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Hi, i bought a new N72 nokia mobile from universal after 3months it say no net work coverage i had taken the Mobile to a nokia center and they had said would take 10 to 15 days .i went after 15 days and they said nothing to do we are not sure what had happened so asked the universal people i went -they said that we have to send this mobile to niokia center i explained to them and they said we would send to the nokia people so would take 10 days.i was sent to nokia again and again no one had responded to me and one nokia center said that we don't see any proof that right from the beginning you had given it to us for service and i had showed the proof he is saying that one particular # should be taken from the Mobile they did not take so i will not accept because i do not see any proof is this my mistake ???i had used the mobile for 3 months only i had spent my moneyy to travel one place to another, , , , , i had all the proofi gave Rs.8.500 for this Mobile i bought the Mobile aprl-2008 and this happend jul-2008justice please! wating for a good reply at the earliest!Nicole.
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Subject: Re: NO RESPONCE
To: [protected]
Date: Wednesday, January 28, 2009, 7:05 AM

From: [protected]
Subject: UniverCell thanks you for your feedback

Dear Customer,
Thank you for taking the time to write in your valuable comments. We will
respond to your feedback shortly. At UniverCell, we look into every detail to
ensure that you take home a rewarding shopping experience.We hope that you
extend your continued patronage and give us an opportunity to serve you better.


Customer Relations Team

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Hi, Sure !sending it to youRegards, Nicole

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Hi, i had sent you the invoice as per your E-Mail. Regards, Nicole

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Date: Wednesday, January 28, 2009, 8:05 AM
Hi Sir,

We have got your mobile for further process, We need your Invoice
number(Bill), And your contact number.



Customer Relation Team
Hi Sir,

Sorry Sir, We have got your mail, I need your contact number, IMEI number
and the invoice number(Bill)



Customer Relation Team


Hi Sir,

Sorry Sir, We have got your mail, I need your contact number, IMEI number
and the invoice number(Bill)



Hi Sivagami, i had sent the detail 2 times and already nokia people and univercell had taken 5 to 6 months to resolve this issue i'm at the back of your company for the past aug, sep, oct, nov, dec, jan now could you plase resovle this at the earliest.check with this E-mail id [protected] i had eswnt to them as well i got this id from the bill .
Regards, Nicole
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Date: Wednesday, January 28, 2009, 1:34 PM


We had not yet recieved your details, Please can you sent your contact number.



Customer Relation Team


Hi Sivagami, Kindly give me your PH#.regards, Varnikha

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From: [protected] <[protected]>
Subject: Re: Fw: Re: Fw: [Fwd: Re: NO RESPONCE]
To: "Nicole Kidmn" <[protected]>
Date: Wednesday, January 28, 2009, 1:34 PM


We had not yet recieved your details, Please can you sent your contact number.


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Aug 14, 2020
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hello sir
good evening am hari from trichy tamilnadu

when i last week purchase to the mobile on your trichy
thillainagar showroom dated on[protected] your executive hema face on myn and
explain the mobile detail i gave and demand a 3G option mobile to tell him hema
sale required a micromax A069 model mobile sugguestion to me so i accept our
object but till i check my internet settings no 3G option i ask and complaint
your thillainagar showroom your executive hema and your branch manager mahesh
saftware update to nessasry and try to it i put my mobile on your show room
manager but now no respance and Cheating
to me and useing unnessary words Abuse to me I need 3G option mobile so
please change me and take action to our staffs

thank you


for contact [protected]

UniverCell mobile showroom / N73m mobile — Duplicate battery

In univercell mobile showroom they are issuing duplicate battery.Today i checked my battery in Nokia site.Its not valid

UniverCell / Nokia Prism — customer service at its lowest levels

i had gone to buy a HTC mobile with features such wi-fi, pushmail etc at one of the UniverCell outlets at chennai. I was canvassed by to buy a nokia saying that is the hottest in the city and it is too good. From the very first call made i found it difficult to hear what the other end speaks and same the case with the other end as well. On the third day the cell completely failed to transmit whatever i speak to the other end and on the same day i went to this shop at velachery to get the model changed. I was litlle late to realise that the model was a total failure for its voice quality and issues. But, obviously for the dealer's margin in selling a failure model, i was denied the chance of going for another model from same brand (nokia) which is double the rate. The reason given was they had not received any compliant from other buyers of the same model. I went to the extent of proving with the help of a person from Nokia quality team that the model was known for its bad voice quality, but the customer service people did not try to understand any logics or stick to the same stand without any reasons explained to me. Why these kind of people come to business if they do not have the basic level o[censored]nderstanding capacity and reasoning skills? It does not require any guts to say 'it is not possible sir' after taking my money. If you have no answer for any of my queries they either you should oblige the request or return the money back. Why you could not show your real colors when the deal was not made? Shame on you univercell!!

UniverCell (Nokia Care) — Worst experience at Nokia Care

One of the most disgraceful, disrestectful, arrogant people i met was at the NOKIA CARE(Owned by UNVERCELL). I really dont know how mr. Sathis babu is coping with it. My mobile is stuck with them for past one and half months and in return they are giving me a scratched mobile( New replacement was guaranteed).

None of the univercell people are willing to talk and are making me to run from pillar to post.

Airtel & UniverCell — IPhone support

I bought a IPhone 3G in Univercell Chennai last month. WIthin 2 weeks after buying the phone, I had multiple issues when connecting the Phone to my laptop like phone gets dropped from the Itunes. I couldn't identify this is a Datacable issue becaz it happened intermittently.
I took this to Univercell to confirm & they said Data cable is fine.
After few days, I was not even able to charge my IPhone. Problem here is, there is a single cable for data transfer as well as Charging.
Now the Ultimate thing is, Univercell doesn't know how to support this. After they had few internal discussions, they agreed to replace the cable but they said it would take 15 days approx.
Without this cable, i wouldn't be able to charge or do data transfer. So now i have to switch off my phone till i get the replacement from Univercel.

When i was trying to speak to some one on this, there is no proper support team from Univercell / Airtel / Apple . I was totally frustrated now.

I just wanted to inform everyone, check the support terms before buying Apple in India.

NOKIA N-72 Mobile — Mobile not working for last three months after 7 continues services

I have purchased a Nokia N-72 Mobile in july 2008 till in the very first month the display got problem and i submitted for service it took 20 days to repair the mobile was given back to me after repairs. from then the mobile is getting switched off every 10 minutes. i took it to service center for several times say 6 times but not got any solution till now they return me the mobile saying it is ok but the complaint still exists help me solve the issue

Nokia Mobile — very worst behaviour and cheating

I have problem in nokia mobile 2630, therefore i have gone to univercell in madurai(east veli branch). One person attended me then i told him about the problem of my mobile. When he was checking that problem one of his colleague(name Mr. Prasanna) threw the cell up and he didn't catch that so it fell down. So i told them it could be damaged i want new one because this was not my mistake. They argued with me for several hours. Then they told ok, we would change body of the mobile but we cannot change the battery at all, i accepted that because that is correct body only could be damaged. They told me it will take 15 to 20 days to give back the mobile because we have to send your mobile to chennai like that at all they told i too believed that. But after a 13 days they called and told me that they have got my mobile. I went to your shop but they gave me that old mobile and they were saying that we didn't put your mobile down it was just slipped and Mr. Prasanna told me that i didn't bring the mobile with some inner object( i dont know what exactly is that)
and for that he spent Rs1000/-. But we went to Nokia priority to check out the old mobile condition and warranty at that time only we come to know they have repaired the mobile with in a day but they took 13 days to deliver that mobile to me not only that he didn't spent even single penny. We didn't speak any thing to them, we just got that mobile we returned. Know say If your staff behave like how shall i come to your shop afterwards. This is really unfortunate incident. Please look forward over that matter and take necessary action. I am waiting for your reply Thank you
I have one Nokia 9300
I want replesh my mobile. wat is tha prascesar?

Airtel — poor support for iphone

i purchased my iphone from airtel outlet in mosque road, Bangalore. i gave my phone for repair around a month back, i was asked to pay 14000 for the repalcement of the screen, which i did. i was assured that i will get my phone back in 4-5 days, its been one month now and there is no onewho would take the accountability of this issue. i try calling the officials in this outlet but they keep telling me to wait for few more days, finally now they have stopped recieving my calls. i invested 31000 for the phone and another 14000 for the repair, after spending 45000 i dont have a phone and no one at airtel is responding on the ETA. i dont know whats going on, and feel that i should have never trusted airtel or apple. Can anyone help ????
did you call apple support number?
same complaint in chennai univercell branch Ekkatuthangal
How to claim my damage insurance?I want immediate response.
hi.. what is invoice no... in the univercell bill it has been left blank...
Dear sir, I MR.S.BALREDDY purchased a mobile at UNIVERCELL, dilsukhnagar on 24/05/2009, of KC441.A Problem occured in 2 days only.i have given in the shop and they said the problem is "handset dead".there is no proper response for me regarding the phone.we have given the Phone at "ACCEL FRONTLINE", SECENDERABAD, and call id is 001789, plese regard our complaint and justify us.waiting for your feedback.thanking you. please send your contact details.
respected sir,
i am jeeyaudeen from mannargudi thiruvarur (dist), i bought a nokia express music 5220 at last year dcecember last, the set had been damaged two times (speaker problem)they had rectify that problem.and this is the third time it contain the same problem and also contact service problem.the managemaent told that we are not responsible for the problem pls cfontact the nokia service care.and they didnt told the correct date to deliver the cell.if i am going to tell simply means UNIVERCEL doesnt response properly to the customer.please go through through my complain sir. my contact no.[protected]:[protected].

UniverCell — The price is higher than others even in their own website

Hi all,
I brought a mobile (Nokia 5130) in Univercell, chennai 2 days ago. The price is Rs.5500. But if you see in their own website the price is Rs.5240. They are cheet peoples like this. price in web is less than real.

If you ask means they are telling like it's tax and other useless thinks.

Customer service is very wrost. It's not enough. There is only customers, there is no service.

If you have enough money, then buy in univercell. Otherwise search for some others.
i have given my mobile(sony ericsson W350) two weeks back in univercel show room(saibaba colony branch), had heating problem but till now i have not got my mobile. No information about when will i get the mobile, very bad service. You have a very bad response. I really dont understand how long will you people take to service a mobile. Really bad service. Ask your people to give my mobile in two days else please return the money. How long can we be without mobile and this is not the first time it always happens with univercell. Worst service. Please take some neccesary action.
before 2 months ago i bought moto problem is i used to give charged before goin 2 sleep bt at mrng i saw tat my mobile is switched this defective piece or wht whn i came 2 buy dis they told tat dis mobile battery pick up is 1 nd half .day.plz do sumthing i m gettin fed up 4 my mbl..i, , , , , m waiting 4ur feedback
Can i get a duplicate copy of my Invoice, I just lost it. if so i say the date and IMEI Number of my Mobile Phone??
Regards Arun

Personal — Damage of N72 Mobile by Service Centre

My IMEI code is [protected] , model N72 , Job Sheet No.[protected]/091027/2 , Purchased on 23Feb 2008 . Due to display problem I have deposited said cell in Service Centre at Nagpur on 27th Oct 2009,10.33 AM .There was vibrant and shaky screen, all calls was coming and going at the time of deposit ,only problem was with screen. At the service centre concern authority said it will be rectified today and charges may be 332 Rs. If by chance there is need to replace H/W then cost may rise. On same date at 12.30 noon service centre person called me on phone [protected] and said H/w is to be replaced for perfect working of same, so for this I allowed to replace it, so that I will get delivery on 27.10.2009. But they could not deliver same on sad date and asked to come on 28th , when I went to collect my mobile at 10.45 I was kept awaited for 40 minutes. Secondly they have not repaired my cell. They physically damaged my mobile , They damaged my important data without my prior permission there is chance of misuse of same. They returned back same mobile in worst condition. Now ring in/out is not coming and problem is remained as it is. Manager / Owner of Service Centre Mr. Vilas Ghaisa has behaved very rudely with me as well as with my wife on her mobile [protected]. We have lost trust on the service centre at Nagpur. They are running business like a burocratic / Hitler way. They are simply forgotten that this is service centre & not a owner of Nokia . I have faced same problem at Shankar Nagar, Nagpur office also. That time I avoided to take this issue with you. Hope you will take necessary action so that , our loss will be minimized. Thanks

Extra Rewards Programme — Gifts not delivered after repeated writing of complaint in complaint book at Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore outlet.


I am a member with number [protected]. I participated actively in your "Extra Rewards" programme which assured a gift of Steel Copper Bottom Kadai for shopping Rs.2500/- and above; and a gift of Set of 3 plastic containers for shopping of Rs.1500/- and more. This shopping period has ended on 31st August, 2009 and I have shopped Rs. 3032/- on pass book no. 91 and Rs.1192/- on pass book no.122. That is a total of Rs.4224/- has been shopped by me during the period making me eligible for both Copper Bottom Steel Kadai and also set of 3 Plastic containers. Even after repeated visits to your shop (where I made all the transactions) in Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore 560106 and several oral and written complaints I have not received the gifts. The staff said they will inform me when they get the gift items and took my mobile phone number also. But, when material came they made telephone to many except me (I checked that my phone number was not ticked for having called me) and there was no missing call on my phone as well.

Kindly redress the problem on top priority otherwise it will lead to conception of trustworthiness of your programs and your false propaganda of announcing schemes to attract sales amounts to malpractices as per trading practices are concerned and and also taking consumers for a ride with false trading practices.

I will be forced to proceed if this complaint is also left unheard.

Hope Aditya Birla is not incapable of keeping its promises and keeping up good customer relations.

Yours faithfully,

satish v itagi
[protected]:52 hrs

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