[Resolved]  Tata Indicom Broadband — My Connection is down

Pathetic Tata Indicom Broadband service in Chennai

HI i am R.Srinivasan from chennai am using Tata Indicombroadband. In last march my Connection is down and i called the customer care officer and register my complaint on 24-March-2008 complaint. no is 5471364, the Technical Person came my home after 3 days and he changed the router and checked the connection, after he changing the router also the connection is not worked and he blindly said my motherborad only having the problem like that, ( but at the momemt except the net connection all my programs are worked properly in my PC) even though i accept his comment and send my motherboard to intel service center for motherboard service (because its has Warranty), but the Intel Technical peoples said there is no problem in mother board its working properly, after complete checkup the moterboard they return to me after 15days. Again i called the Customerrcare Officer and register my complaint 15-Apr-2008 Complaint no is 5471364.
but still my issue was not solved. but when i given my compaint am clearly mentioned my connection going to end on 18-Apr-2008 23:59. so as soon as the problem solved i will renew my connection like that but still no one Ready to solve this issue. i called morethan 7 times to Customer card but no use

i am totally upset with their customer service, i just thinking to go for Consumer court if anyone can help pls give me your contact details to my mail address [protected]

Thanks & Regards


Pls think twise or thrise before taking TataIndicomm broadband service specillay in chennai
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Aug 14, 2020
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Very poor service in Talegaon Dabhade, Pune Area. New Customer care number always give "your estimated time is 10 min" message. Where to launch complaint ???

Line is down since 5 days. Also informed to Area sales manager... No action... no responses...
I am one of the your service user and my residence is located Raheja Estate @ Boriwali -(E) Mumbai maharastra .i have taken a 04 month plan and many time the net connection is disconted and its take too much of time to get it connected/ repaired and i am fed up with the service of yours and now i have decided to go with reliance plan !


Train Your Customer Care Executives on Technical Front.
They are not at all capable of troubleshooting the queries.
And try to improvise your service
my orkut is banned on my 2 connection .plz give me reason other wice start it plz.
Any one have the contact details of tataindicom broadband high level exicutieves. I need to escalate the pathetic services being provided by them at banglore. My coectivity is down from last week
Pathetic Tata Indicom Broadband service in Delhi

Seems that my blog is turning out to be a general gripe column. I don’t think I should be blamed for it though. Our country is full of technology companies who are only out to fleece people. When you use the services of a company who considers quality of customer service as a variable business decision, you know you have seen a company who is just after your money.

After my awful experience with Sify, I decided to try out Tata Indicom. I was under the naive assumption that Sify’s franchise model and lack of any quality control on their franchisees is the reasons behind their pathetic existence. But Tata Indicom proved me wrong - they showed that even owning your own network with your own people managing it, is no reason to provide a bare minimum level of service.

Here is my track record with Tata Indicom Broadband.

I applied for a connection on 10th of June, and paid money for their router based connection. I finally got it installed and working on 28th or 29th. Almost three weeks to get a connection! That is pathetic by any ISPs service. However, I was happy that my connection was up at least.
For about 10 days the connection went well.
From the third week onwards I started seeing losses in the last mile. I started actively monitoring the line quality using smokeping. Here is the graph for those few days.
I file a complaint. There was a person here next day, and for a moment i was impressed. However, the impression was shortlived. The tech support guy listened to what I had to say, looked at my graphs, didn’t believe me, and started a ping from my computer to the local DSLAM peer. He saw the losses in line and said that he will escalate it to his senior.(Couldn’t this have been checked from the NOC itself?). But what happened later was priceless. The guy sat there at the computer and logged into his company trouble ticketing system and started making notes of his assignments for the rest of his day. After 15 minutes, I decided that I have been polite enough and told him to take his personal work elsewhere. He asked for two more minutes, and left after that.
On 24th July, my line went down completely. I waited for it to come up, and finally filed a complaint on 25th morning that my link was down. What happened next was surreal. I kept calling up customer care, and they kept promising to send a reminder to the tech team, and assured that the problem will be solved with 24 hours. It has been eight 24 hours since then, and connection is still down. In between I got two calls from some lady who wanted to ask me independently if it is still down, and promised to send a guy to my place. I kept myself to the house all day, but nobody appeared.
Today morning I got a call from another guy who asked me if my complaint about the losses in line(filed two weeks back) has been solved. If he had been physically in front of me, I would have strangled him.
What I didn’t realize while taking the connection, was that Tata Indicom Broadband is just Dishnet DSL with a new name, and it comes with Dishnet DSL’s “renowed” or shall we say notorious service record. Right now, in my last five weeks of subscription, the line has been unusable for two - that makes it a 20% downtime!

Oh yes, for all those on a bandwidth capped plan, watch out for Tata Indicom’s totally screwed up IP accounting! Thank good ness that I have an unlimited connection. Their account system actually shows that I have downloaded 5GB in these last five weeks that I have been a subscriber(remember? that I have actually used it for about two weeks?) The only heavy downloads I do is debian, windows and anti-virus security updates! And this is priceless - on 25th, when i filed a complaint about my line being down (which they acknowledged), I am supposed to have downloaded 150MB of data. Ofcourse, my reporting this got me another trouble ticket number, which I am pretty sure is right down in their list of priorities. But for those on a bandwidth capped account from them, … my sympathies.

I am again in the market looking for a good DSL provider, and I see none in the capital of the country! Keeping my fingers crossed, I looked at MTNL’s plans again .. but no, they still haven’t changed their laughable download limits in their plans (256kbps with a bandwidth cap of 400MB, anyone?)

Meanwhile I am spending hundreds every day on the dialup again, for the last one week.

Update - 3 August 2005: Thanks to Shushubh for mirroring this experience of mine at

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Technology , Delhi
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# Raj Shekharon 02 Aug 2005 at 2:55 am
I was on their 1 gb plan,but when I saw my data usage, I applied to be moved over to the unlimited plan, just to avoid the headache. They count both uploads and downloads to come to the total usage . I had a bad experience with their customer service too (it took 17-20 days to resolve the issue ), but I thought it was ony specific to Bangalore.

From what I have heard, Airtel is good, but a bit pricey. Hathway is OK

# Ankit Malikon 04 Aug 2005 at 4:09 pm
Yeah… I sometimes wonder why we don’t have so much competition in this field. Every company is sticking to high prices and low service inspite of so many players being here.

We need something like the mobile revolution to kickstart lower prices and higher services. Sadly, I expected the BSNL MTNL plans to do this, but they havent caused it…Waiting for Reliance BB.


# pradeep shenoyon 08 Aug 2005 at 2:07 pm
Had applied for a connection 3 months back!!!only wires r brought.NO BUSTERS AVAIL TO GET A MODEM AND CONNECT..

# Shoebon 10 Aug 2005 at 3:47 am
HAHA, I came across your article on Sifybroadband while looking around for a new number, sad how these big boars don’t have anything automated to check on the Internet. A friend’s number has changed, and I’m trying to find out on the internet for the new number, and nope.. we’re still in the 18th century.

Anyway I particularly laughed about how there’s a cap of 400MB!!!? LOL, here.. in Canada, we used to have a cap of 80GB. And now even that’s been removed because of competition, lol.

I think India needs some thing or someone who will change the Internet over there. Till then, let’s just pray.

# ajayon 10 Aug 2005 at 3:53 pm
tata guys are cheaters, they are prompt in collecting the payment but fail to deliver the services. i had applied for new connection on 28 june 2005, till this day i m still waiting for the connection despite lodging several complaints with customer service dept.
over all tata SUCKS, vsnl was much better before tata took over

# Varunon 20 Aug 2005 at 11:51 pm
TATA indicom Broadband is Great!!!! who says it is pathetic…..guys plz check again and compare with other ISPs TATA indicom is the best!!

# Abhay Bhargavaon 22 Aug 2005 at 12:44 pm
Hi. I so agree to this comment - I have had a wonderful experience at the hands of the great Tata people, who are using this household brand to its deathbed now.

I got a connection for broadbvand after 3-4 weeks of waiting, and after 13-14 days o[censored]sage, it promptly switched off - obviously a line issue, since the DSL CPE at my palce cannot connect to the DSLAM. Called them on the 11th of August, and got a trouble ticket niumber for my effortsd with the assurance that someone will call me back in 24 hours. It is today the 22nd of August and no one called me back - however, I did try to call them again, and plea my case 3 times in this duration. To no avail - each time a trouble ticket number issued by a sweet talking call center executive who doesnt give a damn about me and my sorrows. I am entitled to escalation, but will I ever get it? I dont think so. I do not know how anyone so apathetic can be allowed to operate in our country, these people should be penalized heavily for every small error that they make, which causes suffering to the customers.

Also, Most amazingly, when asked what the reason for this downtime is, I was told that their operators have gone on strike and have cut the customer lines. This sounds worse than what I have ever gone through in my 25 years of life in this country. Someone should do something, maybe a PIL if that is applicable.

# Prashanthon 22 Aug 2005 at 2:09 pm
Well with regards to number of days to get a connection, I am 86 and still counting. I have complained at least 15 times and each time i was promised a callback from a senior executive.

# Azon 31 Aug 2005 at 12:31 am
Tata Indicom is by far the worst ISP on the planet… they take bad service to a whole new level!!!

took a connection in June… more than 3 weeks to install and that is just the beginning!

first they gave me a wrong login and email id - miss-spelt my name and then refused to change it and refused to accept their liability… and this despite the fact that i told the installation guy that its a wrong spelling - no problem sir just call customer service and they’ll change it i was told!!! once traffic is generated on the account they cant change it apparently - lost count of number calls i made and complaint numbers i got… you obviously cannot talk to a senior executive and their call center is full of !

it was a 500 mb limit plan and despite barely using the account - 500 MB was over in 3 days… you use the net for one hour for normal surfing and without downloading anything and you end up with a usage of 200mb - i have no idea how they do this!!!!

And obviously the link was down every second day!!!! then i get a bill of more than 2 grand for a connection which was down almost all the time and which i hardly ever used… they say i used 1.5GB!!!

then finally i was told come to our office and we’ll sort out every problem… so like an i go to their office… and as expected they simply refused to do anything… how does a wrong name spelling make a difference in your email id? is what i was told by one of their executives!!!only when i refused to budge without meeting a senior executive did a so called manager come down. he also refused to accept their fault - according to him the only option was to change the plan to unlimited 64… then i can get a new email/login id etc and the usage problem wont be there… so it was like ok fine… lets do it and get over with it. cleared all the dues and was told it’ll take 2 working days!

After a 100 heated calls and countless abuses and threats - it took them 4 days short of a month to change the plan!!!!

but now the bloody problem is that it still sucks - they say its 64kbps - but it just doesnt seem to work at that speed.


in effect - i have paid VSNL over 4000 rs in 2 months (of which 1 month i wasnt here) for literally no service and my always on connection is still ALWAYS *&%^$ OFF

Somebody should drag these %^$#@*& to court!!!

any suggestions? are the others any worse?

# Rohit Kumaron 01 Sep 2005 at 2:34 pm

Well another little piece of info on the BroadBand service provides and their tricks!
it was the starting of the month of august… and the local cable-wallah came to collect the monthly fees(i guess most in delhi know the cable rates are hiked by another Rs:106/-).. he gave a letter for triband connection from tata… which i was very happy to see..i promptly said i want the connection as soon as possible.. guess what he refused to accept the connection request as he said he has a lot of pending customers!
Well to go deep into the crisis.. i asked on whose part is the delay being done? to which he replied that it was on their(cable-wallah) part!. i was told to keep calling the cable-wallah at every fortnight to know the status..!
so i gave up!
PS: i was also told tata guys put up a big box in our society so i guess i’ll be facing lesser downtime when i get the connection!

Another little report… in another society closeby airtel and mtnl have laid their underground wires.. residents are requested to remove hotwire/Sify/Tata connection within a months time.
Reson: Service providers except Airtel/Mtnl have put their wires going from one block to other.. gives a bad look to society. Airtel/Mtnl did their ‘under -groundwork’ .
Well i liked the reason but i hope this was purely from the management and nothing to do with airtel/mtnl guys!

Still waiting for tata to show up at my society! (Yes, i still favor tata over others, except airtel shows up)


# Rajeshon 11 Sep 2005 at 3:17 pm
Hello Friends,

Awefull experience !!!

This is really shame !!! Big Rip off…Paying the fatty sum for broadband and not getting the quality service. Customer is running after the ISPs to get the work done. The blacklisted notorious brands are Tata Indicom another name of Dishnet, Hotwire, Sify & Speednet et al….. After reading all the above threads it has made evident that there is no ISP provider in Delhi who can take the veins. All are day light robbers. Need to kick their asses coz our hardcore money does not grow on trees.

I am on new Unlimited Airtel broadband connection for three days now, Had to make several calls to Airtel to get my new connection up. Not sure how good it will be. It was down yesterday for 2 hours and then luckily I managed to fix their problem. Lodged a complaint. On being asked the Customer Care Representative I was told that the problem would be resolved in 8 working days. As It was new connection still on trial. I was stunned, &^%%&%&%%&* should fix technical bugs before launching their services.

Pls flash your comments about Airtel ??? Anyone who is on the same boat….

To be continued…..


# Varun Anandon 13 Sep 2005 at 9:05 pm
i have been on the airtel 128 kbps unlimited download and uptime plan. the total down time i have had to face till now is about 1 hour in about 3 months. of this about fifteen minutes were for some DNS server issue at their end and when i had called them up they had promptly tld me that yes we are facing some issue and it would be resolved in about an hour. i tried in another fifteen minutes and ‘voilla’. the other issues had to deal with the power cycling of theier modem. reading on the internet i found that a DSL modem should be power cycled once a week. no issues since then and yes i have been getting speeds of 110-120kbps which i think are excellent. reading what other guys have to say i think i should really thank my stars…

# Srinivason 19 Sep 2005 at 10:00 pm
I am using Speednet connect in paschim vihar, new delhi.
They offered 128 kbps download connection which i get rarely. From past 4 days, i am getting 32 bytes pes second and even less. I need to refresh a site several times to get it finally. I complained 3 days back, and still there is no correction.

The help desk team is horrible and hopeless and i feel worst and i should say cheaters. They never correct the problems after so many complaints. when finally i bang them, they say you have never complained!!

The help desk number is most of the time busy or nobody lifts it.

I don’t know what should i tell them.

# Gauravon 20 Sep 2005 at 8:34 pm
Real Picture of BROADBAND in INDIA>>>>>

“We are No Where in terms of BROADBAND”

Indian ISP companies have lowest respect for the consumers !!! According to them all the customers are dumbheaded and whatever they wanna convey to the customer (call it an advertising or marketing gimmick), the customer will nod in acknowledgement. Supposingly they were earlier projecting 64Kbps as Broadband, and the cable service provider was giving us a ethernet cable connection with 10 mbps ethernet cable. Somehow the Government of India woke up and set the Broadband starting speed from 256Kbps (raising its level of definition to International Broadband definition). Its nearing to 1 year now, India still lacks proper Broadband plus the cost of the actual Broadband is still much high (24hrs unlimited) and tech companies are unable to provide a streaming Broadband access.

We still pay 1100 for 24 hrs, 128 kbps speed which is an ISDN connection in fact. 256 Kbps wud be very high by any standards compared to US (54 Mbps, 1 Mbit/s at a nominal rental amount o[censored]SD 20/- per month !!!
An example - 40 MB file gets downloaded in 40 secs !!!!!!!!!!

Is any INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER LISTENING, LIVE UPTO THE INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS. We are providing the best of the software services to USA/UK, wherever you point out, but we are still living in a primitive age of internet.

A normal user still, cannot hear an online music or watch streaming HQ video files or live broadcast ( the minimum viewable broadcast wud be at around 85 kbps. But very few streaming stuffs are being broadcasted on this much speed. All of them require 256Kbps min.

An online MP3 song (with a crystal clear quality) requires min. of 128Kbps.

One more problem with these companies, supplying internet connections thru cable, the frequent power disruptions will make your life hell, as many have problem with UPS. According to the rule, all these service providers should have lowest of downtime or nothing. Like a Cell phone service or MTNL service, they should be up and running always. Which is not the Fact.

SO my conclusion, Internet in India is pathetic, worst, well below International Standards ( We are a Big Software exporting Country , 60% of outsourcing jobs come to us).

Lack of sensitivity towards Customers and higher price tag is a bottle neck to the spread of Real Broadband.

One more thing, NO one should go for Internet access thru GPRS, on your computer, by any service provider, you wont get a thru put speed of even 2 Kbit/s, you will have to wait for few seconds to let Yahoo page to open!!!

My views are based on my own practical experiences in India and abroad.


# Gauravon 20 Sep 2005 at 8:49 pm
To All users who have Airtel / Tata / or any service provider.

Do not go for an Internet connection package which mentions Data download usage limit (Like 1000 MB download package or 500 MB download package for some amounts of money.

Most of the service providers manipulate meter which measures the data downloading by the customer. It goes abnormally, and your data usage limit will be over too soon even if you have not downloaded any thing concrete.

Attentive and updated Customers like us can fix these service providers, to provides us the reliable services.

# sivaon 24 Sep 2005 at 3:56 pm
hi all net users,….
we r using HATHWAY lite way 1 regular plan…as per that we must enjoy 256kbps speed…and our download limit is 1gb per month…..we r paying around rs550(+100 modem) per month….our biggesdt problem is we never get the right speed….we r getting around 19-80 kbps…..we called customer care so many times..we got response too..but they cant rectify the problem…..wat i need to do i dont understand…..let me know how is AITEL BROADBAND connection..r they providing the speed they promised….thanks all

# G.Prabhakaron 26 Sep 2005 at 3:12 pm

Please look at my experience with tata Indicom broadband internet.

I am working as a senior system administrator in a software company. This is the false cheating report created by Tata Indicom and charging us for that every month. For your reference I am providing the latest bill. Please publish this for public view.

We observed and found there is a “false internet usage report” showing in our tata indicom broadband internet my usage. When I checked with view details, Tata indicom is charging on our office holidays (Saturday and Sundays). Even my office is shut and nobody worked also my internet usage is reflecting on those days too. Tata indicom is trying to cheat the customers by burdening with false bills.

The report is reflecting internet usage on those days and they have also charged for that? I wanted to take this up legally. What is the procedure for this?



# G.Prabhakaron 26 Sep 2005 at 3:15 pm
Cheating by Tata Indicom Broadband

# Azon 10 Oct 2005 at 2:10 am
go to consumer court man if you have time… sue the … i really wanted to but didnt get down to doing it… their service has improved slightly over the last month… one more problem and i am throwing their router out and giving airtel a shot!!! Tata sucks

# docelon 04 Dec 2005 at 3:11 am

The following is PROOF of the “FANTASTIC SERVICE” offered by tataindicombroadband ::
They want payment for “Services NOT rendered” during 0ct2nd to date Dec 2nd. They have a “Server Problem” which has Blocked me completely. They have ‘Software ” problems and conflicts, which theyt dont understand and are unable to set right. They dont forward ” comoplaints ” to the concerned ‘Field Engineers’. The front End customerCare people dont understand the problem nor record your statement correctly.

I am BLOCKED by the VSNL server from myaccount, myusage, my_email. ?they have ‘Reset” my password without my permission or knowledge. This is like the Bank Resetting your ATM PIN No. without your knowledge.
The ‘Service Engineers’ send “Reports” of ‘action taken, All OK, without visiting my house!!!
They dont have the courtesy of answering my COMPLAINTS or my E-mails.
Now BILLING has “DISCONNECTED” me from my 8 week old “DEAD” Connection!!! for non-payment of Bills, when I have NOT been allowed to use the Internet, After suyccessfully “BLOCKING” me from my own account.

Now, I think they will “disconnect” my already disconnected connection again, since the next months bill is through.


# docelon 07 Dec 2005 at 3:01 am
Further developments:
tataindicombroadband have successfully “disconnected” my twice disconnected connection again. This is some prompt and vigilant service indeed.
Also, TIB has shown Extreme indulgence in Billing for ‘Services NOT Rendered”,: They have posted yet another Bill !!
Now, I have been appointed as “BILLING Vigilance Officer”. I am answering calls from miscellaneous blokes from billing about
” were you at home at 7pm on 29th?’,
” Das says he called you. What time did he call?”
” Sir, Suhail has not called you but says he did. He did not call you at all no sir?”
” Sir, dont tell Deepak i called….”
Some of the guys (4) have become my friends: they asked for my personal no. and when I’ll be free….

These guys at Billing are now at CustomerCare and Tech Support with all kinds of stories. Unfortunately my Vox Recorder overflowed.
Why hasnt anyone sued tataindicom yet? I have seen hundreds of dissatisfied posts on the forums/Blogs etc.,
I am all for Suing TATAINDICOM for Dificient Service, Fraud and Negligence.


# aoberaion 29 Dec 2005 at 4:13 am
My experience with Broadband in Delhi….
I share the same experiences with everyone for Hathway, Sify, VSNL (Tata Internet Broadband). None of these is reliable. What is lacking is that they all ride on a very weak and unreliable last mile (which means the line which brings the connection to your home/office), whereas their network uses the more reliable Wireless or Fiber optics network from the service provider to their POPs in different territories. Airtel has a much better underground last mile but they take a long time to rectify the problem, but the failure frequency is normally low. What we require is the ISPs provide the last mile only through WiFi (hot spots) in your areas, or use copper on fiber optics , with so much fiber laid across Delhi and capacity being unused!!. The problem needs to be addressed by the ISP Association ISAPI and DOT (which has done a great thing by regulating tarriffs and bringing down the cost of Broadband, but not much to regulate the Quality of service which they lay down in writing in the SLAs . Again a question of good intention and poor planning and even poorer implementation. Till that time, we will go on suffering like this, and soon consumer forums will be full of complaints from harrassed ISP customers.I hope that ISPAI and ISPs and DOT is listening.

# Kishoreon 09 Feb 2006 at 4:14 pm
I have horrible expereince with Tata Broadband.

I am having Tata Broadband connection, I am from BTM, Bangalore.

I didnt have connection for a period of 35 days.And I got bill for that month.
So even if I dont have internet connection for complete month I still have to pay for that period.
I am still fighting them.I paid some(~2k)initial non-refundable amount, that was a trap.
Even if you dont have net connection, they will tell you that you downloaded 60 mb, 30mb, maybe some GHOSTS sitting there downloading on my IP address.

Customer care is not helpfull, they give you stupid sugestions. they put you on hold for long periods, so you get a costly phone bills, just now I paid 84 Rupees for a phone call to customer care.

If you going for TataBB you be ready get strange problems Modem problems, theif’s stolen Broadband Wire, IP conflicts, forcible donation to make Tata rich.

I strictly suggest not to go for TATA BROADBAND CONNECTION.


# Narinderon 10 Feb 2006 at 12:15 am
I was planning to go for TATA Indicom B.Band connection but after reading your comments about the best customer service…. I will never go for it.

Thanks for updating me about the pathetic service in advance. Thanks.

# Arun Nairon 19 Feb 2006 at 5:28 pm
Alas, i never thought of researching TATAindicom service before signing up for the connection and it “SUCKS”. It isnt working and the customer care department doesnt help.
I am seriously thinking of going to the customer court. If possible please send me the details regarding how to go about suing these bas****.
I am based in Pune.

# Ramanon 03 Mar 2006 at 12:36 pm
I wish I had read this before taking up Tata Indicom. Surely, just going through a couple of blogs here I see whole sets of commonalities. Tata
Indicom is the worst service provider because:

1) When one applies for a new connection:
a) VSNL does so called feasibility studies (which takes 5-6 days!!!)
b) If you happen to get a feasibility study done before applying,
VSNL again does a feasibility study when the application is filed!!!.
c) No one is reachable. No one picks up phones. No sales agents are
reachable after filling an application for a connection.
d) VSNL gives connection to you after a month (Sales commit a 7-15
days period!!!!)
2) When one gets a connection
a) The subscriber is impressed. (Only lasting for a day or two)
b) The connection goes down, subcriber files a complaint, customer
care promises a call back. Subscriber doesnt get a solution, doesnt
get a callback. Subscriber again calls back….Process loops.and loops..
c) Customer care/Technical staff calls back to ask if it is working, you
check, connection is working. You say thanks only to find after
returning to your PC the connection is again gone!!!. Atleast you can
sense the speed here!!!
d) VSNL charges for 1 month, gives a connection only for 5 -10 days.
e) Subscriber gets a account renewal message even if he has used
only for 1 day or 2 days. The technical team says, shutdown PC,
restart after 5 mins (restart router also). Poor chaps having a
bandwidth limited connection.

After numerous calls, I have given up (note all this is within 20 days of
experience) and decided not to let it take a toll on my health (considering
the heated conversations with the poor customer care fellow chaps) and
not to let my telephone bill go high..

GoodBye Tata Indicom Broadband!!!

# Nitin Jainon 08 Mar 2006 at 2:30 am
has anyone used Lingo Voip adapter with tataindicom ? I am having issues in getting Lingo phone service work over tataindicom broadband connection in Bangalore, India. any help would be greatly appreciated.

# Aashwanion 05 Apr 2006 at 12:13 pm
I think all of it is ok till the time you get services at the right time you need. My personal experience is all private players can talk big only, it seems they spend all thier money and energy in BRAND PROMOTION and when it comes to services they can work very well sitting in their cozy offices and this is what suits them. Their manpower does not take pain to provide solution they will provide an ear to listen to you but technology front they are still incompetent.
I feel BSNL/VSNL/MTNL are great not becuase they are government but they have infrastucture to support and it is BIG, well tested and used by good number and demographicaly too.


# MayankTon 10 Apr 2006 at 6:10 pm
I was going to get their connection today… thanks for the info

# Purnendu Bagchion 24 Apr 2006 at 10:52 pm
Hi, I am from Malad, Mumbai. I am using MTNL triband for last 1 year. I was thinking of swithing over to Tata Indicom broadband, but thnaks to all of you the negative feedback that I am getting about the service provider I am really scared to switch over. At least MTNL is providing a decent service at a reasonable cost. Only issue is that I will have to continue a landline phone which I dont use.

# sameer, Puneon 28 Apr 2006 at 10:48 am
the worst service from tataindicombroadband,pune.
these people do not know what is customer care.only knows sending bills from time to time and connection disconecting if it is late. you have to wait minimum 20 mins for customer care number. then once u launch the complaint then u will get false commitment that it will solve within 24 hrs. but it will not get solved within 72 hrs. and customer care executives plays the same cassete of what they taught. but nobody makes u courtecy calls or mail. if IT has made revolution the we have to make another revolution to improve the services.

# Jagdishon 02 May 2006 at 1:59 pm
Hii Friends, I am Jagdish from east Delhi…. Earlier I was using Tata Indicom broadband connection……. but it was pathetic. I dont’ recommend it to any one.. After using it for 5 months I got it disconnected.. I think I could hardly use it for 1 month..
Now I need to access the net.. I just dont’ know which to select from so many companies… Some of my friends suggested me to go for MTNL..
I would like to know your reviews over it….


# Abhijeeton 11 May 2006 at 6:44 pm

I have a exactly opposite experience with Sify. I will say it is the Worst Broadband ISP I have ever seen.

The SIFY contractor in our area (PUNE) does not allow other service providers to enter??? Where are we democracy or communism? The same operator has got BSNL Exchange and has given contact number of Airtel?

If he, himself is not loyal to his Business, how can he force customers to go for only SIFY and try to build monopoly of SIFY?

SIFY Is a broadband operator which was not having a single Postpaid plan??? A provider with no plan o[censored]nlimited download?? A provider calling it Broadband and allowing customers to download free only from 10 pm - 08 am.

I don’t have any other words to describe about Unethical and pathetic marketing strategy and service… SIFY is not match for TATAs… not for next billion years….

# Sandip Bhattacharyaon 11 May 2006 at 6:56 pm
Abhijeet, I never said sify was better. Take a look at:
# Prateekon 17 May 2006 at 2:28 pm

i am facing similar kinds of problem with tata and actually thinking of going to the consumer court.

Anybody wants to join in the fight ?


# Freak_in_the_hoodon 20 May 2006 at 2:28 am
Seem is racing ahead in tech field well according to newspaper…:) but actually were going back
Why not try airtel broadband or ? so far its good… with no hassle… and got great packages its cheaper then sify 256kbps unlimited by 300 rupees but don’t take mtnl nor bsnl they sucks
Actually they should be the cheapest one coz they are public org. but private player are cheaper and more feasible then them….
lets all march to TRAI office and complain about this
check for thier broadband and compare with indian one…
this is really a broad daylight robbery

# Freak_in_the_hoodon 20 May 2006 at 2:29 am
add” india” sorry for the error

# Neeraj Kumaron 29 May 2006 at 3:45 pm
Hi, I am late in checking this blog. I applied for TATA INDICOM BROADBAND on 24th April,06. They told me that internet connection will be configured within 10 working days. I waited till 15th May,06 and then i asked for the refund as i was not happy with the service and response. They said some executive will call you in another 24 hrs and i have called around 10 times and still i am waiting for their 24hrs to get completed. i think they are living in some another planet. They are hopeless and i think we shall go to TRAI office and file a complaint against them.

# Rohit Lakhanpaulon 30 May 2006 at 11:31 am
i want to join the ttat indicom call center i have exp airtel call center in chandigarh 1 year

# Anishon 02 Jun 2006 at 5:05 pm
Hi all,

I have been using MTNL broadband now from last six months and am quite satisfied with the broadband service and speed. However, the customer care service is pathetic. If you encounter any problem they have only one option to restart the Router.

I am planning to take V-data card for my laptop. The V-data card goes in to PCMCIA slot in your notepad and then you can be on wi-fi internet connection. It’s truely amazing.

BTW, if anybody is interested in puchasing a ADSL router (model DSL-502T), please feel free to contact me. You can have it almost on half prices. I am based in Delhi.

Please contact me on +91-[protected]. - Anish

# shrikanton 05 Jun 2006 at 10:58 am
IT SUCKS BIG TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


# REESHI KANDHARIon 06 Jun 2006 at 9:05 pm

# Benon 07 Jun 2006 at 6:15 pm
TATA INDICOM SUCKS………….they DONT give you the connection nor the MONEY BACK even after TWO MONTHS.
I paid 3.5K …….. imagin if 1000 subscribe ??????? and look at the INTEREST FREE capital the gain ????????? Am planning to sue those ç&“#@ once i come back to India

# Amritaon 14 Jun 2006 at 2:50 pm
Hi I’m Amrita from Bangalore. I’ve had an awful experience with Tata Indicom. They did not give me a connection but encashed the cheque for Rs. 2800 change immediately… I’ve tried talking to people all the way upto the managerial level who are not in the least interested to listen to customers’ grievances. It’s been 3 months… Are we dealing with CHEATS here… people who make false promises…? Anyways, the cheque was crossed and payable to the company. Hence it was the responsibility of the company to reimburse my money.

# Abhilashon 15 Jun 2006 at 11:14 am
Hi… Abhilash here from Bangalore - BTM. Welcome to the club guys! I’ve got a Tata-Indicom broadband connection myself and it’s been dead since May 11th. First it was a problem with the link and then one day the router just went completely dead. I called up customer service umpteen number of times and no matter how many times I told them that my router’s dead, they keep telling me that there’s some problem with the link! I really wanna sue the living daylights outta these guys, but I dunno how to go about it. Maybe a joint effort might prove to be fruitful! Guys.. If anybody out there is ready for a joint combat… Hop in!…

# Mayank Betalaon 16 Jun 2006 at 3:26 pm
Hi…Mayank from Bangalore. I have a similar story to Abhilash, so I won’t write about it. But I would like to go further on this. I am planning to go to the consumer court. I also think we can approach one of the news channels and give them this story. They will make a good newsbight out of it. then only Mr Tata will listen…cheers for happy times

# Vivekon 19 Jun 2006 at 5:51 pm
I got a TATA INDICOM Landline[protected]Connection in October 2005. I asked for an Internet Plan, but they put me in single rate plan. The bill amount that came was 2000/- Then I asked them for 700/- millenium plan(Unlimited Download with 1 GB free download), then the next month bill which I was expecting to be within 750 came around 2000. Then I lodged a complaint.They claimed that I am in Single Rate plan and would call back telling .. I am billed accordingly..Then I asked for an itemized bill and even narrated them that my bill shows that i am in Millenium plan,then a person by name Vidhya called me and told me to pay 600/-, the units i used was 3998 units. The next month I was expecting around 750. When I got a bill for 6716/- They said the units was 2123 which means I have used 2123 MB of data transfer and after a discount of 1 GB , they have charged 5/- per MB and hence the bill is 6716.When I lodged a complaint back, they ignored my complaint. They did nt respond afterwards..My credit limit was just 1000/-, so i asked them why they did not intimate me in advance.After 2 months a person called Harsha ([protected]) contacted me. Then I asked Harsha for an itemized bill, then he called me to their office in Koramangala and I talked to the Manager Arjun then one more person showed the itemized bill it in the system . I asked them how they calculate how much usage I do per day and he saidas they said they could not get a print out of it.. I asked him how they calculate the usage, for which he said they system itself calculates, so my bill amount is correct.Then I asked them to give a break up of the bill in terms of how much MB I have used in a day. For which they said they would mail it to my e-mail id. Then after that there was no response from them.
After 2 weeks a person by name Arun from Tata Indicom called me and said that I can surrender the instrument if I am not using them. Then when he came to collect the instrument he asked me to pay 700 + 700 for 2 months as he said I used the connection.When I said no , he asked me to pay atleast 500/-. Then I asked him to produce the itemized bill with break up in MB and I would pay him immediately, he said he cant give it.This happened last month(May 2006). Now recently I got a mail from TATA INDICOM Legal Dept Sanjeev A Kumar for ordering me to pay 7615 as it is outstanding from December 2005. If I dont pay I have to face legal charges for non payment of the bill.This I find ridiculous, when my complaint about the bill payment is now over from their end , how could they send me such a threatining mail..Can anyone help me in how to proceed further. How do I approach the consumer court.


# Dileepon 20 Jun 2006 at 4:37 pm
Dileep from Rajajinagar Bangalore.

It seems we all have same stories of pathetic customer service from TATA. Although I am user of the broadband service right from Dishnet DSL days (about 5 years ago) I never experienced such oceanic standards of absolute discourteous services.

I lodged a complaint of link being down on 22nd of May ‘06, and since then it is just routine and umpteen number of calls to so called “customer service” wherein all you get to hear is some sweet talking robotic executive who absolutely cannot “service” your complaint.

Now I was just amazed when I simply put my pen to work to calculate the number of calls and duration of calls that I made to these , guess what, it was more than my whole month’s internet bill that i have already spend on making calls to these buggers, and still at the end of it I am still only waiting for my router to wake up, start blinking, and start giving me “the service.”

Anyone in Bangalore who wants to drag them to customer court and also knows how to go about, I am with you.

# Sudhamshuon 20 Jun 2006 at 7:01 pm
Hi Dileep

I am from RT Nagar,Bangalore. My connection is down since two weeks. I am trying to get some email ids of their higher level executives, regional managers etc and spam tem till they repond. If anyone has even a single email id of any higher level executive, please post it. It would be of some help.

# Ashishon 21 Jun 2006 at 11:07 am
I am facing same problems with Tata Indicom broadband!! Bloody [censored]s harrased me for paying in advance for connection! I paid for their 64 kbps line unlimited plan for 6 months in advanced.
They promiced me to give connection in 7 days. Now its over 40 days and still there is no connection. After a month r so, their engineer came and fixed up modem and line and asked me to convert my existing dial-up ID to broadband so I can get 50 mb mail box. So I did. After that both the accounts were locked for 2 days. I was not able to receive my regular business emails even on dial-up.
I fought with them hard, so they atlease started bak my dial-up account but till this date they have not activated my broadband connection, god knows why?
Their customer service is another issue. If you call up their service in Pune, it asks you to always call back as the wait time is 99% above 10 to 12 mins. If you still hang on, then after 10 mins there representative comes. Every time new one. So you have to repeat all the things again and again. Then all they do is to tell you that they have forwarded compaint and within 24 to 48 hrs, I will receive a call from their technical team. I never did.
I am so fade up witht them so I really used bad language one day and have asked them to cancel my connection, but till date there is no refund.
Now i am thinking of going to Police for fraud.
I did not know they are so pathetic!!!

I have reliance connection at my office and that is the BEST! Immidiate connection, 750 rs for 150 kbps , unlimited dl. Hardly any down time. dl speeds at 18 kbps. and v good customer service and we are provided with direct access to a corporate liason. I am to happy with them. I wish they put lines fast in my recedensial area!!

Guys, whatever may comes, dont go for Tata indicom!! Highly pathetic!!

# Sudhamshuon 21 Jun 2006 at 12:18 pm
I thought these cases were isolated, but looking at the responses here I am really amazed. The amount of calls that I made to the customer service and the time which I was on hold to get connected has resulted in a fat mobile bill from hutch about 1000rs more than normal.
The question is you can’t do anything about it as there is no law as such. Only option is to go to cosumer court.

# Anupamon 21 Jun 2006 at 4:37 pm
I am a 5 year old customer of VSNL in Delhi with id anupam.[protected] When Tata Indicom guys contacted me for a broadband i agreed looking at there good services for the past years i used there services. But for my surprise

It took almost 2 months for them to give a connection.

The day they gave me a connection, there sever was not working leaving me unconnected for 7-8 days.

Finally I got the connection working thy gave me 512Kbps connection where i had requested them for 64 Kbps on & on Connection (suitable for home surfing)

Now the Manager here asked me to not to use the connection for 2-3 days till he changed my Plan

It took them another month to update my Plan.

Now the connection never works and I have to work still on the dialup

My telephone bill has risen exponentially as I use dial up and call there ‘pathetic’ customer care on a daily basis without any turnout.

I requested them to cancel all stuff and give me Id back which they are refusing.

Its total blackmail I am facing right now. I can’t get my 5 year old id back and nobody listens to my complaints. Any help in this regard would be welcome.


Ps I am writing this on dialup only�, latest complaint no. 41743203


# Anupamon 22 Jun 2006 at 1:48 pm
To add they also dont give your mony back for the duration the connection is not used…ppl am still on dialup:(……….latest com. no. 41743203

# Shyam Agnihotrion 25 Jun 2006 at 12:23 pm

I had much bitter experience.My prepaid package for renual was not getting uploaded, hence I approached service provider, who took the serial No. of package and PIN and promised to restore internet service by evening. When I checked my account at home in the evening it showed Rs1/- only, inspite o[censored]nused services.Service provider raised his hands & gave Customer Service Number.When you call-up customer service, you get all recorded messages for hours but no one picks-up the phone. Going to consumer court may help in refunds. Inform if anybody is trying.

# Ashishon 26 Jun 2006 at 10:45 am
Tata Indicom is extreamly Pathetic. I have applied for the connection, 64 kbps line in first week of May 2006. They promiced me it would be fixed in 7 to 8 days. Its over 50 days now and I do not have the connection.
During this time, I called theie Service center many times. Every time the wait period was over 10 mins and I was asked to call back. But I waited and waited and finally got to talk to some one. After my immense cursing for 8/10 times, finally their engineer came and fixed up modem and asked me to convert my existing email ID with VSNL to broadband. So I did. Then he told me that it woulld be activated the next day.
Next day was funnier, I was not even able to access my Dial-up ID. So I comaplined again. Every time in the complaint, I got the same answer that somebody will contact me in 24 hrs. No body ever did. Again after fighting for 2/3 days, I got my Dial-up ID back, which is actually my business ID also. I missed on my mails for 3 days.
But still my broad band connection was not activated. So one fine day I lost my cool and really cursed them like hell and as them to cancel my connection and give my money back. They asked me to use proffessional language. But I threatened them to go to police. Then one fine day, my broadband plan was activated, even when I dint want it. I thought that I might use it if its activated anyway. But from that day, DSL light on modem never came up and i still am not able to connect nor do I have my money back.

I havent seen such a worst service in my life and I am seriously thinking of going to polce as they have taken mney in advance for 6 months.

# RVon 28 Jun 2006 at 1:59 pm
I’m having the same experience in Chennai as well. My broadband connection was done since 10th june 2006. I’ve been complaining to the customer care centre and during every call, the automated voice will say “All our executives are busy, please wait”. This will go on for about 10 minutes. After that, the so called executive will ask me the details and say that he / she is really sorry for the incovenience and it will be set right in 24 hours time and will be given a complaint number. Till today 18 24 hrs have passed and no action has been taken. The tragedy is that every alternate day, somebody will call me and enquire whether the connection is working!. Since, i have very little time to look into the matter, it goes on and on
The service and speed are abysimally low and pathetic!

# Anupamon 28 Jun 2006 at 10:11 pm
This is for those who still have little faith left in these [censored] I am still on dialup with the same complaint no.[protected]Since 19th June)

# R S Guptaon 03 Jul 2006 at 11:13 am

First I must thank you, for creating aplatform to share our experience, so that we may try and save otheres.

My experience is similar as yours. Only dates are different - paid them on 11th June, then chased them for 7 calender days to ultimately get the connection up on 25th June evening. Mind you Tata Indicom has been more efficient than some of the MNC Banks to get the money/payment collected.

Today it is 9th day from the first time I had registered a complaint, and still, funnily enough Customer Care keeps on saying that it will be resoved within next 24 hours.

However, I have put the matter under a consumer forum solicitor’s attention, and would try & put some lesson-orientation for the otherwise non-professional, non-committed, insincere Tata Indicom service support.

I really wish, that even my enemy does not book Tata Indicom broadband at Delhi.

It is amazing that this organization, which is supposed to be run professionally, does not respect service level agreement, in the year 2006?!!!?!!!

# Anupamon 05 Jul 2006 at 4:56 pm
My net finally worked today (dont know how many minuts/hour/days it will work the complaint no. was[protected]on 19th june) and today is 5th July so around 16 days its takes for these guys to correct it.

# Gangal (Pune)on 10 Jul 2006 at 7:55 am
I also have bad experience. vsnl does not any attention to your complaint. My paid amount has suddenly gone down by more than 1ooo Rs. I am unable to open usage account. After sending mail, there is no reply. It is impossible to contact the office on phone.
I think all o[censored]s should try to take some action against Tataindicom.

# a.bhaskaron 10 Jul 2006 at 1:22 pm
Forget their Internet connection even their Teleservices is pathetic.i had taken their phone connection,we had six numbers in our A/C.We needed to get it transferred to Dadar from Andheri.The Executive who spoke to us said it will be done in 48 hrs.
Their technical person came and pulled the lines till our office from their hub on the ground floor.That was the last we saw of any person from the company.for the past 15 days we are just giving complaints and are being reassuredthat our problem will be solved in the next 24hrs.Nobody from the company has even bothered to call up and check on us.
I believe they are taking advantage of the outsourcing as all the complaints go to the call centre and there is no way we can interact with the company people.

# Umeshon 10 Jul 2006 at 6:45 pm
I have had Tata Indicom for nearly 4 years - including the Dishnet DSL days. The above stories sound like mine with different dates. I have had so much trouble in the past three months I hate them from the bottom of my heart. Lets not take this lying down. Lets unite and screw this people. I am sure they are bothered about their share prices. We need a strong voice. Guys lets unite. I am all for it. Wherever you are in India (I am in Delhi), we face the same problem. We need to work together as a team and go to the consumer court and drag these out. Dont ignore it.

# Umeshon 11 Jul 2006 at 10:34 am
Its the third day and I haven’t received a call from anyone. Noone’s bothered about what’s happening. Tata Indicom is going to dogs.

# praveenon 11 Jul 2006 at 9:54 pm
hi all,
i read all the comment of tata indicom BB. My experience with tata is very good. this is my fourth bill which i will be paying by 15 of this month. since four moths i suffered only 3 time. for each time connection was down for 3 days. and i got down time for that also.

i understand that there r lot of people having problem with this connection. but tata have lot of customer base and customer care people r very less to take care of problems. still i could say that there r lot of cust those how r availing this service continuously.

to register a complaint apart from calling custmer care there is other ways also. you need to log on to myaccount section of tata indicombroadband website and there is a tab called contact us and in that page you will get register a complaint link.whenever you register a complaint you will get a complaint number.

this is the best ways since you can avoid phone bills for calling custemer care and you can avoid lot of time holding the reciever to get connect with customer care. and you can type complete description of problem in that register a complaint page .

# vivekon 13 Jul 2006 at 9:36 am
tata indicom sucks (even in bangalore). the back end team is insensitive and irresponsible. they never care to call the customer and happily close the complaint to maintain their SLA. i will prefer to stick to dial up rather than opting for tata indicom broadband.

# Anasuaon 14 Jul 2006 at 5:25 pm
One more story - I applied for Tata Indicom connection on 22nd May, Money was taken and debited by 2nd June. Today is 14th July - no connection is given till now. Every time I call up like parrots the call centre employees say”I apologise Mam”, “Whats your complaint number Mam”, “What is your contact number mam” and finally”give us 24 hours we will resolve the problem”. Thats the end - the same conversation I am having every evening with the CCC employees.

The person who came and contacted and collected the money is now switching off his mobile or if he recognises my voice is switching off.

I have decided to move to the consumer court but can anyone tell me / guide me where is the starting point for the same

# satya jyothion 15 Jul 2006 at 10:55 pm
i entirely agree; in bangalore too the tataindicom broadband services are pathetic. my broadband connectivity is non-existant for a month now. the customer service cell is atrocious. firstly it is ot reachable. if at all you succeed in reaching them you hear only recorded message informing you their sevice executives are so busy they cannot take your call put please hold on and listen to their crap about how great tataindicom services are.

# Sunnyon 17 Jul 2006 at 5:07 am

I am a computer engineer myself. Working for India’s top most IT Compnay. Have installed and designed multiple networks.

I have used satyam broadband and spectranet. Satyam is the worst broadband service ever. Satyam dealers try to rip you off . The satyam as a compan never pics up the phone itself. I call it wombat waste of my times and brians.

I applied for Airtel Broadband. It was a good service when they started. However here is the real picture of Airtel Broadband. But things are getting worst

Plan unlimited - Rs 699 a month 128k
You get speeds around 10-12k download. At peak hours the speed go as low as 8-9 k. When you call Airtel broadband they will say that the speeds are not slow as they have a minimum commitment level of 64 k!!!!! which is shocking, They advertise speeds 128 k. The service level should not fall below 80% but the level 2 team and the hopeless engineers that visit the house dont have a clue they all say if you are getting a download of 8 k or above then the speeds are according to the plan.
For christ sake I was getting 6-7 k download on dial up then why i need broadband!! Finally I upgraded to airtel 256 k service and I was provised I will get better speeds. Here is the true story about the 256k service

Plan 999 Unlimited- 256k speed
Now I was promised that the speeds will not fall below 128 k !!! Mind you this is 16k download. Here are my speeds and application results
Downloading at peak times 13k downloading at non peak times maximum of 16-18k which disgust me as a customer. My ping rate as high as 900 ms. After a million phone calls to Airtel they finally managed to install a E1 in my area. Ping rate improved, however download rate has not improved. I called what they call the knock (server room ) they claim that there is no issue with speeeds. I have taken multiple screen shots of Airtel and I wish I could drag them to consumer court . They are now charging me for the service for more then 1 year failing to meet the minimum commitment level. The irony of the story is I am not able to find a better provider then Airtel in India and where I live.

PS: If the country is ruled by old farts like v.p singh, Mr laloo ( a complete idot) or even Mr Vajpayee….mulayam sign yadav or even todays Mr. Manmohan singh (he would be the one i respect most) However he has failed to make any difference. We are not going to see any changes in this country, We need some eductaed open minded fresh blood in politics who can make changes, who can bring some civic sense/ commen sense to india. Other wise no matter how fast our economies grow we are still a bunch o[censored]gly cities where garbage and cows lies on streets and stry dogs.
One thing can only change this country that is revolution and standing up for ourselfs and respect humans way before religion.

Another PS: Common wealth games are coming we have the most pathetic infrastucture in the entire world and govt has spent million of ruppes building a Akash Darshan Temple!!!!! WTF!! EDIOTS WHAT ABOUT SPENDING THE [censored] money on making a good sports complex bringing new technologies to give our sportsmen chances of doing better.

# Karthik Makamon 18 Jul 2006 at 4:58 am

I had a gut feeling that I would find a thread like this on the service of [censored]ing Tata indicom broadband.

My internet is completely down since July 01 and their support staff really suck. They simply say work is in progress, I will get it up to my higher ups or I will make sure some one will call you. No one calls nor any update.

I am really frustrated with thse people as this is the 2nd time I am having trouble. In April, it was down completely for 20 days. I dont have any other decent service provider in my area (kumara park west).

I dont know how to deal with this SH**. ITs still down. Please suggest something guys!!!!

# Sunnyon 19 Jul 2006 at 11:52 pm
we need a good ISP in india, who can bring dreams of 24 mb speeds and higher.Dream LLU. Indian ISP are as crap as indian govt

# Rickyon 25 Jul 2006 at 6:08 pm
I sympathise with you all, and I also have great tales from Tata worthless service. They donot have a toll-free number, even though everytime the call center person says he/she is in Pune. My broadband connection has goes down many a times in the past few months. So, calling customer care from Delhi, I pay for local call lasting at least 20-30 mins costing me about Rs. 30-50 everytime I call, AND the company reroutes my call and incurs STD charges too. What utter foolishness on their part!
They haven’t listened to me to enable a toll-free number for their customer service, unless I am missing something. Moreover, they don’t have Internet bill payment system and can’t bill my credit card over the phone. So, everytime, I have to go to their office or find an ICICI ATM, write a cheque, drop it into the drop box and hope that my bill will be credited correctly.
I also have a dial-up connection from Tata, and while renewing the plan, the website just did not show up the Serial and PIN number required for renewing the plan. I talked with Customer care many times and they assured me that an email shall be sent “Soon”. Well, its been a month and a half, and still no sign of my email, despite reminders from my side and daily email to their customercare…… PATHETIC!!!

tataindicom wi fi — took 4 months rental without proper connectivity

Hi Mam/sir,

I got tata indicom wi max. connection. i paid 4 months rental. I could not connect to the net from the day 1. I will get the connection for 2 min and soon it will be disconnected.Also they have taken the money for that month before i used it for the entire month. they initially told me that it is a post paid but they have taken it before the month starts. they have not provided the connection nor the service. when i called the customer service department they put me on hold for near about half a day and finally they could not resolve they told me that they will be sending an agent. but i did not receive any response from any side. also the very next day i called on feb 3rd of 2008 and they again said they will not repay the money . when i asked them to take the installation charge and return me remaining amount atleast 2 months rental. they refused. when asked them to connect to manager they refused. proper action has to takn so that others will not fall into this kind of trouble.I feel the business is cheating pele even if they dont have proper infrastructure to provide the connectivity en services they are trying to chat the people asking for more advance and not repaying back
I have used almost all the connections available and my verdict is: Except Airtel, all other service providers are running their business for name sake. It is a pain to use their service and interact with their incompetent customer care / technical team (if having any). Just go with airtel if you need peace of mind.
One of the most horrible service providers I have encountered. They took an advance rental for four months and the connection did not work for Initial 55 days. All the credit that gave me was for one day when I had registered a complaint. According to them my connection had started working in 24 hours of filing complaint. I think they have the worst customer complaint management system
Tata internet net down last 15 days.Wat is the action for this complain.You take action for thiscomplain or not .Pls do need ful.
Tata internet is downlast 15days. I alredy locked complain in Tata 2 times.The complaint No are 5974710 & 6112320. No reply from u for this complain. Wat can i do. Pls take action for this matter.
Do nees full work.






Every day I am facing the same problem that internet is not working. I called your call center and they asked me to do some changes then its works this is happing every day.
I request please look into it ASAP.
Login ID : vinod.solanke


Tata Indicom Broadband — Service level is not up to accepted level but still sending full bill

Dear Sir,

I am using Tataindicombroadband service from past two years but they, even in starting also their service is hopeless but after giving complaint to TRAI they improve little bit, but now days from past one month their service is not available for 6 hours per day due to their company problem some server got down something like that I receive this feedback from their customer care then why they are charging the fill bill if their service level is not in accepted level out of 4 blocks of the day of 6 hours. And when I asked their customer care to discount the bill against the unavailability of the server for 6 hours per day. They are saying that discount can be only given if the server outage is 8 hours. Why they blady say like this then what about the consumer rights …? It means they these kinds of policies are made to cheat the consumers this is not acceptable.

I want your department to do some thing in this regard.

With regards,

Birender Singh

You are rightly said, TATA Broadband, tata Customer care and their service is worst to the core and affects the business and purpose of having Tata broadband is totally waste. everyday i am experiencing the problem and calling the customer care but of no use. we ahve been fooled and my business is afftected lot. please dont take TATA broadband please
i put tata indicom internet connection ...usb modem before 4 days

iam having some problem with net.

so far i see 2 types of problems.

1.tataindicom dialer.exe has encountered a problem, sorry for the inconvenience.

when that comes, internet just disconnects.i cant do anything.i called customer care.the ytold me to reinstall driver.i did ..eventhough that same thing comes sometimes.but when i restart my system.its frm starting and net is how many times iam going to restart like that if that comes again and again.

2.generic host process for win32 has encountered a
problem, sorry for the inconvenience.

for this also ...same result as i mentioned disconnects and when i restart my system.its frm starting and net is working.

how can i solve it????????????

Tata Indicom Broadband — NETWORK ADAPTER DAMAGE

I am using Tata indicom broadband connection since last 5 months,
one day when i was connected to broadband there was electricity fluctuation..
leaving network and wireless adapter not working and also my DVD ROM become unfunctional...

is it due to broadband connection?
how to solve " tata indicom dailer generic host process for win32 has encountered a problem, sorry for the inconvenience."
We are not receiving mails in our email-address: nivasfabs
but we could able to send the mails. So kindly look into this and resolve the problems at the earliest









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    Customer satisfaction rating Customer satisfaction rating is a complex algorithm that helps our users determine how good a company is at responding and resolving complaints by granting from 1 to 5 stars for each complaint and then ultimately combining them all for an overall score.
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    Tata Indicom Phone
    +91 22 6667 1414
    Tata Indicom Address
    D 26, TTC Industrial Area, Sanpada, Turbhe, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India - 400703
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