[Resolved]  Standard Chartered Credit Card — standard chartered bank credit card - CONSTANT HARASSMENT FOR EXTRA MONEY FOR NO FAULT & Harrsement

i have a huge complaint against standard chartered credit cards as i had done the settlement for the credit card and closed the card about a year and half but now after these many days i get calls from the customer care depaptment to pay them the amount balance which is of about 3500 rs and when i ask them to explain why should i pay then they say that i had not settled the entire amount where in i had gone to one of the credit card branch and called the customer care dept from the phone in the branch and they confirmed that i had to pay off 15 k and my credit card will be closed and i did the same but now they come back to me to pay them more and when i told the customer care rep that i will not pay the amount she started threatening me, the customer care department for the credit cards are worst, they dont speak proper english and they dont have a good language to talk to people, they harrse people, when i asked for explaination to why they dint call me for soo many days the explanation i get from the customer care rep is she was tring to get in touch wiht my mom and get my mobile number and after that they kept calling me and i dint receive any call from them, please help me i am too tenced cause of them, please give the highest contact of the standard chartered credit card dept so that i would be able to talk to them directly and sort out this issue

Syeda Hajira
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Aug 13, 2020
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I had called the SC customer care center today and had a very bad experience. One thing the executive taking to me was very rude. His name is Abhi and he reports to prahlad(manager) in bangalore. He told 1227 /= Rs have to be paid immediately by today and later he said 2293.78/= should be paid immediately and then all late payment charges will be reverted and balance amount will be credited to my account within 4 working days. I have asked whether my account will closed with this amount or not? He has not replied correctly. He said he can’t tell that. Then what is the puspose of having the customer care officer? He was not ready to transfer the call to his manager. He said they are busy he can not tranfer the call. This was rediculous. Earlier in dec I have asked customer care before making the payment and depending on their confirmation I have made the payment to close this account. Your customer care officer not told me the correct ammout earlier and this caused lot of confusion and unneccessary I have to pay the late payment fees now. So, please take the appropriate action on both the executives and give me the justice. I have made the payment of 2294/=. Please return the exccess amount back to me so that I can continue to bank with SC.
I want to say that i am totally dissatisfied with your services and response. My visa card have been blocked since a month and i have been complaining since then, but i am getting no results. I have called many times and the servicers have been saying that my visa card would be activating in 3-4 days. Your people have fooled me with these words again and again, but no response is being shown by them. I am totally dissatisfied and furious with your sevices. I just want to say at the last that check my case and the problem regarding blocking of my visa card and plz show some response as soon as possible.
Thank you.
for me also standard bank had cheated me by charginf more money to my odi a/c it is really fraud doing by standard chartered bank
I have made the payment to close my standard chartered credit card account in the Month of Sep’07, your customer care officer not told me the correct amount earlier and this caused lot of confusion and now your customer care told me that you will pay the late fee amount around 6000 /-. Remember during the Sep’07 to yet I have not received any hard copy of Monthly statement and which online statement sent to me from your end that was not excess because password is wrong. Now tell me that what was my mistake? Why I pay the 6000 Rs. unnecessary to standard charted credit card dept.

Please help me to sort out this issue, please give me any direct contact no. of senior concern person of the standard chartered credit card dept. so that I would talk to them directly about this issue.
hi, i have a card of sc for last seven years, all togather the services being provided by the bank now a days have gone down to drain, they call in odd hours and put unwanted dues to your credit card and ask for payments.
the call centre people are also very un proffesional and has no control over what they are saying, though i have lost all confidence on sc will close the card very soon.
NEW DELHI-110048
Mobile No. [protected]
Dated:1st April 2008

The Manager,
Standard Chartered Bank,
Credit Card Division,
Ist Floor, Express Building,
9-10, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg,
New Delhi-110002

Dear Sir,
Sub: Regarding of Dues for Credit Card No.[protected] in the name of Sanjay Jhingan.

My client is holding the above card, but was not getting the statements on his Residence Address. To this effect several E-mails have been sent to cards.[protected] from August 2007 mentioning that the dues will not be paid and he would not be responsible for any penalty or interest in this respect. (TOTAL 16 REMINDERS SENT)

The amount was being debited to the saving bank account of Mr. Sanjay Jhingan at Standard Chartered Bank. Mr. Sanjay jhingan was not getting the statements and the amount was being debited to his account. For this he started Emailing the cards division to sent the statement by Email. But he was not able to open the statements in his Email. Mr. Sanjay Jhingan then several times requested that he is not being able to open them and get the details and hence the same should be sent to his residence address .

But, the Card division never did the same and Mr. Sanjay Jhingan was forced to stop the payment till he gets the statement. In spite of these the Bank never sent the statement nor any one responded telephonically. In October the customer himself called up at the customer care and was told that there was an outstanding of Rs.95, 000 appx. For this Mr. Sanjay Jhingan Paid Rs.95, 000 vide ch.842874 ICICI Bank in Oct.2007.The Bank then called up in December that there was an outstanding of Rs.11, 000(appx.) & the customer should pay Rs.500 immediately . Being an honest & sincere customer, Mr. Sanjay Jhingan paid Rs.500 in cash.

Now the Cards department is threatening to take action and used abusive language at the residence of the customer. Again Mr. Sanjay Jhingan visited the Bank on 26th March 2008 on call from Mr. Vineet Jain. Mr. Sanjay Jhingan was introduced to some senior of Mr. Vineet who also threatened Mr. Sanjay with dire consequences and offered him to waive 30% of the pending amount. Mr. Sanjay Jhingan has repetedly told that he is agreeing to pay only the principal amount due which is Rs.2, 325.05. The other charges as being debited by the bank are of at no fault of the customer, who had several times asked for the statement but never got them until the last month by speaking to Mr. Vineet Jain employee of the Cards Division.

This is a great harassment to an honest and sincere customer who is being threatened, while the fault lies on the part of the bank itself. They have taken the matter very easily despite several emails to the card division. Please take the matter seriously else the bank will be responsible for all the costs and harassment to My Client and also this type of working needs to be exposed to the Media and other channels for such a harassment to the client instead of providing services.

Emails sent to Cards division.
CC: Legal cell Consumer Court
Ministry of Law & Justice
Police Station (ITO)


Standard Chartered Bank

New Friends Colony,

New Delhi.

Subject : Dispute in my Credit Card No. : [protected] Visa Classic

Respected Sir / Madam,

With reference to the above subject matter, I want to inform you that from last 4 – 5 months there is payment showing against Platinum Repayment Bangalore and from my credit card account it is deducting every month some amount and now it is showing a huge amount more than 5000.00.

For this policy, every day your customer executive calling me to take this policy, ultimately, I agreed for this but I am not cleared about this policy. I am using your credit card from more than seven years.

Also, my card statement is not receiving from past 4-5 months. If you clarify this account then I am interested to use this card for future otherwise I will cancel this card.

Thanking you,

K.M. Mujeeb Rehman

P18/A4 Dilshad Garden,

Delhi – 110095.

Standard Chartered Credit Card — Wrong information to Cibil regarding overdues

I have closed the above card long back .

Now I have applied for a Home Loan and the Credit Information Bureau India Ltd. (CIBIL) has shown an overdue amount of Rs 14, 936/- (as written off on the above card no. of Standard Chartered Banks Credit Card division) vide account information no. [protected] . I have neither taken any loan nor delayed any payments with SCB and am shocked to receive a statement from CIBIL for this overdue amount.

I have been writing to SCB to inform CIBIL under advise to me that there are no overdues/outstandings in my account ; but have not received any response on the same so far.

Considering the above, I request SCB once again, to clear me of all the charges levied against me on TOP PRIORITY as my HOME LOAN APPLICATION has come to a standstill.

Your immediate response in the above matter is highly solicited.

Mayuresh Vishwanath Honap
I do not agree with Standard Chartered Banks' data to CIBIL regarding overdues in my account.

I do not owe anything to SCB, neither have I made any such transaction nor have I defaulted any payments. Due to this wrong information, please note that my home loan has come to a total standstill.

Hence, I request you to take up the matter with the concerned authorities of Standard Chartered Bank and free me of all the baseless charges levied against me; which stands no ground. This will also enable me to get my Home Loan cleared at a faster pace.

Your earnest intervention will be a respite in this matter.
Looking forward to hearing from you at the earliest possible.

Mayuresh Vishwanath Honap
Dear sir
I have a card for sc for the last three months.I have used it two months back, but i didn't receive any report statement till now.Yesterday i received a call from sc that i have to pay the amount before the end of this week.So i want to know the credit statement.My card number is [protected].
So send the report to my personal mail.

I want to say that i am totally dissatisfied with your services and response. i have been applied for standerd chartered smart cradit account(over draft account) with cradit card but after four months you have not send my cards and documents.i have been complaining to your customer care again and again, but i am getting no results. I have called many times and the servicers have been saying that my card would be on processing . Your people have fooled me with these words again and again, but no response is being shown by them. I am totally dissatisfied and furious with your sevices.

Probal Chakraborty

my Standerd Charterd ref. no. cv9952vub/my date of birth 10/11/1967
Dear Sir,

This is madhusudhanreddy from chennai. I had credit card .
I con't get the statements to house address.This year Feb One of excutive collected RS2190 from me.So after we changed our house due to my transportation & Traveling to company.

People does't make me a call.Sundely one day they made call to my directore. All my office land lines. So due to this calls i lost my reputation & Fame in office. Now i am at end of job due to this calls.


Subhashini Sundaram

Standard Chartered Bank

#58, Armenian Street

First floor


Chennai 600 001

Ph :[protected]

she was treating me as Defaluter with (Aftral, Useless, So amny Bad words to her call).

First i request her humbley, please send your person to my office. She said your last payment at Nov 2007.After she said 2008 Feb.So she is in miss mind. Please tell any body any bank can double the amount with in one year?

I do't know RBI Rulles. How RBI Make a rolles for this Bankers.

I want o be clear what is traetment & Handlling the customers.

With Regards,
To The concirned officer,
i have not received the monthly statement for may 2008 either by postal or by e-mail. They promised to send the same within 3-4 days after due date of every month, but tilll date i have not received the same. kindly look into the matter.
Hi Team
My mom had gone through a sudden heart attack in the month of January, for the overall medical treatment the total amount spent was 145000 in which an amount of Rs 112000 was paid by the health insurance taken by my brother in his office and the rest of the amount I paid it in cash and got the original bills from the hospital for the amount of Rs.33000. send the bills to ttk through courier to Chennai.
I got a confirmation call from TTK after 10 days saying that they have received the documents and they would get back to me as soon as possible with the update, after all this I waited for 2 months and they dint bother to turn up, and when I used to call them the customer service people were soo rude to me also dint know how to speak in English and they were never helpful, after all this pain I got in touch with one TEAM MANAGER Kartik and he gave me an assurance that since it was Sunday he will arrange a call back from the Chennai group on Monday without fail, but no one turned up, and then when I again tried to contact them on Tuesday one of the executive told that the account has been closed as the original bills were not sent to them and when I shouted at them they said that they will send an email regarding the same, I waited for an email for 8 days but no go, finaly I got a post form then saying that the account is closed due to the following reasons : 1)Need all doctor’s prescription issed before hospitalization, tell me will I dream that my mom would get heart attack and I will need to do her check up and have this prescription with me, 2) need trating consultant to explin the past medical history about the patient, we have sent the entire details that too the original copies to the insurance company but still they want what I don’t know, 3) need original proper numbered main with payment receipt, we have sent all the details for the 33000 cash that was paid and the original receipt of it still they want it. I have wasted enough of money with all this problems. I had taken this insurance plan for my mom last year in the month of july and was told that I will be getting cover up to 1 lakh, btu they are all useless, thye only know to make false promises to people. I am a widow and the money means a lot to me cause I am a single parent and these people have given me a lot of trouble, please take proper actions againt them and please help me out, I am really in need of this money and they are not ready to do it, please it’s a humble request please help me out
I had return an email to them as well and one MS SHANTI & Mr. Karthick.R replied that they wanted my card number, I also replied to them with the card number but still they have not come back to me
My TTK card number is : CHE-NI-GH[protected]A
CLAIM NO : CHE-01-08-CN-L54505


Syeda Hajira
Friday, 27 June, 2008

Manager Customer Care
Standard Chartered Bank
1st Floor, Express Building
9-10, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg
New Delhi – 110002

Ref. : No Objection Certificate

Dear Sir,

This is reference to your letter Number: NDL20923 & Customer No: [protected] dated 01/01/2008 for full & final settlement of Credit Card No [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected].

Please note that I have already made full & final settlement (Rs 19700) in 6 postdated cheques. The Last cheque has already been credited on 20/06/2008.

May I therefore request you to kindly send me the NOC at the earliest possible for my records?

Thanking you


Cheeku Kaul
House No 414, 11nd Floor,
Maidan Garhi (Near IGNOU)
New Delhi – 110068
Tel No:[protected]
Mobile No: [protected]
Dear sir, ur customer care executive are very rude.they even don't know how to behave like senior old people.i.e my grandpa, .they are using vulgar language and threatening us .i have the recorded, i request you to take some action against them otherwise i will do something which may be not good for them.i.e fir against them .

Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card — Asking for more money


I am hiren panchal. i had scb credit card in year 2005 there is some amount due so i made sattelment with scb recovery agent in year 2005 and i made payment in installment so this matter was completed with in next six to nine month.

Now just on 23/9/2008 i was got the call from recovery department of scb for payment due so go to bank ask from clarification they will say your one installment cheque was bounce so still your amount is pending and amount is more then what i used in 2005 which i already i made by installment again same amount pending.

there is mistake of scb if any cheque of my is bounce then they have to inform me immidiately. Now they asking money after four year.

Srandard Chartered ( Credit Card) — Payments made than also get calls from the bank for the same.

Well i am a credit card holder of the above mentioned bank and holding a EMI Credit card where i had done a transaction in Nov 2007 or arround 12500INR which i took it in EMI scheme where after that i have been paying all the EMI's on regular basis for which i even have all the slips of cash deposited as well cheque deposited for the same but than also according the bank the payment is over due and i dont know how is that possible.
Every morning i get calls from the bank for collection purpose which is like a mental torture to me and my family and now when this is not enough they have even suspended my credit card though my payments are on time i have been even charged for some policy which the bank had even but when i havent took any kind of policy for which the bank is charging me every month.
After all these i have sent emails to bank but i never get any kind satisfactory response from the bank though now i am not getting calls for collection after i had sent emails.
kindly help me out of this problem as am tired of this service from the bank.

Credit Card — harrsement for payment

my dad had invested money in unique motors, which he had borrowed from, bank, or credit card & some personal loan.
unfortunately, that company has been declared has closed down & my father is unable to pay the emi of loans, now we dont want to cheat the bank, but as of now we dont have any money to pay, since we are bankrupt, but collection department are daily haRRASING, SENDING THEIR BOY FOR COLLECTION, OR ASK US TOO GIVE POST DATED CHEQUE FORECFULLY OR THREATENS US, THEY ARE MAKING MY FAMILY LIFE HELL, WE HAD PAID EARIER EMIS

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