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[Resolved]  Nokia E62 — Phone being Hanged

To whomsoever it may concern,
I Recently bought a Nokia E62 from "Mobile Store" located in Sion (Mumbai) on 1st October 2007. Now one Month down the line, the phone has started hanging and the keypad is Completely Jammed. i just repaired the same by spending Rs1250 at Nokia care and one day past the phone again is in the same condition.

I had enough of these issues, i request you to change my mobile phone. or else kindly giv me back the money value utilized.

Waiting for reply

Jitesh Nair
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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Nokia E62 — Defective Nokia E62 and consumer harassment

I bought a Nokia E62 from Nokia in New Delhi in January 2008.
After using the phone for a week I realised that it was defective.
The phone would switch off and sometimes restart while I would be talking.
When I gave the phone to Nokia Care - Mend Square Bangalore; I was told that was due to a virus.
I left the phone with the Service Center and when I recd. it after a few days, I discovered that the problem still persisted.

I returned the phone and this time I was assured that the problem would be solved.
One week later I got my phone, the problem still persisted.(Second time)

This time I was told that they had checked it thoroughly and they did not believe that the problem was there.
So I gave them the phone again. The Service Centre guy used the phone for a few days but refused to admit that the phone was defective.

4-5 days later, I had to call the person myself and keep the phone on hold for 25 mins. until the phone restarted itself.

Finally Nokia admitted to the problem, but I was only issued the same Jobsheet after the second. They would not generate new jobsheets after the second one. (third time)

Meanwhile, in between I had been sending Nokia Care various requets to follow up on this issue but everytime teh same email thankign me for calign Nokia Service came.
No questions were answered, no problem was resolved. I threated them that if either I was not given a new phone or if my money I was not refunded, I would go to the consumer court. But this failed to get their attention.

After 10 more days I got my phone back. After using it for few hours I realized that the problem still persisted!!! (fourth time!!)

Nokia refused to acknowledge the defect, then refused to replace the phone, did not issue seperate jobsheets each time, and failed to repair the phone after my having given it four times..
By this time Nokia had kept my phone longer than I had. No substitute phone was given ever.Yet they refused to replace it.

Finally after many phone calls and emails, they agreed to replace it. I was finally relieved that my efforts to get the phone replaced were paying off.
I got another handset after a few days but to my disappointment I was told that they had replaced the transceiver but the out case was the old one.
Disappointed, yet relieved I accepted it and went home. On reaching home I realized that this phone had been used before and in fact it had many phone numbers and smses.(fifth time)

From the smses I figured out to whom the phone belonged and called that person.
To my greatest surprise I found that the person had given his phone for repair at the Nokia Care BTM Centre.
I was given that person's phone with his personal data without even repairing it!!!
The "7" key on the keypad does not work. The phone hangs on several occasions.
My phone was Brand new when I found the problem and gave it to Nokia; I have been given a used, defective phone with some one else's personal information still stored on it.
When the other person went to the Service Centre, he was given my original phone with all my personal data still on it.

This amounts to cheating and data theft on Nokia's part.
Right now my problem is still in status-quo, I am forced to use the defective phone. Nokia emailed me saying that they would replace the phone after 10 days, but I am still to hear from them.
Nokia wants me to submit the phone to them but I still have not done that as this is the only proof I have against them.

No jobsheets were issued. The replaced phoen has different IMEI number and no new bill was issued for that IMEI, Nokia said that their database has been updated and that is sufficient.

Till date, the manager of Nokia Care Center (Mend Square) Mr. Hari Kumar does not pick up my call. If I call from an anonymous number, he responds by saying that the phone will be ready soon.

Please donot go to Mend Square for your Nokia woes, Mr. Hari talks very courteously but uses decious tactics.
My phone is still not repaired infatc I have bene given a phone with a much more serious problem.
I am going ahead and lodging a complaint against them in the consumer court.

I would request the consumer court to take serious action action Nokia India for malpractices. Thousands of consumers are suffering because of Nokia's terrible service.

Nokia E62 — delay in repair

MY newly bough E62 nokia phone did not display anything. I gave it for repair to SR Trading, nokia care in channai. these guys have billed me close to 3000 ruppes and not giving me th phone..reason: they are yet to get the replacement part.

any help, , , , pls mail me at arockia at hotmail

Nokia E62 — not repair my mobile

Dear sir/madam
i am rajinder singh my mobile is e62 nokia so my mobile is mouster problam and restart problam
i am submit the my mobile HCL CARE green park 07/june/08 and deliver 14/june/08 but my set is same condition so me are going the HCL CARE 17/june/08 jobsheet no.[protected]
bill no. 15005547
so HCL CARE staff is asking my set gurenty is dimiss finiss so rajinder is give the payment so repair the my mobile i ask you are not ask the first my set gurenty is finiss so any staff is not discuss the my set repair and just we repair the my mobile murcury electronic
sowhat your think nokia set is good but service is not good so service is not good so nokia is not good

Nokia E62 — Liquid in Handset

Dear Sir / Madam,

This is with reference to the E62, USB not responding and Bluetooth modem not connecting to PC & Internet. I have given the phone at Pune, Nokia WE Care. I was told it would have to be sent to L3 location, Mumbai, however now i was informed the phone was sent to Bangalore.

The service centre has confirmed the water in the phone, would like you to send me the video footage of the phone when the phone was opened and also please confirm the mode of transportation through which the phone was sent from Pune to Bangalore, as to what are the chances that the phone never got wet in the transition.

Also please confirm the phone was working and getting connected to Internet through Infra-red and directly if incase i have to browse the internet on phone.

Please send the details at the earliest so that i can decide as to what should i do with the phone?
And also would like to inform you that with this experience all i can say is you have lost a customer who is using the Nokia handset since 2002, 8250 was the first handset purchased for Rs.15000/- and then 7610 purchased for Rs.28000/-

Now in future i would not be purchasing any more Nokia Phone and would also be selling of my Nokia N95(8GB), 6300, 1110i, and would think about taking this paper weight E62 mobile (as I would not pay for getting the same repaired when the handset is under warranty).

Thanks and Regards,
Sunil Chauhan
I'm having the same problem with E-62, I purchased it from mobile store chennai last year end and it started showing problems just after 3 months. some keys are behaving like anything, it started with the 'W' Key. if i press 'W' its appearing in displayas '89P+'. Amost all keys agradually started having same problem and totally messed up. I gave it nokia customer Care and they told the same thin, Oil like liquid inside the phone and they serviced and gave me back. for 2months it worked fine and again now the same problem is starting. I don know what to do. Some other friends in my company who purchased the E62 at the same time is having this problem. Will i get my phone replaced?. I'm fed up with NOKIA. No more nokia.

Nokia E62 — Not serving the purpose

Nokia E62 is not syncing up using MFE and I have been running to Nokia Care Center for about six months spending time, effort and money without success.

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