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We hired this company back in November of 2010. Kushal Shah ([protected] promised to deliver the project within 35 days with money back guarantee. Here's an email dated November 29, 2010:
How are you?
Hope you are doing good.
We as a company Techfreakdevelopers give money-back guarantee double than project amount if not finished on time and according to given document.
We will deliver it in max 35 days from date of payment.

Seven months later and almost $2,000 paid, Kushal Shah of or Hexapartners
Attempted several times to contact him but no word at all.

Beware of this man (this is his Facebook:[protected]&v=wall)
He only takes your money and don't deliver!!! Kushal Shah,, Hexapartners - one and the same - they are rip offs!
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He is a SCAMMER!!! Do not ever believe him.

i told you once again.

He is a scammer!!

Go To HELL with your family Kushal Shah!!!

Techfreak development, hexapartner and all of your fake company..

[censored] YOU!!!
I am using services of Techfreak developers since long about 3+ years.
We are very happy with there services.
Kushal Shah is very Trustworthy and I don't think he might have done this.
Might be communication problem.

Hugen sen
Are you a reputation management company managing their online reputation? Kushal Shah is not trustworthy. We contacted him several times by all means to no avail. We filed for a complaint with Paypal to get our money back and still no response. We even contacted him via Facebook and nothing!
its a fuking fake
I have also been scammed by this scumbag named Kushal Shah. I hired him to develop an app and after paying him several thousand dollars he never delivered. He made the exact same money back guarantee to me, but all attempts to contact him to get my money back have been ignored. Techfreak developers/ hexapartners is a complete scam.
they just take money and ddt answer any one now they blocked my gmail and skype
Beware of the! They have placed a bid on my project, then being very nice and friendly and pushy same time, until I have made an deposit of 25% of the app price. We agreed they will make it in 35 days and that I will be fully satisfied with the app. Then we start talking about the game, they started asking for more and more money, even if we agreed on price, the plan and concept of the game from the beginning. I have cancelled the project because I don't trust them anymore and asked about money return. And then the problems starts... They are not willing to return me any money. First they said they will return the money in 3 days. Of course, nothing happens. Then they said it will be after another 2 days, Nothing happens. Now they are not answering any of my messages or emails. Beware of them! They are liars and thieves, all they want is your money, you will not get any work in return! The reviews they have here are fake, written by themselves!
totally fake
complete fake posting
allen08, I think you are the person who scammed us all. Not the postingS are fake, your company is fake. People look at their website before you fall into their scam. http://
Diana77 a
Who wants an email address to cyber police from Mumbai to report this scambag, PM me. They are taking legal steps against him already. If we are more, is better for us. Me personally, I don't care about the money I've lost. I just want to see him down and stop him stealing from others.
Dinna77 i have full information about this scamers
check ur PM
We believe we are currently being scammed by this company which is now operating under the address however the whois information contains the information shown at the bottom. I also noticed though on wayback archive has a snapshot that shows when [protected] must have purchased the domain and placed a warning about the company up. This can be viewed here[protected]/ In addition both and are no longer serving any pages. They seem to have just put their site up under the new name Please provide me with any information that I may need to report them along with others should they fail to deliver as I suspect based on these posts and other evidence they will. I have sent them a final email giving them one last chance but wanted to get this additional information up there in the mean time. We will work with everyone and anyone needed to keep this from happening to others.

Administrative Contact:
ekuka, techfreaks [protected]
Ekuka Technology
6, Panghat apt
Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015
Somebody please give me more information about techfreak developer.

Cause i just hire and paid Thousands USD to [protected]

and he just request more money..

Please help me to get my money back.

Thank you..
Techfreak developer is LIAR!!!

Please somebody punish him..
guys and gal;

the next time you guys have to outsource, and you ask the person to provide you with ipa and then pay. see what they say; if they say no. most likely is scam.

plus, the guy or whoever will say to pay them when they have the design for you… then you tell them, you only pay 5%. see what they say; i would assume, they say no…. and you just keep saying 5% or no deal. and no matter how lovely they sound, just stick with 5%, eventually, they just walk away. then you know it's scam.

hope you guys have good time trying these things.

also watch for these names; also scam….
[censored]ing faking... We're trying to sue them. (TechFreak)

Techfreak cheaters are again in market. with new fake company name. here I am posting some freelancer accounts which is
accessed by the.

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