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LPG Of Indian Oil Company (Indanegas) — Misbehaviour and harassment made by the Owner of the Jiban Jyoti LPG distributor of Indian Oil Co. Ltd.

The Sales Officer,
Customer Care Sale (LPG),
2, Gariahat Road (South),
Indian Oil Bhavan,

Kind Attention : Mr.Bera/Sales Officer/South Kolkata
Sub : Misbehaviour and harassment made by the Owner of the Jiban Jyoti LPG distributor of Indian Oil Co. Ltd.

Ref : Page-8 dt. 3/12/2007.

I received an improper stamped letter from Jiban Jyoti LPG distributor in Daksinapan building dt. 03/12/2007 where I was directed to attend the showroom within 7 days from the date of the receipt of this letter within 10AM to 5PM for termination of my connection and refund of security deposit.

Sir, I was puzzled after going through the letter and could not understand from where the concerned dealer came to know that I have double connection LPG GAS . Whatever may be I went to the said LPG distributor office to settle the matter. After meeting the distributor of the said LPG SHOP I was more puzzled to know that my gas connection is likely to be withdrawn due to another LPG connection in favour of my 70 years old widow Mother-in-law in the same house .

I told her it is true that she has a connection but she is not staying with us. Other than matrimonial relation we have no interaction with each other. It is true she is staying in the same postal address because neither I nor my husband can not say to leave the house. But we have separate sets of kitchen, She stays in the ground floor in 1/6, Naskarpara lane, Kolkata-31 and I stay in the 1st floor along with my husband and one child.
Hearing my arguments that ruffian lady owner of the said LPG Shop told me “ truthness of version should be examined by an inspector who may go to your house for examination”. I was glad to know and I welcomed her decision but further I made a request that please send your inspector specially on Saturday because I am working in a responsible position in the South Eastern Railway under Ministry Of Railways. As a proof I showed my identity card also.

Hearing my request that ruffian lady suddenly became very much angry and what she told me is given hereunder:
“ Why I will listen to your request ? You have no fairness. I will send the inspector at any time any moment just to see your factual position. You are a stupid lady can not adjust with your mother-in–law. You have no ability to work in Government sector etc.”
Sir, being a consumer of LPG gas Indane I am asking you the following questions :
1. Do you think the behaviour of the owner of Jibon Jyoti LPG distributor is under section 3 of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Act ?
2. We are getting gas in lieu of money then why customer have to face the red eyes of the distributor.
3. According to her shall I drive out our elders from their house.
4. According to her, Senior citizens have no right to get essential commodities just to pass peacefully their last life.
5. Under section 3 of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Act is applicable inspite of having separate kitchen facilities and my widow Mother_in-law is staying separately

I tried my level best to narrate my grievances and pain to your lotus like feet and praying to you to get justice. Please make arrangement to sned your Inspector either on Saturday or giving prior intimation to me so that I can make myself available when the Inspector visits my kitchen. Kitchen of my mother-in-law is in the Ground Floor as well as her bedroom is in Ground Floor and the Inspector may visit my mother-in-law at any convenient time.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully

Dated:15.12.2007 [MEENAKSHI SUBRAMANIUM] 1/6 Naskar Para Lane, Kol-31 Mob No.[protected]
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We are having Indane Gas connection in the name of my father "Raghunath Dash" under consumer no "G07320". The dealer is "Ganjam gas at Gandhi Nagar Berhampur,Orissa . Inspite of our booking for gas on 13.11.2007,Iam sorry to state that the cylender has not been deliveredtill22.12.2007. Every time on enquery the dealer says only one evasive reply i.e. on the next day.

I have already given on line complain On 18.12.2007 with confimation code 7 e 1 7 8 and e 1 3 b e and do not know the progress.
Please do the needful to allevate the suffering.

L. P. G. — Customer service

Dear Sir,
I want to attract your kind attention towards irregularities committed by your L. P. G. distributor from quite some time. I am unable to understand why L. P. G. distribution system has become a great problem for your local distributor as well as for customers. I want to know from your side that how much days after getting delivery we can book our request for refill and after booking how much days it will take to materialize the booking request. In this connection I have talk to your sales officer on cell phone number [protected] but he did not respond me positively. His behavior is very passive towards customers.
I am very sorry to say that I have given my refill request to PREET GAS GIDDARBAHA on 30th Nov-2007 SV. No.[protected] Consumer No. 11034 favoring of Dinesh Kumar but I had got the refill after 55 days of delivery. Further I state that I had colleted 7 refills from Jan-07 to up to 25th Jan-08. In these conditions, I request your good self's to arrange me the statement of last 12 months refill supply statement from the distributor. So that I can match that supply statement with my consumer card. I hope you will look into the matter personally and take decision accordingly. We feel great inconvenience due to non-availability of consumer grievances contact number or address at the agency office. I hope that a better customer service will be provided in near future.
Thanking You,
Yours Sincerely,
Dinesh Kumar.
S/o Sh. Inder Mohan
Thakur Mohalla,
W. No. 2, St. No. 1,
H. No. 1874,

Dated : 25th Jan.-2008

LPG — Misbehaviour and Delay in changing the cylinder

We have a connection from Indane and the consumer No. is T9035 we booked the gas through Our Supply Agency Sushma Gas Service ,while getting the delivery of the booked cylinder we pointed out the gas leakage to the delivery Man and rather replacing he adjusted the washer of the cylinder and told that it will not have the leakage again.While fitting the new cylinder to the stove ,we found out that the leakage is infact even more,we immediately called to the helpline no. as mentioned on the back of the slip and lodged the complaint they told us that they wil be coming in the morning nd will replace the cylinder despite of the seriousnes of the issue ,we got this response ,puting our lives in danger, we put the cyliner out,and even after regular followups nobody even bothered to responded, in the mid noon two officers of SUSHma GAS turned up and confirmed the leakage, we enquired about the replacement they told that the lot delivered has been exhausted and the next replacement will be available only after the next delivery,when we told that the helpline is stating something else they abused us and told tha the entire responsibility lies with us regarding the replacement and the accepting of the delivery ,and its nothing to do with the agency they even told that the helpline no. to whom we were interacting since last night does not belong to the agency and Indane ,however the no. has been printed on the delivery slip they provide at the time of delivery?After all this we again contacted the abovesaid helpline and requesterd for the replacement once again and even offered that rather we can go and take a replacement rather their delivery van coming to us for the same this time they told us to go to the godown and get it replaced .We once again carried the cylinder at our own risk to the gas godown and got the replacement.We were shocked by this incident as the leakage had there been since night and he response was so delayed and pathetic that agony and frustation it created and moreover the risk to our lives for the wholeday is untollerable and there can not be any excuses for that .Above all the behaviour and response from the authorities is shameless. i don't know how to react to it.
booking of gas

Dear Sir,

My name is Narayanan.A, since 1998, I am using Indane Gas vide Consumer No.18621 at Cauvery Gas Agency, K.R.Puram, Bangalore- 560 016. Last one and a half year we are (I and surrounding Gas consumers) facing tremendous problem as per the new policy started by IOC. Following are the problems we are facing:
01. Cylender booking is only allowed after 30 days from the date of receipt of Gas Cylender . Last several months, we are getting Cooking Gas Cylender after 10-12 days from the date of booking. It means almost 42-45days we have to wait to get Cylender. I came to know from the reliable sources that they are misrouting cylenders to some other customers who is approaching with Empty Cylenders. In that case what is the sense of booking and wait for 10 to15 days. In this agency every day there is a hue and cry for getting cylenders.
You are requested to inform us your actual policy thru Email for getting cylenders in time and also send your inspector to this agency to take appropriate action so that service people can't go and sit in their agency every month two to three times.

Consumer No.18621
Dear Sir,

My name is Sahadev Dey, I am using Indane Gas vide Consumer No.48224 at Cauvery Gas Agency, K.R.Puram, Bangalore- 560 016. I booked for new Cylinder on 28/03/2008 through phone and I was told to supply after one week but till date it is not supplied. One main problem is that they do not know other language(Not even Hindi) than Kannada. When again I called by phone today(09/04/2008) morning, somehow I communicated her and wanted to know when I will receive my new Cylinder, she told me today only the supplier will come to my house. But no one came. As I have only single Cylinder so I am facing tremendous problem. I have booked for second Cylinder on August 2007 and when I asked them about second Cyllinder they told me it will take some more time as of now they are giving new Cylinders to those who booked in 2006.
You are requested to look in to the matter seriously and kindly amend the rule(if it is not there) that a person with single Cylinder will get preference to get the refill Cylinder.
I shall be grateful to you if you kindly send an email to me regarding the actions taken for the above matter.

Indane LPG — Misbehaviour and non-delivery of LPG by the dealer

It is deeply regretted that inspite of repeated request and personal approach the agency dealer-- Avtar Flame Centre is not delivering the LPG cylinder at time for last several months besides this he is misbehaving even with senior citizens

Such people defame the reputation of such a big house
kindly change my connection to another nearest centre to avoid unnecessary harassment at the hands of illiterate people

Dr Akashdeep Singh
Associate Professor
1521 Sector 32 A
Chandigarh Road
Ludhiana 141010

iocl/LPG Cylinder — misbehaviour of call attender

sukhdham gas service has not provide certified customer service to any kind of customer service like phone booking, misbehaviour of delivery boys etc.
So pls. take a necessary action about this matter
Thanks & reg.
dear sir
My name is hemangi suryavahsi My consumer no. is 11913, i booked cylinder on 25-05-08, but till on 20-06-08 cylinder has not been delivered, whereas the same is sufficiently available in black market @ Rs.450/-..we are being compelled to buy in black due to such abnormal delay in delivery. may please check and correct...
do not send the gas cylinder on time. They book the cylinder on another date and enter on another date...

I would like to let u know that here in my dahod, town gas agency owner is black marketting the gas and consumer are suffering to much...
my contect no [protected]
Application form of L.P.G dealership form.please send me the form via my mail id.
This is to inform i am a consumer of your esteem organisation, consumer no TVS-287 at fairdeal gas dealer in creek row.But due toirregular gas service we suffer lot. please take needful action, we can get rid of this suffering.
thank you.
sanjoy chakraborty
131A, A.J.C BOSE ROAD KOL-700014

LPG Gas — exceptional harassment created by gas agency

We are customers of "Chndernagar Gas Agency", Suryanagar, GHAZIABAD. The gas connection is in the name of my husband Mr. Girish Saran (C N 17584). Since last two years, harassment has started . When I book the gas the phone booking lady gives some approximate date, mostly one wk. However, the gas is not provided Within the stipulated period. When I CALL AGAIN, SHE SAYS WE HAVE NOT GOT THE GAS. You will have to wait for another 2-3 days. Normally, Since last 2 to 3 years gas is being provided to us after 10-15 days period from the date of booking. A few months back I HAD POSTED A COMPLAIN ON THIS WEBSITE. Then for last 2-3 times I GOT THE GAS WITHIN A WEEK.

Now, the current situation is the I have booked the gas on AUG 02, 2008. I WAS TOLD THAT YOU WILL GET THE GAS WITHIN A WK. TILL NOW GAS HAS NOT BEEN DELIVERED.

Now, I Would like to tell the actual practice of the delivery person of this agency. His name is SATPAL AND THE LADY HERSELF PROVIDED HIS MOBILE NO. If I complain, she says talk to him. When I talk to him He says "parchi nahin hai". In fact, he sells the gas to other people without booking and tells at the agency that "House is locked".This is not the case certainly with us. THE HOUSE IS NOT LOCKED 24 HOURS.

Please help. I am fed up of this conspiracy of the delivery man . This is being done just for selling cylindres to others for more money, thereby making his pocket heavy.

Indane LPG Gas — Not booking our request

our consumer no. is 14652, we have two cylinder connection. today we tried to book cylinder from our gas dealer M/s Bhrauch gas services - station road bhrauch. They refused to book our request stating that " INDANE HAS ASKED NOT TO BOOK GAS BEFORE THREE MONTHS OF LAST BOOKING" . Is there any such order issued by INDANE?
In case of me, the consumer no 24654 Address 117(holding 272) DumDum Road. I'm suffering a lot because i have no second cylinder though i have register for the same on 7.4.2008 vide no 496797.
And they did not arrange to supply the 2nd cylinder inspite of several request made to M/s DumDum Gas Supply Agency, kol-74 where as it is heard that they made it available to the other customer who booked after 7.4.2008.
So will you please consider my case/

Dear Sir,

My consumer No. SG.25608 at Sona Interprises at Vasant Kunj. I got this transferred from Vasant Kunj to Sarita Vihar at K-II International.I am a got Employee staying in Railway Colony, Tuglakabad, Badarpur, New Delhi.

This K-II/ is refusing to accept to issue us a LPG Cyclinder.
Now where we will go .Please help

My self Altaf, iam taken Gas connection in Gwalior and Now iam in Hyderabad .Due to my some personal problem i had shifted from Gwalior to Hyderbad.At the time of shifting i have not given shifting application and infrmation to gas delar .Cyclender with me in hyderabad only but for refilling iam getting so much problem .Can you advise me how can we transfer my connection from Gwalior to Hyderabad without visit to gwalior, now we are refilling cyclender in black.

Pls resond in mail id
good day sir,
i am arun from yamuna nagar, haryana i have complaint against ambey gas enterprieses he talk to me so rudely
Dear sir,

customer code no: 23056
customer name: M. meenakshisundera Raj

Sub: Requesting to delivery the gas in time.

We are big family and we have deposited the amount for the requirment of 2 cylinders per month. But now a day, we could get 1 cylinder per month. My aged mother could not prepare food in the stove and we are not that much rich to get the kerosene from outside and moreover the people who is handling in blue flame agencies not giving polite answer, admentally speaking, also not picking up the lines of the customers and taking 25 to 30 days to deliver 1 cylinder.

Hence, requesting you to instruct the people to sort our problem and arrange to give for 23days to 1 cylinder. that is our family condition and usuage.

Velliyakkattil House
6/3 Chelavoor PO

Chief Area Manager
Indane Area Office
Indian Oil Corporation Ltd
Panampilly Nagar


Sub: Home Delivery of LPG Domestic Gas cylinder—Complaint—regarding
Ref: Consumer No. 28678 at CHAND GAS AGENCIES, Nadakkavu Cross Road, Calicut-673 001

I am the consumer of the above referred Gas Agency since[protected]. The agency has supplied gas cylinders to the consumers nearby my house. My house can accessible by them for home delivery but the Gas Agency denied for supplying the refill cylinder to my home. I have collected the refill cylinder from the Agency directly.

In my house, I am the only person to do such type of works and I have my own limitations. I have to attend my old aged husband so leaving the house is very difficult to me. I have several times requested the Gas agency regarding the matter but they informed me the inconvenience.

In these circumstances I have no other way but to pray before you for taking necessary action to get me the home delivery of the Gas Cylinder refill.

Thanking You
Yours sincerely



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