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[Resolved]  The Mobile Store — Highly unsatisfied Service

This is with reference to online shopping on The mobile store, the complain is with regards to substandard service and unreasonable delay in delivering the product.
This is with reference to the order of which details are mentioned below.
Order No.[protected], Order Placed on 5/3/2010, payment recieved by the mobile store on 5/3/2010.
As per the website of the mobile store @ it is clearly mentioned that once the payment has been made the mobile phone would be delivered in three working days. I have not recieved my order till 12th March 2010. Secondly services of mobile phone in the form of feedback, toll free number and email is a gimic and is just to fool the customer. Quote this, when you call customer care they do not have any information about the order, all they can say is that "we will forward your complain to the concern department", In email also you get the same reply. I have called 7 times and send 7 emails but still no one could explain me the reasons for the delay or even ensure that I get the product. A consumer feels hopeless because he has already made the payment. The Status on the website is "Vendor Allocated", The vendor Allocated is The Mobile Store, CP, New Delhi. I fail to understand that even though The shiping address is also from New Delhi, why It takes so long at your end to deliver the order.
In todays generation of Online shopping a customer expects quick and prompt service. I am affraid that if this kind of service continues thousand of customers may be fooled.

ALL FUTURE CUSTOMERS ARE requested TO STAY AWAY from the mobile store.
I have suffered huge loss beacuse the mobile phone was intended to be used for my business, and I had advertised the sim number on my website.

Looking forwards for your Prompt action and reply.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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The Mobile Store — Mobile Service

hi Everyone,

I bought a new samsung s 3310 mobile @ The mobile store. within one day, a line apeared in the display of the mobile. I registered a complaint in that shop and handover the mobile set to them for service. After that they didnt update anything. And i was tried to reach them on phone, its said switched off. Then i tried to reach the cc of THE MOBILE STORE, its saying "Thank you for waiting" ,not long time only 30 minutes.Just i have only one doubt, is this the style of The mobile store to make money. Dont trust other mobile shop which is in your city, because you are not going to purchase mobile frequently, so they will offer something and give you a worthless product. buy mobile from the shop, who has running his business in your city for long time..
Dear Mr.Srikant Gokhale

First let me congratulate you for having award "Most Admired Retailer of the Year 2010-Mobile and Telecom". This is the best token of success for one of my most fav brand . Wish you and Mobile Store a great success ahead

Sir, I am writing you with sort of request ( Please don't consider it as complain).I being a very very loyal customer of your Stores and have visited at least 100 outlet personally, I have have never felt any problem in service or set, till recently.

I visited one of your store, whose address is here by given:-

Boring Road Dhankarpura, Boring Road, Patna - 800002

and brought one MICROMAX mobile. Though in this store everyone knows me because each month i usually buy one cell or other, I felt really ashamed with the service being provide with the said store.

Couple of months back, i was told that this mobile-MICROMAX is of good quality and under the same impression i purchased it and gifted it to my brother in law.But withing a week, the set stop working and it required a change in mother board. I submitted it with your store and i was assured that it will be serviced and delivered back to me in One week.

With this promised, so many weeks have passed and i am still to receive the set back. Now, unfortunately my office stood just opposite to your store, i cant help but once in a week i pop in and keep enquiringly about my set.


Being a loyal customer I would like to ask few things from you:-

1. Why you are selling MICROMAX set? (IF IT IS NOT GOOD TO BUY..?)
2. why cant we approach the consumer forum for the staff behavior and lack of professionalism?(ITS MY HARD EARNED MONEY!) and you have given me guarantee for the same!
3, who will explain the delay of more than 60 days in serving one set? ( store manager says-he cant)

I am still to receive the Cell and with n number of false promises of the delivery date i am forced to write you this mail, and with deep heart i would like to inform you that i am no more loyal customer to your Brand. Yes i know, Individual me, is not going to hamper your business. But trust me, I will be more vocal and more on the opposite side of yours while discussing set and services

Best Wishes!!

Jai Hind

Nishheth Parashar

Corporate Office
Micromax House, 697, Udyog Vihar, Phase-V,
Gurgaon, Haryana, INDIA
Ph. :[protected]/2
Mobile store is the worst in customer relations ... i really done understant how these people are running these stores...

Just want say that its better you do your homework with the kind of people sitting at your branches other wise things may go wrong at your end ... & this could be me who will make it wrong ...I am specifically talking about the Store you have in "Vikas Puri New Delhi at PVR".

These guys donot even bother to revert back to the customer... i am really suprised .


Can any one suggest me how to get E-mail ID of Srikant Gokhale, CEO themobile store. We should approch him for our problems.

Manish Pandya
I have been trying to get in touch with the so called "Customer care" of Mobile store, but the emails remain unanswered and if you are able to connect over phone the standard reply is that they will get in touch with concerned department. I REQUEST ALL THAT DO NOT FALL PREY TO VARIOUS SCHEMES LAUNCHED BY MOBILE STORE - MORE SO THE "CASH BACK" SCHEME AS YOU WILL NEVER GET IT. I have been trying to get it for last 8 months now for 25% cash back that was promised a year back.

Pradeep Ahuja
Dear sir/mam,

This is the mail regarding my PF (provident fund) claim. I did many correspondence (as affix with this mail) & call regarding my PF to Ms. Ragini mam& Ms. Surbhi mam HR in Delhi Head office but she always neglect the things. I never get a positive feedback & guidence.

Should this type of expectation we (employee) have with our company (TMS) that after working with very hard & having so many positive expectation we received this type feedback and compensation. Me & the other employee currently working at TMS who are having contact with me are getting very DEMORALIZE due to this feedback & having unsecure future.

I worked with this organization very honestly and with my best possible positive efforts for a long time & relax my responsibilities on 5th September 2011. I fill the PF form in December 2011 for my PF funds so that i can take some rest from my needy financial situation but i think there is no hope for me.

So after many disappointment & fatigue I’m writing this mail to you with very hopeful eye. If there is any authority who can listen my voice & can help me out. So plz do needful ASAP….

It's my very humble request and hope to you that you will not disappoint me as i expect from you.

Staring with very hopefully for your feedback. Thank you...!



EMP CODE[protected]
Email id: Manish.[protected]
To Mr.Srikant Gokhale,

This is to bring to your notice that I have being facing the following problems as mentioned in trial mail.
I have not been yet approached by any of your employee even after putting soo many mails to the following 2 ID's.



I have also submitted complains on your website from CONTACT US many times but still haven't got any satisfying resolution from yourside.

But all in vein, it seems that all fake information is provided on the website of themobilestore.
If a problem is from yourside, it should be resolved by your employees to satisfy customer and make customer happy.
Here it's totally opposite case.
I had purchased micromax funbook tab on 3rd nov which was a defective piece and we complained the same day.At that time we were told that you'll get a replaced packed same tab.
Later on when duo was done your employees told us that now we don't have the same piece as its not available in our stock all over India so now u'll have to buy some other handset.So I requested for refund as I don't want to buy any other handset.
I also requested to make the tab available from some other outlet and redeem my duo if you can't refund my amount.
But that is also not agreed.It's your problem if the same piece is not available in your stock.Why should customer suffer and buy some other handset.This is the worst service I have ever come across in my life.It's not my mistake anywhere in the scene than why should I suffer?I have invested not just 100bugs but its the matter of Rs.7101.I don't understand what problem do you have in providing me my refund amount(7101) so atleast I can buy it from some other good outlet.
Even after taking so much steps you'll do not have courtesy to atleast give a call from some senior person of themobilestore.
Make sure that if you are providing me the same configuration ph with same amount which I have paid for the previous defective piece.Why should I put more amount, or buy some other handset and put some more money.
Even after explaining and putting mails again and again, and things wont work from yourside, than I'll have to take some crucial step against themobilestore, it might not only be a complain to consumercourt against themobilestore but I'll bring all these things in eye of media.I have been given a time of 2-3 days yesterday by 2 of your employee(one is mangesh the manager of themobilestore virar west and the other one is your customer care executive)to wait for same tab out of which 1 day has passed away.So, now for you'll only 2 more days are left to face some legal situation if you all don't refund my 7101rs. or make the tablet available for me.And make sure that I AM NOT GOING TO ACCEPT ANY SEAL BROKEN TABLET OR A SINGLE PENNY LESS FROM MY PAID AMOUNT AS REFUND NOR WOULD I ACCEPT SAME REPLACED PIECE BUY PUTTING SOME MORE AMOUNT NOT EVEN A SINGLE RUPEE MORE AND NEITHER OTHER HANDSET OR SOME OTHER ACCESSORIES.The thing should not happen like that the price have rised and all those cheatings. I WOULD BE EXTREMELY HAPPY IF YOU BETTER REFUND MY FULL AMOUNT INSTEAD PROVIDING ME THE PACKED SAME MODEL TABLET BECAUSE NOW I AM VERY MUCH UNSATISFIED WITH YOUR SERVICE AND DON'T WANT TO KEEP ANY RELATION WITH THEMOBILESTORE BECAUSE YOU'LL JUST CHEAT CUSTOMERS AND NOW I CAN'T TRUST THEMOBILESTORE.

[protected] Forwarded message[protected]
From: "Bhavika Rathod" <[protected]>
Date: Nov 10, 2013 10:27 AM
Subject: Fwd: Query Received | themobilestore

To: <[protected]>

To, Mr M.D of THE MOBILE STORE and CEO (Mr.Srikant Gokhale)

The worst service of Mobile store.I am totally unsatisfied from the service.I have purchased Micromax Funbook Tab(with calling) on from THE MOBILE STORE(Vishnu Pratibha Appt, Virar west) of RS.7101.The same day problem of applications not getting shared was faced by me, and i visited the shop for the same.The person there told me that the piece seems defective so will get it replaced once the service center opens on 5th Nov 2013.When I submitted the tab on 5th person there told you yourself go to service center and put the request for replacement, when it was your employee's duty to submit it to the service center as it was the same day complain.Later when he agreed to submit by themselves we were told that you will get the replaced piece tomorrow (very next day) but they told me that SERVICE CENTER WAS CLOSED and was not given and told to visit on Saturday.On saturday when we approached for the piece, we are told that your replacement of piece has been done but now we do not have the stock for the same piece.As throughout India no Stock is available for the same Piece also i was offered a cash back of 350 Rs. for which i was told to purchase some accessory only.The accessory which I wanted was not available in the stock throughout India so, again I was told to pay some more bugs and buy some other accessory from the cash back.And it got expired in 3 days, even when I have not received any phone how will I buy any accessory?and in these stupidity you'll just expired the cash back time period.Now, I am told to buy some other phone as the STOCK IS NOT AVAILABLE.

I would never recommend anyone to buy from Mobile Store nor would I in future purchase anything.

You people cheat with customers sell defective pieces and than when problem is faced by the customer you'll don't keep STOCK AVAILABLE THROUGHOUT INDIA.

For what the hell have you'll have opened the shop if no STOCK is available throughout INDIA just to make CUSTOMERS FOOL and make FRAUDS, once customer buys some thing later on YOU"LL JUST DON'T KEEP THE STOCK AVAILABLE THROUGHOUT INDIA.

You people make sure that I am going to put these things on social networking sites and going to approach high authorities and consumer court,

I want the same piece or my whole Amount to be refunded within a day.

I had put the mail on 6th nov'2013 and got an auto mail as below


Dear Bhavika Rathod,

Thank you for choosing www.themobilestore.infor shopping online.

This is to notify that we have received your query and it has been forwarded to the concerned department. We request you to grant us 48 hours to get back to you. We anticipate your co-operation on the same.

Feel free to contact us for any more questions you may have. You can also directly speak to our customer care at[protected].

Thank you for shopping with us!
themobilestore Team

Copyright © 2013,"

But I have still not yet been contacted by any of your employee.You''ll don't ensure anything and give any commitment IF YOU"LL DON'T KNOW THE MEANING OF COMMITMENT TO CUSTOMER"

You FRAUDS are just using customers money and making cheats with loyal customers.The amount may be a very small amount for you'll but for a customer its a big investment amount.I have sent the scanned copy of bill also with the last mail but all in vein.

This is the second time i am putting the same query and am is unsatisfied and angry.I WANT THE REPLACED WITHIN A DAY OR REFUND OF WHOLE AMOUNT OF RS.7101.

I am attaching the snapshot of bill for the proof that i have purchased the MICROAM FUNBOOK TABLET OF Rs.7101

I have not been given a Warranty Card or not even a Bill on the name of THE MOBILE STORE.This only makes sure that YOU'll ARE FRAUDS.

Please revert on this MR.CEO ASAP.

Angry, Unsatisfied Customer,

Bhavika Rathod

Dear Mr. Ceo,

I am writing to bring to your attention the highly unreliable services which you bundle to your products.

Around 3 months back, the screen of my mobile (Sony Xperia P) started malfunctioning. I opted for extended warranty for the 2nd year when i purchased my mobile and and the error occurred in the second year itself. So I approached the mobile store center here in my city Kurukshetra and gave them the mobile for servicing.

Now its already 3 months and i did not got my mobile. I have approached the mobile store center more than 20 times and every time they said that i will get my mobile in 2-3 days. They said he have given the mobile to some person named kapil in mobile store, Panchkula for repair. Kurukshetra's mobile store person also talked to their senior managers and they also warned the concerned persons a lot of times . I have also talked to Mr. R. bajaj from Mumbai and he also keeps on saying that I will get my mobile in 2-3 coming days. But I did not get it till now and no action is taken in this respect.

I want to question the credibility of your company and wants you to help me find a reason why I should not stop using your products and why today's youth should not come to know, through blogs, social media and newspapers, about your practice of cheating your own customers. Please advise as to why I should not seek immediate intervention from consumer forum and seek damage changes against the losses and harassment I have been put to.

Ashish Garg
Hai i am one more victim of the mobile store. I bought a screen guard for Samsung galaxy tab. They have sent me an empty packaging. I have sent an email regarding this and the customer care centre there was no response after 3 months said they never received any email ! i wrote an email and send the hard copies of the email to their mumbai managing director's address. I got that letter returned back. I am trying to find direct address of MD. Please let me know if have any direct address or phone number coz the customer care is just a bluff.
Dear Sri,
I'm purchased Samsung galaxy trend s7392 black in online receiver problem after 3 days. I handover the service center Nandanam in Chennai. They Given DOA certificate after 3 days .I hand over the DOA certificate with Mobile.
store details;
The Mobile store limited
Phone no;[protected]
OMS Invo no#:[protected]
Order no:11325643
Invoice no:13204/2627
Date :5/6/14
But still I'm not receiving replacement mobile. Kindly make arrange a new mobile. Please replay immeadiatly
My Name: Arumugam
MY phone no: [protected]
address: 6/13 Nethaji street, Saidapet, chennai- 600015.
Email ID: [protected] [protected]
Dear Mobile Store
& Whoever it may concern,

This is to report a series of preposterous events that happened during my turbulent purchase experience of your latest smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S8 IMEI NO. [protected] Invoice no.- 52661/14120944.

May 4th, 2017:

I pre-booked the phone and was educated that I will get a Wireless Charger as FOC along with my purchase. To my excitement, I booked the phone through this gentleman, Mr. Deep Sagar, who proposed me the phone at THE MOBILE STORE, CP B Block, New Delhi 110001 outlet. I was informed that both my charger and my phone will arrive on May 11th, 2017.

May 11th, 2017:

I was excited to receive what I was committed on this day & yes, I was excited. But when Mr. Deep Sagar (the store manager) and I were on the verge of closing the deal, I was shocked to learn that the scheme under which I was supposed to get a Wireless charger (as FOC) was not uplinked on to the Samsung’s server, or so was told to me by the same salesperson. He was not at all helpful by any means. What was worse, he did not even admit he/his outlet, THE MOBILE STORE, were anywhere at fault. Considering I was upset, he offered me a power bank as powerful as 14500 mAH. I CHOSE NOT TO ACCEPT IT and stood firm for my Wireless Charger to be given to me with the purchase. I argued that since, as a customer, I was not at fault, the commitment from Samsung must be honored. Just because some salesperson did not punch it right, why should I be bearing the damage? I don’t know all of that.

May 22nd, 2017:

I again visited the Store. I enquired if my issue was resolved but to my sheer annoyance, it was not. Rather than arguing this time, I asked the gentleman to stop misguiding me and give me a solution as to how will I get my Free Mobile Cover.
He offered me the power bank again and suggested I speak to the Samsung Customer Care. They told me to get the phone, insert the SIM (the registered mobile number I pre-booked with) into Slot-1 of my new S8. By doing this, I will get a confirmation-text about my Free Mobile Cover in 4 HRS or less. I though I should trust Samsung at least considering which I bought the phone and left, happily.

I kept waiting for the confirmation-text message for days but it never appeared. I felt there was something wrong. I went back and asked the same salesperson, Mr. Deep Sagar, as to why had I still not received it. Even called you on Samsung customer care, where I was told that I had to insert the SIM in Slot-1 whereas you inserted in Slot-2. Now, I CERTAINLY DID NOT KNOW THAT! HOW WILL I EVER KNOW THAT?!

Finally, when I insisted that I want my Free Mobile Cover, he got arrogant and straight away denied. Enough happened that day and I got back home hopeless.
Later, even my friend went to explain the same ##### that it is not my fault as I am just one customer who only wanted to buy a phone but even he was abused, insulted and sent back.

I reckon that is all the reason I wanted to write to you reporting my case. I suspect, the Free Mobile Cover is still in Deep Sagar’s custody, who knows maybe this was all deliberate so he could pick on my freebie.

This is the first smartphone I loved so much at that price point that even if I could not afford it, I struggled and squeezed my pockets to get it on EMIs. However, now when I have my phone I am not happy with this purchase as I clearly know, I deserve my Free Mobile Cover.

I am requesting your reply in anticipation and trusting Samsung for justice.

Gunjita Kumar

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