment of Phagwara I & Phagwara II distributorship of Indane

--- On Wed, 2/18/09, rajneesh madhok <[protected]> wrote:

From: rajneesh madhok <[protected]>
Subject: Fw: Kindly inquire about the allegations of bribery in allotment of Indane Gas dealership in Phagwara II
To: "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "mendiratta.[protected]" <mendiratta.[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>
Date: Wednesday, February 18, 2009, 8:25 AM


The Honourable Officials,

Kindly look in to the following application received by me regarding allotment of Indian Oil Corporation distributorship in Phagwara I & Phagwara II.


Rajneesh Madhok,

B-xxx/63, Nehru Nagar, ST. no. 2,

Railway Road,

Phagwara-144401 (Pb)

Ph:[protected]O), 268210 (R),[protected]

Tele-fax:[protected], E-mail: [protected]


The Senior Area Manager, Date :- 13/02/2009

Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.(Marketing Division)

Indane Area Office, Indian Oil Bhawan,

Plot No. 6A, Sector 19B,

Madhya Marg,


Subject : Complaint under clause 21 of the Brochure titled as selection of Indane Distributorship for


Dear Sir,

Reference your advertisement in the newspapers for award of Indane Distributorship at Phagwara-II on 18/09/2006 where the undersigned applied and was subsequently called for interview as a candidate, the undersigned begs to lodge its complaint against decisions of the interviewing committee as follows

1. That the applicant submits his complaint as envisaged under clause 21 of the brochure and narrate the facts in chronological order.

2. That Indian oil corporation (herein after to be called IOC) called for application for the distribution of LPG Gas distributorship for Phagwara-II, Distt. Kapurthala in the state of Punjab.

3. That IOC inserted that in the respect of an advertisement in the Punjab Kesri Jalandhar on 18.9.2006.

4. That the complainant as applicant made his application complete in all respect to IOC. & filed with the department on[protected].

5. That IOC conducted an interview for all the candidates for Phagwara-II on 8.7.2008 in which the complainant appeared.

6. That thereafter, the screening committee of IOC again conducted the same on 22.9.2008 in which the complainant also participated.

7. That thereafter, the result has been declared on 23.1.2009 in which the complainant has been placed at Sr. No. 3 with 90 marks and Mr. Saiyad Mohammad Raihan and Mr. Rajinder Kumar have been shown in the brackets and as such placed at Sr. No. 1 & 2 respectively with 91 marks each.

8. That as per the Brochure, titled selection of Indane Distributorship, there is little scope for subjective satisfaction of interview committee. In fact the Brochure is self-contained system providing for the allotment of numbers under various heads.

9. That the complainant has no grouse or complaint in regard to the marks awarded to the complainant in regard to (a) Capability to provide infrastructure (b) capability to provide finance (c) educational qualification (d) age.


10(A) That the complainant highly disputes and challenges and attacks the award of numbers under the head of (e) experiences. In fact the complainant challenges the same on following grounds, which can neither be disputed nor repudiated by any in any manner as the same based on documents provided with application.

(i) Because the complainant was also an applicant for Phagwara-I and the result of the same has been declared on 13.3.2008. (The copy of the same has been enclosed herewith for your reference). In that result the complainant has been awarded two marks under the head experience. As such now it is too bitter swallow that in the result of Phagwara-II, the complainant has been awarded zero number under the head experience. This anomaly / contradiction cannot be reconciled / digested in any manner.

(ii) Because the same are the parameters for applicants in regard to Phagwara-I and Phagwara-II.

(iii) Because if the applicant is granted two marks under the head experience as granted earlier in the evaluation conducted for Phagwara-I then the complainant tops the lists for allotment of LPG Distributorship. As the distribution of marks under the head experience is purely based on the documents placed with the application and there is no discretion can be used.

(iv) That the applicant has provided same documents for experience for Phagwara-II that has been provided for Phagwara-I. So the applicant should provide the same two marks as granted in Phagwara-I result.

(v) That the complainant also challenge the 4 marks awarded to Mr. Syed Mohammad Raihan under the head Work Experience as per the knowledge of complainant, Mr. Syed is an Agriculturist & documents produced by him in support of his work experience should be scrutinised properly and investigation should be done about his EXPERIENCE..


10(B) (i) Because as per the norms for evaluating the candidates for business ability / acumen and personality based on interview Mr. Rajinder Kumar Has been allotted 7 marks out of 7 under these two heads that is 100% marks. These marks might be allotted rarely and in very very exceptional circumstances. It is astonishing to know that a person who is running a bare halwai shop has been awarded 7 marks out of 7, in case of Business acumen and personality against 3 marks to the complainant who is a chartered accountant by profession for more than last 20 years (i.e. since 1987) and has been interacting and dealing with the top intellectual and strata of the society and who was justifiably awarded 6 marks out of 7 in the last interview for Phagwara-I.

(ii) That it is most humbly submitted that an extraordinary 100% marks were granted to the owner of a sweet shop is a clear-cut favour to place that candidate above the complainant and mere 3 marks out of 7 i.e. just 50% of the last time score for Phagwara-I to the undersigned in order to favour Mr. Saiyad Mohammad Raihan and Mr. Rajinder Kumar.

Honorable Sir, it is clearly an act of misuse of position by the interviewing committee members against which I request you to hold an enquiry and to get marks reallocated through an impartial committee to do justice to all. You will very kindly appreciate that in no way a sweet shop owner can have a much better personality than a practicing chartered accountant as has been reflected in the marking of the interviewing committee.



First interview held on :- 7th Jan. and 8th Jan. 2008

Screening Committee Interview held on :- 29th Jan. 2008

Final Result declared on :- 13th Mar. 2008.

Sr.No. Name of Candidates Marks based on Documentary Marks based

Evidence on Interview Rank

Total=89 Experience=4 Total=93 Total=7 Grant Total=100

(a) (b) (c)=(a)+(b) (d) (c)+(d)

obtained obtained obtained obtained obtained

1. Rakesh Gupta[protected]

2. Syed Mohammad 84 4 88 5.5 93.5 4

3. Rajinder Kumar 84 -- 84 4.92 88.92 6



First interview held on :- 8th July 2008

Screening Committee Interview held on :- 22nd Sep. 2008

Final Result declared on :- 27th Jan. 2009.

Sr.No. Name of Candidates Marks based on Documentary Marks based

Evidence on Interview Rank

Total=89 Experience=4 Total=93 Total=7 Grant Total=100

(a) (b) (c)=(a)+(b) (d) (c)+(d)

obtained obtained obtained obtained obtained

1. Rakesh Gupta[protected]

2. Syed Mohammad[protected]

3. Rajinder Kumar[protected]


SNo. Name of Candidates Marks based on Document Marks based on Interview Rank

attached with application Effect

PGW-I PGW-II Difference PGW-I PGW-II Difference Net Diff.

(a) (b) (c)=(b)-(a) (d) (e) (f)=(e)-(d) (c)+(f)

1. Rakesh Gupta 87+2=89 87+0=[protected]

2. Syed Mohammad 84+4=88 84+4=88 -- 5.5 3 (-)2.5 (-)2.5 4 1

3. Rajinder Kumar 84+0=84 84+0=84 -- 4.92 7 (+)2.08 (+)2.08 6 2


Important Notes :-

(A) Both the applications (Phagwara-I and Phagwara-II) filed on the same day and with the same manner.

(B) All the documents which enclosed with the application of Phagwara-I is also attached with Phagwara-II.

(C) That the final result of Phagwara-I is declared around 4 months before the 1st interview held for Phagwara-II.

(D) That the result of Phagwara-I is available with every interested party and It can’t be said that it is an independent marking of Phagwara-I and Phagwara-II.

(E) That the result of Phagwara-II declare more than 4 months later, after conducting the interview of screening committee of Phagwara-II.

Honorable Sir, you are humbly requested to make the justice with the complainant & allot the complainant two marks under the head experience as has been already awarded in the marking of Phagwara-I (result of the same is enclosed herewith) and please also get remarked the marks of Business Acumen and Personality, as clearly it is visible from above that the committee has done its utmost to favour the two applicants and to deprive me of my legitimate right for which I have a claim as per the norms of your organisation.

That the present complaint is being filed within one month of the declaration of the result and as envisaged under 21.3 up to the final disposal of this complaint, the letter of intent should not be issued to the first candidate.

It is therefore requested that the matter be examined thoroughly and since the complaint has specific and verifiable allegation and as such the same be redressed and the distributorship of Indane LPG may kindly be granted to the applicant.

Yours faithfully,





MOBILE NO.: [protected]

--- On Tue, 2/17/09, rajneesh madhok <[protected]> wrote:

From: rajneesh madhok <[protected]>
Subject: Kindly inquire about the allegations of bribery in allotment of Indane Gas dealership in Phagwara II
To: "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "mendiratta.[protected]" <mendiratta.[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>
Cc: "Cc: [protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>, "[protected]" <[protected]>
Date: Tuesday, February 17, 2009, 11:53 AM

The Honourable Chairman,
Indian oil Corporation ltd,
Head Office,
Indian Oil Bhavan, G-9, Ali Yavar Jung Marg,
Bandra (East) Mumbai-400051

CC 1. To Sh. H.S. Bedi, GM PSo-cum-PIO, Punjab State office,
Indian oil Coprporation Limited,
Punjab State Office,
Indian Oil Bhawan, Plot No. 3-A, Madhya Marg,
Sector 19-A, Chandigarh.

CC.2. To Shri Gautam Datta,
Executive Director (HR)
Indian oil Corporation Ltd,
Indian Oil Bhawan,
G-9, Ali Yavar Jung Marg,
Bandra (East), Mumbai-400051
sub: kindly inquire about the allegations of bribery in allotment of Indane gas Phagwara-II.

Honourable Sirs,
Since the allegations of bribery in allotment of Indane Gas distributorship has come in to the knowledge of the citizens. To improve the functioning of Indane the enquiry should be initiated against the culprits considering the view points of the complaint received from Mr. Rakesh C. Gupta. I hope if the enquiry had been initiated against the malpractices of the officials of Indane then the corrupt officials will be unearthed, now it is the need that the officials be screened on the basis of the facts mentioned herein.

I am horrified to read the comments of Mr. Rakesh C. Gupta regarding the issue of personality. The Chartered Accountant practicing from the last 20 years got zero marks and the Halwayi who has no business experience got 7 out of 7 marks. I request the honourable authorities to intervene in the matter as there were malpractices in the allotment of dealership of Phagwara ! & !! by the authorities.

Will Indane authoities explain the HASTE in allotment of distributorship in Phagwara 1 agency, if it was in time then why there is so much delay in allotment of distributorship for Phagwara II. Is it that the negotiations have been going on with the parties and the fabricated documents have been furnished by other parties other than Mr. Rakesh C. Gupta who applied for the distributorship on filmsy ground.

Whether the officials who decided the allotment of distributorship of Phagwara II inclined to give some extra benefit which came in surface and can be proved which till today had generated doubt that how the other persons got credibility and INTELLIGENCE MORE THAN A PRACTICISING CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT.

I feel ashamed of the fact that Indane Officials took it as hasty action of deciding the allotment of distributorship to the person who is not a domestic consumer of Indane Gas in Phagwara. Never got supply from Phagwara's Gas distributor. Is there any under the table dealing in the process of allotment, which is in surface at Phagwara. The inquiry should be intitiated.

I observe that the distributorship had not been alloted taking in to notice the rules and regulations framed by Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. Kindly record the statement of other entitled persons Kindly verify from the records, there is clear cut violation of rules and the records mention clearly that a person who gets 0 marks in Personality in Phagwara II had got 2 marks in Phagwara I distributorship. Is it not a malpractice. Why the officials favoured the other persons.

This is clear case of DEMORALIZING HONEST & COMPETENT JUNIORS AND IT IS A NATIONAL SHAME for many officials who serve the country with honesty. When High officials indulge in malpractices.

This is yet another case under the Jurisdiction of Indane Officials when MAFIA procured distributorship on FABRICATED DOCUMENTS OF EXPERIENCE TO disposes a capable Chartered Accountant from getting the distributorship.

I hereby request you to please order an enquiry from an investigating agency or Justice in to the rampant loot of distcoms and their corrupting of Indian Oil Officials, system of management and allotment of distributorship

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

(Rajneesh Madhok)
B-xxx/63, Nehru Nagar,
St. No. 2, Railway Road,
Phagwara-144401 (Pb)
Ph:[protected]O), 268210 (R),[protected]
Tele-fax:[protected], E-mail: [protected]
I also agree that the telephone is busy most of the times. I book my refill through 1260 no. This agency has one big advantage that the service is good and have efficient & helpful staff. Unlike other gas agencies atleast they supply full cylinders. I personally met the owner of the agency and he is a gentleman. He advised me to call for refill booking in the afternoon instead of morning because of heavy rush. I advice you to go and meet personally the owner in case of any problem. I have shifted to East Azad Nagar now and I know how much I am suffering from the agency serving my area. I requested the GS enterprises to supply cylinder in my area if possible but nothing has been done as this area doesn't belong to them. If anybody can help please let me know.

Indane — very late service of gas cylinder

Dear Sir,

Sub.:Late supply of gas cylinder

Sir my consumer no. is 8385.From so many years we are facing too much poor service of indane gas sevice.We are provided with indane gas cylinder with in 50-60 days.Last time we got gas cylinder on 8 JAN, 2009 and now they have just mention the date on the back side of the dairy to give it on 1st MARCH 2009.We find very difficulty to manage.kindly do the needfull.


Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
Rakesh Gupta
#155, WARD NO.-7
MORINDA, 140101


we indians should be ashamed of ourselves ... we ourselves feed and let the monoster of bribery grow around us... I request you all fellows to put a brave fight around yourselves and give a deathblow to the corruption around you. Dont just be a spectator .. be a umpire ...
Last month 12 or 13 feb.2009, I had booked a cyclinder with Mann gas service, Bathinda, distributor of Indane gas. My consumer # is 4324, till date the same is not delivered to me, I request you to please...

lindane — Improper Supply of refilled LPG Cylinders

I reside in Villivakkam - Chennai, and our dealer is Jeevan Gas Agency, Reddy street, Villivakkam. Phone No[protected].

I have booked the LPG cylinder refilling on 2/3/2009, as they told we are getting the refilled cylinder within 2 days, but cylinder was not received after two days as they mentioned. Again when we called them regarding the position of Gas supply, they told that they will supply the cylinder on the evening, the day we called, but didn't turn up. When called again on 7/3/2009, they say that somebody has booked the cylinder refilling on 27/2/2009 with my consumer number. He said that some mistake in cylinder refilling booking has occurred from their side, they them self accepted. Again they said that cylinder will be sent on 7/3/2009 evening, but till date no supply from them.

Also, with my previous cylinder refillings, the supply man of this agency asks extra money when he delivers the refilled cylinder, which will be around Rs.20 + cylinder refilling charge.

Will your department do the needful solution on this?


K Ganapathi Rao

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