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 dj220587 on Jul 12, 2013
To CEO of Reliance Communication,

This is regarding a bill payment for the account which is already closed. I had taken a postpaid connection with netconnect data card No.[protected] in 2011 ending..I was a regular payer and paid all bills on time with full amount. However there was disputed bill for March or April 2013, where I was charged wrongly..I had checked the usage on the My services portal and it was showing that I was still having the allowance reaming on the last day of the billing cycle date. However when the bill was generated, it showed that I had used more then allowance and was charged around Rs 1000 more.

I called customer service and informed the details, there was no resolution provided. I said that I am ready to pay the normal bill amount, they did not agree and I said that they can cancel the connection, or I can pay the normal charge.

As there was no resolution provided I din pay the bill, and they kept charging after that, I contacted 4 to 5 times for the same issue, no response.

Now they are sending me a bill of Rs. 2281/- with a letter given below:

"Dear Customer,


This is inform you that your payment of Rs. 2281/- Is due of your Reliance DATA_HSD No.[protected] having Account No/CAF No[protected]

Kindly clear the dues on before 18 July 12, 2013 to avoid the legal action.

Online payment is not possible.

You can make the payment by Cash/DD/Cheque by visiting any one of Reliance Store/World.

For Assistance, Payment pick up and NOC you may contact Ragini-[protected] & Rajesh-[protected]


On behalf of Reliance Communications Ltds

Please look into this matter.
I would have paid all the bills amount if I was billed correctly.. Also I was told that I will not be charged if the account is suspended still they were charging..

Waiting for your reply


Dipesh Jagatia

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Data Card — behaivour

complaint against your recovery agencies. Agencies empoyee call me on 15/03/08 at my[protected] from [protected] at 6:36pm and talk with me for my data card payment but i reply that data card are serender within two day from perchase date so why shoud i pay?. Then they are answering me `ab tumhare pe legali action lunga aur tera gand mar dunga, mar mar ke lal karunga` so who is the given right. So who is person are spoil your companies reputation please find out and reply me.

Reliance Data Card — Billing Details of data card

Please sent my reliance data card bill on my e-mail ID :
I have Taken a Data Card Connection([protected]) from Reliance Communications in the month of August-2008, in plan 2-month Bundle Offer(in which 2-month Unlimited Uses Free but after one moth comany had charge me Rs.700), i have complaints to comany but company had not take any i wants favors from your side.

Reliance Data Card — regarding billing amount

Reliance people are not at all reliable persons, these people are not worrying about customer complaints, they are all grabing the money from the customers as they like, they are the cheating beggers

please controll their grbbibing money from the consumers
Kind Attn.: Administrator

Dear Sir/Madam,

Sub.: Request for Revise of Bill for the month of April
Ref.: Reliance No. [protected]

This has reference to above cited subject,

I, Suresh Babu Cheepuri, has purchased a Reliance USB Modem Data card on 14th February.
It is to inform you that, I got a message on 25.04.09 that my current bill amount is Rs.1274/-. I was astonished why such a hike in the bill. My usage is normal and I used to get my bill amounted around Rs. 300+. In deed I’ve expected to get this month bill a bit less as my usage is quite normal or even less when compared to previous months. Instead of this the bill has gone in four figures (in thousands). As such I’ve visited the Relance Communication’s at Airoli. There, one of the lady executives had confirmed the same amount and the moment when I asked the details she said the bill details are not coming / unable to retrieve and told that the bill has generated on 24th April so it would come in a day or two (i.e. 27th or 28th April’09).

However, you intervention in the mater is requested and the revised bill may send across enabling me to pay before due date and to restore my faith

Your prompt action in the matter is highly appreciated.

Thanking you,

Best regards,

Suresh Babu Cheepuri
AL-5-28/11, Ashoka Apartments
Sector – 16, AIROLI
Navi Mumbai – 400 701.

I want to know my data card's current bill information.
hi this is sonika and i want to know my datacard bill details of last month and i also want to regieteration in ur cosumer department datacard no. is [protected]...pls give me rply soon..

bill not receving

Data Card — unable to connect only from laxmi nagar delhi rest areas its fine

i am not able to connect to internet from laxmi nagar area only, from rest areas its working fine.
Please check the matter.

Reliance Data Card — Bill Issue

i bought a Data card from Reliance store vaishali Ghaziabad 3-4 months ago, with a bill plan of Rs 650
with unlimited browsing which was so told to me by the customer Executive there and 2 months free no bill after 3 month i have recieved a bill of around 1900 saying that i have xceded my usage limit
While I have taken the usb modem by Reliance for my laptop and as the said laptop gave trouble I switched to another with the Windows Vista home premium operating system and the modem was not getting installed on this Operating system. While I made several complaints to all along the heirarchy right from Ongole to Tirupati through to the Mumbai office, I was not getting response for a long time during which as a result of their lack of support I could not use the modem. One day the exectuives from Mumbai spoke to me over phone and gave isntructions and even according to that also it did not get installed, and they were doubtful as to whether the modem could be used on Vista Operating system. Later another executive one Mr.Viswanath spoke to me and said that he is sending a technician and later the said technician came and installed the modem, but the service was found disconnected long back, and when contacted the said Mr.Viswanath said that though the connection was cut, still we have to bear the loss along with the company and as a compromise I have to pay Rs 400/- till then. As such the amount was paid on 6th june 2009 with an endorsement on that clearly that in total settlement upto date the amount of Rs 400/- was paid.
Later in about a week it self I received a phone call asking me to pay the billl again followed by a message that the connection is cut and when contacted there was no proper response and even to the notice there is no response. They want to take the customer for a ride as per their dictates, which is deplorable.

Reliance Communications — Regular Bill Amount Problem

we were facing problem regarding handset from past six months on which company replaced it for free on 5th September 2009. But as soon we got the bill they have adjusted instrument charges Rs.960.
we have lodge a complaint regarding the same, complaint no. is "11031921".
Earlier also we had to pay additional charges for music world, which we didn't used. The water has gone above head. kindly look in matter.
thank you.

Reliance Communication — billing


[protected] Forwarded message[protected]
From: <>
Date: Oct 7, 2009 3:56 PM
Subject: Re: Reliance Mobile No.[protected]

Dear sir,

1. Above post paid Mobile No.[protected] is working on my name (VIJAY KUMAR GUPTA) since 2003

2. For the last 3-4 years I am using Nokia 6235 CDMA model.

3. In June 2009, Nokia 6235 suddenly stop working with a message "CONTECT SERVICE"

4. I immediately contacted Reliance Helpline -*333 and explained the problem I was facing. Your Phone Officer advised me not to worry and Nokia Service Centre at Radhu Place, Vikas Marg, Delhi. I was also assured that the if Repair time is more than 15 days, Rental for such period will be waived off.

5. However, the Nokia people bluntly refused ro repair Model-6235.I again approached Reliance Help line and they advised me to visit the Service Centre and collect the exact information. Accordingly I again visited the above NOKIA Service Centre and they once again told me that Nokia 6235 is an old model which is not repairable at their end. The information was passed on to Reliance Help Line.

6. This time Reliance Help Line passed on my complaint to NOKIA office at Bangalore. After few days I received a call from Nokia Bangalore Office. The problem was explained to them again. They advised me to contact Nokia Service Centre at Mayur Vihar-I. Accordingly, I approached Mayur Vihar Nokia Service Centre bu again treated in the same manner. I passed on the informationto Reliance Help Line and Nokia people at Bangalore.

7.After few days I received a call from Mr. Umesh of Nokia office Bangalore. He told me that he has discussed my problem with Nokia Service Centre at Mayur Vihar and I should again visit them. In the process I had already wasted more than three months

8. Anyhow, I again visited Nokia at Mayur Vihar and this time they had taken my handset vide their Job Sheet No.[protected]/090917/25 dated 17/09/2009. Un offically I was told that as per company's policy Model 6235 will not be repaired and will be returned after a couple
of weeks against service charge of Rs.110/-. I had immediatly passed on this information to Reliance at *333.

9. I received a call from Nokia people yesterday informing me to pay Rs.110/- and collect the un-repaired handset.

10. As a good customer, I have paid all the bills

11 I hereby request you to immediately waive off the rental charges from July to October 2009 and also compensate me suitably for the heavy losses I have suffered due to non availabily / non working of my mobile handset.

12. Suitable necessary action should also be taken action against your staff and Nokia people for misguiding the customer.

An immediate response is requested.

V K Gupta
[protected], [protected]

Reliance Data Card — Reg. payment

We have seven data card connection we have bought for our company, since last three month we are not using three of our data card and we want to return or disconnect the same, but when we went to Reliance World outlet at Nagpur, they have pass the information that it will take more then the rental we are paying for one connection since we have no due to be cleared. Then we have switched to another option of putting this three connection in safe custody and went to the outlet again, they told in the beginning that we need to pay 100/- plus taxes into what ever months you need to put in safe custody. then when they have calculated the amount it was around 2300/- approx. for three month. They we have paid the amount and now due to some reason the staff had not entered the same into their system and bill has appeared the same.

We have received the bill showing all the seven conncetions
mine bill as not receviced, pls send as every month

Data Card — billing

The Concerned Dept.

I have purchased a data card for my lap top for regular usage under tariff No:RNJ149 data in the month of June'09 and the monthly bills are being paid intime. My monthly utilization is very limited. Though I am paying the bill asper bill. But suddently my net service was disconnected and instruted to pay an amount of Rs.2,073/- It is very abnormal as I am using net service within the package limit. I don't how how it was happened? in a single month though my usage is regular as utilized in the previous month. I am unbale to pay this huge amount uncessarily and hence please verify and send fresh bill for the normal payment as previously done.

My RIMN:[protected]

Please take positive decision and confirm jto my mail ID at an early date.

Reliance Communication — activation of data card

dear sir,

i have bought a relience data card from vriti relience on 11/12/ that time they told me that it will be activated till the evening but till now its not activated.when ever i call them they ask for id card which i gave them my pan card copy every time they use to tell me that the photo in pan card is not cleared then i asked them for refund.again they told me it will be activated this period i called the relience customer care but they told me i should ask the relience store from where i bought this data card but till now its not activated.kindly take some action agains the the group like this which try to make fool to the customer.

thanks and regards

anil kumar sharma

Reliance Communication — data card

Hello sir

I am costmor of relince data card ( [protected] ) i purchesed sec.15 gurgaon haryana with full payment 3500. they prommised me for speed 580 kbps to more than 3.1 mbps and they give me a old data card this not working properly giving to discounted and the saying this is a server problumI complaint many time to costumer care and web world but no solution and waste two months and it is a time pay bill bill was more than 1800 rs of one month. please tell me why i pay my bill but they atteck on me in web world in this action his printer breaked and now they are saying you would must pay 10000 rs for printer and my device heve put in webworl to help police please help me

thank you sir
sateesh kumar [protected]

reliance communication''netconnect data card'' — wrong billing

i, Abhishek shukla bought reliance data net billing period is from 7th day of month to 7th day of next month.I have applied for getting bill through mail.but i received my bill of may month on 26th may while i was supposed to get it on 7th may.i got a call from reliance customer care that i have to pay the bill very next day on 27th may.this was real bad for me as there is always given some days to make payment bt i was not given enough i made payment on 4th june.
After that i received a mail from reliance customer care and i was told to make payment of 4630 rupees.when i called to customer care,they told me that i have used my all credit limit while on the other hand i regularly making payment of my monthly bill.they sent me bill so late that i found no time to make payment on 26th it's not my fault and am really disappointed with the reliance services.
Kindly pay attention to my problem.My mobile no. is [protected] and my email id is ''''.

Reliance Communication Ltd — Data card Bill

Customer Care,


I would like to draw your attention towards non serious approach of RCOM executives. I am using above data card and not received Print bill for current month Aug 2010 which is due on 25th Aug 2010. Hence wrote to customer care yesterday 18th Aug thru chat. Ref number is [protected]

Duing chat executive Ms. Pinky told I have opted for e bill. My reply was I never opted for this. Then she mentioned now onwards I will get print bills.

How RCOM can decide them self about my Bill delivery options with our my permission/ concern?

Today I got call from Ms Renu ,[protected] at 2.28PM saying my bill have been deliver on 19th Aug and I was surprised to know this ..............whom Bill has been deliver. I did not received any bill. As I feel she had not done her work in advance and called me.


She assured to call back with details in 10 minutes but not came back so far.

There are difference in two executives statement. One said E bill option is selected hence bill not sent other is saying bill delivered on 19th. Do RCOM have any system in place!!!

Sir what is all this happening?

If this happens to you , will you like it?

Pls. look into this and make some system in to place.

Why customer should suffer?

Hope you understand concern.

Thanks !

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