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Re:- Replacement of Nokia N81 set Colour Blue Sr.No-[protected]

This is with regret i have to inform you that my set has developed problems the day it was purchased from, it first developed problems with the keys nad was not able to use the navigation keys as well as the number keys, took it to nokia care they fixed the problem and said it would not occur again.Later it started dialling numbers on its own once the slider was operated again it was taken to the nokia care and they fixed it again, now this is the third time it developed a snag in the camera and the image fades when the flash is ON now they have kept it with them to rectify that.The demo games are also not working and is giving problems there in.
I am sure that a faulty set has been given to me and i have lost the trust in the current handset. The Product code is 0558083.It has been currently given to the Nokia Care at 30/28, East Patel Nagar, N.Delhi and the Job Sheet no is APAINY[protected]. Since we have purchased the phone at a very dear price, we expect full value for our money and ask you to replace the set at the earliest. Also ensure that such problems do not creep up in future and that our faith in Nokia remains undaunted.

In anticipation of your prompt response,

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
Kumar Gaurav
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Aug 14, 2020
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Nokia — Defective Model N 81

I had purchased the handset in the month of Dec 07. There was a defect in the audio quality and I had submitted the same to the servie centre of Nokia but till date I haven;t received the handset. I had written to Nokia twice about this and have provided all the requied details but still there is no satisfactory revert from there end. Its been 1 month and still they are yet to get back to me morover the behaviour of there service centre team is absolutely uncourteous and irresponsible. I have asked them for replacement as the defect has occured in the set for the second time but they have just told me that they wil revert in 24 hours but till date there is no revert. I have receivd only 1 call from there service team and to my most surprise the person was not at all aware of the issue. I would like to lodge a complaint against them for the mental harrasment and the losses I have incurred in terms of my office working hours and my money due to the non working of the handset.
I purchased Nokia mobile (Model No3110) on 27th april 2008. It has a warranty for one year.
invoice no WB/01404/00001/4614
the mobilestor kolar road, bhopal

Report. My jobsheet number is[protected]/080506/45(06th-may'08), then
2 job sheet no[protected]/080520/2(20st-may-'08)
3 job sheet no[protected]/080610/02 (10 jun 08) given by Nokia care.

Fist complaint no 2/31UAA7 22/05/08 at Bhopal
Second complant no 2/34 BRW9 20/06/08 AT BHOPAL

Now I am fully dissatisfy with the services and need to get my Phone Replaced, or my

amount with the suitable interest rate and compensation, else I will file a complaint with

the Consumer Court under the Consumer Protection Act of 1986.

I seek compensation for the mental agony caused due to his deficiency in services

and inconvenience faced due to no availability of my Phone for almost one month.

sandesh jain
C-728, shahpura Bhopal
Alt. Ph. +[protected] [protected]
Dt. 08/06/08

Nokia N81 — Nokia Care not replacing N81

I have bought a N81 phone from New Delhi on 29th March 2008. It started to create problem in keypad in May 2008 so I took it to Nokia Care, Greenpark, New Delhi-19 on 25th May 2008, there they checked it and found the keypad ic not working so asked me to come on 27th May. On 27th May, they couldn't make it to work and asked me to come on 14th June 2008.

Then on 14th June, they gave me my mobile in the worst condition- with a lot of scratches and keypad look like glued by hand which still was not working perfectly so they told me that it will be replaced as it can't be repaired and asked me to take new replaced mobile on 17th June. Then on 17th June they told me that they don't have any new mobile and to come on 28th June. Then again, today 28th June, I called them and asked if they have got the phone but still they don't have any suitable answer and asked me to check on 3rd July.

So, they are just making me to make rounds and rounds to their centre, I am very frustrated of their service. I tried to contact the senior authorities myself but not able to contact them.

Details of my Nokia N81 is as below

Imei number : [protected]
1st Jobwork number: [protected]
2nd Jobwork number: [protected]
3rd Jobwork number: [protected]

Mohd. Shuaib
i agree with the complaint of this customer. the complaints should be addressed atleast nokia should have their complaint cell where a person can complain. i lost my N81 mobile and it is not traceable by nokia people its really a shame that a esteemed customer of nokia looses faith when he had spent a sum of Rs. 15000/- on the handset and it gets lost, never to be traced again.

I am using nokia 5310 mobile .made in Hungary. Serial number [protected] Type: RM-303, IC: 661U- RM303, FCC ID: - PPIRM-303

But I am an Indian citizen, stay in India. I want to know, how I will get warranty service? Also please inform me the details of official whom I should contact.

Thanking you,

Shabil Abid





Nokia 6500 Slide — Keys dont work. Can't it be replaced?

I bought a brand new 6500 slide a month and half before. It started having keys freeze problems from second week. Took it to Nokia Care centre and theye got it repaired after 10 days. The problem came again, had to seek repair again. This time I asked them cant it be replaced. They said no. I hoped this time it will work fine. it went so for 2 weeks, now again it has frozen. I cannot even check my calls and msgs, so am using a new phone.

I want to file a complaint against these ppl, having spent 14000 on a brand new phone I have no reason to gothrough these issues. Can anyone help.

Nokia N81 — problem in Music store

There is a problem in my mobiles music store. I have given for repairing to Nokia Care, Park Road Lucknow, but they unable to resolve the problem and telling that it can be repaired in Head office Noida only. I want to replace my instrument, but htey are not doing so.
New Nokia and care means connecting problums. Same shall be handled with carelessly.
I am writing this email to express my highly disappointing experience with NOKIA CUSTOMER CARE.

I have been a loyal customer of Nokia Mobile Phones since 1998, have used more than 2 dozen different NOKIA mobile phones . As a Gizmo freak, I never used 1 phone for longer than few months, and as soon as new NOKIA phone is launched, I have it! But since after sticking to “the famous N91 Music Phone” for 3 months, I started regretting than why I had chosen NOKIA!?

Since the purchase of this phone, I am facing problem of slow response, blank display, hard disk problem etc and I reported this issue to Nokia CARE, (One Touch Communications). After wait of 45 minutes at NOKIA CUSTOMER CARE, I was attended. Just in few minutes my phone was return and it was assured that the problem has been rectified and this will never happen again. But to my bad luck just after 2 weeks, 2nd time I again started facing the same problem of “corrupted hard disk”. I am a music lover but since I was travelling very frequently and needed the phone badly I had to use my phone for few weeks, without music function, till I reported this again to Nokia Care, (One Touch Communications). I was attended and my phone was repaired again.

But again, 3rd time in just 4days, my phone gone totally dead! I again visited NOKIA Care - One Touch Communications, and this time my phone was taken and in return a slip was given saying that “Sir we are sending this phone to NOKIA and this will take 30 days! “ I was surprised, NOKIA will take 30 days to repair my phone ?” and that too with a disappointment that “no standby phone was provided”
Anyways, same day I had to buy another phone( this time not NOKIA! ). After long wait of 45 days and follow up of several phone calls, I finally got a swapped phone. When I heard that my phone is swapped, all my disappointments were gone as I misunderstood that NOKIA Care has really understood my problem and given me a Brand New N91 as replacement... but to heights of my disappointments, I was given a “really bad looking, badly used conditioned phone” when argued, the answer was “Sorry sir, we can’t help you!” Left with no choice, I accepted this, thinking that at least, the phone is working properly...But that happiness was not for long time, MY PHONE GONE DEAD 4th TIME !

For a customer of NOKIA Mobile Phones, for 20 years, This is REALLY A WORST and REALLY DISAPPOINTING EXPERIRNCE!!

I am busy executive, working with a Travel Company and travelling very frequently and now I feel I really don’t have time to visit NOKIA Care – One Touch Communication again!

I, as a loyal customer of Nokia from 20 years, I am looking forward to hear from NOKIA directly on my above “BAD” experiences and a satisfactory action !

I hope a satisfactory action will come within 48 hours, otherwise, this frustrated customer will left with no option than escalating above issue to the higher authorities/ consumer forums and media

Harchintan Singh
3013/12 A, STREET 17,
NEW DELHI 110008
MOBILE: [protected]/[protected]

Nokia N91 (GSM) Phone Unit details:-
IEMI No. [protected]
Swapped Handset (no working conditioned) unit details:
IEMI No. [protected]

NOKIA N81-3 — phone wasnt repaired

after 1 month i am getting my phone without repair and it is in warranty period.i bought it 2 months ago.please help me.

Nokia N81 — nokia care

I hv n81, during warranty i hv given charger, headset & remot to nokia care muzaffarpur, bihar, india
Jobsheet no[protected]/080915/10, 12 & 13 dated 15sep.2008 but till now i don't get these thing .
Nokia care performs very poor having no generator facility & laking service potential.
Replacement of Nokia 6500C Bronze set Colour Sr.No-[protected]
I am writing this email to express my highly disappointing experience with NOKIA CUSTOMER CARE.

I have been a loyal customer of Nokia Mobile Phones since 2000, . But since after sticking to “the famous 6500 slider ” for 3 months, I started regretting than why I had chosen NOKIA!?

Since the purchase of this phone, I am facing problem of slow response, unable to read memory card problem etc and I reported this issue to Nokia CARE, (ss services ). After wait of 75 minutes at NOKIA CUSTOMER CARE, I was attended. but after it problem persist.
lastly i have fade up this phone but now again i submitted on 22 november to ssservices(nokia care centre) they said phone is out of warantee .
noww they are saying phone will not be repared t will taken 32 days to decide. but hence they have not my phone. t was in their head office.i went there 8 times for my phone but i did not get my phone.
please help me to get my phone or money.

thanks and regards
Dear Sir/ Mam

I had purchased a brand new mobile in the month of oct, 08 Nokia-5220(Express Music).From the very second day its creating problem, when i had given my phone to Nokia Care at Vaishali sec-4, Gzb, and asked him to replace my phone as it was creating problem from the very second day, they just refused to replaced and rudly said that" No Nokia cares replace the phone", when i asked to talk to the concern person he also speaks the same words. The executives and the concern person are very rude, they people are good for nothing, they are treating each and every customer very rudly.Very pothetic service i experienced when i visit there, so i request u to pls maintain ur goodwill by just throwing away such illiterate staff who dont even know how to give the customer service. My phone is still creating problem, so i request u to suggest me wat should i do to replace my phone.My ESN No. is :[protected].I request to to take a strict action against these people, the address of the Nokia care where i visit is mentioned below

16, Sec-4, Vaishali, ghaziabad

Thanking You
Neetu Singh
I would like to get a positive response from u people.

Thanking you
Neetu Singh
Mob: [protected]
i have bought a nokia 6233 from Rahool communication Mandi at[protected] but after two months it has some problem of speaker. then I gave it to your care centre at 'divyam communication mandi H.P.' at[protected] but my cell not came till 2 months. then they said that your mobile has missplaced by you so they gave me another nokia6233 by sweap at[protected]. they also said that your mobile will come as soon as. but my cell has not come after 5 months. so I request to you that please sand my cell as soon as possible. It's IMEI No. is [protected].
&my sweap set no. is [protected].
they said that it is sweaped by us not by you.
thanking you
sher singh
mob. [protected]
I am having a Nokia 1600 model and it has been serving me for one year. Currenly I am using IDEA network, but when I try a different SIM card the screen displays " Error Code". I have no idea why is this happenning. Could you please provide me a solution?

Your reply is apperciated.

Nokia/N81 — For Replacement

with regrate i will like to inform you that, i bought n81, on 28th of Jan 2009, at Patna from Nokia Priority Dealer, Mobile Expo., Shop No.-4, Ujjain complex, oppst. Maurya lok, New Dak Banglow Road, Patna-1., IMEI No. is [protected] i received the fault in my hand set regarding sound, than i deposited the hand set several times in your nokia care but i am encountering the same problem again, so please look in this matter and do the needful so that i continue my faith in nokia, looking for the best

Kumar Abhijeet

Nokia/ Nokia N81 — Replacement of Defective handset

Dear Concern

I bought Nokia N81 Phone on dtd.13/03/09, which IMEI No. is 351935/03/018903/1. From the day first its images from camera is blurred and not delivering expected results, which should be supposed to delivered of 2 Mega Pixels Camera irrespective of the mode.I took it at Nokia Care in Jail Road, Tilak Nagar, New Delhi., they acknowledged the problem and advised me to get updated its software & the problem will be rectified. They updated my Software, but blurredness of image is not rectified? A problem in blue tooth has occurred instead, While transferring the data via blue tooth, devices from which i share the data or do the pairing with my handset, remains in the blue tooth history i am not able to delete because the option of deleting pairing, does not appear. So called the software updation leads me again to go another Nokia care i.e. Ace Communication, Pritam pura, New Delhi. Now, I had to explain two problems, which was one earlier.

The Customer care executive said that my phone is having a old version of software and that's why this problem has occurred. It needs to be updated. I was Shocked!!! Four days ago i get it updated from your Nokia Care and now again your another Nokia Care is saying it is not updated. Needs to be updated. Either of Nokia Care must have misguided me?

Well Nokia care Ace Communication, again updated the software but the problem it still there. The captured images are blurred.In Nokia care Ace Communication there was a gentleman named Mr. Amit, they did acknowledge the blurred image problem. BUT didn't want to do anything regarding replacement of the Handset.

Being a customer, who bought this mobile just before 15 days and from day one its images are blurred, does not want repairing of this handset, It has to be replaced with new. Because once the mobile is delivering blurred image and your Nokia care persons has also acknowledged the same, then it seem to be a manufacturing defect. An image cannot be blurred from 2 mega pixel camera. Even I have seen many Nokia phone where camera is less than 2 mega pixels but the images are very much clear irrespective of the mode whether it is day or night. why should I carry this defective set???

Having acknowledged the problem, Mr. Amit does'nt want to do anything regarding replacement of the set. They have given me help line No. i.e.[protected]. At this Number i called at the same day i.e. 31Mar09 and assisted by somebody Mr. Kunal in technical problem section. having known all the incident he has given me a Reference No. i.e. 2-3WANUN and directed me to go further the same Nokia Care centre i.e. Ace Communication, show this reference No. at their and take the Work Sheet No. from them after giving the handset to them and I will get it replaced.

On 02Apr, 09, I followed the same instruction but Mr. Amit refused to acknowledge the Reference No. given by Mr. Kunal at[protected] and didn't take even my handset for replacement. Again here they acknowledged the blurred image problem but felt sorry to help me.

Sir, As a customer, Did i make a mistake to buy Nokia Handset and believed the company's credibility? Once the camera is delivering blurred image from day first and seems to a manufacturing defect, and your Nokia Care persons are also acknowledging the same but don't take pain to get it replaced.

As a customer I have usually two options either from where I bought the handset or service centre i..e Nokia Care. Nokia care, they way they had cared me as a customer, i felt harassed.

Kindly do the needful to get replaced my handset as soon as possible.

Prakash Tewari
Area Sales Manager
ITX Trade Exchange Ltd (A Zee TV Enterprises)
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