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 Muralidhar BN
I have a pair of Reebok Roller Coaster that i bought couple of weeks back. The day i wore it the sole tore off. I have the bill but it looks like a fake so i cannot claim at reebok outlet.

The price was really good i picked it up for discount price Rs.1699/- (MRP Rs.4999/- at 66%).
It looks good when you see it, but when you wear it looks they are fake shoes. The sole is of poor quality & does not give good feeling like you wear the actual company made Reebok Shoes.

This company looks fake as all the products they sell at are the ones you may get in footpath.

Be ware of such sites while choosing products when you buy online. Though there are many sites with genuine produts but online shops like SELLS FAKE PRODUCTS.

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Reebok Shoes — Products are different than ordered

I placed order for reebok shoes and beneton watch. But when I received a parcel there were only 15 CDs of Sur and Taal. What is this? m I a fool to order such boring CDs worth Rs.1000. I advice India Today Book Club not to fool the customers or else they will have to close up there bed and butter and run away to some other place. Send me the items which I have ordered and not those which you have in stock.

Reebok Shoes South Extn. Pt. I, New Delhi — Defective Pair of Shoes

I purchased a pair of shoes from Reebok Showroom, South Extn. Pt.1, New Delhi about a year back. It was within two - three months that I noticed that left shoe is getting uglier in colour and otherwise also. Thought of visiting the show room but missed it for want of time. The kind of defect I have come across is unexpected of Reebok like company. We choose big companies not for the sake of being cheated. I woould wish that a representative from quality control Deptt. of Reebok comes to chek the defect after fixing an apptt. with me and the pair is replaced. Man Singh Tosaria, 159/1, Gautam Nagar (Opp. Gate No.2 of Gulmohar Enclave), New Delhi - 110049. Mob.[protected].

Reebok — bad product

This is to bring to your notice that i had purchaced a shoe from one of your showroom at sabashivnagar, bangalore 03, it was just a week when it was started coming out from the pasted parts & i took it to showroom and the attander informed me within 3 days they will return the product to meby repairing it or they will change the same but he did'nt bother to call & inform me when after 1 week i went he started saying he would like to send the product to Delhi & i will get the product after 15 days. Even his attitude was also not of helpful nature. I would like to request you to kindly see the matter and get me my product as early as possible.

Warm regards
Sandeep Pathak

Reebok — Shoe quality and customer service


My name is Sonia. I bought a pair of jogging shoes from a Reebok showroom (in Koramangala, Bangalore, India) in February 2009 under a 40% discount sale. Several times I mentioned to the guy that I am very keen towards durability. The pair with MRP 3800/-, I got it for 2300/- after discount.

As soon as three months completed, I found that the net of the shoes got tored of from one side and there became a small hole. I took it to the shop, where this time I was blamed that it was only due to rough usage. But, only I know how carefully I use my things and since this was for the first time I had bought expensive shoes, I was very careful.

The shopkeeper told me to fill customer complaint form and I was told to contact them after one month i.e. on June 10th. On June 10th when I asked them, they told me to wait for another one week. Similar thing happened thrice. Finally, I went there to get another pair. I was told that only 2300/- would be adjusted and not the MRP. Fine. I chose a pair among the few available. But, while billing, their system's software could not make the adjustment of this purchase with my previous one, as this time also sale was going on. Again I was told to wait for another one month. After some days I called him and asked him if he could give me my old pair of shoes for just those remaining 14-15 days. He refused even when my old shoes were there, I do not know why.

Finally, on the day specified by them, I went to the shop. But, could not get one suitable for me. We can find very few choices there. This last visit of mine to that shop was on 29th Aug. Till date I am without my shoes.
Had I know that all this would take more than three months, I would have bought a pair of another shoes from somewhere else.

Hence, I have had a very bitter experience with Reebok. I have got highly disappointed by Reebok products as well as Reebok service. Not only me, I saw two other cases also at Reebok similar to me. If all this continues, it will definitely badly affect Reebok's name in the market.


Reebok — different colour of pair of shoe

I bought a pair of shoe from reebok outlet at POONAM CHAMBERS NAGPUR.After reaching home i found that the pair of shoe has 2 different shades n when i went back n asked for the change the sales man refused n told one of the pair was kept for display so has different shade n was lying it blindly.I had a argument badly and went twice but he was lying it bindly.

Reebok Shoes — Differ size

I booked order on phone for Reebok kit Rs. 3199 cash on delivery on 30/11/09 vide no [protected] and order no: 0GA[protected].
I received kit on dated 20/01/2010 invoice no:ORA[protected]PA.
For shoes given size no Was 8(Eight),but received size is 9.
Kindly change the size so that I can use.
Waiting for early action pl.
[protected]Vadodara Gujarat-390019.

Reebok Floaters — Bad Quality

Dear Sir,
In response to your invitation received somewhere in June 2009, I purchased Reebok Roller Coaster Shoes worth Rs.4,999/- for Re.1/- and paid Rs.1,999/- for Reebok Floaters (size 7). I received the consignment on 23rd June 2009 under Invoice No. ORA[protected] dated 16th June 2009.
However, I started using the both the pairs very recently. To my surprise one of the strap of the Floaters tore within a couple of days. Yes days. I lodged a complaint in response to your original offer, but there was no response. Then I contacted one of the local Factory Price Shops. After two weeks, they have informed me today that I should contact the Agency from whom I have purchased the Floaters. Hence this mail.
Please let me know the further course of action immediately.
- Ulhas Shinde
B/101, Gango CHS Ltd.
off Link Road, Near Yogi Nagar
Borivali (West)
Mumbai - 400 091
Tel. No.[protected]
Boss... I dont know abt your experience with yepme shopping but I purchased many products from yepme and purchase Roller coaster shoe also last year in june.. i am athlete I am using that shoe from last 7 months and really didn't found any problem in this... The list of the Items which i purchased from yepme are... Reebok Roller Coaster shoes, Reebok Swift LP Shoes, Reebok Floaters, 3 Different watches of Reebok, Aviator Goggle, Swatch Watch Kodak camera and many other Product and they all are working fine... These Products are 100% Original... Yepme shopping is a new portal.. India today Book club is also selling all of these products... but the difference is only this that Yepme is selling lesser margins and book club is selling little bit costlier... For example Yepme is Selling Roller Coaster shoe in 1899 where India today and other websites are selling these shoes in Rs.2500...
In India the criticism ratio is little bit high... Ecom is very much new in India so we also have to co-op. thats it Thanks...
@previous comment
yeah. The criticism ratio I'd a bit high but liars and cheaters like you are more in numbers. I bet you are one from yepme shopping. Otherwise do you think people purchasing shoes in the shops or directly online at so much cost are fools? The shoe model rollercoaster does not exist in reebok and that you it claims that it was the best sellig of 2009. So there should be atleast one link to this type shoe on eBay? Or reebook site itself? And you don't even tell us how u can possibly achieve such a discount. I see such brands fakes 100s in number in Koti abids, Hyderabad. This is nothing new. Just that it's online and claim to be genuine even though it's cheap Indian made and crap. I bet you get 200% margin on them as they wouldn't even cost 100. Good luck with cheating and may u die.
Hey. Why are you Fighting?
Because of Me (Yepmeshopping), I am 100% agree with Cliff & Muralidhar BN.
So Cliff & Mr.Muralidhar BN- Let me tell you that if you found these shoes or any of my product FAKE, DUPLICATE, SECOND HAND, so you are most Welcome. Why don't you Make a complaint against Yepme or register a case in Consumer Forum. If we are Fraud so definitely Court will Punish us.
Why I am taking part in your Conversation: Because This is the only complaint against Yepme from Mr.Muralidhar BN, So thats why I am just putting up my Views and try to tell you that Yepme is only dealing in Big Brands.

Take care & Regards

Yepme Team
I have puchased pair of shoes through tele services after wearing shoes i am facing piculer problem when ever iam geting down of car and touching any metal like door handel and even touching to some persone i am getting a electrical shock this thing i have cheked many times after lot many checking thing has come out that sole of shoes are of pure plastic b cose of it some electrical devlopment is going on. this is not the story pl check it i want to return my shoes pl interven the matter seriosly
Hi all,

I was planning & to ensure the model I was searching for the roller coaster shoe in goggle & i found the conversation u made but then also as per as yepmeshopping statement that if it is duplicate then take us in court" I lil bit confused & I took that one pair as I got a Reebok Watch Earlier so I trust them lil bit as it was having a warranty card...
But your points I found lil interesting so I showed that shoes in Kolkata Reebok Showroom & the reebok outlet told me THAT it is genuine & original but these was the model of[protected].
I hope Murali u might be having a BAD Luck as it gets off..I am not talikng about yepme only but the shopping portal are purchasing directly so they are providng discounts as in Europe & USA...
Well Guys...You should talk to them as they are very helpful as they have changed my shoe size also, as I faced many problms earlier with INDIA Toady they nvr change that one..
Well I hv givn my reviews dont mind if I am incorrect but I believe I m in profit...
Gud luck Boys...Keep Fighting yaar Maza aa raha hai...HAHA!!
Hi All,

The only authorised dealers in delhi for online shopping of Reebok products as per are as below. Rest are not authorised dealers & may sell duplicate Reebok products. So prefer people to refer to authorised site information for online shopping. Else you are taking risk of loosing money.

Contact Us (

Should you need further assistance, please fill out our e-mail form, and a Customer Service Representative will respond.

Where can I find retail store locations selling Reebok products? To find out where Reebok products are sold, please use our store locator for the location closest to you.

Why can I not buy online in my country? Reebok is working very hard to provide you with the best online experience. We are hoping to bring an online store to your country soon. Your patience with us while we continue our expansion is appreciated. Please visit our store locator to see where you can purchase Reebok products in the meantime.

Who do I contact if I am having problems with your Website? Please let us know what kind of problems you are having.

Please write to us at:
Reebok International
Attn: Digital Marketing
1895 J.W Foster Blvd.

More Online Retail Outlets at -

1 Reebok Women's World
123, Inner Circle, Connaught Place
New Delhi

2 Reebok Juniors
Gr Floor, Shop No. 10, WESTEND MALL
New Delhi

3 Reebok Store
A-43, Vishal Enclave, Near Vishal Cinema, OPP. TDI Mall, New Delhi
New Delhi

4 Reebok Store
A-2/8, Africa Avenue, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi
New Delhi

5 Reebok Store
E-128, Amar Colony, Opp. Tagore International School
New Delhi

6 Reebok Store
Shop No G 4. South Ex Part 1 Market, New Delhi
New Delhi

7 Reebok Store
Shop no.56, First Floor Select City Walk Saket
New Delhi

8 Reebok Store
Shop no.135-136, GF DLF place Vasant Kunj
New Delhi

9 Reebok Store
E-17 Inner Circle, Connaught Place
New Delhi

10 Reebok Store
M-13, M Block Market, GK Part 1
New Delhi

11 Reebok Store
A-14 South Extension Part 1
New Delhi

12 Reebok Store
B-12 Inner Circle, Connaught Place
New Delhi

13 Reebok Women's World
M-33, M Block Market, GK Part 1
New Delhi

14 Reebok Juniors
M-58, M Block Market, GK Part 1
New Delhi

15 Reebok Store
22 Basant Lok, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi
New Delhi
New Delhi,[protected]

16 Reebok Classics Store
6, Basant Lok, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi
New Delhi
New Delhi,[protected]/[protected]

17 Reebok Store
28B, KHAN MARKET, New Delhi
New Delhi
New Delhi,[protected]

18 Reebok Store
BG 04, Khelgaon Marg, Ansal Plaza, New Delhi
New Delhi
New Delhi,[protected]

19 Reebok Store
GF- 37, MGF Metropolitcan Saket, New Delhi
New Delhi
New Delhi,[protected]/[protected]

20 Reebok Store
Pld house, Khasra No-424-425, MG Road

21 Reebok Store
BJ-2011, palam vihar road, Bijwasan

22 Reebok Store
Shop No. G-17/18, Westgate Mall, Shivaji Place Raja Garden New Delhi
New Delhi
New Delhi,[protected]/2

23 Reebok Juniors
Shop No 24 - UGF, Westgate mall, Shivaji Place Raja Garden, New Delhi
New Delhi
New Delhi,[protected]

24 Reebok Classics Store
Shop No. 12 - UGF, Westgate mall, Shivaji Place Raja Garden New Delhi
New Delhi
New Delhi,[protected]

25 Reebok Classics Store
C-43 44 45, DDA Shopping Centre, Next to flavours, Defence Colony New Delhi
New Delhi
New Delhi, 110024
Even I checked in Reebok official site and was not able to find the model - Roller coaster there. So now I'm a bit confused whether I should buy them or not
Ya..I agree...But I am having a good experience.with Yepme Shopping..
It is somewhat risky yaar..then also it quite good to take risk as Reebok is not giving a huge discount in their own outlet & They i.e. yepmeshopping has given a Bill also so I m having no doubt on them bcoz if there;s any problem so I can take them to consumer court or i will take my money back...
But till now Its performance is good & I am satisfied...Yaar in 1900/- ruppees I hope nobody will be going to cheat they r registered too & providing bill...

Well let c brothers If there's any issues with them I will let u all knw as I am the person who never leaves anybody if I get cheated, & I never Let any body down if he/she is right ..
So I am supporting them till now as they have provided me all the legal things which we should get during any purchasing...& good service no doubt..
I have done a thing you can write them in their official mail if they tell u in written then I hope its a fair & enough proof to believe them..

Well Guys Here I am supporting them & beware while you are purchasing anything from any site or store, Be ensure yourself about Bill...
Dear All,

I got confirmation from Reebok (Roller Coaster Shoes) for the product i had purchased from Yepmeshopping/Yepme is FAKE. They showed me that colour worn out, testure, feel & grip of the shoes clearly evidance it is FAKE.

They told me last week that officially all over india reebok was on 35 % discount sale. And never was/is there any scheme as 60 % or 70% discount offered by them. Anythings like what Yepme is selling for discount is unofficial & they confirmed the products i purchased was FAKE.

The BEST approach would be to confirm before you want to buy from any unofficial shopping (Yepmeshopping) sites. You can confirm with any Official Reebok ( and other yepme products - Hush Puppies, Kodak, Official) Outlets. This way you can be safe with your money & shopping products.

Anyway I have filed my case with consumer court to avail my hard earned money.

Wish you all safe shoppping...

Reebok — Problem in the product and false service details from the company

I recently purchased a new pair of shoes of worth 2599 from the reebok , with that i got a watch of worth 2599 as gift. which has a 1( one ) year warranty . But it has problem's with it's functionality. when i tried to report the same thing to them using the e-mail id which is provided with the product , am getting failure report for many number of try's .

So here by i request you to provide the justice in the above mentioned case.

Thanking you
Hi Yepme thanks for great offers, Me and My Friends really Like the stuff and plan to buy some more stuff from you... good going, There is not a single fake products with these guys. Me and My friends are using there stuff and all are working fine... I don't know wat is the problem with Muralidhar.

No Issues With yepme
Dear All,

I came here to know the exact value of this item Reebok RC, but i found some fights going on here...i was curious to read all these comments bcs already booked the same from yepme..!! i dont know waz gonna to happen any way once recieved the item will post my review here.

Dear All,

[ I have recieved my pair of reebok shoe and a sunglass. The shoe...thats ok but the red design there in the side of shoe is thaz something like drafted without care there is no finishing. And also when i compare with my other reebok shoe the sole of this one is not much good i feel so. The other things are ok. ] the points are from a customer he have to say :P any way m happy and satisfied. The glass i wore t while i was in fortcochin on sunday, its really good and cool in heavy sunrays...

guys or gals may have doubts...just contact me on


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