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On 16th Dec 07 I did online shopping to send a gift to my son at Santa Clara USA to be delivered on 19th Dec 07.I got the transaction confirmation instantly from [protected]
Transactio id:[protected]: Merchant's card id WGFU[protected].Money was was withdrawn immediately from my account.Payment was done by credit card.E mail id of the vendor is [protected]
I have sent about 10 e mails to enquire about the delivery of gift but there is no reply.Yesterday I sent the mail on same id by different name requesting for a gift to be sent urgently to USA and they immediately responded to it.Can you please help to trace this fradulent transaction.
Thanking You
P C Verma
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Aug 13, 2020
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The same exact thing happened to me. They are definitely fraudulent.
Chriatmas, Valentine's day etc. are such pressure time that despite all efforts, all florists tend to make mistakes. The volume goes up by 10 times. We did strive to to our best, but still few customers were disappointed. We have duly refunded all money whereever we did not deliver. We are not fradulent, for sure.
However, we are extremely sorry for the mistake.
Same thing has happened to me - I am beside myself with disappointment. My daughter had a baby in Hong Kong on Saturday, 20th December and the world florist site for Hong Kong offered same day delivery. It was paid for by Amex Card, but so far today, Tuesday 22nd December, the goods have not been delivered. I will never use any of these sites again.
I was also scammed as I ordered a Valentines Day gift to my darling girlfriend. Some flowers were delivered, but the quality was extremely bad and the additional item ordered was not delivered even though there was an order confirmation stating both flowers and additional item.

I WISH AUTHORITIES SOON TAKE ACTION AGAINST THIS COMPANY AND IT'S OWNER. SHUT DOWN THE WEBPAGE SO NO MORE PEOPLE SUFFER THE SAME EXPERIENCE. It must be evident that this is a fraud and non-serious company which should be prosecuted and made reimburse their victims.
I am still awaiting any confirmation on the gift I bought for my girlfriend in Japan. Their website guaranteed delivery for Valentines day. I ordered the items 2 days ahead of time so they had more than enough time to get the order right. Its now the 15 of February and she still has not received anything. I have e-mailed multiple times and got answers 2 times. One stated that they could not change something on the order because it was already processed I was like ok thats understandable, but the second I asked for a delivery time and date and they said they could not provide me with one. Its absurd that a company could not track an item and tell me when it would be delivered. A real good company should have a great customer service and they should back their guarantee. I for one am very unhappy with the service this company has brought. I will warn all my associates about this. I will warn them to not order from here and if they did they should file a complain. I for one am going to keep contacting them. The next step is calling them directly and if this does not resolve anything I will get with my business associates and find a way to contact the head person of this company.
Well she got the items I ordered. It was just late, but it made it. Maybe I am one of the lucky ones to get my stuff to actually delivered. Probably still need to contact them still and maybe get a refund. They just need to have a better customer service and I think this will solve the problems that everyone is having with them. Everyone just keep pushing to get their orders or refunds. I constantly bombarded them with e-mails eventhough they were not replying back. Well probably will not order from them again. I am a person who believes punctuality and especially if they claim on the their website it would be there on time..

My friend ordered flowers from one of this company's affiliate in Delhi to be sent to the USA. They charged her Rs. 3200. And they deliver it from FedEx with Delivery without signature delivery method (so that they don't need to pay much to FedEx) and I never got the flowers. The response is so slow from the company side and they don't even have a refund policy in place. I am going to file a complaint against this company under the Federal Trade Commission's Merchandise or Service Never receive act and going to update about this company's bad services in almost all fourms available on internet.

100 dollar suggestion, Never trust this company all you are going to get is "Pay your money for nothing".

Here is the company's contact information

Right Florist India Pvt. Ltd.
P-76, Lake Road,
Kolkata - 700029

This company doesn't have any customer services. The only service they provide is charge money from customer. Beware...

This fraud company don't even have any response time. And moreover now one of their executive asked me if I can take 25% refund back.

What the hell this company is.

And one of their associate in Delhi

B139/1 Maharani Bagh, Near Meera Bai Poltechnic, New Delhi- 110065
Rohit Nath [protected]
Sunil Kumar [protected]

Beware guys
Same thing happened to me! Someone sent me flowers via them but so far I haven't recieved anything!
I got a few response emails, but if it does not go through or if the flowers are not delivered I am going to dispute it. I am never outsourcing this sort of thing again

Right Florist India Pvt. Ltd.
P-76, Lake Road,
Kolkata - 700029

I should have known this after watching Slumdog Millionaire...

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Sub: Slumdog millionaire

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This person mere a taxi driver, entered as driver in airtel, but suddenly turned a millionaire within a few months by taking a sub contract with ''AIRTEL'' (ELECTROLINK).

Now he owns a fully airconditioned house at Thrissur city, one indigo car, a Scorpio jeep, Maruthi omni, mahindra jeep, purchased 10 cents of land at Vypin Ernakulam, Rs. 50, 000/- treat on his son's birthday, many gold ornaments...and many others.

Not only this person but also the person whom he gave the electrical works of airtel. (This person was a poratta maker in a bakery). What miracle did he or his higher department do for such big changes...if any such other contracts, , , , , , please consider me also.

This is only upto you people to enquire, find about it and get SAVED.

This is only for your kind information...!!!

Thanking you

A Wellwisher.

c.c to:- 1. Vigilance & anti corruption
2. Income tax department
3. Bharti Airtel
hi i just want u all to know that this web site is [censored]ing fraud my husband sent me flowers 2 days b4 velentines n i still did not get it these people should b stopped robbing people
I also ordered flowers through this company and all they did was take my money and when you log on to their site to check your order they have no record of any orders, this company is ripping people off blind and getting away with it!!! i spent $120.00AU and my order was never delivered!!! F*&King pigs! i will be contacting the police to report this website!
This is a fraudulent service. My order no. is HGTI [protected]. They delivered incomplete items and wrong items. They showed a different model for a watch and sent a cheaper model. This is frustrating and would advice all to not avail the services of this company. I hope to reach out to the right authorities for registering my complaint.
i ordered a delivery to malaysia via malayflorist .com, , , (rightflorist.).., money out of account via paypal, order not delivered.., why dont paypal refuse to allow payments to this company. i rang paypal and their answer was it is a legitmate business!!... DO NOT USE THIS company...shonky, dodgy and they deserve a kick up the ...!!!
Awful, awful, very awful service!!!It was money not very well spent at all.
Ordered two items as well for my sister's birthday in California worthing nearly $200, only one item was delivered on the day of her birthday and the other was given to the recipient about 3days later after several emails to were made.The charge of the order was taken out from my debit card straight after the order was made online.A real celebration killer this company is.Never again will I use this site or recommend this to others.Intense dissatisfaction!!!
I couldnt agree with you guys more...I emailed these guys on May 4 to deliver 2 sets of roses and cards-one for my mom and one for my wife's mom (my mother-in-law). I paid for it upfront and then sent 2 follow up emails before May 8 (Mother's day). Since the flowers were not delivered that day, I called up the number listed on the internet [protected]. After hours of trying, i got through only to be told delivery would be made before 8 pm. Indeed, they made delivery before 8 pm but only for 1 is may 12, as I type this email at 12 noon Dubai time, one set of flowers and card (to be delivered on mothers day-May 8) HAS STILL NOT REACHED. In all the emails I sent to the company, they informed me it will go today (the dates of the email)...BEWARE. THIS COMPANY IS FRAUD AND CHEATS AND THEY HAVE VERY INCOMPETENT PEOPLE...I have proof of the back and forth emails I sent them and their completely insensitive response to it. Do your homework before dealing with these types of companies.

Bharti Airtel Ltd — Non delivered

Dear team,

We are sent courier[protected], still not deivered the courier.
Doc No[protected]. Please confirm the same.

These guys are very likely engaged in internet Fraud, Scam, and Abuse. As this is plainly a federal crime under Title 18 of the U.S.C., I believe it should be reported. First off I'd try to get in touch with the financial transaction agency they use to charge peoples' accounts. Clearly these guys don't use PayPal--among the more reputable agencies. In my case they used Moneybookers to scam me out of $70.00.

If the financial transaction agency doesn't respond, I'm going to tip off the FBI. After all, federal law enforcement is within their agency's province of authority. The FTC would be another federal agency to report this too. Any other ideas or suggestions?

Also- there's always the possibility of pressing civil charges. And if there's enough o[censored]s, I think those $50-$150 dollar transactions add up!
It was my Mothers 70th Birthday and she lives in Spain. I found on the interent and ordered a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates. It came to 70 Euros which immediately came out of my account through Money Bookers.
My Mothers Birthday came and went without her receiving the gifts.
I have tried to contact gifts2spain on many occasions through their sites contact page. However to this date all my comunications are still at the pending status and I have not received any reasons as to why the gifts were never dispatched.
I have tried to inform Mony Bookers that they are in cahoots with a fraudulent company but it seems to have fallen on deaf ears. are a fraud! Do not touch them with a barge pole.
Fortunately my bank have said they will be able to get my money back as I used a Mastercard. Nonetheless it has been an aweful experience and wanted to warn anyone else out there who is thinkiing of purchasing from this company.

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