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Kolkata, West Bengal, India
I received a message from reliance that Teri Meri Meri Teri callertune will be renewed at Rs 10/mnth but they deducted Rs 15 for callertune charges. I called customer care but they dont refund my Rs 5. Customer care executive told me that callertune charges is Rs.15 and disconnect tha line again and again.
Please take action as soon as possible..

Name : Md Irfan Mahfooz
Mob No : [protected]
E-mail : [protected]
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On Nov 9, I wrote to [protected] this letter:

"I've two RIM phones (xxxxx & xxxxx) and I've been trying in
vain to get the call histories of these numbers for the month of
October '07.

I've made numerous visits to the Webworld at your Chennai headquarters
on Haddows Road and made several requests, both oral and written, and
left my mail ids and other contact details with them, but I'm yet to
hear from them.

A lady at the counter once told me that one "Sharmaji" is against
providing call histories to customers! When reminded that it's every
customer's right to get their call history on payment of the
prescribed fee, she told me that this particular "Sharmaji" is a very
powerful and mighty person and he knows better!

Please look into it and provide me the call histories of the above
numbers for the month of October immediately to avoid unpleasant

I received no reply. Two weeks later, I sent this stinker to them:

"Though almost two weeks have passed since I sent you the following
mail, you've not even shown the basic courtesy of acknowledging its
receipt. No wonder the very name 'reliance' evokes nausea among some
customers! It stinks, man!

In the meantime, you've blocked outgoing calls from one of my phones.
No sweats, man! I'm prepared to dump both your handsets and get new
connections from a more respectable operator.

Do tell your high and mighty "Sharmaji" that for every customer you
lose in this fashion, you're bound to lose at least a hundred
prospective customers in the bargain. It's not as if we customers are
powerless. We may not have the time for long-drawn court battles but
there's this little technology called Internet, which is accessible to

That evoked a quick response and they wrote to me the very next day
asking me to provide details of my phone numbers etc. which I did

Two days later, someone rang me up and said the call histories had
been dispatched to my mailing address. I got an e-mail too stating the
same. My pleas to e-mail them to me went unheeded.

Since then I've written to them thrice saying that I did not receive
the call histories, and every time they repeat the same lie that they
have been sent to my billing address. The bills, however, arrive dot
on time.

Please let me know what I should do now.

Thank you in advance.

Dear Sir,

I M using reliance prepaid connection in Assam, I have recharged with Rs. 399 bol India bol plan on 02/01/2008 at morning 3.35 am, but my whole service was barred at 10.15am of the same day , as a result there is no incoming & outgoing in my cell, where as there is sufficient balance and validity in my account to make a call. Kindly Help. My cell Number is [protected].

Debashish Saikia
Resp. Sir,
First I am sorry for my poor english but I will try to exmplain my problem.
I am Rim Internet customer and using deta card from 19-11-07. I purchage this deta card from Jamnagar city Reliance Web shope. I purchage this deta card in a two montys unlimited exess sceam.
I pay 3200 Rs. and purchase this deta card from above date. After some days company send me 450 Rs. bill. I was surprise and complain to company customers care but not any proper result and finaly I pay 450 Rs. with this condition that after this 450/- payment your sceam will start now but last many day my disconnection during my sceam.
Please help me. I was buy this connection heard company good reputation.
I hope for your co operation.
Thank you.

My cell No. is [protected]
On 24th January, 2008 we have purchased a Classic 702 Model handset with RSN : 6L0HSC[protected] for a prepaid connection at Reliance Webworld, R.S. Puram Branch, Coimbatore. That Staff who gave us the set was very keen to change the box with the one he had. After 30 minutes, he said that the set is having problems with the keypad and he is replacing with the new one. and he told us to wait for another 30 minutes to activate the set. We realised that the cheater has replaced with a broken damaged set. When we asked them, (a bunch of staff including the TEAM LEADER) they told us that they are not responsible for the set once we have stepped out of their premises. Being a reputed concern, it is a shame on them to behave irresponsible like that. RELIANCE means TRUST to millions of people worldwide. But these guys are spoiling their name. Is there ANY responsible person in RELIANCE GROUP who can answer me?
I am a new reliance mobile user of Bokaro Steel City,Jharkhand. My
mobile no is [protected]
I had submitted all relevent document at the time of buying the
number, but after 1 week my outgoing stopped. i got a message to
deposte another identity-proof. I have already deposited my voter-id
card xerox & filled another form with all my residencial details 1
week back.But till date, my mobile's outgoing is not enabled,so please
help me to get my mobile's outgoing facility.
Anil Kumar Baranwal
Dear sir/Madam,

This is Joseph from DW Practice LLC (RKK Consulting services in India) we have made an agreement with your Reliance communication on 1st Mar 07, the person who had signed an agreement from our organisation is resigned 9 month ago, Now we would like to what is the vendor code is given to our consultancy because we need to raise an invoice of the candidates who we have placed in your organisation, pls let me know who is the contact person and which department do I need to contact regarding this

waiting for the Positive reply

Joseph Reddy
dear sir,
still i am at africa, my home india at tamilnadu, useing relance phone
this month plan has been changed with out my permisstion.could u pls tale how to make this.
i am using reliance mobile last 2 years, and i am facing so many problem with your services.
last 3 days i am facing problem with callar tune.
i set callar tune before 3 days.and also deduct balance in my account.but callar tune not set in my mobile.i complain about callar tune in customer care he told callar tune is active in next 48 hours.last three days i am complain in customer care. but very poor responnce giving by your customer representative.
I request you please do need ful and solve my problem as soon as possible

Juned Mansuri
I am using Rel services from last 2 years.
On 27/8/08 I get a call from Rel saying my account validity will expiry tomm i.e 28/8/08. At 5:0) I get a message from [protected] - that if I recharge my account with Rs310, I get TT of 333 & lifetime validity within 72 hrs. I called up Customer care 4 times & confirmed with 4 Customer Care Officers, that if I recharge with this scheme will my services continue i.e it should not stop from tomm (since the validity was expiring on 28/8/08). All of them confirmed that my cell will be working, the last person I spoke tpo was Mr Pankaj Tiwari - so I recharged my cell with Rs310.
Currently I have a bal of Rs350 but my incoming & outgoing services both are not working. When I called up Customer Care I was made to speak to a senior person Mr Ritesh - he explained me that my cell will start working on 30/8/08 as the scheme says it takes 72 hrs of activation. When I asked him, why are the Customer care executives not aware of the schemes - if Rel employees can't understand the scheme how do you expect customers to understand it. The answer to this was - I am sorry !!

Does saying sorry solve the problem? Its a shame that Rel being such a big company does not take care of its customers.

Reliance mobile number 09374826001 — Wrongly chage and bad language

Dear reliance / Mr anil ji.

This is sujaan singh guller from ahmedabad (gujarat) maine aapna mobile 22/8/08 ko switch off kar kyonki mere handset mai problem this so i gave for repair when my moblie came so i switch on to mobile at 22nd date my balance is near above 2 rupess but when i on my mobile phone at 4/9/08 after repair so my balance is -13 so i contact with customer care they told me u activated a plan but sim card mere pass tha so how could it posible aur mai 5/9/8 ko near about 5.55pm ko call kiya at *333 par uss bande ne mujse itne gandi tarah bat ke kai mai kya batoa so please change language otherswise koi bhi ADAG pai case kar sakta hai. so please solve my problem todays date is 5/9/8 and my mob no is [protected]
To reliance / Mr anil ji.

This is sujaan singh guller from ahmedabad (gujarat) maine aapna mobile 22/8/08 ko switch off kar kyonki mere handset mai problem this so i gave for repair when my moblie came so i switch on to mobile at 22nd date my balance is near above 2 rupess but when i on my mobile phone at 4/9/08 after repair so my balance is -13 so i contact with customer care they told me u activated a plan but sim card mere pass tha so how could it posible aur mai 5/9/8 ko near about 5.55pm ko call kiya at *333 par uss bande ne mujse itne gandi tarah bat ke kai mai kya batoa so please change language otherswise koi bhi ADAG pai case kar sakta hai. so please solve my problem todays date is 5/9/8 and my mob no is [protected]
Dear Friends,

I have been using the Reliance Mobile Phone connection since 2003. Nearly 5 years it is.

The company uses many fraudulent ways to extract money from its clients and is frequently violating most of the Telecom and Business Laws of India.

In spite of DND registration the Reliance itself keeps calling on the mobile and disturbs us which is most extravagent example of its disrespect to the law of the land and the way it mocks the orders of the Supreme Court of India.

I already have 14 of my colleagues and friends frustrated with the fraudulent ways of the company's billing and illegal business practices.

We are placing our case in front of the Consumer Court in Delhi with strong evidences with claim for compensation.

If any of you wish to join us in the case to seek compensations from the company for extracting money from you and for using illegal business practices please write to us at [protected]

Please also share with us any piece of evidence that you have.
company offered low call rates but not provided even after complaining
We bought 9 mobiles 1 landline & 1 data card from realince. at aht time there representatve Mr. Durga Prasad & Mr. Naresh([protected]) &[protected]. told us about the 225 Plan with following facility: 1. Mobile Activation charges 100 Rs.
2. No clip Charges
3. Free CUG activation
4. Free call conferencing facility.
5. Free talk time of 100 Rs local+STD
6. Free 333 SMS local +STD
7. Call rate R to R local: 10 Ps
8. Call rate R to other mobile:30 Ps
9. Call rate R to any landline:80 Ps
10. Std call :1.25 Ps
11. Top up for Std charges reduction:49 Rs
12. After top up STD rate will be 50 Ps.

also promise us to give following documents:
1. A list of the phone numbers with the facility & bill Plan provided
2. Bill for the sets
3. A letter of Authority in which reliance will provide us a representative to whom we will concern for future problems.

but they havent provide any document to us, not even the bills of mobbile set & landline set.most of the commitment regarding the plan is wrong.
He told us th at the CUG will be absolutly free & activated in th eall phone. but we got the bill of our landline & came to know that no CUG is activated. after conserning the custmer care they to;ll us that no CUG activated on phone.
landline phone was fully activated on 26feb 09 other time its outgoing was not working.& we got the bill of rent & calls.

Costomer care cant help us, dirvesh([protected])seniour of naresh, naresh, Durga prasad nobody picking the phone .

even we mail our request to :[protected], Neeraj.[protected], prasant.p.[protected]

but dont get any response from them.

we are felling helpless kindly help us.

Reliance GSM — cheating in purchasing card

my NO. Is [protected].i have not get benifite of 4 rupies daily. I purchased my card on 24 february.when i inquir customare care they told that you have must recharge 60 rupies first. But when i purchesed they dont give information about this and i rechare my card with 50 rupies and now they told that you coud not able to recive must first rechared with 60. They have must inform to people that after this amount of 1st rechared you get benefit. No advertised on card also
i have recharge my reliance walky of RS 100 on 06 mar 09 & got 90 RS. as talk time . after making a call of 4 min, when i checked my balance then it was only 72 paise . when i talk to customer care, he was talking so roughly and told me that i have made too many calls. so i wanna know that what should i do???
Dear sir,
I am reliance mobile customer, My phone no is [protected].
1-Every moth they are charging some extra charges, By saying false thing you have douwloded something, you have activated dilar tone, All are rubish..
2-I am trying its customer care no form last 3 hours, after getting messege your call transfering to customer care executive, its diconnecting.
I m a new coustomer of Reliacne Gsm with no. +91-[protected]
i opted reliance gsm because it provide a india calling card voucher of rs 650 in which dey said u can call any reliacne no free frm 11pm to 6am.. btt u have to call a reliance no. with *375 with reliacne no..i made a erecharge of 650 n wen i tried to call it say newtork busy wen i dail with *375
bt wen i make a call withour *375 it get connected in seconds.. n having a free reliance scheme i have to pay for it..n one more
after too many attempts sudennly if luckily call connected it will get discoonected after 30, om automatically..
i tried to call customer care too many time bt dere was no proper response..
i m nt getting a proper benifit of dis scheme..
same complaint here too, this is total fraud on the part of reliance they think we are bloddy fools.action must be taken.

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