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[Resolved]  Panasonic Plasma T. V Viera (Th - 42pa60h) — Poor quality product/service

I bought a 42" Panasonic Viera plasma model TH-42PA60H in June 2007 for Rs76000/-. The warranty was for 1 year. Exactly a year and 2 weeks later the T.V stopped working. The T.V is mostly viewed during weekends and holidays only (and as such was not overly used). It is connected to power supply through a voltage stabilizer. Panasonic service centre told us the Display card had gone bad (no reasons given). The card was changed at a cost of Rs 10000/- and a time delay of 2 weeks. The T.V continued to be problematic (the picture would disappear suddenly) and finally stopped working completey after 1 month. This time we were told a D-card inside the T.V had gone bad. Cost of replacement - Rs7100/-. Time taken: another 2 weeks to repair. When the T.V was brought back, we insisted on replacing the original Display card, and the T.V still worked! Panasonic service then agreed to repay the difference.

8 months later on May 16th 2009, the T.V again stopped working (this time the problem was sound was there but no picture). 3 days later the T.V was taken to repair center. This time we were told both the D-card and a H-card had gone bad. Cost of repair: Rs17000/- !!! No explanation given as to why an expensive T.V would keep giving problems.

I have heard that this particular model of Panasonic plasma T.V has not been very successful and is problematic. A few faulty models that were sold were replaced by the company about a year back. This was done to prevent those customers from going to court over bad quality of T.V.

In my case, the T.V is still lying at the service centre. After a lot of dialogue/communication I was told by Panasonic Service head that the T.V would be repaired free of cost - free replacements of parts and no service charge. We agreed to this, but now Panasonic has retracted their words and are saying we have to pay the service charge of Rs1600/- Besides, there is no warranty given on parts replaced, no AMC, no explanation as to why the T.V parts are failing. One explanation offered by them is that since I am using the T.V on cable, I should expect such recurrent problems! At the time of purchase, the dealer had told me that there are no issues with using the T.V with cable. (I wonder how many T.Vs in India are not viewed with cable??!!).

I really feel cheated that an expensive T.V would not last even 13 months, and the quality of service provided is both poor and expensive. Besides, since the T.V quality is unpredictable, I am not sure that if I get the T.V repaired and get it home, it wouldn't stop working again and call for another expensive repair!

Since the time Panasonic changed its stand from free repair, to free part replacement only, they are not answering our emails/phone. My request to them to honour their word, and to ensure that the repaired T.V works for a reasonable period of time (years).
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Aug 14, 2020
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Thanks Rashmi, for sharing this information. After doing a long research i was planning to buy a Panasonic C10 plasma today. I had heard about pathetic service of panasonic and your case seems to prove it. I NO LONGER INTEND TO BUY PANASONIC NOW. I will go for Samsung/Sony/LG even if I have to pay more for it.

Thanks again.
I feel your pain. I have had my Panasonic plasma TH-42PX64 for only two years and it is getting vertical lines on the right side of the TV. When I called the Panasonic they referred me to the nearest service center and pretty much told me I was out of the 1 year warranty range and I would have to pay for the repairs myself. I WILL NEVER BUY PANASONIC ANYTHING EVER AGAIN!
Donot buy any plasma tv made by panasonic.I have bought 42 inch PV80H .Its panel got corrupted after 10 months.They give me new model only after 1 month C10 model.This model also gone bad in just 20 days.
Quality of their tv is very bad.They dont give you any annual maintance.Very high cost of reparing...Dont buy panasonic.They are cheating people.
Thanks to Mr.Rashmi. I have been planning to buy panasonic plasma t.v. c10 model. Thanks for your information on the quality of panasonic plasma t.v. I never think for the panasonic plasma again. As the Best choice i am going for the sony brand now.

LG 42inch Plasma TV — Delayed / poor repair service

Three months ago, I had purchased new LG 42inch plasma TV. About 4weeks ago, we started facing problems with the TV remote, sometimes will work sometimes wont work. Called service center three weeks ago. The LG serviceman came to observe the problem.

He did not come with a working remote to check.
He did not even come with two small pencil cells to make sure bettry power was not a problem.
Without checking TV side problem, the serviceman tells that the remote is not working and left ordering new remote. Eventually, the problem was with TV and fixed after waiting too long.
In worksheet, the serviceman fills totally wrong and incomplete info.

They did not have working remote nor a new remote so they tell me to wait till new remote arrives to their center. Two weeks later (today, 17-June), the same serviceman comes with a new remote. Still the new remote did not work. So, he comes to conclusion that there is a problem with the TV sensor. So, he opens the TV rear panel and fixes the loose contact of the sensor unit. THE PROBLEM IS FIXED after waiting, loosing all the pleasure with TV such as fooball game, imparting displeasure and forcing us to make calls.

We lost precious weeks from watching TV moreover the situation imparted lot of displeasure upon us because of service related problem.

The loose sensor contact indicates poor workmanship of LG manufacturing line. The service center is poor as wrong and hasty judgment about problem. Not only that, in the service logbook, the serviceman fills incomplete evasive and wrong info. I could not attend one phone call, he would not miss to mention that in the logbook. After 5miniutes of missing the serviceman's call, I called rightly still he would not miss to put in service logbook.

The LG service center observer should investigate about this case to improve image and qualiy of service.
i too was planning to buy a Panasonic. Thanks never will i think of this brand. No wonder they are selling in India unlike other Japanese brands.
I'm the unhappy owner of a viera 54" VT25 (TC-P54VT25), it has got broken after less than 2 month I bought it and after almost 3 month is still on repair...

the quality of the TV was really poor since the beginning, it shown some strange buzing came from the back... I've contacted the support center just after 2 week I bought the TV and after some discussions they suppose to call me back in few days, but I've never got back any calls from them... as we use to say in such cases... "you can see a good day since the morning"

after one month an half the TV has dead! The shops were I bought it came to my place and picked up the TV and they kept it for almost a month... The shop just told me that they were waiting for a new board which got broken (later I heard was the PC card)... I was really disappointed and I asked directly to Panasonic VIERA support to replace my TV, so they told me to get back my TV and after that they could come to my place, collect the TV and start the procedure to send me a new TV... in this case, at least, I got a really poor loan TV! Previously I didn't get even that...

Now It is already almost 2 months that Panasonic piked up the TV from my house and they suppose to call me back in few days... never got a call from them... I called them several time and every time they suppose to call me back in few days, but... as you can guess... I've never got back any single call...

I'm really frustrated... I'm even thinking to buy a new TV and leave the other to them!!!
I really don't know how to manage anymore this situation... :(
For sure I'll never ever buy anymore a PANASONIC product in my life!
and any other Japanese product, since I got similar problems with a SHARP some times ago... while, I should say, I've never had trouble with Korean products until now... just my experience.

Hopefully my experience could save somebody else to the same troubles.
yes your information is completly also having problem with panasonic vifa.the repair cost is equal to the original cost of do not buy panasonic lcd

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