[Resolved]  Indian Railways — Pathetic Service on 2906 Down - Inhuman Indian Railways

I wish to bring to your notice the total breakdown of services on the 2906 DN Howrah - Porbandar Express leaving Howrah on Saturday 19th July 2008.

My wife and her mother ( a senior citizen ) were travelling from Howrah to Jamnagar by AC 2 Tier ( Coach A1 ) on 19th July 2008 .

The following incidents and lapses highlight the pathetic state of affairs in the Indian Railways :

1. No drinking water was served after the train left Howrah at 22:55 hrs. They were rudely instructed to get the it at Kharagpur ( sometime past midnight ) . Never mind if the passenger dies of thirst . Chalta Hai .
Please note that this "superfast train " boasts of a pantry car.

2. Bedrolls were dirty and sheets were stained. No towels were given to any one. Answer given by attendant : Not available.

3. No pantry service for long hours next day. Inspite of appeals and requests to the pantry staff, TTE and attendant, no service was provided. My wife and other co passengers insisted for a complaint book which the TTE refused to give ( TTE refused to divulge his name - TTE was on duty from Nagpur to Bhusaval in this coach ). The Pantry Manager Mr Shivprasad of M/s Kwality Caterers also refused to give the complaint book to my wife. The were totally callous to the passengers' needs and no dinner orders were taken till 9 PM. Meanwhile all the passengers in the AC coach visibly angered and put through this cruel harrasment confronted the TTE and when confronted by the crowd he quickly handed over some feedback forms to the passengers ( no carbon paper he smartly added when asked for an acknowledgement ) . Finally many passengers lodged the complaints in writing but no one acknowledged them, including the TTE and Pantry Car manager .

3. The bearer overcharged the passengers for the beverages, lunch etc. First he refused to give a bill for the food bought from the pantry. Then he was forced to give the bills to the passengers when the payment was made and to our surprise he was overcharging. Thanks to the unity of the passengers, who were fighting for their rights, he had to refund the excess money rather shamefacedly.

4. The toilets were not clean and stinking through the journey. No water in taps after Nagpur.
All this in a train which was running 3 hours late.

We shall be submitting all the complaints and grievances of the passengers to the relevant higher authorities .

This goes to prove that no one is accountable in IR. Passengers are taken for a ride literally. If this is the case in upper class, then I wonder what is happening in the lower classes of travel. All the talk and hype by our honorable Railway minister is only a gimmick. The ground realities are different .

The passenger who has to travel 2500 kms and pays for the comforts and services gets a raw deal and denied of his rights.The railways do not seem to care for customer service, cleanliness, amenities. This is a shocking true story of what IR is really all about.

I request the Railway Authorities to take stringent action against the erring officers and staff incharge of this train . Hard Copies of the complaint shall be submitted with adequate proof to the Western Railway authorities.

The Indian Railways need to take this feedback very seriously since it is the lifeline of India and pride of the nation, and is sadly bringing shame and disgrace to its people, thanks to the culture and inhuman values prevailing in the staff.
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Aug 14, 2020
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Hi sir

I booked a ticket through internet booking services on 27-july-2008. the train name is FALAKNUMA SUPER FAST.
I was supposed to go to Hyderabad from Visakhapatnam. But the train was cancelled on that day; still I did not get any refund amount into my Account

My Details are:

PNR No [protected]
Train No 2703 Train Name FALAKNUMA EXP
Date [protected] Class SL
Boarding Point VSKP Reservation Upto SC
Quota General

S# Name Age Sex Seat/Berth Coach Status
1 RAGHAVENDRARAO 028 Male 0000 RLWL 22
Total Fare 00000288

Please send my paid amount to my account
Thanking you



Indian Railway — Water has not been provided with Lunch

I am traveling on train 2296 ( Sanghmitra Exp) from Patna to Bangalore on 1-Jan-2009. I have ordered my lunch on 2-Jan-2009. Caterer did not provide water with the lunch. When i asked to provide the water, he is saying he has not received water.

When i have asked him to bring the Complain Book. He ran away immediately.

I hope India Railway will take some action. This is happening with everyone. They are not providing water to anyone not only in this train but with other train also.

indian railways catering — overcharge,and not giving water.

respected sir
whille travelling from gorakhpur to delhi on 2nd january2009, i demanded dinner from the waiter in the train.he supplied me the dinner at gonda junction in which there were 3purries one aloo mutter subzi, one dal and one pickle.But he did, t give me water.when i demanded the same he said that his thekedar has not provided him water to serve.he alsocharged rs 40 instead of rs35 from me and other passengers.
sir i requert u to please take action regarding the same i shall be highly thankful to passenger details are given below
train no; 2555., gorakhdham express
seat no 35
coach no;s4
Its a great news of running "Garib Rath Express"from Puri to Howrah and obviously many will be and are being benifitted.But, I dont understand that how a train with full air conditioned(A/C) coach and when the fare is equivalent to other express train bear such name(Garib Rath).
Secondly the bed roll is chargable(Rs50/-) where in its free on other train, thus the total journey fare goes up.
I think Indian Railway Authorities should be well versed with thier Nomenclature(naming) and the service provided by them to the public.

Hope yopu should be able to Name the Trains accurately in future.

I would like to draw your attention towards horrible service provided to us during our travel by train # 0995 from secunderabad to jaipur on 04/05/2009.

The attender of coach # B1 ; Mr. madanlal had harrassed us the total journey. I have not seen such a useless and ill mannered attender on any of the trains, I have travelled till date.

We were given all used bed sheets with pan spitted on one some of the blankets (one blanket, one white bedsheet, small dirty pillows). when we enquired with the attender; pat came the reply- I am not responsible, this is what has been provided to me.

when we insisted on fresh blankets, he told us do you want these available blankets or not.

I spoke to the TC on board, he assured us of giving fresh blankets at Nagpur.

At Nagpur, I spoke to the Dy. station master, he says, yes we have received the complaint but are helpless as rule book says; we cannot provide the bed rolls from any station apart from the starting point. I would like to ask the higher ups, if you people are so particular about following the rules, then the services provided should be equally good ( as per the rules laid down ).

When I and my co-passengers insisted for a complaint book, the attender (Mr. madanlal) says what will you do writing in the compalint book, WASTING MY TIME AND YOUR ENERGY.

He even went on to say that "what help have you people done to me, for which in return you are expecting any type of help from me".

I would like to request the higher ups and our honourable RAILWAY MINISTER, not to put people to such hardship and do not propagate about the profits the railways is making without providing any quality service. THIS IS JUST TAKING BENIFIT OF MONOPOLY AVAILABLE WITH YOU.

I expect the concerned persons at railways to take stringent action against Madanlal and the concerned people for puting us to such hardship after paying the total amount of tickets.
We too have faced abnormal service in this Falaknama Express down, from Howrah to Hyderabad. The train was full of small cockroaches. After the train left howrah, within half an hour one surveyor with some survey forms came to us and tried to first convince us that they do this and that, then when I asked about those cockroaches he brought somebody and said that the person will spray the insect killer asap. But unfortunately he didn’t come till we left the train in Hyderabad. Most absurdity is that the surveyor kind of instruct me to tick ‘excellent’ and ‘very good service’ in every field ; he said if I tick lower than that his job will be over…….so funny. I asked to bring the form in the end of the journey but he kind of forced me to fill it right then only. We had 1 sick infant with us and got scared during the whole journey. Even the train was much dirty than Falaknama Express up one, which was not that bad. The food rates were also quite high, though that’s ok. During the whole journey by this this train up and down(Hyderabad to Howrah and Howrah to Hyderabad), we 3 adult paid at least rupees 1500 for lunch, dinner and breakfast. The attendants were quite careless and arrogant also. Even at night the outside hawkers were pulling out the curtains badly and laughing and making fun so cheaply as if we were sleeping in footpath perhaps; this was also quite annoying. We hope to get a little better service and clean and fresh atmosphere after paying about rupees 11000 for tatkal internet booking for three adults in 2nd AC sleeper coach and about rupees 2000 for food in train.

Indian Railways — No provision of fresh sheets in AC coach

I was travelling in 1123-Barauni Gwalior Mail on August 6th, 2009 in B1 coach from Unnao to Gwalior with reserved berth numbers 62 and 63.
This is to bring into notice the carelessness and inefficiency of the appointed attendants.First of all, no bedding was provided by the attendants to me. When I repeatedly demanded for the same, I was told by the attendant Dharmendra(/Dhirendra) that no fresh sheets and blankets were available and only USED SHEETS AND BLANKETS COULD BE PROVIDED TO ME.When I insisted on availing fresh bedding, I was told that FRESH SHEETS AND BLANKETS ARE NEVER MADE AVAILABLE IN BARAUNI MAIL!! Ultimately, I was compelled to accept those used dirty sheets (not even ironed properly).
This exposes the hypocrisy and undutifulness that is seated deep in the habits of the attendants.They do not care to make provisions for fresh sheets but rather force passengers to compromise for the used ones. Kindly look into the matter and please do take strict action.

Hoping for some response,

Ankita Srivastava
ABV-IIITM, Gwalior.
Email : [protected]
Why Southern Railways was not taking any action when it is traffic from Bangalore to Tuticorin is more. I request to introduce special train on every Friday from Bangalore to Nagercoil and return on Sunday. It will helps more citizens to travel comfortable by train rather going by bus.
I would like to inform you, that Main Line ( Villupuram-mayiladuthurai) section, Passenger traffic is more. But Gauge Covnversion itself is delaying. Also iam from Kumbakonam.Its a town with lot of temples. But Trains is very low. Moreover proposal of Kumbakonam to Namakkal plan was dropped. Plz look this section for any new such plan
Thanks and i hope that you will consider my point
sir i am from kumbakonam there is proper train to chennai, in sat&sun the buses are also rushed beyond this the buses are diverted towards via mayiladuthurai. so the travelling hours is upto 7 hrs to reach chennai.pls i want to know wat happen for delaying villupuram-mayiladuthurai gauge conversion project.sir we are eagerly waiting for introduce a train via main line.pls we are expecting a train from oct-2009.kindly look about this section.

Indian Railways — Hawkers in Nagpur Railway Station

Dear sir,

I usually visit Nagpur, I want to bring to your notice that the hawkers who sell goods in Nagpur railway station charges more than the printed rate in the product. I can give you a better example of packaged drinking water which is sold at the station, which is generally Rs. 12 at every station, but you can get at Rs. 15 in nagpur railway station. If you tell them this is illegal, they straight forwardly tell that you can complaint anywhere as we have to give commisions to the officers in railways etc.

Please look into this issue, I will appreciate if you can take an action.


S. Sunil Kumar
to whom it may concern,
why i can"t change the boarding station of my ticket online.there must be some facilities for these problems with indian railways.

Southern Railway — providing used blankets

With regards to above complaint subjected , we traveled in train no. 0650 on 16/12/2009 from Katpadi to Ernakulam JN IN 3 tier A/C, Our ticket no.PNR NO. [protected] & [protected] B1 38,41 & 42 .
The boggie official are not provided us fresh (un used) blankets and pillow , when we check with attender regarding this issue he is not responded , then he speaks rashly , unrespect .
This cleanless will cause unhyginic to the passengers , such attenders words makes passenger disappointment,
so kindly take necessary action against the attender , and pay us necessary claim to our uncomfort journey .
If it in not paid to us, we will file this same in consumer court.

On travel itself we have given a complaint in train to TTE. REF NO. T.579/Rev.90 NO. 390312

Indian Railways — Kharagpur-Nagpur-Pune

PNR [protected] and PNR [protected]
On 19-22 Dec 2009, I travelled from Kgp-Pne in Gitanjali and Azad Hind Expresses.

The condition of the reserved passengers and irctc staff because of excess passengers is worse than the passengers in General Bogies.
The TTE and GRP only find excuses an ddont help passengers or the catererers delivering food. They take bribes and let more passengers inand blame the Wait Listing practices.
All other railway employees like drivers, signalmen and trackmen work to run trains safely and timely. But the TTE and Police only collect bribes and give IR a bad name.
The toilets and passageways were never cleaned by the appointed staff in both trains.

It is not like this in the kgp-Delhi, and kgp-Chennai route. Your TTEs and RP and GRP, are worse than
and more dishonest than Naxalites and terrorists.

I have already made complaints on Board and in Gondia Station
Sir, can you let me know what happened to Proposal of Kumbakonam to Namakkal railway route. And I want to know the status of the same.
The proposal for laying a new broad gauge line from Kumbakonam to Namakkal had been pending with the Ministry for a long time. The survey was already over and the project was waiting for the approval of the Planning Commission and the Union Cabinet.

The scheme would be beneficial to drought-hit Perambalur district, and to the proposed lignite mining industry and thermal power plant at Jayamkondam
I heartly request to indian railway to improve everything in train "4673/74 shaheed express (Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat)" cum "4649/50 saryu-yamuna express (sun, tue, fri)" from amritsar to jaynagar and vice versa. This is good train because it has less stoppage than "5273/74 satyagrah exp.". But indian railway has no tension for this train. They dont clean any coach of this train. They have no pantry in this train till it goes to amritsar from jaynagar and it have 8 sleeper class, 1 2AC coach, 1 3AC coach. This train is also very much late. Whats reason for it till it has less stoppages. Why this good train get treated badly by indian railway? I am sure if they take care of this fact about shaheed exp it must be a good train as vaishali exp, gorakhdam exp etc. I again request heartly to indian railway to care for this train. I hope they do it. God bless them.

Kindly change the time of ERNAD EXPRESS from Nagercoil to Mangalore. Now it starting from
Nagercoil at Midnight with very few passengers. If it is started at morning the train will be almost full. So I request you change the train times of 6349-Parusuram Express and 6606-Ernad express to Mangalore should be changed immediately.
Respected behalf of applicant of assistant loco pilot, bause i would like to inform you that i could get my written exam till now///////////////

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