[Resolved]  Vodafone — improper deduction of balance

I,prakhar gupta is a prepaid customer of vodafone([protected]).They deducted rs 200 from my account on basis of activation of any service which i never opted for..
inspite of repeated calls to there customer care i dint get good response.wen i wantd to talk to superviser no one attended my call n my call was put on hold n finally disconnected. its very harrassing bein customer of such a big telecom company.
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Dec 2, 2016
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Nov 30, 2011
Vodafone India Customer Care's response
Hi Sandeep,

We tried calling you, but there was no response. Please share a convenient time for us to get in touch with you to address the issue.

Vodafone Customer Care
Verified Support
Feb 06, 2012
Vodafone India Customer Care's response
Hello Anuj,

We would like to inform you that you should be able to contact Customer Care now. You can email us at vodafonecare.[protected] for any assistance in future, we'll do our best to help.

Vodafone Customer Care, Haryana
Verified Support
Mar 16, 2012
Vodafone India Customer Care's response
Hello Anupam,

Thanks for writing in to us and for the time on our call, trust we were able to address your concern. Please email us at vodafonecare.[protected] for assistance in future, we'll do our best to help.

Vodafone Customer Care, West Bengal & Andaman and Nicobar
Verified Support
May 10, 2012
Vodafone India Customer Care's response
Hello B.S. Gehlot,

We would like to inform you that the mentioned offer is not available.

Vodafone Customer Care
Verified Support
Oct 16, 2012
Vodafone India Customer Care's response
Hello Priyanka,

Please note that we could not reach you on your number. Kindly share an alternate number here so that we can get back to you with assistance.

Vodafone Customer Care, Mumbai.
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iam using a vodaphone prepaid card no is [protected] i had taken it exclusively to talk to my friend in kuwait who also uses a voda phone the number is[protected] { kuwait} first it was about the calls not getting connected, now its the sms which is not getting through, you guys seem to promptly charge the sms @ of 5 rs per overseas sms.
this seems to be very uneasy ... spending money on sms which never gets through, . doesnt it! it aint funny, coz its money man !! moolah! so why dont you check it out and do something about it, .. iam waiting with belated breath !
Hi this is Ashish from New Delhi cell no[protected]. I have a complaint regarding a customer care executive Prabjot Singh. He put my call on hold for more than 20 mins and then Hung Up on me. I just want to ask the Vodafone authhoritied, Is this the cx service which you give. Compare to the service in UK, this is pathitic...

Vodafone — Misguided Information/Half Information

I changed my pre - paid mobile services to post - paid on the insistence and the lucrative offer of reducing cost by the Vodafone Sales Department on 8/7/2008.(I was happy with my pre - paid scheme).Since the Sales guy who assured me that he will give me the best plan which will reduce my costs I thought it was OK to shift to post paid.

The problem started when I wanted to call my husband in Singapore on 12/7/2008. I realised there was no ISD facilities in my post paid scheme. After calling the customer care lines several times I was told that for ISD calls I need to pay a security deposit of Rs.2000/- by Customer care exec. -Sanjeev Kumar and later on this figure was mounted to Rs.3000/- by the Customer Care Supervisor - Shailender and the services will be activated after a couple of days.

The grievance is that when the Sales guy called I had told him categorically that I make regular ISD calls and my monthly expenditure is around Rs.1000/- per moth. He informed me that in pre - paid I pay around Rs.9 which will be around Rs.4 in post -paid.It was only because of this reason that I agreed to change to post - paid. When the delivery guy came to give me the SIM card and get the form filled..he did not enquired or inform me about the ISD charges and process.If I had known or informed completely I would not have agreed to change to post - paid.

Now, when I explained all this to customer care they just kept saying Sorry and that they are unable to extend any help.

The problem was created from their side. I am the victim of their mistakes and incomplete communication and yet they do not want to help me out i.e either change my post paide to pre - paid scheme or activate my ISD without the Rs.2000 or Rs.3000 deposit.

Do help me out.

my no is [protected] .
as told by the customer care exec that the will be carried fwd is you recharge within 75 days after expiry of the validity now they have deducted 900 rs even after told by their own exec.
this is the worst service i have ever seen. hell

Vodafone — My no is permanently blocked without any information

I was using Vodafone no [protected] from last one year, on 4th may my no was permanently closed. I have sent mail to vodafone care, they replied me that go to vodafone stor, I went to vodafone stor they said you can not retain the same no. I anain sent a mail to vodafone care and nodal office on 30 june2008, but still not received any responce from them.

I need the no as soon as posible it is very important for me. I contact to vodafone care but they are not giving any responce. Please help me what can I do ?

Arvind Kumar
[protected] vodafone no
On 2nd july I was approached by an executive offerring your mobile connection, I liked the plan and received a sim card, paid non-refundable advance of Rs.99/= vide receipt no GD-HK45 of M/s Global Direct, Jayanagar, Bangalore. I was not in station from 2nd evening to 9th morning, which was duly intimated to the service provider, and they promised me that the sim card will be activated by 10th evening after due verification (I had opted for Post Paid connection). Sir, the harressment starts now, and I am yet to become a subscriber. Verification was done at my residential address on 10th, and thereafter regular calls daily morning and evening to Global Direct to complete verification at my office has been in vague promises that it will be done and sim card will be activated soon, and till this day I am yet to get my connection. Sir my calls to Global Direct have been barred ([protected] & [protected]) i.e.after the very first ring my call is disconnected.Great services, the next day I call your local office at [protected], and I was promised connection by 2.0PM, and so far untill this time I am still waiting. Sir when will it end,
I, Vinod Kumar is a prepaid customer of vodafone([protected]).They deducted many times from my account on basis of activation of Chat and caller tone services which i never opted for activation..
inspite of repeated calls to there customer care i dint get good response.wen i wantd to talk to superviser no one attended my call n my call was put on hold n finally disconnected. its very harrassing bein customer of such a big telecom company.

Now I am going to send Legal notice against the company...

Vodafone — Balance gets deducted every day

My prepaid mobile # is [protected], i have so far raised 3 service requests with Vodafone regarding the issue of my balance being deduced everyday.

Initially my account balance was 14.xy rs and it got reduced to -41.xy rs. So i had raised a service request with the customer care, following is the request # RR[protected].

Then even after raising the above request on the following day, my account balance got reduced to -164.xy rs, the second service request # is RR[protected]This was after i had recharged my acc bal with 55rs voucher). When i ask the reason for the balance being deduced, they say that its a technical snag.

It is really frustrating for me as i cannot make any calls due to this. Im really unhappy with Vodafone for providing such sick service...and moreover im unable to make calls to Vodafone customer care, due to this i have to go all the way to their customer care to find the status of my request. I have also raised a service request for this reason as well(i.e. i'm unable to make calls to Vodafone care) with the following request # RR[protected].
sir i am anjali n my no is [protected]..
my sim is blocked.n they are asking for sim1 pin code.wat shuld i do..
I have newly visited Noida/Delhi and opted for a Vodafone Corporate plan. The Field officer gave me a good number ([protected]), which i choose and filled up the number activation plan. This number was mentioned in the supporting documents also. It took seven days for my sim to get activated and when i checked the number, it was totally different ([protected]).
Inspite of my repeated emails to the higher up's at Vodafone, my request and mails have been taken on a deaf ear.
Above everything, the current number which i have right now isn't working, and when i spoke to the customer care they say that you verification is negative.
This is all Bull , nobody came for verification. And now i am completely pissed off with Vodafone, and its my sincere appeal to all consumers that they should go for either Airtel or any other service provider, but NEVER NEVER Vodafone.

Vodafone India — Deduct Amount Without Information

After Convert Hutch To Vodaphone I am facing a lot of problem. with Vodaphone.I have vodaphone User from last 4 years when this SIM is known as Trim.

1.Lot of messages from Vodaphone anytime even in night 11 to morning is too mutch disturbing.
2.deduct amount permonth As says that you are subscribed There Product Even I haven't Never subscribe.Last time I have to pay upto seven months 30 Rs Per month.for caller tune.
3.Now Again they have charge for chat Id and again Charge 30 Rs This Time I havent subscribe this service.

I have find out The Trick of Vodaphone is the are messaging for such services in the night while customer are sleeped or going to sleeping and that time they have ignore these messags.

and talk to customer care, the says if you haven't subscribe, the button was pressed automatically while it was in pocket(Button Never Press Automatically to unsubscribe the services...good logic).

while I am finding contact no to talk proper person on Vodaphone website Link

You Can find here contact no /Fax no[protected] while dile that this No is Temporally disconnect Just like You can find A frod company website
You have deducted Rs. 30/- from my prepaid balance towards caller tunes. YOU NEVER HAVE DEDUCTED THE SAME TILL DATE ANY TIME. i AM USING THE SAME FREE TUNES FROM THE DATE OF FIRST CHARGE.Mine is life time free Plan.I tried to contact MSG centre
[protected] which do not response at all.The next due of deduction is on 27th Sept 08.You can not take law in your hand and play with my prepaid account .The repo of Vodafone is at stake. I have some
way or the other contacted VODAFONE International and lodged the complain.Please Reimburse the amount & do not deduct caller tune
charges in future. My [protected] Reply per return @ obliged

We have given the surrender of following vodaphone nos. from Tirupur. on 02.07.08 Vodafone mobiles Nos.[protected] to[protected] sim cards)
The same surrender sim cards letter has been couriered to vodaphone tirupur office thro' " PROFESSIONAL COURIERS, wide AWB # 7215781 ON 03.07.2008". and all the nos are closed from the request day except the[protected]. We have already paid all the dues.
But still, we are getting the bill for[protected] since two months.

We are very sure that, we can't able to pay the amount as those nos. are not being used by us and hope you will accept this in favour and further you may not send the bills to us
Thanks n regards,
-Unique Inspection Services [p] ltd, tirupur
I am a frustrated customer of Vodafone.They makes so easy to activate any service like ECS bill pay but the deactivation of any service is so long & complicated.For example to activate a ECS Bill pay service, you have to call on customer care only, but to deactivate this you have to send STOP ECS on every month, also to permanently stop this you must have to go to Vodafone store.
Due to this they sended a cheque to my salary account, without any intimation call or sms & I had to pay a fine charge of Rs 280 on this bill.
When I called so many times to customer care after a long & irritating IVR, once they said that its a no of prepaid customer care.
Also when I said that I have called on this many times they puted my call on hold.also once they blocked my customer care IVR.
I am a regular payee of more than 1200 rs per month to vodafone, but they only gave me tension & problams.

Vodafone — improper deduction from balance

vodafone deducted Rs. 30/- from my balance on 08.09.08. when i inquired on 10.09.08 they gave me a No. 56789 to revert my deduction. but again instead of rectifying it, they deducted Rs. 36/- from my balance. total deduction is Rs. 66/- for non of my mistake.
my moblie No. is [protected].
Dear Sir:

I, Arunava Bhattacharya, being a Vodafone (earlier as Hutch) post-paid customer (# [protected]) for the last 7 years and never been a defaulter in making monthly bill payments.

Due to my professional obligations, I will be out of town for around one and half years and for that reason I wanted to change my connection as lifetime/normal pre-paid connection. In this regard, I visited your Dalhousie Square Customer Care Office on July 22, 2008. Please read below how they have misguided me and still doing that irrespective of my repeated requests, follow-ups as well as reminders to resolve the issue. I would request you to please look into this immediately and arrange to resolve it at the earliest.

1. Mr. Prasenjit: I met him at around 6:30 PM at your Dalhousie Square Centre on July 22 and after hearing my request, he suggested me to opt for your life time post-paid connection which is just Rs. 49 for CLI and Rs. 148 (promo offer) for Vodafone to Vodafone 1500 minutes free talk time. Another Rs. 75 (promo offer) will allow me to call other mobiles/landlines at Rs. 0.50. He confirmed me that it will get activated within 48-72 hours and I will get a confirmation call from your customer care department to verify my request in this regard. Accordingly I SMSed (ACT LIFETIME to 111) on July 23, 2008 to activate this plan.

2. Mr. Ayan: On Aug 02, 2008, at around 8:24 PM, I called up (at your customer care number) and spoke to him. He confirmed me the same offer and when I asked him when the plan will get activated (as I didn’t hear back anyone from your side within this period), he checked my account and confirmed that everything is fine and the new plan will get activated from my next billing cycle.

3. Mr. Sumit: On Aug 05, 2008, at around 8:41 PM, when I called up and asked what’s the status of the plan (as my next billing cycle was starting from Aug 6) since I didn’t receive any call towards confirmation of the plan, surprisingly he told me that there is no such promo offer of Rs. 148 (Vodafone to Vodafone 1500 minutes free) in your lifetime post-paid connection. Immediately I lodged a complaint and Mr. Sumit confirmed me that he is forwarding my complaint to the concerned department and I will hear back within 48-72 hours. The line got disconnected in between and when I called back again around 8:48 PM, I spoke to Ms. Chayanika and she confirmed me the same what I heard from Mr. Sumit.

4. Ms. Poonam: On Aug 07, 2008, at around 7:35 PM, I spoke to her and she gave me the same story.

5. Mr. Biswajit Chatterjee: He called me up on Aug 12, 2008 at around 1:36 PM and gave the same story. His personal mobile number is [protected] and desk number is [protected].

6. Ms. Paromita: On Aug 19, 2008, at around 6:46 PM, I spoke to her and she gave me the same story.

7. Mr. Raju: I got frustrated and visited to your Dalhousie Square Centre again on Aug 22, 2008 at around 5:15 PM and spoke to Mr. Raju. When I told him to get my account back to my old plan of Rs. 299, since there is no Rs 148 promo offer in lifetime post-paid connection and under Rs.49 plan, the call charges are much higher which I cant afford. He checked my account and confirmed me that it will get transferred to my original plan of Rs. 299 effective Aug 6 billing cycle and I will get a confirmation within 48-72 hours.

8. Mr. Amit Srivastava: I again visited to your Dalhousie Square Centre on Aug 26, 2008 and spoke to Mr. Amit. When I asked him about the status of transferring my account back to the original plan of Rs. 299, he checked and confirmed me due to some technical fault, it didn’t happen yet, however it will be done within next 48-72 hours and I will get a confirmation. He also confirmed that it will surely reflect in my billing cycle dated Aug 6, 2008 – Sept 5, 2008.

9. Mr. Bikas Saha: On Sept 01, 2008, at around 4:30 PM, I spoke to him and on enquiring about the status, he checked and confirmed that it hasn’t done yet; however, it will be done within 48-72 hours. The line got disconnected in between and when called back again, I spoke to Mr. Dipayan and he gave me the same story.

10. A trainee: I visited to your Minto Park Vodafone Customer Care Centre on Sept 03, 2008 at around 2:45 PM and spoke to a trainee person (I didn’t get the name). Surprisingly I got to know that the plan hasn’t got changed to my original plan of Rs. 299 and it will no get changed also. It will only get changed from next billing cycle only, i.e. Sept 6, 2008.

11. Mr. Biswajit: He called me up on Sept 5, 2008 at around 6:31 PM from [protected] and informed that it got changed from Aug 6, 2008 in my old original plan of Rs. 299.

12. Ms. Chayanika: On Sept 6, 2008 at around 7:22 PM I called up again at your customer care and spoke to her. She informed me that the plan didn’t get changed to the original plan of Rs. 299 on Aug 6, 2008; however, it got changed effective Sept 4, 2008.

13. I got an SMS on Sept 07, 2008 at 3:44 PM saying that my total bill amount for the last month (billing cycle Aug 6, 2008) is Rs. 938.25. Now this amount is highly unacceptable to me as it’s clearly around Rs. 200 higher than my normal billing amount and I am sure that this has happened due to your misguidance to customers, putting customers under wrong billing plans and of course due to horrible customer care support process.

I am sorry for this long note; however, I hope that you can understand how I am being harassed by your Customer Care Executives till now through continuous misguidance, providing false hopes and wrong information. Every time when contacted, it seems that they just wanted to get rid of the issue or me by saying the problem will be resolved within next 48-72 hours. If you consider this as the ideal customer care process that you provide to your valued customers, I do not have anything to say.

I would expect a proper action from your side to fix this unacceptable process of customer handling and would look forward towards your immediate attention to resolve my issues.

Thank you.

With Best Regards,

Arunava Bhattacharya
A2/303, Prasad Nagar,
27, B.T. Road, Kolkata – 700 058
Phone: [protected] /[protected]
iam jagadeesan my mobile no is [protected]. daily i'm suffering from many network problems, when i contact my customer care they've blocked my call towards customer care. if i call them from a landline they are saying, that they'll be releasing that lock after one month only, till then i cant contact them. i've contacted the nodal officer also, but no use. then how can they say HAPPY TO HELP. they dont know the meaning for HAPPY & HELP.

nokia vodafone — balance is getting deducted

my mobile no. is [protected]. i have lifetime prepaid card. since 1 week my balance is getting deducted automatically even if i am not calling anybody that is using the cellphone. hence please let me know why my balance is deducted unnecessarily.

Vodafone — 9983985484

PLEASE ! i want name & address [protected] this number urgent email me fast.

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