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[Resolved]  Yamaha R15 — complaint regarding the bike and after-sales service

This is to inform you about the problems that I am encountering after purchasing your company product. I brought Yamaha R15 [engine number - 20PI004052] four months ago on July 28, 2008 and I am completely dissatisfied with its services. Initially, the bike's radiator started leaking just within a week of its purchase. And in these four months I have visited the showroom more than 20 times as the bike comes up with a new problem every now and then. Also, its windshield has become loose and vibrates alarmingly while driving.
The salesperson and the showroom manager have not attended to my complaints. The engineer always backs off by saying that he has sent an e-mail to the company and will receive a response in a day or two. And now its almost a month since I have been waiting for a response. On top of it, he has now stopped receiving my phone calls, which is really irritating. The showrooms back here in Agra simply sell the products and provide a pathetic after-sales service. I am truly disappointed with the services and also they are not what I expected from a renowned company like Yamaha.
Now its been a month since they are testing my patience and its finally high-time that my complaints are attended to by the company itself, least you want me to take a legal action against the situation.
I hope you understand the gravity of the situation and take an appropriate action immediately.
Waiting for your quick and positive response.

Yasir Hussain
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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I purchased Yahama bike before 18 months. I had given all the services to YMIS. In past these 18 month 2 times battery will replaced and now they saying about chain sprakit set only yamaha graldiator chain sparkit is capable for only 18000 km. So they want to replace the sprakit with charges . I need the clarification about this. As per you manual book not mentioned about chain sprakit like spark pluk for every 10000 km.

Service deler address are mentioned below i given only these service centre only for all the service.

m/s Paras YAMAHA
Chennai -2

Please reply ASAP.

J yogaraj.
I have a yamaha R 15, this is my third yamaha motorcycle. As this bike is more tech advanced than my previous Rx 100s it requires more care and a good after sales service which the dealers somehow fail to provide in the case of this particular bike. First i ordered a few accessories and the dealers said it would take about a week for those to be delivered but these took a month to reach me. The radiator of the bike has developed a leakage on its own, if i order a new one it will cost me 12, 000 rupees and would most probably take a month to reach me.Which means that the bike will not be in use for a month, secondly as the bike is still under guarantee/warranty the company should change it free of cost but that would probably take an year and a lot of bickering. If someone from yamaha reads this forum would u please start taking more notice of the customers rather than pampering or sucking up to your dealers.Legal action would be my next step.
I bought my R15 on June 29th 08'. And I feel Yamaha has given us a great bike but the service center guys are doing a pathetic job. I really hope Yamaha conducts a small workshop and teach the owners about basic servicing as I am seriously pissed off with the SS guys. My bike vibrates a lot and am hearing tappet noise for the past 6000 kms and no service center in Hyderabad has been able to fix it. I guess for them the servicing means just changing the oil and cleaning the bike. I also hope Yamaha opens some company owned Workshops around the city with some good mechanics. I am really not satisfied with the current Yamaha Service Centers in Hyderabad.

Service Centers where I have give my bike for servicing:

Venkatesh Motors
Pearl Yamaha

yamaha R15 — Dealer Free Service Problem for 2nd hand R15

Devi Moters in Hubli is not providing me to take 4th free service for my 2nd hand R15 bike the dealer says to take paid service for my R15 bike
So Should i take FREE service OR PAID service Reply Me To My Email ID
vin27.[protected] or [protected] Thank U...
i hav purchased yamaha r15 3 months before & i hav visited serice for d bike for more than 15 times.workers are not able to repair d bike.mechanics do not know how to handle d bike.i think this bike is a failure & i am not satisfied with d purchase of this bike
sir i guess u should make a complaint in the news paper so that your complaint could fall in deaf years

Yamaha R15 — bike not starting

i purchased the yamaha r15 bike 3 days back. and i m already facing problems with it. the bike failed to start this morning. the fuel-tank is half full. no ideas what to do.greatly disappointed.

yamaha R 15 — no correct response while servicing

hi myself ramnath reddy studying at chennai.. i have owned an yamaha R15 ... from the first service i am complaining to shoroom people that some fault with my handle n even the performance of bike but no one is responding for the complaint & not rectifying... now its one year getting finished that i am using same bike with faults... i hope someone can help me.. my contact no. is [protected],,,
hey my friend too faced a same problem. the red button on ur right handle bar. switch off & on again nd again and thn the bike starts. nd once the bike starts i suggest dont touch the red button. switch off the engine wit the key. cas i gets vry dissapointing whn the bike doesnt start in hurry.
i bought a yamaha r15 before 6 months . Before 2 days the fibre part near the engine below the petrol tank litrally started burning when the stopped on d younger brother was riding it.den he parked d bike on side n sprinkled water on it n started throwing sand on it.n the people standing wer callin fire brigade.its a very big was a matter of life.n ur dealer in nasik is not at all responding at all.i need a quick solution.
i don want to use the bike . wats d use of payin a huge amount n it starts burning . pls refund my money n i dont dis bike at all .

Yamaha R15 — mismatch

dear sir,
i recently buy a yamaha r15 (black).after 1 month i saw a strange problm in my r15 bike's handle doesn't match with my r15 bike's visar....i m very much upset....
i agree wit sagar... tat ma bike 2 burnd wen it parkd in ma grge ... i dnt evn starts d bike n it stars burnin itself @ ni8 ... i told it 2 yamaha service n tey told me tat dey r nt respnsibl 4 dis n dey cnt do anythin ... so i sent a mail 2 yamaha n belive it or nt wit in 24hrs dey cme 2 ma house n tak d bike ... bt sadly dey nt handed d bike afr 1 mnt ... m stil wai8in ...
i am a very poor man, , i am collecting money for this yamaha r15 for last 2 years.. i m a big fan of yamaha... bt before purchasing this bike i have read the complaints about it
i am shocked when i heard the complaints, , , i m dubhtful about purchase this bike coz i m very poor man how i have collected money i know. this is very huge amount, if yamha failed to perform than i will no more. so plz help me give me some right.

Yamaha R15 — confusion

I have a yamaha Black R15 ....i noticed that in the 1st gear when i am start my bike the cooling indicator light and engine trouble warning light has come for 1 sec and after that it a problm of yamaha R15....

yamahaYZF R15 — Radiator leakage oil

sir,I have a great problem of leakage the cooled engine from radiator and my bike also create some sound during riding and the service centre said that it has to be replaced .please tell what i do phone no. is [protected]
ok i have read all dese complaints and seriously sayin 1st of all u complainers dnt kno hw write proper hw cn ul judge the condition od ur bikes...and the problem is not with ur bikes the problem is with u all...or it may be bad luck that some defected part of the engine is on ur bike...and also the problem is not with yamaha the problem is with the dealers and workshops u r dealing with in ur town or city which shows how irresponsible the dealers r in ur place...i own a yamaha r15, and wen i take it for its services i sit der and mke sure that evrything is being dne acording to the way it has to be i request u people with ur complaints that please do not blame the company because the company makes these bikes for sale...but its up to ul to first do ur research on the bike dnt just go and buy the bike just becoz it is a sporty lokin bike...and a bike with such a high price tag should be carefully judged before will be buying a ninja 250 bt first i hve to do my research on it, wat are the pros and cons of the bike, how will it perform under my riding conditions, i hope u all get 2 read my mesage...and plz change ur attitude wid dese complaints ul r posting

thank you


west bengal


radiator orange light blinking in meter contionously and coolant also leaking . the worst service of the dealer and the yamaha regional head . on of the worst service in motorbikes ( NO YAMAHA )
nd the bike registraion is rj 14 ba 15 . contact no . [protected]
Radiator Leaking, Engine Problem
Bike stops suddenly while driving, does not start again...

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