[Resolved]  Tata Indicom Broadband — Poor service

I took a Tata Indicom WL-Broadband Combo Plan in May 2007, but decided to terminate the connection after only about 4-5 months because of the following reasons :

1.) My primary aim was to avail of broadband services - but this service was frequently down (usually on
weekends when I needed it most). I raised around 10 complaints (ticket # 2564996, 2764634, 3248000, 3591332 etc) within a 3 month period (and that was when I had the patience to sit through their call centers long wait times) - each time I was told that an engineer would revert on the next working day, but not once did I receive a return call. The connection would get restored by itself, sometimes after a gap of 7-8 days!

2.) I was once charged for exceeding my usage limit (i.e 900 MB) when this was not the case - the online
logs showed usage of ~ 800 MB). The broadband customer support accepted the mistake and said the excess amount would be credited to me in the next payment cycle but this never happened.

So these were my primary causes of dissatisfaction -

- I am not sure they had adequate infrastructure/bandwidth in place to support all the customers in my area, to prevent the frequent outages on weekends and other high-usage times.

- They don't have a consolidated helpdesk for the wireline and broadband services? Tata Indicom is one entity for customers and it is frustrating to be shuttled between 2 different departments for billing and other issues.

- Helpdesk staff need to be more professional and prompt in dealing with complaints.

However, they have still not disconnected the service and continue sending bills (I even sent my termination request to 'customercare.[protected]', but no response till date)! They also sent a letter threatening legal action in Feb'08 as I had not cleared my dues...hmm, I wonder how much one could sue them for in a consumer court.

This is another characteristic I have noticed of Tata Indicom - they just make it so hard for the consumer to disconnect. My parents who have a landline connection in Pune got it disconnected last month, and they were told that although the number would be disconnected within 15 days of their request, the equipment would be collected within 90 days, and the security deposit refunded 30 days after that! So you have to wait around 120 days to get your money back...they sure don't mention this while selling the product. DoT/TRAI should come up with clear-cut regulations on service support and termination for telecom providers to prevent harassment of customers. My recommendation is to go with Bharti Airtel, BSNL/MTNL.
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Aug 14, 2020
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This is Avirat from Bangalore. I've taken Tata Indicom Broadband connection about an year ago. Speed was good and network retentation was also good. However, the service was too bad whenever there is a n/w or physical failure. I had to wait atleast for a week [That too when you call at customer care and ask about the status of your complain!!!]

My realy problem started when I shifted my house. I had requested to shift existing broadband connection before three months. It has not been address till today [21-Dec-2007]. The funny thing is that I just need the connection shifted from 2A main to 4B Main street [Just 4 streets away - around 400 meters]. Initailly, the (So called!!!) concerned executives said that all routers are full and they cannot work on this!!!

After a month, they sent me a mail saying that I can get the connection shifted now and they asked me to give address proof of new location. I couriered the same and got the acknowledgement email from them. But after that, nothing happened. At interval of every 2-3 days, I used to call to Tata indicom customer care [+[protected]] and ask about the status. The call center people said that there is an update saying executives talked to me!!! I was amased after hearing this as nobody contacted me anytime! They also logged 3 complaints [one by one in past two months] asking to give update to me, but nothing worked! I spent around Rs. 400/- calling to customer care in past 2 months. I really felt bad and I shouted to the customer care people 2-3 times, too! But at the end, I understood that both customer care and so called concerned executives never contact each other!!!

At the end, I just have to disconnect the existing connection to get rid of this problem and apply for airtel/BSNL connection. :(
Be aware of the worst service of TATA Indicom Broadband in Bangalore and do not take the connection at any cost. Airtel is really good when you come to know about my experience.
I am facing the same problem. I applied for a shift of connection from Shivaji Housing Society to Bhonsalenagar, Pune 1.5 months back. After a lot of calls and complaints, I was told that the area is not feasible since the number of connections has been exhausted in that area. When I asked for a refund (I have around Rs. 3000 balance), they told me that it is not possible since I had taken a prepaid pack. The only solution is to continue using the connection in the old area or let the money lapse. Both solutions are not feasible for me. They are not letting me transfer the balance to another user account too. When I called up customer care to get a new connection, they told me it was available in the new area. I am not sure how to handle this situation but I do not want to let them take my money without providing me any service.

Tata Indicom Broadband — Poor service, almost full payment

I had subscribed to tata indicom broadband connection with id Arnab.[protected] Since the time of my subscription their services have been pathetic. On 29th October 2008, I found that my connection was not working. I lodged a complaint with them on 30th October. Since then I kept on calling them many a times and got the same response, internal server issues : work in progress. After all the phone calls also costed me a lot. Finally on 13th November I got fed up and asked for disconnection of their services (through mail : so that I have written evidence), seeking for my bill till that date so that I could pay it off and get their services disconnected. Again yesterday I got a call from their accounts team and I asked them to send the bill. When I got the bill I found that they have charged Rs. 1116.39 for infinity 384 plan which is almost the full payable amount for a month including taxes, when actually I got their connection for about 1 weeks 3 days in the time period billed. This is no way a broadband conpany should service customers. Also I fear that they will keep on disturbing me on the bills in the coming months, even if I make the payment now.

Thanks and Regards
Arnab Dey
I have trusted Tataindicomm broadband for my hispeed internet connection which is mainly used for my official purpose for an overseas client.

Service is very infrequent in my location and their tech support seems to have internal issues. They do not visit my location at Laketown, Kolkata. Their call logging system is also very dubious and I have to repeat silly information everytime.

I want my subscription money back and want to switch it ove to a local cable operator or BSNL who seems to be more reliable.

I suggest people to avoid their service. This company is ruining Tata brand name. Now I am thinking of going to consumer court.
Can anyone help?
Tata broadband says [protected] is tollfree number.It is not.If you dial from Bsnl, it says INVALID number.If you dial from Tata indicom, they charge, they do not have any toll free number.
This is FRAUD
I subscribed for Tata Indicom Broadband almost an tear ago and have discontinued the subscription due to poor performance of the broadband as well as the service backup. The net was nonfunctional for more than a dozen times in 12 months. Last time, it went off about three weeks back and till date no service persson attended or rectified the same. As a result, I discontinued the service and went for Airtel Broadband. At the time of the malfunction, my balance amount with the company was Rs 1700/= approximately, which I'm told is non-refundable and so I have lost it.
I didnt get this month bill pls send the bill to this mail ID [protected]

I didnt get this month bill pls send the bill to this mail ID [protected]

SIR MY LOGIN ID IS [protected]






Tata Broadband — No refund of security deposite 5 months after disconnection


I applied for disconnection of my Tata broadband in Bangalore in last week of July, but after following up for last 5 months also I have not got my money back.
I have almost 10 complaint numbers which I filed for the same, but never got any refund. Finally during last complaint of 5th Jan, I was told that I never submitted the security deposite which was kind of shock to me. Then I gave them my acknowledgement number along with the cheque details only to know that the call centre executive did not even entre that number in the complaint. This i got to know when I called back on 7th Jan.

I am really shocked at such a pathetic behavior of broadband officials. They are bringing a very BAD name to Tata empire..

Tata Broadband — Have not received my money back for more than 6 months

Hello Sir,

I registered a complained about not getting my money 1 month back also, and in response to that I got a mail from tata customer care. But after that, there has been no communication from there side.
Its the usual stuff they are doing and not refunding the money even after several follow-ups.

I am not really sure even if this site is useful in that case.
Please elp me in getting the feedback.


Tata Indicom Broadband — Not OK TATA: Bad Product & Poor Service

Not Ok Tata

I was what you might call a fairly loyal Tata Customer; with a Tata Sky DTH connection at home; a Tata Indicom CDMA wireless internet connection on my laptop and a Tata Indicom Broadband connection at home.
These relationships with Tata Company’s were worth ~Rs. 42, 000 (or ~US$ 900) to the Tata group each year and in this calculation I am not counting the Tata Tea I might have had or the Tata Steel that might have been used in the house I bought or the Tata Car I might have hired from time to time.

I am also a realist; I understand that sometimes things don’t go as planned, equipments malfunction, human errors happen and if everything else is going fine, the monsoons don’t come as planned leading to increased prices.

But despite being a docile camel, I’ve begun hurting from all the straws that one Tata group company has placed onto my back. My tale of woes began ever since I paid a 5 month advance (Oct08 Till Mar09) for what I’d thought would be trouble free high-speed broadband internet access.
The connection worked intermittently; but being a realist I understood and looked at this as an opportunity to make friends and get acquainted with a whole bunch of customer service representatives at the Tata Hyderabad (I think) service center.

Matters however got really interesting in the last few weeks when I registered a series of non-connection complaints (6 Mar 09 & 11 Mar 09) only to be informed today (14 Mar 09) that my account had since been suspended for non payment of dues despite having paid my dues online in the last week of Feb09 (I have a confirmation from my bank that the payment had been processed but it seems it didn’t reach Tata Indicom and off course nobody thought it important enough to inform me).

Therefore to use a broadband term, my connection request is now truly timed out due alleged non payment suspension for a connection that anyways does not work most of the time. To add insult to injury the Telephone number of the Nodal officer for grievances provided to me by the service center is switched off.

As a businessman, my advice to Tata management would be - Jaagore - and take what corrective steps they can to ensure that they don’t continue liquidating the Tata brand equity at this frightening rate.

As a customer I guess there isn’t much left for me to do or say other than Tata Bye Bye.
iam also using tataindicom broadband they services are worst.
i want my internet connection to be cancelled.could you tell me the procedure soon...thank you
Dear Sir,

My self Ashok Dewan my login id is -- [protected] from last Friday 08/05/09 my net is not working. I called at customer care and got the reply thatbase station is down of my area i.e G.T.B Nagar today is 13/05/09 and till now the base station is down it effecting by business. Last complaint no 9676060

Kindly look into this matter





CONTACT NO-[protected], [protected]

sir, last month five days net down after every 30mintues net down, iam call to[protected] and[protected] NO responds
I want to cancell my plug to surf connection since I have subscribed to the Photon plus connection.

My Connection no [protected]

A/c No[protected]

Vivek Bathija
Dear Sir,

I am having Broad Band connection & No. is [protected].my net is not working since 6/8/2009.
I am not getting tel. Nos. of service centres ( near Dwarka).
Could you help me in resolving this issue.?

SK Aggarwal.
Dear sir/madam,

This is regarding the frequent disconnection problem. The adsl link in the router goes off suddenly in a day. I have been complaining more than 12 times, and the disconnection period varies from 20minutes to 2 hours. After that the connection get resumed.

Regarding this i have made several complaints, and the complaints are closed for that particular day, but again next day am facing the problem. Now i have been promised that i will not face this problem anymore. I don't know how loong it will sustain.

Since am into online share trading, every minute is very much valuable to me. So only am keep on complaining.In this regard of my loss how you are gonna compensate ?.

When i spoke to the nodal officer on 17th August (around 1 pm), I was informed that compensation will be given only if i face a 72 hours continous disconnection. And I was also informed that "IF I WANT A 24 HOURS CONTINOUS CONNECTION I SHOULD HAVE TAKEN A LEASED LINE "

AS PER TRAI - Broadband - TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has defined broadband as “An always on data connection having the capability of minimum download speeds of 256 kbps”

My plan is a broadband connection of 400kbps -- Broadband means - Always online - which states that i am supposed to get 24 hours connection line, but in my case i had lost around 20 minutes to 2 hours nearly 4 to 5 days.(check my complaints history for proof). The customer care executives informed that it was due to server down.

I need proper explanation, and what is the meaning of broad band in TATA and now your fair usage policy - what is meant by unlimited according to TATA.

How a nodal officer can say a statement that if i want a 24hrs connection then i need to take leased line, in tata website itself its written as broadband means "always on data connection "
I have subscribed for TataIndicom BroadBand Connection(username:[protected] and I had frequent problems in the connection. Hence, on 29th July 2009 I had called up their customer care division and raised a complaint (Complaint #[protected] and got a reply that it will be resolved within 24 hrs. As I didn’t get this issue resolved till 3rd Aug, I called up again and their executive informed that the issue is escalated and will be resolved within 48 hours. But it didn’t happen so and I had to call again on 4th and 5th Aug 2009 and got the same reply repeatedly. Hence, I visited their office at chetpet, chennai in person on 6 Aug 2009, but no proper response was given.
Since the issue was not yet resolved in spite of my continuous calls, I had sent a letter dated 07th Aug, to their mailing address. But even then the issue was not resolved, I had sent another letter dated 11th Aug, asking them to refund the money I had paid to them.
This is really an unpleasant experience which no one could expect from a reputed brand like Tata.

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