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1. I bought a refrigerator 230 ltr dlx frost free of whirlpool India in August 2006. A guarantee was given for 1+4 years.
2. The refrigerator developed a problem in May this year, I contacted the dealer of the company ie Gurbachann radios, Dimapur, Nagaland (India). He did not behave properly then I contacted the company through email they advised me to speak to their service centre ie Panickers Enterprises at Dimapur and on contact they sent a mechanic to me but he was unable to understand the problem. I was asked to send the refrigerator to Dimapur which is 100 kilometers from my place. Got back the refrigerator after one week with remarks that it has been repaired but it did not work for more then two days. I again contacted the company but they did not reply then again contacted dimapur service centre they asked me to send the refrigerator to them, I sent the refrigerator and got back after 10 days with assurance that the defect has been rectified completely but to my surprise it worked only for one week. Now when I wrote the company they did not response and service centre is saying to send the refrigerator to them again.
3. It is pertinent to mention here that I am a defence personnel and posted in a remote area and refrigerator is my basic need. I cannot send the item every second day to their service and they are not ready to abide by the terms of guarantee.
4. As I have been harassed a lot by the firm I want that company should either refund my money or replace the fridge with new one.

Major Jarnail Singh
17 Assam Rifles
C/O 99 APO
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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whirlpool of India Limited — After all repair failures (4 times) give free replacement with an new same model fridge.

The fridge model of Whirl pool 220 Deluxe(F23)- Steek double door from Mathais Electronics, Mangalore vide invoice no.157 dated[protected] though was not giving satisfactory performance but on Jan 18th 2009 it stooped freezing and since then the service center extended the service by replacing the Gas at my cost, later replaced the compressor and still not rectified they took the fridge for total inspection and repair and was brought back with some repair with extra additional wiring externally which was all accommodated considering the urgency of having a fridge in the house, which after few days working again stopped freezing and again testing was carried out and declared its beyond their control and mean while we were loosing our patience and demanded for free replacement with a similar model at the earliest on 10-03-09 by which 3 months was over and your can imagine our miseries underwent with out a fridge. Reprot was given with my comment for free replacement having accepted by the service center.i am impatiently waiting for our free replacement considering the loss of reputation of the company and a good loyal customers confidence and considering the trouble underwent since all their repairs failed and considering the fact that i cant invest any funds on this has to be seriously considered for an immediate free replacement . Hope my complaint will be addressed in a positive manner by the company officials as i have registered my same complaint and sincere request to the company through their website contact address e-mail. vijayakumar [protected]
dis is d worst home appliance company ever...they should be sued..they r just bustards...i bought a 1.5 ton mastermind split a/c but its not working from the day of installation..we lodged a complaint on d 9th of april but dre s no response from d company...they r just assuring us dat it would be remedized within 2 days but almost 10 days are over and no steps are taken.. the a/c costs 25000rs...and nw i am totaly lost..i dont know wat to hell wit whirlpool...
Hello Sir,
I have purchased 2 Whirlpool Mastermind AC's from Anugraha Home Appliances, Triveni road, Yeshwantpur.
and now one of my ac is showing some problem and its under warranty period.Can u please send some servicing guy Because it needs servicing.I have been trying to call up, but there is just no response.

Kindly arrange for the servicing of the above.

Thanking You,
Mr V Govindraj

no 49, 1st floor, 3rd cross
HMT layout, mathikere, Bangalore-560054

By repeated complaints from 7.6.9 to 26.6.9 without response or follow up. regarding my stabilizer.

It is worst after after sales service, more over Mr.Gautam who is dealing with complaints, making fool o[censored]s by not attending.

It is better to close a liar company or solve the complaint.
Dear Mr. Rajiv Kapoor,

VP -Consumer Services

has issued a letter of contract forHomeCare Plan started on 04 May 2006-expires 03 May 2011. for my 310L Flexi SS CFcFree. I am not given any preventive serviesc till now

I have noted in the letter that this Plan covers
warrenty Parts,
Visit/Labour Charges,
and One Preventive Maintenance per YEAR

Since I have signed Two years has been passed and NO ONE HAS VISITED

Is this the way your company collects money under contract previllage and dont provide
preventive services? Is isnt this chating?
I was not expecting this from WHIRLPOOL GIANT

Thanking you
+91 [protected]

Whirlpool Home Appliance — Deficient sevice under AMC pla

We bought an AC from whilpool in 2008 and entered into a sevice agreement intheir homecare plan. Before 1 year the airconditioner stoped working. On registering the complaint they said that gas is required tobe fiilled and it will take 3days to put it back. I requested for an alternative machine to be provided for the duration of repair they said that there is no such provision . I am feeling helpless that inspite of paying huge AMC charges i am getting inefficient service.
the complaint we had lodged on 31-07-09 was attende to after a lapse of many days ! on 13-07-09. now the water is continuously flowing in and flowing out ! no response from your call centres. my complaint no is 5567. the earlier complaint no. was11604 dated[protected] PCB failure, whicc was replaced. and now this warter problem. please help. Dr. Kumar.
The in-charge
Home care consumer cell Whirlpool of India Limited
Consumer services Head Office
28, NIT, Faridabad 121001

I have already registered a complaint on your web and also on your tollfree helpline, but received neither a reply nor a call. On the helpline, Mr.Dhanush from Chennai attended my call and promised to call me back in two days time.Now more than one week has passed.So this mail to the main office.
I have three whirlpool home appliances; MT263 Microwave oven, FF350L refrigerator and whirlpool white magic fully automatic 1-1 washing machine.
My washing machine was in perfect working condition except for a slight problem of little water leak out during spinning for which your authorised aagents, Hi-tech solutions at Vazhuthacaud was called in. One Mr. Sreekumar came to inspect and on inspection told the machine has to be taken to the workshop to pinpoint the problem. I clearly told him to get my consent before any repair is undertaken. After two days, he gave me a call informing that the bearing has developed problem and repair estimate is Rs.4500, to which I replied to give me two days time to decide whether the repair should be done. After two days, on 1st August, I informed his office not to undertake any repair and return the machine to me as such . In spite of several reminders, this was not done till 18th August. On 18th August, without any prior notice or call, the machine was brought to my home while I was away at work, in a totally dismantled condition and not fit for use. On receiving information from home, I rushed home and asked the persons to take back the machine and return it to me in the condition I sent it to them. To this day, I have neither received my machine nor any call from Hi-tech solutions. Please instruct Hi Tch solutions to immediately return my machine exactly as it was taken from my home.
My second problem is regarding the microwave oven MT 263. It was purchased on 8th April 2003. Just after the two year warranty period in May 2005, it stopped working and was taken for repair. PCB problem was detected, PCB reprocessing was done for which we had to pay Rs.2500/-, though the warranty had just lapsed. We were advised to take AMC (Peace of mind plan) and we took it on[protected] for 3 years. During these three years, not a single preventive/ service visit was paid and none of the given service coupons were utilised. We were also not reminded for courtesy's sake as is done by companies of our other home appliances regarding the expiry of our AMC in June 2008.
In July 2009, the MW oven showed error message and we were asked to deliver it to the service centre to insppect the problem. We did so on 31st July 2009. After a week, I was informed that the PCB had to be replaced and the estimate was Rs.4500/-. Since the PCB was defective in the first place and therefore, a reprocessing on Rs.2500 payment was already undertaken and because in spite of a three year AMC not a single preventive visit was paid and because no reminder to renew AMC was given, we deserve a free replacement of the PCB this time. I request that Mr.Shibu at the Hi tech solutions, who attended the complaint may please be given instructions to provide a new PCB free of charge.
Kindly expediate redress of my above grievances immediately, since I am facing great difficulty in managing home and work together without these essential appliances.
in anticipation,
yours faithfully

Dr.Lila Babu & Colonel MMP Babu
Surabhi, TC 9-342, Plavila Road, Chenthi,
Pongumoodu, Medical college P.o.,
Trivandrum 695 017, Kerala.
mobile: [protected]
It is pity that Whirlpool, a world known company, is offering their products in India with faulty system. I bought Double Door fridge in July, 2008 and since then no one from the company/Service center has bothered to visit to check this machine. Unfortunately it stopped cooling and i lodged the complaint under no.DL[protected]. Visiting charges of Rs.394 should not be charged/applicable as it is not customer's fault.It is company's fault for offering the faulty system. If the machine is stopped working almost after a year it means that the products are of not good quality. It means their product reliability is very poor. I will sorry to say that the customers in India are cheated by offering faulty system which starts giving problem just after one year. Please look into the matter so that others should not suffer like me. It is really a very humiliating experience by buying such a branded product from one of the leading companies in this field.
I have purchased refrigerator in april 2006 which is no working. I have lodged complaint but no one is attendign the complaint.
Please do the needful for early repare.
I also bought a 310 ltr refrigerator in 2007 which started giving problems in the warranty period itself. The customer care people were responsive and repaired it, But in second year which is not covered in warranty period, the same problem occured that is it was not cooling again. I called them again. They repaired it and i made payment of Rs 2, 880. means why the hell should i purchased a product which is not meant to be run even for 1-2 years..I had kelvinator refrigerator also which never had problem for 15 years..I doubt if it runs even for 2 years more...This company is making people fool by advertisement campaigns...It is really a very humiliating experience by buying such a branded product from one of the leading companies ...

Whirlpool 1.5 ton mastermind AC — Whirlpool 1.5 ton mastermind - service very poor and spare parts are of poor quality

I have an Whirlpool 1.5 ton matermind AC which i bought an year before which has the warrenty for an year. I rarely use AC during winters and till december it was working fine and to confirm that within the warranty i took the free service exactly at the end of 11th month. The service men said everything is working great. But the cooling efficiency went down immediately once the summer started during this march. When i verified they service men came after 10 calls and service tickets and was asking me to change quite a lot many spare parts. He also added that he would do a personal favour. Also he would close the service ticket. He said the the companies spare parts are of lower quality, so he would prefer to go for other spares which would be more effeicient and he personally charges Rs. 1500 for those.

I made a complaint to his higher official, but all the service person did the same. I am really upset with the whirlpool service as they are not punctual, not sincere and are fully corrupted to earn extra income unofficially.
Teena Bells
Kunnappallil house
Nariyanani P.O
Ponkunnam, Kottayam Dist. Kerala


I had bought Whirlpool Magiccook 20 G(Gallaxy) three years ago.It has not been working since one month.I gave it to the nearest Whirlpool Service Centre but they said they were unable to fix it as the 20G model transformer was unavailable.I called the Whirlpool customer centre but still our problem was not solved (complaint number 14202)kindly give me the necessary help to repair the oven and please do it as soon as possible.If the problem is not rectified I may have to seek the help from the Consumer Court.

Yours Sincerely
Teena Bells

NB : We have been using Whirlpool Washing machine for past 7 years and 2 fridge(sixth sense model) for past 2 years but the attitude of your service centreempolees ( in Kerala, Kottayam Dist, Kanjirappally, Kerala)was not good.
worst after sales company ever should be banned from India
I agree with delayed and poor service provided by the company.I have also been the sufferer.The details of the latest are as under

I purchased a split 1.5 Ton AC on 05.06.2007 manufactured by WHIRLPOOL.An AMC(annual maintenance contract)was drawn for a period of four years starting 05.06.08 (ending 04.06.12).
My customer ID with them is 3188054
Water started dripping from the said AC’s internal unit at about 0300 hrs on 08.08.11 A complaint was lodged vide no GB[protected], it was attended and the motor moving the fin was removed and taken for replacement.Allegedly the problem of water dripping was rectified.
On 10.08.11 at about 0330 hrs water again started dripping from internal unit, a complaint was again lodged vde no GB[protected], it was attended and allegedly rectified.
On 11.08.11. again at about 0230 hrs water started dripping this time cooling also stopped.A complaint was again lodged vide no GB[protected].NO ONE ATTENDED TO RECTIFY THE PROBLEM.
On 13 aug 11at 1215 hrs a reminder was given at the call center attended by Mr Rohit Sharma.NO ONE ATTENDED.
On 16 aug 11 at about 1000 hrs again a reminder was given at the call centre attended by Mr Milan. NO ACTION WAS TAKEN.
On 17aug11 at 1020hrs once again a reminder was given attended by Mr Sahil he told me that the engineer will visit as was told by his senior whom he had contacted.NO ONE EITHER CONTACTED ME OR VISITED.
On 118aug11 at0920 hrs again spoke to Mr Milan at call center, was once again assured that it will be taken on priority .NO ACTION WAS TAKEN AS NO ONE CONTACTED OR VISITED.This assurance was given after he spoke to his senior.
Again on 18 aug11 at 1515 hrs rang up call center to tell them that no one has visited.This call was taken by Ms Shefali she allegedly contacted her senior who said that he will himself contact me.I insisted that I want to talk to some one senior.This was refused on the pretext that she could not put me on line to him.But sadly he also did not have the courtesy to call me.AC WAS NEITHER REPAIRED NOR ANY ONE VISITED ME OR EVEN CALLED ME.
19aug 11 at 0936 hrs reminder was again given and they have been informed that no action was taken.
(a ) Cooling, nor
(b) The motor taken on 08aug has been replaced.
It is shocking that the company(WHIRLPOOL) has treated a customer in such a shabby and irresponsible manner.So much of discomfort has been caused to an old man.Who is responsible for the mental and physical agony caused by their callousness.Why the time under AMC has been wasted without any reasonable cause.

NO IDA Col(retd)V.K.Srivastava
19.Aug 2011
PS:-The engineer came today at 1530hrs and filled gas.Motor not yet replaced.
This is being posted for investigation and remedial action.

defective fridge change

Door seprated totaly colaps due to rust

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