[Resolved]  Reliance Big Tv — Pathetic Customer Service

I bought bigtv launch offer Rs1990 and have called the Reliance customer care and raised service requests several times. Last time, they promised I will get a callback within two hours. 24 hours has elapsed but no response. Can I go back and get the refund for this junk? I am in Koramangala, Bangalore( 5 km from the center of city). I think reliance just knows to sell set top box, they have no installation personnel. BEWARE GUYS, THEY ARE CHEATS. I RECOMMEND NO ONE TO BUY THIS CRAY NAMED BIGTV. HELLO AMBANI BHAI, WILL YOU CONSIDER YOUR CUSTOMER'S SUFFERINGS OR DO YOU JUST WANT TO MAKE FAST BUCKS.
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Aug 13, 2020
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Yes... Myself also got the worst experience with Big TV. Do not buy Big TV. They are call center staff simply forwading the complaints and after that no body is taking the responsibility. These call center poor guys also don't know any thing about the service provider and other details. They are answering like machines. Reliance is collecting the money in advance for no service.

Be care ful...don't buy BIG TV DTH.
Rajesh Babu j's reply, Feb 15, 2018
Correct. They dont know english also.
ditto, reliance sucks when it comes to customer service. Ambhani has recruited most talent in the market. I think they pay peanuts to the dogs they recruit which is why they have lacklustre attitude to customers. I think Ambani himself may be using Airtel service :)
my smart card no is[protected]. after recharging with RS500 the channels are not showing in TV. customer care have not responding the call or they hold the call for 2 hours and my money is wasted in calls only and disturbuters is not also helping. I have purchase my bigtv in pco offer.

so, you please solve the problem as early as possible.

Reliance Broadband — pathetic after sale service

I have taken a reliance broadband connection with the promise of very good connectivity and speed of 75 kbs (without any modem being installed at my home even my IP address was not provided to me). but from the very first day i was facing the problem of non connectivity and very low speed of even 1 kbps. I complaints for it at customer care but to my surprise each time my complaint got cleared at the customer care on their without even enquiring from me whether my complaint was cleared or not. I even complained no. of times to their local office but to no avail. My bill was not also not correct even then i make the payment on the pretext that next time the bill will be corrected and the complaints will be cleared. At last when nothing had been done i mailed them to disconnect my connection and even told to their executives who used to visit my place and who used to call me to disconnect my connectionbut nothing was done to it then i stop making payment to them. i called at their customer care no. of times for the the complaints but each time my complaint no. was not provided to me for want of payment. please guide me waht to do
Fraud in the name of Reliance Big TV. Can any one help? Can any one guide me in taking the so called big company to task for false promises, the after sales service is so pathetic. I was given to know that Big TV team was committed to install the dish within 48 hours after registration and going by ADBAG companies name I was fooled. Now its almost a week and there is no proper response from customer care. TO ALL THE CUSTOMERS WHO INTEND TO GO FOR BIG TV - BEWARE OF THE SERVICE.
i also facing same problem..i gave installation request 8 days befor but still noone came for installation...they dont have any response on coustemer
I have 5 tvs in my seprete rooms what can I do with instalation of the big tv dish, how I can use it properly.
hi all,

wanted to find out the office bearers number for BIG TV in Chennai. Wanted to escalate to the higher authorities for not installing the dish for more than 4 days. It is funny to notice that they have given only call cener number and to they are not having much detials.

Can any one send me the details, regarding how to escalate and contct their higher authorities?

please mail me at [protected]
thanks in advance.
Really lots of people suffering with same problems as major issues with the customer service. as ambani bhai had just launched the product but there are not any kind of service the company providing. Without proper service the big TV "DIbba" should throw out in the office of Ambani Bhai.

so i think just to wait to make Ambani Bhai's mind turned on towards customer service or we should change our mind towards good product available in the market
Very Bad Service from Ambani group. This is not match with your name. Big Tv Service is Very lowet ( Ghatiya) Bur Phas gaya Coutomer bechara.
my smart card id is[protected].i have purchased the big tv with that time the offer was 3 months free subscription.but after 1 month channels are not being centers are not taking the calls.

This is Murali from Chennai. I regret now that i ve not read this blog before 7 days. I ve bought a big tv some 6 days back, and im following up with the customer care day in and day out. All they is "sorry! your request will be done tomoro or asap..". and also they ve only one customer care service no. i cant even escalate the issue..they simply say the repeated things again and again.
After reading this blog i understand that people are not getting their big tv installed even after 15 days and nothing could be done.
I ve lost hope on RELIANCE and their BIG tv...also one customer care person told me that i cant even refund the box. And most of them does nt even know english.Even their team leaders and managers does not keep their word.
I dono when its going to get installed, if at all its going to be installed within my lifetime, you can imagine the service they ll provide when we have some problem.
So please dont waste your hard earned money.
Yes. We too got reliance Big TV four months before in Chennai. It is not working now. We kept on calling the customer care. Most of the time we wont get connected to the customer care officer. We will talk with them after a long time. Whenever they talk with us, they say that the engineer visit us in 48 hrs. But no one visited us in the past one and a half month. Very poor customer service. We are struggling with them. Sometimes they said that the engineer has started to visit us. But no one came to our home. We are simply keeping it in our home without any use. Planning to surrender.
I suggest NO to Big TV.
I got Big TV on 1st and til not what I am seeing is a blue screen with "Please subscribe to channel" inspite of already subscribed to the channels. They have the worst talent employed and most of the CS dont know what to answer. They read what has been written in mono tone and always says it will eb solved in 48 hours. I think there are sitting and managing this division as its the worst kind of service one could expect.

Does anyone know how and where to file a complaint?
I thought of opting for Big TV and called their customer service. Lack of proper response made me rethink on the purchase of Big TV.

Thank god!!! I made the right choice of not opting for BIG TV
big tv is fraud i gave a complain 6 days back and it is not resolved uptill now if i call coustomer care they tell me it will be solved within 48 but they never doso
My Exprience is worst

Today is a new one..

spoke to geeta and co. from customer care ...

below are the grievaces drafted in a mail ...

Re: Fw: Work Oder Number : [protected] 895783Tuesday, September 16, 2008 7:32 AM
From: "XXXXXXXX Kumar" <[protected]>View contact details To: [protected] [protected]

Hi A surprising news.It seems my smart card is OK. I spoke to customer care again.There is some other technical problem which they have promised to rectify in 48 hours. AgainNo use. The above promise is made on sunday morning (14th Sep 2008) and No one attended it till now.It 60 hours past the sunday morning. Can someone take-up the initiative and respond to the customer grievences atleast now ? regardsXXXXXXXX Kumar C

--- On Mon, 9/15/08, XXXXXXXX Kumar <[protected]> wrote:

From: XXXXXXXX Kumar <[protected]>
Subject: Re: Fw: Work Oder Number : [protected] 895783
To: [protected]
Cc: [protected]
Date: Monday, September 15, 2008, 12:13 AM

Hi Finally I got a reply call from the Techical dept who installs the BigTv. BUT It added more to my existing nightmares. The ISP guy called on Friday and promised an installation the same day.He turned up the next evening (Saturday) - After > 10 calls and reminders.He made N-number of holes in the apartments and tested the signal.I really dont know, first the signal is tested and made holes (or) first you install at any location and then check if signal is received or not.He stopped the work on saturday and started again on sunday.Sunday morning 8 Am to 12 Am and finally he fixed the DIST at 4th location.He recharged my voucher.He installed the software and asked me to wait for 1 hour to have the channels.I waited for 1 hour. No useI called him up .. he asked me to wait one more hourI waited one more hour and called the customer care. They gave their silly excuses and trickts to OFF my SetTopBox for 10 mins and try again.. I was asked to do this 4 times.When I called the guy who installed the BigTv, he said he cannot help, asked me to call the customer care again.I called up the customer care again. They promised me a positive result in 1 hour. They asked me to check the signal quality with advanced options and it GOOD.One of the customer executive acknowledged that their server is not working and its a fault from their side and they will rectify it in another 1 hour.They finally declared that my smart card is not working. My smart card was working before and how come it got malfunctioned now, They are simply buying time. Now they asked me to wait for another 48 hours for a technical solution. I am sure I will be put on waiting again for another two weeks. God knows when that 48 hours will end. I had such experience right from day 1 when I bought the BigTv on Aug 31st. Till now (Sept 15th 2008) there is no use. Hell with the Reliance Big TV service, regardsXXXXXXXX Kumar C
--- On Sun, 9/7/08, XXXXXXXX Kumar <[protected]> wrote:

From: XXXXXXXX Kumar <[protected]>
Subject: Re: Fw: Work Oder Number : [protected] 895783
To: [protected]
Cc: [protected]
Date: Sunday, September 7, 2008, 11:30 PM

Hi The below is the list to whom with whom we spoke for the past 10 days. Syed ( Always in meeting OR not in office)
Ashwini ( service within 24 hrs and that 24hrs will never end )Muthuraj
Shalini (puts on Hold for 35 mins to search a workorder number)
blah blah blah
razaq---->connected 2 supervisor
supervisor name: umanath (Promises a service guarante in 24 hours --- No use)
This is what we have been doing for the past 10 days. Remaining details are below this mail. regardsXXXXXXXX Kumar

--- On Sun, 9/7/08, XXXXXXXX Kumar <[protected]> wrote:

From: XXXXXXXX Kumar <[protected]>
Subject: Re: Fw: Work Oder Number : [protected] 895783 ( Hell with BIGTV service)
To: [protected]
Cc: [protected]
Date: Sunday, September 7, 2008, 11:05 PM

Hi BIG TV I expect a reply from your side. The details are below this mail.This is REMINDER (3). regardsXXXXXXXX Kumar C

--- On Sat, 9/6/08, XXXXXXXX Kumar <[protected]> wrote:

From: XXXXXXXX Kumar <[protected]>
Subject: Fw: Work Oder Number : [protected] 895783 ( Hell with BIGTV service)
To: [protected]
Date: Saturday, September 6, 2008, 12:28 AM

Hi BIG TV cusotmer care I expect a reply from you reg my previous mail. regardsXXXXXXXX
--- On Thu, 9/4/08, XXXXXXXX Kumar <[protected]> wrote:

From: XXXXXXXX Kumar <[protected]>
Subject: Work Oder Number : [protected] 895783 ( Hell with BIGTV service)
To: [protected]
Cc: [protected]
Date: Thursday, September 4, 2008, 11:20 PM

Hi BIG TV Team "RELIANCE BIGTV service is worst service. You can get better service in indian railway enquiry. If you opt for EXISTING CUSTOMER when you call[protected], you will put on wait for 15 mins everytime. But for the people who are new, u will immediately get connected to customer service. Also, you promise an installation in ONE DAY, if late TWO days .. and a max of THREE DAYS. But no one will turn up even after ONE WEEK when you purchase the RELIANCE BIG TV BOX. I myself a victim of such worst experience. Customer care will promise you a call in one hour. But even after one week (even after daily followup) no one has minimum curtesy to call you and let you know the status. I booked Reliance BIGTV on AUG 31st (6 days back). I raised the work-order the same day. Your people promised the installation the next day. No one turned up. I called the customer care and raised a complaint. You people promised a call in 2 hours. I waited for one day. No call and No communication. I raised the same complaint again. Again same promise. No use. I waited for another two days. On thursday they promised a installation in 24hrs. Forget about installation, there was not even a call from Big TV people. I raised a complaint again on Friday 5th sept 2008. They promised a call in 30 mins. Now its already 1 hr and no call till now. The below are my work-order and card details: Work Ordrer No: [protected] 895783
Complaint No: 75039315
BigTv card:[protected]
I really dont expect anything good from your side. I strickly beleive that I should return the BIGTV and get back to TATASKY or other cable services. If this happens in the beginning, people can expect how the service will be after installation. If possible, please do follow some professioanl ethics and try to implement a better service. no regards XXXXXXXX
Hi Readers,

I just wanted to share my worst experience with "Reliance BIG TV" DTH Service.
First of all I request everybody not to purchase "Reliance BIG TV" connection.

Well, to start with I have taken BIG TV "Set Top Box" on 29/Aug/2008 "Invoice No. 3338 from GOBIND ELECTRONIS & HOME APPLIANCES, Mehdipatnam (Hyderabad). and registered with customer care for installation on[protected] vide their work order no. [protected]/02.09.2008 confirmed that installation will be don within 04 hours... from that day onwards every day I'm spending one hour with customer care but all my requests are null and void...

Again they give special complaint no. 75447087/8.09.08 atn12:19 hours they promised that it will be done within 48 hours but as of date i.e. 19.09.08 they have not taken and steps against my complaints to solve my problem ...

I feel they are selling products but no service

Almost everyday for more than one hours I was calling for installation to name some of them are :- Sheetal, Rajeswari, Rajesh, Ramanamurthy, Bhaven, Ganesh... and so on and escalated the same issue to some of the senior members as well they are:- Rajkma and Bhuvneshwari.
Everybody was saying the same thing repeatedly "we are sorry for the inconvinience caused, it will be done asap...etc...".

Till today, i.e. 19/SEP/2008 more than 12 days after purchase of STB, I am still waiting for the installation...??? and still have no update...

Finally, I request everybody again PLZ PLZ PLZ never go for "Reliance BIG TV", only name is BIG, everything else is “NANO” .

For any kind of details or assistance you can reach me at "[protected]" or "[protected]".

Go for TATA SKY, DISHTV or SUN DIRECT, but not for BIGTV...!

Have a Good Day,
Going for Big TV is really a BIG mistake. I bought it before 10 days and now, I have made so many calls. Yes. Everyday I call atleast 3-4 times. Everytime I get same reply. "It will be done within 12 hrs, 48hrs etc". I even sent 2 to 3 mails to [protected], no use. No response from them.

I wonder how did I fall pry to this. There is no contact number other than the CC number. Also the guys who sell this, says clearly that they are not responsible for any installation and they7 just SELL the box.

Its hard to believe that such a big comp[any like reliance is screwing us like this. Imagine the amount of money he has collected upfront!!! And just enjoys the money and its interest. While we are just keeping the box in show case. If the service is going to be so poor during the Launch, how can they manage in the long run.

So pathetic. I feel bad that I did not check the reviews and status before buying the box.

Frustrated customer from bangalore.
Fooled myself looking at the brand name. I received the setup box on 14 of sep and call the C.C thousand times. Seeing for a way to get back my money. My samrtcard #1025572. These are the reps I sopke with and the complaint reference#
Nirmal Andrew[protected]
Thamari 7608263
Soni 76157903
I can also become a millioner with a day by interducing such fraudlant TV.. mail me @ [protected]
Fooled myself looking at the brand name. I received the setup box on 14 of sep and called the C.C thousand times. Seeing for a way to get back my money. My samrtcard #1025572. These are the reps I sopke with and the complaint reference#
Nirmal Andrew[protected]
Thamari 7608263
Soni 76157903
I can also become a millioner with a day by interducing such fraudlant TV.. Ambhani U SUUUKE...
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