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Naaptol is a fraud company dont purchage product from naaptol..... Please save other friends from this fraud company... You help other god will help you... Take care

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Naaptol Online Shopping Customer Care's response, May 21, 2010
Dear Customer,

We sincerely apologise for the inconveniece caused to you. We are working on your complaint and in next 7 to 10 working days you will recieve your Free Watch.

Thanking you in anticipation.
Naaptol Customer Care.
Naaptol Online Shopping Customer Care's response, May 22, 2010
Dear Customer,

Would request you to kindly provide us with your order number or mobile number so that we can help you effectively on your complaint.

You can also reach us at our customer care number i.e. [protected]

Thanking you in anticipation.

Naaptol Customer Care.
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my order no. is 5462348.they sent a used, old and dead(non-working) product. then i resent to naaptol's office(obviously it was my expense).After 3 days they told that they have received the product. but till date they have not send me a new product. when i call them, only consolation, don't worry u'll get it soon...
so never buy a single rupee product from naaptol, they are fraud, they are the cheaters...
Product Code: 12137986 pepe black jeans straight fit is not original they shipped me the duplicate jeans at the cost of original this is cheap duplicate copy of originals naptol is making fool of innocent customer my order no. Is 6244728 through which I received this duplicate jeans through naptol. Naptol should edit their page which says naptol sells only 100% original products with this that naptol only sells 100% duplicate products. 100% unsatisfied customer my friend also ordered the same product and he also received the duplicate jeans. My and my friends product even don't match both the product of same product code from naptol even don't match. Now you could understand naptol is thug naptol is making fool of innocent customers all over India. In the photos attached you could see the product I received. Any genuine pepe user can tell that this jeans is fake and note the colour its basic blue cheap fabric denim and also note the rate mentioned on the jeans and price on the naptol site which says. Pepe Black Straight Fit Cotton Denim 4b
Brand: Pepe Jeans price Rs 4299/- at 72% off at Rs 1199/-
Offer Details: Pepe Black Straight Fit Cotton Denim 4b
4, 299 Rs. 1, 199

I purchased a tablet and my order No is5122588. I got the consignment and found defective. I approached the customer care. They told you contact local electronic shop. They will rectify the problem. I could not able to rectify even today.I had sent series of complaints to them. No response.
Naaptol is a fraudulent company, I ordered a branded watch mobile for my kid's birthdayon naaptol and made the payment online. Upon receiving the parcel through courier, I opened it and found the product in a dead working condition and all my efforts to bring it to life proved futile, the box of the product was bearing the name " vox" and both its numbers were non- existent which is a further fraud. Me and my wife both are lawyers in delhi high court and I am going to initiate legal proceeding, both civil and criminal in nature against naaptol as well as the newspapers and websites carrying the advertisement of naaptol.
Vikrant sarin
I bought a VOX 7" Tablet from NAAPTOL.COM. The product is nowhere near the one it shows online. Next the product I received with a broken screen with no display. I returned the product for replacement through Blue Dart. Since I was tracking the product I knew when the product was delivered to them. Now, its more than two weeks since the product was received by them. There has been no communication from their end. Yesterday I gave them a call and warned them that I would lodge a complaint with the Consumer Court. Today they gave a call and expressed their regret. I am waiting for another one week after which I am going to Consumer Court. If there is anyone out there who has been duped like this by Naaptol. com please contact me at vinton_1973@rediffmail.com.
Please for heaven sake don't believe Naaptol advertisement. if you do, you are going to get fooled like me and many others who made cue and cry here. subash
My Order is 6860912 and I purchased an LED Projector for Rs 7000+ This was delivered on 1st Aug in the afternoon. It worked for one hour and also the screen projection is hardly upto 30 inches and after that there is absolutely very low intensity not worth watching. Thus effectively you can watch only with watchable brightness only till 30 inches.
It worked for one hour and after that it stopped working. On complaining to customer care today they said they will call back within 48 hours and tell me the solution to it.

I want my money to be refunded back as there is no point in having a product that works for one hour and then you keep on following with the customer care.
they are the cheater i quality is cheap its really upset the buyer dont ever try this compony products our harden money will go to the
Order no 7116680 (complain no 5064497 dated 21.9.13)

I placed an order for Folding cupboard along with a shoe rack on 9th Sept 2013. It finally reached me on 18th Sept 2013 . I am a working person so I got time to open & check it only on 21 st Sept ie.. Sat-yesterday & specifically instructed that it should reach me either on Sat/Sun when I am at home. Inspite of that it reached me on 18th ie.. Thursday. My family person took the deleivery on my behalf.
It was neatly packed. However on opening I noticed that :
1) One main rod of the cupboard is missing
2) All the 8 rods of the shoe rack is missing
3) The shoe rack plastic is in a bad condition as if someone has already used it

I made a complaint yesterday & they told me to send it back to Delhi at my own cost thru their DHL courier. But gave me no assurance that they will send a replacement.

When I called again today about the complaint the lady is telling me that since u opened it after 24 hrs, u are nit eligible for a Replacement also. That means I shud spend my money again in courier & not get any replacement nor any REFUND.

This BLOODY company is a TOTAL FRAUD.
It is about time we all come together & file a compliant against this Company in the CONSUMER COURT .

thanks guys for the above reviews i had thought of buying all home appliances from naaptol but after reading the reviews i have decided to buy outside even if we pay more let us but good products.
Dear Sir,
My order no. is 7392827
I bought one mini sewing machine from Naaptol.com and that was not working. I called to customer care no of naaptol but reply was frustrating. They told me to wait for their call only and then register your problem to company. Then again i called to naaptol.com customer care and They blame me that ke aapse hi machine kharab ho gaya hoga. It has loss not just money but a lot time and phone calls. Please help me sir. Kindly return my money at the earliest, because the product delivered to me is defective and useless
order no. :7392827 Name :Kokilaben Chavda Paid Rs. 2999
Regards, kokilaben
I had purchased the gold covering 1gm items through naptol for rs3298.but it is a useless material for the amount what we paid for the company.we are unsatisfied with this product what you had given to us so please hereafter don't do like this.its a big request to the concern company from me...by a.subramaniyan {bala}
I am a victim of cheating and fraud by naaptol.com. I purchased a Tab, by online shopping from Naaptol.com in advance payment of Rs. 3198. on 14.05.2014. I received the shipment on 17.05.2014. When I opened the courier, I found that the seal of box is broken, all the inner components were opened and there were lots of marks on the tab set. It was a used set and When I called at the given customer support number ([protected]), after several calls and lot and lot time keeping me in hold they told me that the will give me address where I have to send the tab, and they will replace the set, but even after after, calling them for 5 times and investing my lot of time and energy I didnt received the address.
I request you to please do the needful to make my hard earned money get back with the return of this used mobile set.
Also suggest me how to nail Naaptol.com for this fraud.
Thanking you
with regards
I haveordered a product more than 4 months they have still not give my product andevery time I call they say we will call back in 24 hrs but I don’t get a call. Ihave taken 1010/- from me and cheating me on the refund. This site should beclosed down because there are many who are cheated by NAPTOL

i will define Naaptol as fraud, cheater. Looter and unethical online store
Cheater, looter, fraud and unethical online store

Order ID : 9571525
Product name : Pogo 16 Jar Revolving Multipurpose Rack - White & Orange

I bought a Pogo 16 kithcen set for table. The price they charged is Rs. 999+ 299( shipping).

Srange when I asked them why so much shipping charge? Their answer was that they want to send goods safely LOL.

I beleived on Naaptol and bought the product. To my surprise the same product was available on SNAPDEAL, flipkart and ebay at a very very low price.

At SNAPDEAL - it was only 677 with no shipping charges.

I called to Naaptol and the response I got was disheartning. They dont speak with the customers nicely also.

They are looting the customers from all sides( be it delivery, price, quality

). The quality is also bad compared to others like flipkart( which I think is best).

They normally charge 30-40% more than the market price. Here in my case-

Snapdeal - Rs 677

Naaptol - Rs 999+ 299= 1248 so it is around 40% more than the price offered at Snapdeal.

Please see the conversation between me and Naaptol-

From: Sandeep Kumar

Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2014 12:02 PM

To: Naaptol.com

Cc: support@naaptol.com



I purchased

this item and the cost charged is 1248.00( which is too much). Why the hell the shipping charge is Rs. 299. Nowhere in India, the shipping charge is too much and that too for such a small courier.Most of the E-Commerce companies provides goods with free shipping.

I even checked the price of the same good in other online stores and to my surprise, the price was more than 40% less with free shipping. For example, the same item is available at SNAPDEAL at only Rs 665( compared to NAAPTOL which chares 1248). If you want, I can give you the screenshot of the proof.

I do understand that you are doing business for profit but charging this much amount is like cheating your customers. Even if the price varies around 5-10% then I would not have send this mail but charging more around 40% more than the actual price with shipping charge as Rs 299 is strange thing. Are you guys fooling your customers?

I did not check in other online stores as I had full faith on NAAPTOL but I am very sorry to have purchased something from your store. You are not running a business but you only bluffing and cheating your customers.

This is the last time I am shopping

with Naaptol and thank you for making me aware that I should never trust a store like Naaptol when there are better options like Snapdeal, Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay and many more.

I will never do shopping again with Naaptol nor will anyone

of my family member.

From: support

Date: Thu, Jun 19, 2014 at 3:47 PM

Subject: Order # 9571525

To: Sandeep Kumar

Dear Customer,

Thank you for writing to Naaptol.

Please be inform that we charge the shipping charges to ensure safe and sound delivery.

We have also clearly stated the shipping charges on our website as well.

Please be informed that product sold on Naaptol are genuine product also the quality of product is also high hence there will be a price difference.

However be rest assured as the product delivered to you is good and also it covered under warranty period.

From: Sandeep Kumar

Date: Fri, Jun 20, 2014 at 10:08 AM

Subject: Re: Order # 9571525

To: support

How much lie you say, this is evident from your mail and the way you respond to your customers shows the policy of Naatol. At least you should accept that yes, the price you tagged is very very high and next time you will be able to give me a better service

. At least if you would have said like that, then I will be little satisfied.

How funny it is! Flipkart packs its goods in a much better way and sends safely without charging anything, the delivery is super fast, they have an option of even refund if not satisfied and ironically the price is very affordable.

Yes, I do agree that you did not force me to buy your product and you had mentioned the shipping charges clearly but I did not bother to check that the same product with the same quaality and the same company product is available at such an affordable price. I did not check because I had full faith on Naaptol but you proved me wrong and Naaptol is not doing a proper and ethical business but it is looting and cheating the customers.

Regarding quality, Flipkart, snapdeal, Amazon has better quality or the same quality as you. The same product with the same manufacturer is available on Snapdeal for just Rs. 665 and no shipping charges(unlike yours 999+ 299). Do you mean to say that snapdeal do not send the goods safely.

And yes, why I buoght the product from Naaptol because we have a tie up with Payback card

I placed an order for a watch on June 12, 2014. I OT a text on the 17 th that the product would be delivered on the 19th. On the 21st I wrote to them mentioning that I would like to cancel. Within 5 mins I got a text saying that my shipment was delayed . I called and cancelled the order, the customer exec told me that in case it was delivered, I should not receive it. That very day I got an email from Naaptol saying that my order was cancelled by "them" due to technical reasons. What a cover up. I don't see any future for this company. They will die a natural death. Also they send mailers everyday, which is akin to spamming.
dear friends dont any product from naptol its one of totaly fraud company . last 2 monts before i buy one racer jerkin jacket orderd. but his showing images is different. sendin g product is different. they r totlly fraud. i call is customer care one of lady executiv toly once u orderd we are not take return. i wait for more then 65 days. naptool cannot be respond . finally i snd d maily to is customer care id. with in 24 hours his refund my money. plz friend sdnt buy anyting in dis company its totally fraud. entire company is fraud. any one of exective . wen is see the outer side . ootha andha thevidiya paiyan gaali.
NAAPTO is a fraud company . They advertised 16 items combo .I asked my colleague about it .He said at least you will get 6-7 items .of which, one will be good. Earlier, I purchased low grade china items form market they were working good. I order 16 combo expecting atleast 7-9 items .I received the parcel, When I opened I was shocked to find non of the items are in good condition .Hardly, any item is working .the wires are coming out and it looks as if they collected all the items from junkyard or old computer parts dumping yard and couriered them .I called NAAPTOL a number of times .They said they are based in Ahmadabad, I again asked them will you courier the remaining items to Hyderabad.They replied " Our agent will come".That never happened .2 months back I gave the order .Till now no response .

Even their ratings of the products are fraud.
They have unprofessional and mad support staff

They don't know how to attend the coming customer who place an order. And even after customer complaints to support system than also they are away from real problem. Stay away

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