[Resolved]  Sbi Card - Privilege Circle Program — Withdrawal of Deceptive Scheme

Dear Sir/ Madam,

As there was no response to my E-Mail dated 04.01.2010 and FAX Dated 05.01.2010, Today(08.01.2010) I could manage to speak with the executive (Ms.Meenakshi) Call Center (Ph.No.[protected]/55) to enquire the status of my cancellation claim. I’ve been informed that my request for cancellation is turned down during my discussion over phone call on 30/12/2009 with (Ms.Renu).

Until this time executives were fooling that every conversation is being recorded and conveniently modifying their speech to sell their product. So called recorded conversation which is only accessible to SBI-Cards is not justified.Corroborating this statement with my written complaint (Giving details of my request, queries and the responses) malicious intentions of SBI-Cards are amply evident. Obliviously this could be substantiated only when there is any system existing.

In despair and considering my valuable time to run behide you, I am remitting the due amount Rs.6014.35 in apprehension that you will charges late payment and unrelated expenses, which would mean another issue for me and business (to kill my/others time) to you.

With this message I would like to assure you that I will not be able to utilize your so called offer in the name of Privilege Circle Program which is only convenient to SBI-Cards Business. But by all means would like to know ‘IN WHAT CIRCUMSTANCES CLAIMS FOR CANCELLATION/ WITHDRAWAL OF ANY SCHEME BE DECLINED WHEN THE CLAIMS IS WITH IN THE STIPULATED PERIOD”.

This will be appelled in an appropriate form to educate the people and also contain the crooked activities followed under the shadow of Govt.Agencies.

TS Kiran


From: [protected]
To: feedback.[protected]
Subject: FW: SBI Card Privilege Circle Program-Complaint
Date: Thu, 7 Jan 2010 03:33:33 +0000

Reminder. Kindly acknowledge the receipt.


From: [protected]
To: feedback.[protected]
Subject: SBI Card Privilege Circle Program-Complaint
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 2010 12:52:34 +0000

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am TS Kiran SBI credit Card holder. My phone no's will probably help you to trace my profile ie (M) [protected] (o[protected].

I've been offered with the subject program over phone and sought confirmation by your good office.

During the cource of discussions at various levels i have maintained that my confirmation is subject to my review of the received offer documents.

I have received the said offer document along with watch on 29th Dec 2009. I have contacted you office for declining the offer. The call receiver has informed me that the offer can only be declined if the information provided over phone proved to be false and asserted that i have confirmed by saying YES and by pressing '1' phone button. Subsequently assured to respond back within 24 hours after discussion with office. Having not received any further communication resorted to writing mode.

Now, with this feedback and changed response/attitute towards your client [me] i wish to place the following points for your perusal as you have put the burden of poof on me.

The following points were also have transpired during preliminary [3] discussions:
1. Opt out of the programme if not satisfied; with in one month.
(i) It was promised that i'll be receiving the offer (Gift & Vouchers) with in 15 days of debiting the amount in my card.

Date of Debit 01/12/2009 Rs.6,067.00

Date of Receipt 29/12/2009

2. Free Flight Ticket: (i) Only during 2nd discussion made known that only basic fare is free. (ii)Flight Sectors not spelt out, instead said number sectors all over india and abroad which is deceitful.

3. Previlage Holidays:Never have been transpired that there are 'Exclusion days' in the limited destination points.

4. Free joining gift: A GRANT POLO WATCH worth Rs.4,500/- which was promised, but it took no time to realise that Credit Card Company with the Brand of "SBI' would also tease people like this.

Immediately stepping into intorogatory mode by the councellor upon my request for withdrawal from the scheme is astounding. I have enquired that if there is any complaint no system to register my request she elegantly replied." DON'T WORRY SIR, WE'LL BE BACK IN 24 HRS." and i am still awaiting for those hours.

With the above submission, I request you to consider my withdrawal from the scheme and advice me the mode to surrender your gift and vouchers with any hassles.

Thanking you,

Very truly yours,

TS Kiran
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Aug 14, 2020
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VBM INDIA — not received card yet

As your repesentive get the details and get confermation on phone but not recieve the credit card yet my date of birth is 05/07/1975 and mobile no is [protected]

SBI card Previlage Services — Non receipt of any services from SBI card Privilege services after making payment

In October, 08 I was called by SBI card that I have been selected for their privilege customer service plan.
I accepted that offer trusting the brand . I am a SBI Card holder for more than 03 years and I did not have any problem, so I trusted them.
I was told that they will send me an welcome gift within 25 days, but still I have not received any thing from them. I have already paid my money.
I had contacted in Privilege services customer care several times and told about my problem. In last January, I was told that the welcome kit has been despatched through Blaze Flash Courier Services and the AWP No. is[protected] . I had inquired in the courier service center and I was surprised to know that that item was delivered in Ranchi instead of giving my full address repeatedly to SBI card privilege service personnel.
and the Privilege customer service personnel is totally clueless about it.and till they have not taken any necessary action for that.
Now also their Customer care number is not available.
Please tell me how can I get back my money. And also request you all other customer not to be ever trapped by SBI card with lucrative offers.

SBI Credit Card — SBI FRAUD in the name of Privileged Circle group

I am posting this solely for the purpose of providing warning to all SBI credit card holders in INDIA.
Guys, please do not fall into the trap of SBI credit card privileged group offer.

A month back, SBI credit card team has called me and offered me "privileged circle group" under which I can get the following:
1) 3 days and 2 nights holiday plan anywhere in INDIA (includes accommodation in 4 star or 5 start hotels)
2) One way Flight charges are free
3) An american brand watch
Usually whenever I get any call from anyone regarding the offers, I never responded with interest as I always believe that they can be fake and contain hidden charges etc...

But when I got this call from SBI, being a reputed organization in INDIA, I did not have a second thought and accepted to their offer.
Immediately they have debited 6067 rupees from my credit card.
So far everything is fine.

After 25 days, I have received the offer slips through courier.
When I opened that box, I was literally shocked to see the vouchers and watch.

1) The watch can cost around 300 rupees. It looks below average.
2) Flight charges: Free for only one person and that too we need to choose one among 5 cities ( This is not at all relevant to what they have said earlier, initially they have told me that one way flight charges are free to any destination we chose to stay in our holiday period.

And, we need to give 3 different dates to them for to book the flight ticket. Only base price is free and we need to pay the taxes... how well SBI is making fools of their own customers...We all know that some times base price of flight charges can be one rupee to 10 rupees.. Its taxes which costs more and that we need to pay.

When I asked them that, i am told one way flight charges free for me and my wife.. how can I go by flight and my wife by train or bus... this is the most ridiculous offer I have ever heard in my life.

3) Accommodation in star hotels:
I again need to provide 3 different dates in the next 6 months (excluding some months within that)
And again I need to pay the hotel taxes.

In addition to that above, I need to pay processing fee of Rs.250 to avail the 2 offers.

Oh my god... After I have received this offer, I realized that i'm made as a BIG FOOL by SBI.

This is my request/suggestion/warning to all SBI credit card holders.. Do not fall into the trap.
I fully agree with whatever Kiran has written. In the first call they give completely misleading information. In the next call they only spell out a few things like base fare to be borne by SBI.
After you receive the package, you will feel you are cheated. When you call customer support, there is no one to hear you. They try to boss over you. They behave as if they have already heard all the recordings even while you were on phone with them. But, they can't take a complaint, they can't let us hear the recordings.

I am one of the recent victims who have fallen for the misleading offers from SBI. I have been called by SBI stating that I am selected for the 'Privilege Circle'. You have to pay over Rs.6, 000/-. You will be getting a 3 day and 2 night holiday in 4 star hotel in India or abroad; One way air ticket; Branded Polo watch wort Rs.4, 650/- and 500 reward points. They will also mention in a misleading way that there are some exclusions for the holiday; taxes of the ticket to be borne by the cusotmer.
When I got the package, I was surprised to know more details.
1. Most of the good holiday spots cannot be given to us during Apr to Jun; which means you can go on holiday in winter or rainy season. This will not be explained clearly while selling the package.
2. Base fare for air ticket will be paid by SBI, while you need to bear the taxes. If I am in Hyderabad, I can travel only to the cities which are very near. The one which I can think of is Bangalore. I can't go to Delhi. More importantly, the base fare of the ticket is Rs.300/- while the taxes are Rs.1, 700/-. Who will shell out 6K to get 300 benefit?
3. The branded Polo wrist watch looks all fake. A Titan watch of Rs.500/- has better quality than this. The finishing is not good, there is no mention about water resistance, the logo & other details are not embossed on the back of the watch, cheap leather strap that looks like rexin. More important, I can't find any reference to anywhere on Google search stating that there is a "Polo Club San Diego" wrist watch.
4. God only knows when the reward points get credited and how they can be seen on the website.

I had a heated argument with the customer service guy this morning. He can't prove the authenticity of the watch, argues that we need to ask what are the exclusions for hotel stay, we need to be aware what is the base fare & taxes for an air ticket. He is a Senior Executive. When I wanted to speak to the manager he says that the call ends with him.
He says that we can find the authenticity of the watch ourselves by visiting any showroom. In fact, the watch is not sold anywhere. I couldn't find any reference on Google.

This is the fate of a customer if we go for online deals. There is no one responsible and you can't reach anyone out there. I haven't yet cleared by credit card bill and still fighting for it.

So, please be aware of the highly articulated deals by big corporates like SBI. Its a shame that the largest public sector bank in India indulges in such nasty acts.

Regards, Prasad
I called up the customer services to help me with the details of the program. She was assertive helped me a lot. Tell me everything in detail & i am happy with the program.
I feel under-privileged to have entered into this nasty offer. I have better ideas to offer to SBI Cards for making quick money than this type of play-fool methods.
I had entered into this offer after a call from SBI Cards in October, 2009; the caller forced me to accept the same describing it as a very special privilege offered to a select few. I had accepted the offer and immediately Rs 6000/- was charged to my account and was taken in monthly installments.
In November 2009 I had sent my request choices for the accommodation (to be availed in March 2010) and had been after them to send me conformation for the same.
As on today there is no confirmation from them. Now SBI says the responsibility lies with some other third party to provide me accommodation. I explained about the difficulties of booking my travel if confirmation comes at a short notice.
I had made a dozen calls so far but no proper response. I came to the conclusion to not enter any such offers from SBI Cards in future.
I had called up the customer service of the SBI credit card and told them that I am not interested in the offer and explained the discussion I had with the executive on Privileged circle customer service no. I told that I will not be paying until it is resolved. The complaint was taken. In less than a week, the executive from Privileged circle called me and spoke to me. I told that I am not interested due to the way it is dealt and information being hidden. They advised me to send the package back to them. They have credited the amount back to my card after deducting Rs.500/- towards cancellation. I am happy that I din't lose 6, 000. Others may try this.
I am fed up of this false and dubious propoganda.The people called me neraly 10 times and offerred this . On saturday, I have received the big packet from blue dart and after seing this, I am very much disappointed.
1.Polo watch is not at all attracive and not worth Rs. 5000/- as promised.
2. No of IF AND BUTS for selelction of my holiday destnations. I cant give thrtee dates, three destinations because of my pre occupation.
3.As said, one way ticket is useless as taxes willhave to be borne by us. Again choice is not for card holder.

I request you to please take back the packet and dont debit to me account.
SBI credit card section should hold the sole responsibility for this type of nasty and cunning offer. Customers are being phoned up lot of times and made to fall in the trap of acceptance by luring them with attractive sentences and voices. No clarity is given regarding travel or accomodation sectors and dates. The lady who spoke to me answered my question whether if i can cancel my offer if not satisfied, saying that i am free to cancel and cancelation charges of about 300 rs. would be levied. but now these people decline to cancel the offer.airline ticket, only base fare not the whole charges is being forced to the customer for only select unwanted sectors and unuseful periods. same way travel was promised over phone for my family including 2 children. now they say it for children only upto 5 years. Isnt all this seem to be only ways fof cheating their valuable customers?
Yes, SBI if fooling people with this privilege circle offer. The same happened to me. Neither the recording cna be shared, nor cancellation is allowed nor availing the offer is permitted.

This is heights of cheating and a hi-fi cheating!!

SBI is runining its name unwantedly by promoting such a lousy offer with lousy people who can neither help in availing nor cancelling.

Shame on SBI!!

I had taken the SBI Credit card's Privileged Circle Offer and paid Rs. 6000/-, through my SBI credit card in the Mth of Sept'09.

As per this offer they Provide Hotel reservation for 3N2D, as per the destination provided by us.

Till date, i.e. 02-Aug-10, I have already provided them 20 different dates for hotel booking, still they have not provided me Hotel reservation.

Even after several phone calls & emails written to them, I have still not received any confirmation for Hotel booking. They are just postponing it, as they don’t want to give any Hotel Reservation

This is the way of cheating, by taking money in Advance & not providing any Hotel booking.

I have already mailed them several times, even to the SBI credit card grievance cell, but still I have not received any satisfactory response.



Hi all, I fell into the same trap in middle of August 2010. Everything happened so quickly.

When I got the phone, I was tricked into believing that first the offer details(3 days holiday package+one way flight+POLO wrist watch) will come to me by courier. Then after checking the details I will sign for them to debit the money. We know how their salesgirls are tutored to cleverly mislead people with their smart talk.

But suddenly on 21 Aug I found Rs 6067/= debited on my SBI card. The date of debit is also significant as I am getting the least no of days(21) to take any action against SBI card.
There is no doubt that they did forced illegal debit to my card account. This is money swindling of the worst kind. If we together fight it out legally in Delhi, they will be in a spot.

I do not know what the standard of their services & goods offered will be. But that is secondary. Everybody cancel your SBI Credit cards while you can. I hear that SBI card is run by GE Countrywide. Not by SBI themselves.

Shame on these employees too! Mostly convent school educated, they speak English well. What a shame working for this organization of money-swindlers! I am myself employed in a private company but never give in to illicit pressures from the management.

Hi All,

I have a similar story. I got the offer on phone and I agreed to subscribe for it. In due course, the letter with the forms and the watch came and I sent off the details of my preferences for the one-way ticket and the holiday offer.

However, when I had to cancel my one-way ticket offer because I found I couldn't go on that particular date, the other holiday offer did not come to me at all. I found it very difficult to follow it up and now it looks like I have to write off that 6K I paid for this package.

Can someone let me know if there is a way to get even a partial refund? Has someone been successful in getting a refund at all? Is there a helpline available in Bangalore?


SBI Card Privilege Circle Programme — cancellation of privilege circle programme

Dear Sir,

I have lost my privilage circle programme card issued by SBI Card , i have telephonic talk with the SBI Cards officials on their tel nos[protected] and request them to cancel the programme & refund the Amount Rs 7000/-, but the officials denied the request and refund the amount too, i have emailed on their email id [protected] as per below for your kind reference.

(This is for your information and necessary action please. You have issued Priviledge Circle Program Kit in my name, Which is misplaced/ lost. You are requested to either issue new kit or cancel the same and return the amount paid by me.)

I have send 3 reminders , but there is no response to my email.

Please help me to solve my problem.

Thanking you.

Sanjay Saraf
I am SBI card holder from long time and I am quite happy with services. Today I received the same call (from-[protected]) and I found the offer too lucrative, so I tried to check on Net and reached at this page. I immediately declined the offer.
By the way I was thinking that weather the call was SBI or not.

Hi, this is narendra sonawane, thanks for making comments on this page. I also received call from SBI CARD(?) I requested to call afetr half-an-hour and checked on google and found this page..
This issue should be taken on news paper/media so that other will not get fooled.



Due to my good standing on the SBI Card, I received a call from SBI cards stating that I am a privileged customer and hence within the privilege circle, I am offered a wrist watch, a holiday package and a one way flight for one person - all @ 6000.00 Rs one time payment. After which I first opted for the one way air ticket and since it isa one way air ticket for one person, I can only plan one location and cannot plan and give them choice of 3 locations as they insisted. I tried to reason this with them, but they refused to accept my request. When complained to SBI cards, they said I have to speak to Heritage India and when I spoke to Heritage India, they asked me to speak to SBI cards since offer was through them.
Because of the above, I was not able to apply for the holiday within the stipulated timeframe,( loss of faith) and hence I have ended up paying havily for the wrist watch sent to me. How can I claim some amount of refund in this sceneario?
I wish I had read this page before accepting the offer. I have fallen prey to this and now they are ready to cancel my offer as well. I called them and now they are telling call again tomorrow and this is still going on, in the meantime my bill date will come then I will have to pay late charges as well. I dont know what to do.

i really shocked while going through this pages and complitly disapointed.i come to know that i have been fooled for RS. 6067- which have been dabited through my sbi credit card by such a prestigious STATE BANK OF INDIA.



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