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 rahul s nair
Dear sir,
I am owner of a TVS Fiero motor cycle, Oct/Nov 2002 makeReg No (CH03K 9896), having Eng No M1209M154141 and Chassis No M1209F152405. The company has discontinued production of the model few years later. I had given the bike for servicing and repair (job card no 3242)w.e.f first week of Apr 09 at Sahil Automobiles Somalwada Sq, Wardha Road, Nagpur.(Ph[protected]. The expected delivery date of the bike was 07 Apr 09 as per the dealer.The bike was given to the dealer for repair of the broken mud guard which the dealer has assured that he will get it replaced within 3 days.It is with utmost grievience i am lodging this complaint that even after repeated visit to the showroom the dealer could not rectify the defect till date for want of spares. The service supervisor of the dealer has been saying that spares are not received and he is asking me to tie up for the spares from some other authorised service center.The attitude of the service supervisor and the owner of Sahil automobiles has been extremely negative and utterly disgusting. About three to four weeks later, I contacted TVS motor company regional office near Sai Mandir, Wardha Road, Nagpur-15, spoke to the service manager of the company(Mr Rajesh Rewatkar), conveyed the difficulties I've faced to get my bike repaired at the above mentioned authorised service centre and lodged a complaint in their register. The service manager has promised to solve the issue within a week. I have been calling him every week since then to check about the progress, but there has been no positive response from that side also.The bike has not been repaired till date. The dealer has dumped the vehicle unattended and told me to take the motor cycle back as they could not carryout the repair. The company has been launching new models quite frequently and after sales service of old models are not been attended to due to lack of spares.Non availability of spares for models of year 2002 not understood. This is resulting in difficulties to the existing customer. The approach of the TVS motor company/dealer is extremely different when it comes to after sales support as compared to selling new products. Requested that the matter may kindly be looked into for not rectifying the defect and providing my bike, in time. An early reply from your side is solicited. Thank you.

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[Mar 21, 2014] TVS Motor Company customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
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My vehicle Apache RTR FI - Jan'09 model is having lot of problems, the service also not upto the mark in RAMKAY showroom, Adyar Chennai. Having put lot of money in purchasing this vehicle, i'm not happy with the service and response provided by the showroom dealers.

Tvs Motor Company — non availability of tvs scooty pep headlight wiring in haridwar

non availability of tvs scooty pep head light wiring in haridwar uttarakhand
My self KrishnaKumar having TVS Apache 2008 modle from last 2 month i am facing problem with my back wheel which is been sleping one side . And I have been given My bike to your service centre's (1) Vashi TVS Kapoor service centre & Chembur Amma service centre.
So please do the needfull to me . Thank you
Unpleasant experience with the New Scooty Streak

Dear Sir,

We bought a New Scooty Streak on Mar-26-2009. Initially the vehicle sound from the silencer was nasty. The vehicle didn’t move smoothly like a new one. Before the 1st service the vehicle switched off completely and oil spilling happened near the rear wheel. I physically toed the vehicle to the dealer from my home which is 6kms away from the dealer as they didn’t support me well at that time. The vehicle was not smooth while driving even after the 1st service. After continuous visits to the Dealer they have done winding / tuning in the engine, cleaned the carburetor and replaced the silencer and some other changes. Carburetor was cleaned for the 2nd time after the 1st service. I wonder why these repairs required for a brand new vehicle.

All this happened before completing 550 kms drive. Within this duration I have atleast visited the dealer for about 10times to rectify the problem. After replacing the silencer and tuning up the engine and other changes, now the vehicle is having few other problems like starting trouble and uneasiness while driving.

Due to my repeated requests and follow-ups with the dealer, they gave the mobile no of Mr. Sathish, Territory Manager of TVS Chennai in-turn he redirected me to Mr. Velmurugan, Service Manager of TVS Chennai. According to Mr. Velmurugan’s advice Mr. Vignesh, Service engineer of your team checked the vehicle and confirmed that presently he could not find any problems in it. Actually the current problems like starting trouble and uneasiness in driving not happens frequently.

Hence Mr.Velmurugan confirmed me that TVS will take care of my vehicle and he is ready to help me at any time during the warranty period. But now the performance of the vehicle is absolutely like a used one.

I wish to quote something for your update. Initially when I visited Sathya Motors, their sales rep Mr. Arasakumar, promised me to give a reasonable discount for cash purchase and some accessories. But at the time of sale he refused to give the discount or anything as this is a new model! If TVS or their dealer cannot give any discount for a vehicle and be rigid in pricing, then you should deliver a trouble free vehicle to the customer.

How did this vehicle slipped from your quality control team and reached the dealer with manufacturing deffects. How an authorised dealer could not check and deliver the vehicle to customer? Why the dealer charged me for vehicle handling? Is this the value TVS adds for customers by cosy and attractive TV commercials, press ads etc?

Misunderstanding happened between me and my wife just because of this vehicle as she was demanding “Bajaj Krystal”. For some reason I was attracted with Scooty Streak and I convinced her for the same. Now we are overloaded with mental torture of the vehicle’s performance.
I bought this vehicle to gift my wife on our 10th wedding day. My daughter named the new Scooty Streak as “Anjali” and we took this home as our new family member. But till now, we never had the happiness of the vehicle. Sir, everything went in vain after spending Rs.42, 000/- in cash and we gained a major trouble, pain and mental torture.

I am awaiting a favourable reply from your team in another couple of days. Hence it forces me to go for Consumer Council Court for the injustice happened to me.

Quick Reference -
Vehicle >>> Scooty Streak – Mauve
Vehicle Reg No.>>> TN 22 BV 1258
Vehicle Registered Name >>> Sangeetha .K.P
Frame No >>> MD626DG3592C22139
Engine No >>> OG3C92798063
Dealer Sathya Motors, Tambaram Sanatorium

Thank you,

Tvs Motor Company — Vibration while riding my apache fi

I bought apache rtr 160 fi before 2 months :) while riding the bike above 60 the front part of the bike got vibrates heavily:)
TVS SCOOTY purchased on 25.6.2007 .from lotus agencies coimbatore. Invoice no 54914. on the month
of june when I removed the scooter from the stsnd and when i drove it only for about 25 feet the front wheel
collapsed and I ALMOST fell down in the middle of the road. Luckily there was no vehicle passing by in front of me or from behind. Just imagine what would have happned to me in case there were any vehicles on either directions. I left the vehicle for repair and also got it repairec through insurance. But the problem still exists.While riding if the wehicle moves over a small pit or a speed breaker the action of the shock absorber.
is not effective. I hear only a thud noise. I am sure that thefront fork assembly would break any time which
was replaced on12.7.2009.vide invoice no 3506057 dated 31.7.2009. In this condition how can I ride the
vehicle confidently.What will happen IF IT WOULD BREAK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD IN A BUSY
TRAFFIC. Just imagine. What is the reply from the management.
I purchased TVS Flame 125CC with drum brake in the month of October 2008 and since then I am facing problems though it is almost a year and I ride this vehicle just 7000 Kms so far.

Two months back the vehicle underwent major changes, i.e. the cylinder and piston kit was replaced with Flame SR - 125CC's kit for better pick-up and average but after this replacement the condition of the vehicle became worst and even after several visits the condition is standstill, neither their Head Office nor Regional Office located in Delhi is now taking any interest to solve this issue.

Though TVS Motor Company claim that a proper training is given to the engineers working at their showroom but I feel that either they (Co.) do not give proper training or give just tips to the engineers due to which company earns but consumer loose their hardearned money.

I wrote various mails to the Head Office of TVS Motor but I have not received any feedback so far, so now I am planning to take legal action against TVS Motor Company.
I have purchaged one tvs dot mateix printer (msp240 classic). this printer did not print the paper
properly .so please solved my problems immediatly

santosh jakhmola
I agree with the complaints of TVS Streak. I have also purchased one in Hyderabad's M/s. Shanti Motors. From the day one at the time of fitting out the vechicle for the delivery i found fault with the throttle handle and i had to beg them for the replacment. The show room people says it is minor it will get adjusted on its own. How can they say that when a customer is spending 43000 rupees in cash and compromise on the quality? after delivery the vehicle started stopping on its own at the "signals" and whenever we slow down. This resulted in bumping some one from behind some times, by gods grace nothing major occured.

Later, during the the first Free service, i have reported the above problem for which service station people said it will be fixed. I have taken the delivery of the vehicle in the evening and went on the road and found the dipper switch is not functioning. When i took it to service station, they simply say its a minor problem which means we have to live with it though its brand new vehicle. After again requesting repeatedly they agreed to replace the switch and demanded me to pay for it saying it is not covered in the warranty though its a brand new vehicle and under warranty.

One more problem i observed is "the mis firing" while the riding. It is mis firing and stopping on the middle of the road when ever i slow down. One fine day it did not even start. When it is taken to the service station, it is found that the Spark plug is gone and need to replace. Again i had pay for it thought the vehicle is under warranty and service book - terms conditions say the spared and not covered under warranty - this is a lessor for people like me that we have to read the terms and conditions of the service book before buying vehicle. However, we have not agreed to those terms whcih are printed on their service booklet which are purely in their favor. The spared/all should covered under warranty at least.

So, after replacement of the spark plug, again the misfiring is on and i am sure in a few days again i need to replace the spark plug and pay for it though it is under warranty.

I have intimated my problem seeking help/feedback on sending email to "" but there is no reponce till date. I have sent several reminders but in vein.

Help need please.
can you tell me where is the service center in delhi for servicing of tvsstreak.. near by shalimar bagh..?



Tvs Motor Company — non availability of CDI of Fiero F2

i own tvs fiero f2 2003 model.its CDI is not working from last 10 days.and i am not getting it from anywhere.
Dear Sir, I purchased Apache RTR in october 2007 on dhan teras. All the services I had taken, each time it was from tvs service center in my home town (Delhi Road- Saharanpur). I am highly satisfied with the TVS Moter Byke. But the problem is that, I am very much disappointed with the services of local service centers in Saharanpur. There were some problems in my byke in the very beginning, I asked them to get repaired the same, but these problems could not be resolved. Due to this I am still suffering these problems. The staff of TVS servicec center, all of them have very rude behaviour. They dont even talk properly with customers. In regard to this, I am assuring that I will never recommend anybody to go for TVS Moter Byke. In my company all of us have byke from TVS Moters only. If you do something good about your services, then it will be much better otherwise you will be loosing your valuable customers. I need your favour in regard to the services. That will even help you in retaining the other customers who are fed up with the services.
Pawan Kumar Tiwari
Dear sir,
i am kuldeep singh chauhan from haridwar. sir, i have purchased a TVS Apache RTR160FI on dated 22April2009 from NEW SATNAM TVS agency Roorkee . After one month my bike is suddenly one side full damaged in an accident. then after i was changed whole body of my bike. But at that time some body parts is not avilable like pingal in that showroom where i was changed the body. i have already ordered the parts before 3 months and there is no response comes on this order on behalf of your company. So i requst to you to take the immediate action to provide me the parts of my bike in that showroom.

i inform you that the service and the staff in above showroom is very bad.

jaydeep singh chauhan, mobile no. [protected], haridwar(uttrakhand) Bike no. UK08P 1015
Dear Sir,

I have booked Apache RTR 160 but the showroom people wants to pay a PDI charges and compelsory buy a acessories from them otherwise they will not give the vehicle they are saying.
And one more thing the GM of Sona Motors, Mysore he very arrogent and indiscplened person he was telling that Sona Motors is his showroom what he was saying we want to do and buy all those thing what he saying otherwise he will not give the vehicle. I want to cancel the vehicle but the sales person Mr. Ravill convinced me and ask apology thats why i am buying the vehicle. Please take action on that GM of Sona Motors, Mysore.

Thanking You.

TVS AUTOMOBILES — customer negligence

I have been trying to contact the TVS main Office but there is no information available regarding this. I am a VERY UNSATISFIED CUSTOMER of TVS.
I have purchased the RTR 160 Yellow Apache, double disk from A. K. Automobiles, Kirtinagar Shahadra, Delhi on 20th September 2009 and still have not received my RC till date. I have contacted them every week since the purchase of my bike for the RC and the number as well. I received the number in 25 days!! Due to which the bike was parked at my house for over 2 weeks!!
As far as the RC is concerned as I mentioned above I have been calling every week and the personel there tell me to come to their office either a saturday or a sunday of that week and when I go there they tell me that I will have to wait for another week, so I have been going to their office every week since the purchase of the bike.
I purchased the bike from TVS due to their image but now will suggest against using the services of TVS as they are tardy, time consuming, irresponsible and bothersome.
im puchase star city bike but 2months 5 times engne complain so im obsite in file case in cort i meet cort

Ramanathapuram (anbu tvs delars)

my contact [protected]

Recently I have given My TVS Sccoty for servicing at TVS MDH center, Masab Tank and was very much disappointed with the service.

After reporting the problems faced, Except for the Oil change and and Cleaning, nothing was done apart from that.

Even the brakes were not tightened which would have resulted in some serious Accident.

Who is responsible if I would have met with an Major accident?

This clearly shows the lack of negligence and the kind of poor service being provided to the customer at your service center.

Is this the service you are providing to the customer?If this continues customers would never opt to give their bikes at your service center.

it doesnt mean that if free service coupons are use for only oil change and water wash then giving the free coupons are waste.

Plz rectify the problem from every service center and give good service to the customer.

P.Nanda Vardhan
i got fed up with Sriharimotors TVS service centre opposit toforum mall, Hosur road, Bangalore. not only myself all my friends(working n NIMHANS as a doctors) who gave vehicle for servicing both geared and non geared vehicles.........TVS as a company sucks.all r very irresponsiple..and even they are telling parts are not coming from company...they misusing our vehicle already somebody mentioned.............charges are more for servicing but after servicing vehicle problems are increasing instead of decreasing.......
please friends b very careful while giving the vehicle for serving ...especially in TVS showroom worsen than all other companies.....................
even i dont know whom to there anyway to give complain to consumer court???????

Tvs Motor Company — parts not available

This is my complaint regarding the elf of TVS Apache RTR 160. Its self is not working and when i go for the change and which is within warranty the self is not available in workshop of TVS from last 3 weeks whenever i go for this they only replied that its come within 4-5 days but i still waiting for that. The call is also come to me from pune of service executive he asked me all about my vehicle and he also said that i will see all the stock near all the dealers but there is no reply from TVS . In this way i suffer from the such type of problem and i always kick out the bykr for start and faces too much problem on signals and all..,.,.

Tvs Motor Company — Service

no response to the customer...., and not delivering in time...., i gave my 160RTR in TVS showroom they r saying not completed..., they r unable to do even 15 bikes per day..., please take action..., so many people are suffering with this problem.....,

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